HydroTherapy Effective and simple


HydroTherapy Effective and simple
Effective and simple
Informative and efficient
HARTMANN has developed a clear colour coding system
for all packaging material to provide an understandable
benefit to the user:
With adhesive
Moist wound
Orientation for product selection
Our products feature diverse characteristics for optimum
wound treatment. The colour coding system helps to
clearly be able to quickly and unambiguously identify
these products in everyday handling. Each colour
stands for a specific complement to the core products
HydroClean plus und HydroTac.
For deep
Heel & elbow
Sacral region
Coloured hexagon for the
management of the properties
of the wound dressing
•Overview of all shapes and
variants at a glance
•Colour guide provides guidance
on the appropriate selection of
suitable preparations
•Simple selection due to
application icons
Product feature highlighted
in colour
The coloured corner is visible from all sides and
simplifies the selection of the wound dressing
Simplicity in every-day use
The idea of a simple therapy concept has been consistently integrated
in the packaging designs.
The colour-based guiding system permits simple and efficient use of
HydroTherapy. This design helps to select and apply the correct product
in the blink of an eye.