Officials Urge to Prepare for Coming Summer Heat


Officials Urge to Prepare for Coming Summer Heat
People are Living Longer.
Do You Ever Wonder
if Caregiving
is in Your Future?
Officials Urge to Prepare
for Coming Summer Heat
It’s important to limit the length of time the little ones spend in the sun.
Sacramento Region – State officials recently urged Californians to
prepare now for the prospect of prolonged periods of hot weather later
this summer and fall.
“It’s not too early for Californians
to prepare for the possibility of
several days of extremely high
temperatures, particularly in areas
where temperatures don’t reach into
the 90s and 100s very often,” said
California Emergency Management
Agency (Cal EMA) Acting Secretary
Mike Dayton.
The Acting Cal EMA Secretary
urged Californians who haven’t
already done so to review their
emergency plans, replenish their
emergency supplies, learn first aid
and CPR and create a cooler, more
comfortable environment in their
“As we saw in 2006, prolonged
periods of extremely high temperatures can cause a significant number
of deaths and heat-related illnesses,
including heat exhaustion and heat
stroke,” said California Department
of Public Health (CDPH) Interim
Director Dr. Howard Backer.
According to information provided by California’s county coroners and medical examiners, 136
Californians died due to heat-related illnesses caused by a 13-day heat
wave that struck the state in 2006.
“Infants, young children and
seniors, as well as persons who
have chronic health conditions,
are particularly vulnerable when
temperatures rise,” noted Backer.
“Caretakers must be sure to provide
adequate fluids to persons who cannot ask for them or get fluids for
themselves. Never leave a child or
pet in a closed vehicle for any length
of time. Plan outdoor work and exercise during the early morning hours
or evening hours. During periods of
severe heat, communities will set up
cooling centers for daytime use.”
Workers in all outdoor worksites
such as agriculture, construction,
landscaping and other industries,
are at risk of serious heat illness and
even death when temperatures rise
across California. According to the
California Division of Occupational
Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA),
employers are required to take four
basic steps to prevent heat illness at
all outdoor worksites. These include
training all employees on heat illness, providing adequate water, rest
and shade and having an emergency
response plan in place.
“I am pleased to see a greater level of compliance and a reduction in
occupational heat-related illnesses
and fatalities in recent years, but we
must remain vigilant during times of
high summer heat,” said Cal/OSHA
Chief Ellen Widess. “Heat related illness and death are preventable with
simple steps that employers take to
ensure workers have adequate water
and shade and training on the symptoms of heat stress. Having a good
program in place not only protects
workers’ health, but ensures greater
State officials urged Californians
to incorporate energy conservation
measures as part of their heat emergency plans.
“Californians can save money
and reduce the risk of power outages by setting their thermostats
to 78 to 80 degrees when they’re
home and to 85 degrees or the ‘off’
position when they’re away from
home,” said Dayton. “They also can
reduce strain on the power grid by
using their primary refrigerators and
freezers for perishable foods and
beverages and disconnecting secondary refrigerators and freezers.”
Other conservation measures Californians can employ include turning
off lights, fans and appliances that
aren’t in use and using dish washers,
driers, washing machines and other
appliances after the peak hours of
4 to 6 p.m.
Summer heat resources are available at and
Source: California Emergency
Management Agency
Employment Trends Show Renewed Concerns
Sacramento Region – Hiring in
the 3rd Quarter of 2011 will reflect
Sacramento regional employer’s concerns about unsteady gasoline prices
and economic agitation resulting
from renewed fears about State government budgets and overseas debt.
Despite those worries local companies are actively hiring for attrition
while growth of workforces has been
slowed. Growth was given as motivation to hire by just twenty-five percent (25%) of the top employers surveyed directly by telephone between
May 22 and June 6th. Hiring attributed to growth has dropped seven
percent (7%) from the previous quarter. More companies are hiring but
fewer workers are being employed
as sixty-eight percent (68%) will
hire in Q3, but forty-three percent
(43%) of those hires are motivated
only by expected workforce attrition.
Twenty-two percent (22%) of hiring was attributed to seasonal needs in
construction, agriculture and summer
service industry employment. Thirtytwo percent (32%) of Sacramento em-
Looking for a new job, or even writing a resume, brings anguish to job seekers.
ployers surveyed on behalf of Pacific
Staffing indicate no hiring planned
for July, August and September 2011.
Just one company indicated any plan
to reduce their workforce in the next
three months.
Graduate Hiring Demand
2011 will be a difficult year for
July 2011
David Dickstein’s
Reviews: The Wildly
Successful Harry Potter
Series Ends
Page 10
Page 2
new graduates entering the workforce. When Sacramento regional
employers were asked, “Will your
company make any effort to hire new
graduates?” seventy percent (70%)
said No. Among the thirty percent
(30%) indicating they would seek
help from recent college gradua-
tion, those students with science and
technology degrees were in highest demand. Service industry firms
were looking for IT, Economics/
Business, RN’s and Laboratory
Science degrees. Manufacturers and
Construction firms indicated interest
in hiring IT, Business, Biology/Lab
Science expertise and degrees including Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and
Structural Engineering.
The top challenge ahead for HR
pros in the area remains concerns
over healthcare costs and benefit
changes. Some employers indicate
problems with overtime, morale and
increasing difficulty in finding qualified skilled applicants.
Of the top 100 Sacramento
Industry 38% are Service, 34%
are Manufacturers, 17% are
Construction and 11% are Retail.
