the press-release here!



the press-release here!
On November 11th, Strychnin Gallery invites you to join our wonderland of mystical tales visualized
by the infamous storytellers Benjamin Vierling, Marcus Poston, Raf Veulemans and Saturno Butto‘.
The exhibition will showcase a series of artworks which inevitably present
their beholders with narratives that frequently cause mixed feelings and
which are often perceived differently by each individual. In many cases
beauty, dismay and curiosity are terms that come up at the same time when
the works of these visual storytellers are being discussed.
Benjamin A. Vierling was born in San Francisco and has been studying
painting since he could hold a brush. His work utilizes the renaissance
technique of mixing egg tempera and oil paints. Specializing in mythical
portraits, arcane symbolism, and vanitas themed still lives, his paintings
have appeared on numerous book and album covers, including Joanna
Newsom's critically acclaimed record, Ys.
Marcus Conrad Poston is a lifelong chronicler of the world around him and
he thoroughly enjoys bringing varied objects and images together within
handmade boxes for the delight and wonderment of random passers-by.
These cabinets address the all-too-human desire to attribute emotional
significance to everyday items, creating a narrative that speaks directly to
collective memory.
Raf Veulemans is a self-taught artist who uses airbrush
in combination with organic materials, acryl, oil, o
rhesus+, pencils and ink. The subject of the painting is
always part of the work. It can be put in formaldehyde,
be covered by resin, stuffed or prepared in Raf's own dramatical way. He has a
passion for nature, animals, and also everything surrounding death. In his
artistic search, Raf wants to make the perishable eternal.
With sensuality and religion being the main topics of
his artworks, the Venetian artist Saturno Butto'
frequently takes on provocative and grotesque
themes. While drawing on the great period of
painting of the 17th century he likes to think of his
characters as real persons living between the human world,
characterized by “sex and sin” and the spiritual universe, where every
soul will find his redemption.
The exhibition will run until December 18th.
Strychnin Gallery - Boxhagenerstr. 36 - 10245 Berlin - Tel.: +493097002035 - - PR: Michael Niedzwicki: [email protected]

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