SandFlex - Surface Innovation


SandFlex - Surface Innovation
Talk about curve appeal!
Enhance almost any vertical or
curved surface for a truly unique
and innovative design element.
SandFlex is a thin, lightweight and
extremely flexible sandstone veneer.
Whether you have a commercial or
residential application, SandFlex
will add that special interest to
compliment your design.
Technical Parameters:
Roll size (depends on colour):
50” x 102” (1270 x 2590 mm)
47”″ x 106” (1190 x 2690 mm)
Weight: approx. ½ to ¾ lbs per sq. ft.
Adhesives: SandFlex should be applied using
a ceramic wall or floor tile mastic. The adhesive
product needs to be white in colour and stain
Cutting: SandFlex can be cut using utility knife
or hand snips.
Sealer: SandFlex comes pre-primed. An
additional clear coat may be required
depending on your application.

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