How does this Quarter compare
to last Quarter, or last year? Find
out for yourself, for more information
& surveys go to
With His 90th Birthday
George Marks
Contemplates His Life
Serving Orangevale & Sacramento County
Carmichael, CA
Change Service Requested
Volume 2 Issue 7
Page 12
Capitals to Excite
Tennis Fans
at Sunrise Mall
Capital’s Coach Wayne Bryan. Photo courtesy Sacramento Capitals
Citrus Heights – The Sacramento
Capitals, Northern California’s professional tennis team, begins play
this season on July 8th at 7:30 pm
at Capitals Stadium in Sunrise Mall
against the New York Sportimes
and Martina Hingis. They follow up
with another exciting match the very
next night on July 9th against worldrenowned marquee player, Serena
Williams of the Washington Kastles.
Following matches are scheduled
for July 10th, 12th, 15th, 20th and 21st.
See their advertisement inside for
more information.
Wayne Bryan will return for his
10th consecutive season as coach
of the World TeamTennis (WTT)
Sacramento Capitals. Bryan has been
honored as the WTT Coach of the
Year three times and has directed the
Capitals to championship seasons in
2002 and 2007.
“We want to continue the organization’s longtime commitment to
winning and I’m looking forward to
seeing our stands filled with enthusiastic Caps fans” Bryan said. Bryan
will lead a talented group of Capitals
stars that includes Vania King, Mark
Knowles, Dusan Vemic and Yasmin
Individual tickets to Sacramento
Capitals’ matches start at $20 for
adults and $10 for children. In addition to individual tickets, a variety of
discounted ticket packages are also
available including a three match
Marquee Ticket Package which includes the match featuring Williams.
Marquee Ticket Packages start at
just $50.
“We’re focused on ensuring a
first-class operation and experience
for our fans this season, and with
providing the Sacramento region another professional sports team they
can be proud of,” said Matt McEvoy,
General Manager.
The Sacramento Capitals Ticket
Office is located just inside the
north entrance to Sunrise Mall at
6023 Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights.
The office is open Monday through
Friday from 10 a.m.–6 p.m., and
Saturdays from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Fair Oaks – If you long for
the sweet, smooth, sing-along
harmonies of Green, Green, This
Land Is Your Land, Ramblin’, and
many others, plan to attend the
New Christy Minstrels’ Benefit
Concert, under the stars, on
Saturday, July 30, at the Veteran’s
Memorial Amphitheatre in Old
Town Fair Oaks. Tickets are $20
each; gate opens at 6:30pm. The
Village of Fair Oaks is located 20
miles northeast of Sacramento,
next to Folsom, along the
American River.
For tickets and information go
to www.fairoakstheatrefestival.
com or phone: (916) 966-3683.
Tickets may also be purchased
in the Village at American River
Bank, Oaks Hardware, Hart
Collection, Bella Fiore Florist
and the Recreation and Park
District office.
New Christy Minstrels to
Perform Benefit Concert
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Page 2 Orangevale Sun
July 2011
Remembering Every Day and Every Dance
George Marks at a recent Memorial Day Event. Photo by Paul V. Scholl.
By Julie Parker
“During a family visit, my brother
Bill said, ‘George was always underfed. None of the rest of the family let
him eat.’ I think that’s why my mother loaned me out to my Aunt Hattie
and Uncle Charlie in the summer of
1928, when she had the tenth child.
They took care of me.”
The seventh of twelve children, George Marks was born on
August 22, 1921 in New Castle,
Pennsylvania, and named after his
uncle who had just returned from the
His father worked at the tin mill.
“He was a German who liked to
drink his beer. He was pretty strict on
us. He called bread ‘punk’ and called
lettuce ‘grass.’ My mother made the
coffee so strong, he called it ‘lye.’
My mom was very religious; went
to prayer meetings. She taught me to
make a cake from scratch. We had a
lot of cornbread, meat and potatoes.
We would drink hot water with a
little bit of sugar and a little bit of
evaporated milk. We all worked in
the garden and a treat was getting
real butter for the fresh corn. In the
summer, when there was a little bit
of money, there was watermelon.
First, we had a coal/wood burning
stove, then a kerosene oven and then
we finally got gas. We started with
a wash tub where you scrubbed by
hand, then a washtub that had three
balls in it and a hand crank. When
I got a job, I bought my mom their
first electric washing machine, with
a spin dryer on the side. “
During the summers of 1930 and
1931, the family worked at Cascade
Park, where his father repaired boats.
One sister worked at the taffy pull
and another worked at the fish pond.
George set up the wood milk bottles
for the carnival toss.
He loved school and excelled in
math. “I was always in the top five.
One month, I got everything right, an
A+, so I got to be the first seat.”
“Between 1933 and 1934, it was
the beginning of the Depression.
I wanted a Bible so bad, and we
couldn’t afford one. The church
said, ‘Anybody who doesn’t miss
Sunday school for a year will receive
a Bible.’ So, that’s what I did. I still
have it.”
They swam in a nearby creek in
summer. “We also took a bar of soap
down there and took our baths in the
In the winter, they ice skated and
created a toboggan from some corrugated steel sheets about 3 x 10 of
their father’s. “We just bent the front,
then put a rope or wire around so we
could pull it back.”
He had a brief paying gig for a
traveling carnival. “We started after
midnight, after it closed, breaking it
down and getting it to the train station, so they could move on to the
next town. By the time I got home,
around noon, I was so tired, I just
laid down on the porch and went to
He also worked the boiler in a
commercial greenhouse. “It was ten
hours a night, seven nights a week for
three months, for ten cents an hour. I
also picked beans for ten cents a basket, and lima beans, 25 cents for two
For entertainment, his father
called squares for square dancing,
using a megaphone, and his mother
played the piano. “I’ve been square
dancing for 75 years now, and teaching off and on for over 60 years.”
He remembers buying a 1928
Plymouth 4-door. “I went into the
Studebaker dealer, who wanted $65.
