Turkey´s Location in Terms of Middle East, Africa
and Europe Wind Markets
Dr.-Ing. Uwe Sievers
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The Fichtner Group
 Established in 1922 and family-owned ever since
 Germany’s biggest independent engineering and
consultancy enterprise
 Approximately 2000 employees worldwide –
480 in our Home Office
 Project experience in more than 160 countries
 Over 1200 ongoing projects – 500 of these in our Home Office
 Total turnover of €260 million in 2012
 Capital investment volume now under planning in the home office:
€86 billion – of which some €32 billion is in renewable energies
FICHTNER group has been working on various
projects in Turkey for more than 40 years.
FICHTNER Turkey was established as a branch
of FICHTNER in Istanbul in July 2008.
Completed numerous projects
mainly in the private sector
40 Turkish engineers working in the environment
of an international engineering company and multinational teams in Turkey
and abroad
Vision of FICHTNER Turkey:
• Becoming indispensable in energy sector by providing optimum solutions
through tailor made services to its customers
• Provide state-of-the art engineering and technical services to meet our
costomer’s needs in a growing energy market
• Permanently educational training of our personnel to keep our leading
position on an international level
FICHTNER Turkey: Wind Power References
88 Projects in Turkey only were supported by FICHTNER so far
FICHTNER Turkey: Wind Atlas Turkey
FICHTNER Turkey: World Wide Installed Capacity in 2011
FICHTNER Turkey: Wind Energy Market Forecast 2013-2017
FICHTNER Turkey: Major Markets in Middle East, Africa, Europe
FICHTNER Turkey: Wind Resources in Middle East, Africa, Europe
Source: Vortex
FICHTNER Turkey: Current Wind Projects in the MENA Region
Source: GWEC, own data base
FICHTNER Turkey: Some Aspects about Europe/Germany
Installed Capacity End 2012:
New-Built in 2012:
31,308 GW
2,415 MW
• more projects in the South also in forests
• 22% of new-built are repowering projects encouraged by EEG
• 196 MW are substituted by 541 MW
Saturation of the market?
Fichtner Turkey
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