40 Years of Hodaka


40 Years of Hodaka
40 Years of Hodaka
In June, 2004 we celebrate Hodaka’s 40th anniversary at
Hodaka Days in Athena, Oregon. In the April issue of
the VJMC Magazine we will feature a great article by
Greg Bastek about the history of Hodaka. For more info
on Hodaka Days, go to Paul Stannard’s site : www.strictlyhodaka.com. In the meantime, here are some vintage
Hodaka photos to get your juices flowing.
Two of the most sought after models in the Hodaka
lineup: the 1971 Super Rat 100 MX and the
Hodaka-powered Bonanza MX minibike.
Ed Chesnut hoisting a 1973 Dirt Squirt 100 for the ad
department. Yes, he really held it off the ground!
Jim Gentry works on the prototype 175 SL at the Trask
Mountain two-day ISDT qualifier. It would still be
several years before the 175 would appear as a
production bike.
Testing the 1973 Combat Wombat 125 at the top secret
PABATCO moto-operations facility.
(L-R) PABATCO head honcho Ed Miley, Cycle Worldís
Joe Parkhurst, Chuck Swanson and Curt Alexander
checking out the prototype Wombat circa 1971. The
frame color would change to black on the actual
production model.
Ed Chesnut styles for the camera during an advertising
photo shoot of the 100cc Road Toad, circa 1975.
Harry Taylor, head of R&D and factory racer, posing
with three trick Hodakas and some serious hardware for
his efforts, circa 1972.