I told him my uncle bought a lot of
cars there, so he said, ‘Well, the junk
man will give me $18 for scrap. Give
me $18, you can have it.” Another
time, he paid $20 for a Model A
Coupe with a curtain in the back and
a rumble seat. “I sold it for $8. Today,
it sells for $8,000–$15,000.”
The family heard the news about
Pearl Harbor over their radio. “One
of my closest friends was in Pearl
Harbor. We knew each other from
the first grade. He was in the Air
Force at Hickam Field when Pearl
Harbor was bombed. He told me
they couldn’t even get in to get the
guns and ammunition. Everything
was locked up.” Most of the men
at the tin mill were in the National
Guard, so after Pearl Harbor was hit
their jobs opened up, and George got
In 1942, he went to the Post Office
to join the Navy. “My teeth were real
bad, so they wouldn’t take me.” Then,
he hitchhiked down to Pittsburgh
where they were recruiting for the
Air Force. “When they saw my draft
card, which was 1A, they said, ‘You
can’t join the Air Force, you’re going
to be drafted.’ So, he went back to
New Castle.
“I was working at the steel mill
at the time, and they either put me
near a furnace where it was so hot I
couldn’t breathe or down into a hole
where it was real cold. So, I quit and
answered an ad for taxi drivers. It
wasn’t a defense job, so they drafted
me on November 7, 1942.
They gave me a CAT – Code
Aptitude Test (Morse Code). I passed
it with flying colors, so they said,
‘You’re going to be a radio operator.’
He learned to read 25 words a minute
and became part of the 117th Radio
Signal Intelligence Company.
In March 1943, he crossed the
Atlantic in a large convoy. “It was so
big, they had two carriers in the middle, loaded down with P38 planes,
and a light cruiser with an amphibious plane.
Our first quarters was a schoolhouse, where we stayed until they
got the Germans out of Tunisia.
We intercepted a message that the
Germans were flying low over the
ocean, between Sicily and the Cape
Bong in Tunisia. We sent that message to our intelligence section in the
Air Force. They had some P38s go
over there and shoot all them things
down.” Known as the “Palm Sunday
Massacre,” on April 18, 1943, fiftyone Luftwaffe air-transport planes
George Marks in France, 1944.
and sixteen escorting fighters were
shot down in a little over ten minutes. “Exactly two years later, on
Palm Sunday, in Luneville, France,
we heard that FDR died.”
Serving in the 7th Army
Headquarters, he wasn’t exposed to
much combat. But, he experienced
a harrowing moment in Sarrebourg,
France while outside, er, visiting Mother Nature. “A Ju-88 came
down, about 500 feet off the ground,
shooting 420-mm cannons. That was
the only time I was scared during the
After Germany surrendered on
May 8, 1945, his group stayed on in
Bavaria as the Army of Occupation.
A month later, they made a trip to
Munich and stopped off at Dachau,
after it had been liberated. Some of
the prisoners were still there. “They
didn’t have any place to put them.
We saw these people, skin and bones.
They were down to about 85 to 90
pounds. It was very pathetic. I cried.
I looked at the other guys, and they
were crying. At the entrance, the sign
said, ‘Working Will Make You Free.’
But, they lied.”
On a lighter note, while still in
Germany, he observed an international exhibition of folk dances,
put on by “displaced persons.” It
brought back memories of dancing
in his youth and he knew he wanted
to continue dancing after he returned
In 1945, he moved to California,
and attended the Aero Industries
Technical Institute at the Oakland
Airport under the GI Bill of Rights.
He had left the 11th grade to work,
so he went to night school to get his
high school diploma.
George met his wife, Sharon, (then
17 years old) at a folk dance class in
Oakland. “I asked her to dance. She
said she didn’t know how, and I said,
‘Well, I’ll teach you.’ But, what I
forgot to do was tell her it was a progressive dance, where you change
They began dating, and Sharon recalls the night he proposed. “We had
come home from a date. We were
parked in front of my foster mom’s
house, where I lived. Of course,
being young and in love, we were
necking a little. I got excited and
said, ‘Oh, George! I love you!’
He says, ‘Well, do you love me
enough to marry me?’
I said, ‘Oh, yes! Yes!’
‘Well, wait a minute,’ he says.
‘Hold your horses. Wait a minute.
There are a lot of things to think
She and George laugh at the memory. “We went dancing on the 28th of
October,” said George. “We got engaged the 9th of November, married
the 24th of March and our first baby
was born on the 12th of December.
We had a whirlwind courtship.”
Sharon says, “I wanted to go into
the WACS or be an airline stewardess, because I wanted to travel. But, I
had to wait until I was 21. So, then, I
met him. By the time I was 21, I had
two kids.”
George’s various jobs included
driving a truck, working in a nursery
and as a tank sealer on DC-4 cargo
planes from the Berlin Airlift at the
Oakland Airport.
Before his retirement in 1985, he
worked at McClellan Air Force Base
as a sheet metal worker, occasionally
working on aircraft engines, jets and
gasoline engines.
Dancing continues to be a passion
for George. In the 1970’s he was
President of the Folk Dance Council.
“I know about 500 dances and about
2,000 different dance steps. I’ve
taught dance off and on for the last
65 years.”
George has an impressive photographic memory for facts, names and
dates, and has been researching genealogy for several years. He is also
a charter member of the Root Cellar
– Sacramento Genealogical Society.
With his 90th birthday fast approaching, he contemplates his life
thus far. “I learned a little patience
about certain things. I have a knack
for learning languages. I’ve always
worked hard. One time, I worked
three different jobs–two part-times
and a full time job.
I don’t drink or smoke. I’ve been
very, very lucky to have lived so
long. I survived the Depression and
World War II. My dad died at 66.
I’ve been lucky to have a wife for 61
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July 201
Orangevale Sun Page 3
The New
They’re Back!
with Mary Jane Popp
to Perform Benefit
Concert under the Stars
Under the direction
of Randy Sparks
in concert
Featuring many of
their best sellers,
like Green, Green,
This Land Is Your
Land, Ramblin’,
and many others.
July 30th
Veteran’s Memorial Ampitheatre
7991 California Ave, Fair Oaks
Gates open @ 6:30 pm
Available online
Program information available at
Tickets may also be purchased in the Village at American
River Bank, Oaks Hardware, Hart Collection, Bella Fiore
Florist and the Recreation and Park District office.
Proceeds from the concert go to the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival, a non-profit summer theatre company,
and the New Christy Minstrels Foundation providing music education, concerts and music to schools
throughout the country. Both organizations are Charitable/Education entities under Federal law.
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moments, is the glue that helps
keep you both together, forever.
8)How to avoid or survive an
affair. People having affairs are
watering someone else’s garden,
while neglecting their own. They
are not living life fully.
9)Children should enhance, not
destroy, your marriage. Most couples find that having children completes them. These little miracles
enrich and transform our lives.
10) Argue effectively. An argument is an opportunity to understand what is going on in the mind
of your spouse. Once the argument
is over, consider the issues that
need to be discussed to avoid further conflict.
11) Improve your financial situation. Money problems place added
stress and pressure on a marriage.
When you have limited cash flow,
you have less freedom in your life.
12) Avoid or survive everything
else life throws at you. When you
get married, you assume it’s just
you and your partner. But soon you
realize there are lots of people, and
situations, which you will need to
run from.
It’s good old fashioned advice.
Check out.
Join Mary Jane for the KAHI
and then again for POPOFF 10
Cruise with Radio/TV Host Mary Jane Popp
She sought answers in some
rather unorthodox places. Would
you believe Phoebe Hutchison
checked out a brothel (to interview a sex worker to find out
why some married men visit
them) and interviewed a: suburban mistress, a victim of marital
abuse, a player (a man who cannot
remain faithful), a spy for women
(a woman from the “armed
forces”) and countless others. She
went to extraordinary lengths
to explore problems that plague
marriages and find out how to be
“Honeymooners Forever” Learn
the secrets of happily married
couples. Believe it or not, it saved
her own marriage.
Her main advice to beleaguered
couples everywhere: “Don’t even
think about divorce! She tries to
provide the tools you need to bring
back the oomph! It’s a twelve step
marriage survival guide.
1)Treat your partner like a lover
- not a spouse. You cannot change
someone else. You can only change
yourself. If you change, then your
partner will change.
2)Be yourself and allow your
partner to be himself. Try not to
change just because you are married. Let the unique qualities that
first attracted you both to each
other, be the glue that keeps you
together forever.
3)Communicate well everyday.
A marriage is a friendship of the
highest level. Just like any other
kind of friendship, a marriage
only remains strong with regular
4)Invest time and money in your
relationship weekly. A marriage is
like a garden; neglect it, and it will
die or become full of weeds. Both
partners need to invest time for it
to blossom.
5)Stop finding fault and start
praising. Focus on your partner’s
strengths and not their weaknesses.
The more you think about the positives, the more positives you will
6)Plan the romance. All wonderful marriages have romance.
When you start dating, romance
happens naturally, but after awhile,
you need to plan for it.
7)Restore the passion. Each
time you make love, your souls
touch. Woven into these precious
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Page 4 Orangevale Sun
July 2011
Saving Labor
(and Lives)
in the Orchard
Dave Says
Dave Ramsey is a personal money
management expert, popular national
radio personality and the author of
three New York Times bestsellers –
The Total Money Makeover, Financial
Peace Revisited and More Than
Enough. In them, Ramsey exemplifies
his life’s work of teaching others how
to be financially responsible, so they
can acquire enough wealth to take
care of loved ones, live prosperously
into old age, and give generously to
Ignore the Math
Dear Dave,
Should I continue to contribute to
my 401(k) at work up to the match if
I’m still trying to get out of debt?
- Anonymous
Dear Anonymous,
Nope! I know, you probably think
I’ve lost my mind on this one. Yeah,
I know how important it is to take
the match in a situation like that. In
fact, it still kind of irks me to have to
say these kinds of things. I’m a math
nerd, so I really don’t like the whole
idea of it very much.
But I’ve learned a few things over
the years. One of those things is that
personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only about 20 percent head
knowledge. And in the short term,
the power of passionately focusing
and sacrificing deeply to attack your
debt will supersede the mathematics
involved where your company match
is concerned. In other words, if you
stop saving temporarily for a year or
two, and in that time wipe out your
debts, the power you’ll gain in being
free from those debts will be more
beneficial to you than a couple of
years of your company match.
I would never tell you to stop
investing or doing the company
match for 10 years or anything silly
like that. But if you stop for just a
little while and clean up your mess,
then go back to investing for retirement, you’ll reap so many more
rewards down the road. Not only will
you have permanently changed your
behavior, but you’ll also be able to
invest even more for retirement and
other things!
- Dave
You Can’t Make
Him Grow Up
Dear Dave,
I’ve tried for years, but I can’t convince my husband to plan for tomorrow and stop living just for today. Is
there anything I can do?
- Candace
Dear Candace,
I hate to say it, but I don’t think
you can convince him. The essence
of your question is this: “How do I
get him to grow up?” If he’s not willing to delay getting or doing things
he wants, that’s a sign of immaturity.
You guys are probably going to struggle with money as long as he has an
attitude of “Thank God, it’s Friday!
Oh, God! It’s Monday…”
Being careful with your money
and planning for the future doesn’t
mean you can’t have any fun. It just
means you may have to delay certain
things for a little while. My wife and I
have lots of fun and cool things now.
Why? Because we saved like crazy
and sacrificed. We lived like no one
else, so now we’re able to live like
no one else. In other words, we paid
a price to win.
Your husband’s problem is that
he’s not willing to pay a price for
a short period of time. That kind
of immature thinking is a one-way
ticket to a lifetime of mediocrity. And
if you’re unwilling to pay the price to
win, then you’re going to end up paying the price that comes with never
having paid the price.
- Dave
* For more financial help, please
Kidwell’s Glass
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Rock Doc
By Dr. E. Kirsten Peters
When I was younger, I used to enjoy
picking a pint or two of huckleberries
in the mountains in the summer. But
even when you work hard, huckleberry
picking doesn’t yield a lot of fruit per
day. Picking raspberries goes faster
because the fruit is larger and the berries grow more thickly on the plant.
And picking apples is faster still, with
output measured in bushels rather than
Still, it’s one thing to pick a bag of
apples from an old tree by the side of a
gravel road. It’s quite another to spend
all day in an orchard trying to earn a
living climbing ladders and harvesting
box after box of fruit.
All agricultural work is both
demanding and dangerous, and working in orchards is one of the most
difficult tasks in modern agriculture.
Indeed, it’s such hard work that a lot
of Americans simply can’t or won’t do
it, which leads to labor shortages and
immigration issues we continue to fail
to come to terms with.
It’s interesting to note we’d never
considering harvesting grain fields by
hand. I live in a small town surrounded
by fields of wheat. At the end of the
summer, large and complex machines
reap the grain in the field, then thresh
it, and finally winnow it. The threestep process is automatic, done on-thefly as the combine harvester rumbles
across the wheat field.
Why not use machines to harvest
fruit in an orchard? We could free
people from the back-breaking tedium
of picking fruit by hand, training them
instead to operate the machines that
could do the heavy labor both more
quickly and more safely. Lower-priced
produce could then benefit all of us.
The good news is that agricultural
engineers across the nation are making
real progress toward exactly that goal.
In the process, they’ve found it useful
to change trees themselves. Here’s the
Machines operate most easily in
unchanging conditions. Lawn mowers
work because grass in a lawn makes
up a pretty uniform surface. Mowers
can’t cope with truly major bumps or
One challenge for creating machines
that could help us harvest fruit in an
orchard is that traditionally fruit trees
have all been quite different. They
are “bumpy,” you might say, with this
particular tree pruned years ago in one
way, while that tree over there has a
different shape due to different growth
and pruning.
So the first step in moving toward
the mechanization of orchards has
been creating trees that are much more
similar to one another. Along the way
it’s also been useful to make the trees
shorter. After all, there’s no need to
have a 22-foot tall apple tree, with its
fruit way up off the ground, when a
much shorter tree will do.
Another step forward hinged on
what I think is a truly clever idea.
Instead of letting the trees grow in
their usual, three-dimensional structure, the ag engineers had them pruned
to keep them growing upward in just
two-dimensions. You could say these
trees make thin apple “hedges” in an
With that innovation, the next step is
to design mechanical pickers that can
move along the thin rows of short trees,
reaching out and picking the fruit.
One idea is to use camera sensors to
determine where a piece of fruit is, and
then power a robotic-arm that can pick
it individually. Before you think that’s
too fanciful to be true, remember your
car was welded together by robotic
Dr. Qin Zhang of Washington State
University works on agricultural automation issues including the goal of
mechanically harvesting fruit trees.
“People all over the word are putting
great effort into developing mechanical
fruit harvesters. I will not be surprised
if we see mechanically harvested
apples in the stores in ten years,” he
said to me recently.
Although mechanizing agriculture
always entails periods of economic
adjustment for all concerned, I’ve
got to wish Dr. Zhang the best. The
equivalent of a combine harvester for
fruit would be a labor-saving device
that could help a lot of people in several ways, both in the field and in the
grocery store.
Dr. E. Kirsten Peters, a native of
the rural Northwest, was trained as a
geologist at Princeton and Harvard.
Follow her on the web at rockdoc.wsu.
edu and on Twitter @RockDocWSU.
This column is a service of the College
of Agricultural, Human, and Natural
Resource Sciences at Washington State
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July 201
Orangevale Sun Page 5
The Pigs Are Flying
bank in the middle of the Florida
woods really do to help alleviate
poverty? Without official governmental recognition, how could
she ever hope to sustain service?
One particularly cranky faultfinder said publically that the schoolhouse-turned-food-bank would
open “when pigs fly.” But Ann, as
always, was undeterred.
On the day of the ribbon cutting
for the new food bank, less than
a dozen of the resilient Muscogee
signed up for assistance. But more
than two hundred from the greater
community came for food, clothes,
diapers, and supplies. Ann stood
to speak, and said, in part:
“What a wonderful celebration
when people are able to expect
nothing more than helping each
other through hard times. Imagine
how strong we could be if we
simply remembered that our first
obligation is as caretakers of one
“We have dared to challenge
those people who told us that the
day we would be able to help our
rural poor would be ‘when pigs
fly.’ Well, the pigs are flying, and,
I cannot think of a better example
than this building whose destiny
was one of no hope and no future.
I am honored today to be able to
cut this ribbon and dedicate rural
relief to the working class people
of this community. We will be
here for as long as you need us.”
Those last words of Ann struck
like lightning: “We will be here
for as long as you need us.” Later
I asked her why she chose to say
such a thing. How could she make
such a promise when her tribe was
so small and the need around her
“Keeping the Faith”
Ronnie McBrayer
The Muscogee Nation of
Florida is a tiny aboriginal people
group of the Americas who seeks
to hold to their heritage while surviving the culture around them.
The Muscogee are led by an indomitable woman named Ann
Denson Tucker.
Ann directs the Tribal Council,
serves as the public face and living
historian of her people, and plays
the role of chaplain, social worker, and attorney for the tribe. Ann
has sought official recognition
for the Florida Muscogee from
the United States Department
of Indian Affairs for many years
now. She doesn’t want much
more than that – just an acknowledgment of their existence. She
sometimes wonders how long, if
at all, that recognition will be in
the making.
Yet, Ann Tucker and the
Muscogee do not need official recognition as a people to bear witness to their character. Recently,
when many of her people and
people in the greater community
were hungry, unemployed, and in
need, Ann rescued an old portable
school house from the county
landfill to create a food pantry
and community clothes closet.
Critics told her it was a fool’s
errand. What could one little food
so great? She answered: “Because
we have no other choice. As long
as there is a need in this community, someone must meet that
need. It must be us.”
Ann’s words and example have
something to teach us all. We
care for those around us not because it is practical, reasonable,
cost-effective, or even safe. We
care for those around us – earthshaken Asians, flooded-ravaged
Midwesterners, the rural poor, the
inner-city child – simply because
they are our neighbors, and it is in
these needful neighbors we truly
find God.
Look not for God lurking somewhere in the air or in the clouds.
He’s not hiding in a book, a classroom, a library, or between the
lines of some hypothetical apocalyptic calendar. Seek him instead,
in the suffering. Look for him in
the poor, in those who have been
treated unjustly, in those who are
hungry, destitute, imprisoned,
in rehab centers, without shelter, clothing or direction. That is
where he said he would be.
God doesn’t come storming
into the world riding a tornado, or
as grand marshal of our religious
parades. He comes in the weak,
the vulnerable and in a condition
he calls, “the least of these.” Look
for God there, and help him for he
is your neighbor. Pigs flying or
not, we have no other choice.
Ronnie McBrayer is the author
of “Leaving Religion, Following
Jesus.” He writes and speaks
about life, faith, and Christcentered spirituality. Visit his website at
He Has Prepared the
Answer Before We Ask!
I did speak, gave me some suggestions but not the answer I was seeking about Abraham, Isaac and Elijah
being in heaven already.
Then my answer and my surprise
prayer came when out in our garage
was two magazines with articles
written by Messianic Jews that were
perfect and answered many of the
questions I needed to speak with
the person. I read the articles and
outlined the material I felt was very
prevalent to what we were talking
about. Then, I mailed both copies to
them, saying we can talk after they
read them over and thought about
what was written.
Today in the mail we received a letter from Franklin Graham. At the top
of the page was written these words
“Obstacles may seem frightening,
but God will honor a person who depends on His mighty hand to lead and
guide.” He wrote about Joshua and
his instructions from God to “stand
in the Jordan River”. (Joshua 3:8) It
was not until they touched the water’s
By Marlys Norris,
Christian Author
Always hoping we are in tune
with the Holy Spirit of God, we still
are surprised when God answers our
prayers in most unusual ways, as we
seek His will to guide our lives.
Last week as I was conversing with a Jewish person, helping them to understand the Way of
Salvation, using the Old Testament
Scriptures in tune with some New
Testament ones. I wanted to speak
to a Messianic Jew who would help
me relate to this person. I love God’s
Chosen people and the one person
Mexican Food
9353 Greenback Lane
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edge with their feet, God worked a
miracle and stopped the flow of the
river until a million or more Hebrews
had crossed into the Promised Land.
There is a perfect time God has
scheduled for each of us to experience deliverance and freedom.
The past two years we have faced
one obstacle after another, completely trusting in Almighty God
and believing He has allowed these
circumstances to help us prune away
and rid ourselves of many “things”
we do not need. All we truly need
is “God” and He is faithfully still
pruning away to make us ready for
that wonderful day we will be with
Him. In the meantime, we continue
to trust the Lord for our future and
we do want to continue to “be used”
as we serve Him in any way we can.
To God Be All The Glory!
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Bids will include furnishing all labor, material, tax, transportation,
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the District website:
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No bid will be considered unless it is submitted on a proposal form
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The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and further
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Bids shall be made upon the form provided by the District at the
PreBid meeting and shall be properly completed with all items filled
out; numbers shall be in writing and figures; the signatures of all
persons signing shall be in longhand. No bidder may withdraw his bid
for a period of 90 calendar days after the time set for the opening of
bids, and the District will act to accept or reject bids within that period
of time.
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Orangevale Sun Page 7
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California law requires that contractors taking
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State License Board. State law also requires
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(2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs
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Page 8 Orangevale Sun
July 2011
1. Involuntary contraction
6. Mad Hatter’s beverage of choice
9. Additional
13. “Fear of Flying” author Jong
14. Argo propeller
15. Whale’s lunch
16. Language like Chinese, e.g.
17. Plays for pay
18. Mountain nymph of Greek mythology
19. *Asian disaster, 2004
21. Screw up
23. *”___ and a Half Men”
24. Tropical tuberous root
25. Bar association
28. 1/36th of a yard
30. Give expression to
35. Bottle to a baby?
37. Student’s dwelling
39. NE’s largest city
40. Very dark black
41. Double-reed woodwinds
43. Miners’ passage
44. Blood vessel
46. *Author of “Decision Points”
47. *Chilean disaster locale
48. *Did Casey Anthony have one?
50. Needlefish
52. Jack and Jill did it
53. St. Louis attraction
55. Flightless bird
57. Farthest from point of origin
60. *Has 140 character limit
64. Panna _____, dessert
65. Promissory note
67. Balance zodiac
68. Chicago’s planetarium
69. In good shape
70. Antelope with twisted horns
71. *World’s fastest man
72. *H1N1
73. Central Asia inhabitants, to ancient
1. Cobblestone
2. Plural of #17 across
3. Hokkaido language
4. Less than the right amount
5. Mozambique neighbor
6. Large South African antelope
7. A corncob
8. Smell of baking bread, e.g.
9. Makes a mistake
10. “Place” in French
11. “Sounds like a plan,” acr.
12. Old age, archaic
15. *Self-declared independent state,
20. World in Italian
22. Before, archaic
24. Drive-_______
25. At right angle to length of ship
26. Hindi courtesy title
27. Terminate, as in mission
29. Baseball great infamous for surly
31. Allah’s cleric
32. Rock bottom
33. *Economic behemoth
34. Consumed at dinner, e.g.
36. Not in favor
38. ____ Verde National Park
42. Mole relative
45. *Highest-grossing movie ever, 2009
49. *21st century of Common ___
51. Upside down frowns
54. Vertical rock exposure
56. Being of service
57. Famously extinct
58. It will
59. Proofreader’s “disregard” word
60. *Portman’s character attire, 2010
61. Type of ski lift
62. European sea eagle
63. Radicals
64. *In many cities, this yellow ride got
66. *Spilled from the Horizon
For Solution See Page 6
Foster Care
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July 201
Orangevale Sun Page 9
Is Caregiving in
Your Future?
By Sal Arrigo, Jr.
Visit First 5 Sacramento’s dental website at:
Featuring children and parent dental
resources, videos and great oral health tips.
As we look around and see many
people living longer, do you ever
wonder if it will ever fall to you to
become a caregiver? If your parents, or perhaps your spouse, were
to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
disease, what would you do if you
had to become a caregiver, even
Where do you start? How much
time are you able to devote to caregiving duties? In reality, caregiving
is a 24/7 responsibility; you don’t
even need to be in the presence of
the person you are assisting. When
you are responsible for the health
and well being of another, you think
about caregiving when you’re shopping, driving your car, and planting
your garden. Caregiving is likely
to take a toll on your physical and
mental health.
So, how do you cope? It’s not
always easy to do, but you must ask
for help. Enlist siblings, friends or
neighbors to assist whenever possible. Caregivers often overlook
the very real need to take a break
from their responsibilities, and
burn out is all too common. As a
caregiver, if you are overly tired or
stressed, you are of no help to anyone. Seek out caregiving resources
from the Alzheimer’s Association
of Sacramento, your medical doctor, or use the internet to research
respected sites such as the Mayo
Clinic or the National Institute on
One way that caregivers can
eliminate some of the stress they
may encounter is by making a
simple “business plan.” Since
Alzheimer’s is progressive, a caregiver must anticipate future needs
by understanding the stages of the
disease and making plans as to
how to best assist their loved one as
they move toward that next phase.
“Knowledge is power” as the saying
goes, but using that knowledge to
prepare yourself for what the future
holds can also bring peace of mind.
None of this is easy-- for you or the
person for whom you are caring—
but it is prudent.
A couple of additional points to
consider, as a caregiver:
• If you’re not the executor of
the estate, engage in conversation with the person who is.
You may need to know what
provisions have been made for
financing long-term care.
• I f you need an attorney, get an
Elder Law attorney who specializes in these sensitive matters.
This is especially important if
there is no will or trust already
in place.
Fab 40’s
• Gather the paperwork on final
arrangement issues (if any
• Remember; you are not an
island! There are support
groups and organizations that
are ready and willing to assist
you and your loved one. Don’t
hesitate to reach out for help.
Even if you don’t anticipate being
a caregiver someday, I encourage
you to come to the Alzheimer’s
Awareness Day at East Lawn
Memorial Park on Saturday, July
9. The event is free, and there will
be information, resources, and a
panel of speakers on hand with indepth knowledge of Alzheimer’s
disease. The dedication of the oneof-a-kind “Alzheimer’s Wall of
Remembrance” will also take place
that day. If you are a caregiver, this
event may prove to be especially
informative for you, so please consider joining us. The event time is 9
a.m. until noon. No need to register,
just show up and we’ll also provide
you with a light breakfast and lunch.
If you’d like more information about
the Alzheimer’s Awareness day,
please call (916) 316-6347.
Sal Arrigo, Jr. is the chair of
the “Fab 40’s 5K run/walk and an
adjunct instructor in the Gerontology
Department at American River
College. For more information about
the 5K event, and to find information
regarding caregiving and Alzheimer’s
disease, go to
“Un-Run for Understanding”
An Alzheimer’s Awareness Day
Saturday, July 9, 2011
Location: East Lawn Memorial Park,
43rd St. and Folsom Boulevard
Time: 9:00 AM – Noon
Calendar of Events:
9 AM – Welcome, and a light breakfast.
9:30 AM – Panel discussion featuring Hospice
Care, a Neurologist, family members who have
cared for a person with Alzheimer’s disease and
family members who are dealing currently with
Alzheimer’s disease, and an Elder Law Attorney.
10:30 AM – Unveiling of the “Wall of Honor.”
A place where people can create an inscription
in honor of or in memory of a family member who
has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.
10:45 AM - Untimed one-mile walk within
East Lawn.
11:30 AM – Free luncheon.
There will be a variety of children’s activities and a photo booth for your family’s memories.
We will be having a kid’s race as well!
There will be many vendors at the event to answer any questions you may have.
Visit our website at: for details
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Page 10 Orangevale Sun
July 2011
July 201
Orangevale Sun Page 11
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w w w. O r a n g e v a l e S u n . c o m
July 201
Orangevale Sun Page 12
A Film Review by Tim Riley
CARS 2 (Rated G))
This column has now hit a trifecta
with its third consecutive review of a
family film. You can’t get more kid
friendly than a G-rated Pixar animation
The good news is that “Cars 2” has
moved the car racing franchise into a
whole new international territory that
is all the better for its global cast.
“Cars 2” opens by playing homage
to the James Bond franchise that easily
recalls several key elements in the best
of the Sean Connery works. For one,
the coolest car is the Aston Martin that
belongs to a suave British secret agent.
Naturally, Michael Caine has the
perfect quality to his voice that embodies the ultimate cool and suave British
spy. His sporty British car is loaded
with James Bond-type gadgets.
Caine’s Finn McMissile is teamed
with the fetching Holley Shiftwell
(voice of Emily Mortimer), a rookie
field agent. Together, they launch an
assault on a deep sea oil rig run by a
nefarious gang.
Back in the States, noted race car
Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson)
returns to Radiator Springs for rest and
relaxation with his best buddy, the tow
truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy).
Meanwhile, billionaire Miles
Axlerod (Eddie Izzard), eager to promote his alternative fuel called Allinol,
is staging a series of World Grand Prix
races in Europe and Asia.
After being taunted by arrogant Formula champion Francesco
Bernoulli (John Turturro), McQueen
and Mater, along with their hometown
pit crew, head off to Tokyo for the inaugural Grand Prix race.
In a series of contests to occur as well
in Italy, France and England, McQueen
is eager to prove that he is worthy to
compete with the cocky, flamboyant
and self-absorbed Francesco.
As the racing gets underway, Mater,
who sounds like a backwoods hillbilly from Arkansas, is mistaken by
McMissile for an undercover American
agent on a similar mission to take down
a villainous East German scientist.
To make matters worse, the attractive Holley Shiftwell chats up Mater for
his supposed prowess in international
espionage, while the clueless tow truck
imagines that they might actually go
out on a dinner date.
Easily distracted, Mater finds himself torn between assisting his good pal
McQueen in the high-profile race and
falling in with the top-secret mission
orchestrated by the smooth, debonair
Finn McMissile.
Mater’s charm, which does wear
a little thin after too many cornpone
witticisms, anchors much of the action
around his unwitting ability to chug
along on his hapless path to ultimate
Much of the fast-paced action is
filled with a global conspiracy to sabotage the race, which has as much to
do with political intrigue as garnering
market share in a new fuel source.
The ongoing intrigue plays well for
the adult audience, while taking nothing away from the enjoyment of “Cars
2” at a level appealing to grade school
The colorful settings of the Tokyo
streets, the coastal beauty of the Italian
Riviera, the cosmopolitan charm of
Paris and the elegance of London make
for very great visuals.
“Cars 2” proves to be a worthy addition to the pantheon of Pixar animated
films, enjoyable for its deft combination of comedy and international
All Roads Lead
to An Epic Journey at
Films and DVDs
for the Whole Family
has supposedly been captured
by a creature named “Backson”
– the result of a misread note.
by David Dickstein
Family Films
The Smurfs
Opens July 29, rated G
Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows: Part 2
Opens July 15, rated PG-13
The eighth and final chapter
of the wildly successful film
series ends with Harry and Lord
Voldemort whipping out their
wands one last time for the
mother of all showdowns. Only a
clueless Muggle doesn’t already
know the ending, but if you
match the description, do yourself
and the wizardry world a favor
and start from the beginning.
Before Blue Man Group and
“Avatar,” the Smurfs were the
coolest blue-hued characters.
The Belgian import became
an instant hit with American
youngsters and not-so-youngsters
with an ‘80s cartoon series. The
live action and animated feature
adaptation, in 3-D, has the little
gnome-like creatures being
chased from their village by the
Smurf-eating Gargamel. They go
through a portal and wind up in
New York’s Central Park, where
bad guys only want to rob you.
Family DVDs
Frogs & Toads: Max’s Magical
Journey (ages 3-6, released
July 5, rated G): When 6-yearold Max goes searching for frog
eggs for his older brother, he
and a friend embark on a songfilled adventure that takes them
through fields, farms and a forest.
This Dutch-made film, dubbed
in English, is geared toward
pre-schoolers. It’s a refreshing
delight, devoid of the eyepopping devices that American
studios feel they need to keep
young audiences interested.
Just a nice tale of adventure and
friendship helped along by music
and nature friends. Grade: A
The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf
Adventure (ages 3-6, released
July 19, not rated): Timed with
the feature film release is the DVD
release of 10 episodes from the
‘80s Saturday morning cartoon
series. Typical shoddy animation
for the era and TV medium, but
fun for kids and a guilty pleasure
for kids at heart. Grade: B
LeapFrog: Sing and Learn
With Us! (ages 4-7, released
July 19, not rated): A dozen
animated sing-along shorts focus
on developmental reading skills,
short vowels, phonetics skills
and comprehension. Matching
storybooks can be downloaded
to reinforce the learning and
inspire children to read at home
or on the go. Talk about an
edutaining summer. Grade: A
Winnie the Pooh
Opens July 15, rated G
Rango (ages 5-13, released July
15, rated PG): A car accident
involving his owners leaves a
pet chameleon stranded in the
desert. He stumbles upon a dusty
town stuck in the Wild West,
and reinvents himself as a hero.
Some of the critters aren’t sure
what to make of this bug-eyed
feller with Johnny Depp’s voice.
to all ages. Grade: B
Walt Disney returns to the
Hundred Acre Wood for a nowrare 2-D animated feature.
Inspired by five stories from
A.A. Milne’s books about a
“bear of very little brain” and his
friends, the main storyline has
the classic characters on a quest
to save Christopher Robin, who
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