Puradyn Bypass Oil Filtration


Puradyn Bypass Oil Filtration
Keep It Clean® &
Keep It Green!
99Reduce Oil Purchases Up To 90%
99Reduce Oil-Related Maintenance Costs
99Increase Productivity - Reduce Downtime
99Safely Extend Oil Drain Intervals
99Improve Fuel Efficiency Through
Increased Engine Efficiency
99Extend Engine Life
Oil Filtration Systems
Motor Oil * Transmission Oil * Hydraulic Oil
Construction * Industrial * Hydraulic * Marine * Power Generation * Military * Truck * Bus * Offshore
The puraDYN® Oil Filtration System is a high-efficiency
multi-stage bypass filtering system designed to remove solid, liquid, and gaseous contaminants from engine or hydraulic oil before they can accumulate
and cause damage. Working in conjunction with the full flow filter, the puraDYN® system is constantly removing these contaminants and replenishing
base additives (engine oil only) and maximizing the life of your engine or hydraulic equipment. By enabling continuously clean oil to circulate through your
equipment, the puraDYN® system allows oil to do its job, providing optimum lubricating, cooling and sealing performance.
Contrary to popular belief, oil does not break down or wear out. . . it gets dirty. In the past, oil has needed to be replaced regularly as it becomes
contaminated and, in the case of engine oil, loses vital additives over a relatively short period of time. By keeping the oil clean and the base additives
in check, oil will remain in good shape and will not need to be changed. Simply change the puraDYN® replacement filter element
when you would have changed the oil. Regular oil sampling will confirm the oil is good for continued use.
The puraDYN® oil filtration system is the only bypass system which addresses:
1. Removal of solid contaminants to below one micron
2. Removal of liquid and gaseous contaminants
3. Replenishment of additives to properly maintain the oil’s chemical balance
Whether your goal is to double, triple, or significantly extend your oil maintenance intervals, we work with you to determine the most efficient-sized model
and safest maximum oil drain extension for your equipment. The puraDYN® oil filtration system works particularly well with LARGE CAPACITY OIL
SUMPS and with engines using any type of fuel - diesel, gasoline, propane, natural gas or biodiesel.
Before you purchase, ask for a Customized Cost Analysis showing the level of savings and payback on your investment and to determine the length of service
drain interval appropriate for your application and needs.
Advanced Filtration
DYN® filter elements contain media treated with CGP®, an advanced process for chemical grafting
designed to remove solid contaminants to less than one micron. This advanced filtration method was developed by Puradyn
as an effective way to remove the higher volumes and smaller particles of soot being generated by newer engines.
These particles are too small to be adequately removed by traditional filtration systems.
Try our XD Filter in heavy duty applications operating in harsh environments with elevated
soot levels or areas with high-sulfur fuels.
Call Technical Support at 1 866 puradyn (787 2396) or see the FAQs section of our
website at www.puradyn.com for answers on commonly asked questions.
Cleaner Oil = Less Friction = Increased Fuel Savings
A fuel consumption study conducted at the University of Leeds* demonstrated the benefits associated with cleaner oil on fuel economy. The test noted that
the engine’s fuel efficiency increased 2% to 3% when a bypass filter was used along with a full flow filter.
60% of engine wear is caused by particles between 5 and 20 microns and most OEM full flow filters perform efficiently at 15-40 microns (new engines have a
tolerance level of 1 - 1.5 microns.) Without a puraDYN® bypass oil filter, increased engine wear can occur when particulate matter under 15-40 microns
is not trapped by the full flow filter. Overextended oil drains and a buildup of contaminants contribute to power loss in the engine, causing your engine to
overwork, burning more fuel.
* Ref: SAE 2000-01-0234
Step #3
Oil is filtered through a disposable
element with time-released
additives (engine only) to replenish
depleted levels in oil, then slowly
flows outside the element to the
heated evaporation chamber.
Step #2
Patented process for
chemical grafting, CGP®,
increases solid particulate filtration
efficiency, filtering solid contaminants
down to below one micron.
Step #4
Water, fuel vapors, and gaseous
contaminants trapped in oil are
evaporated in heated chamber.
Step #1
Oil enters system at slow rate of
6-8 GPH / 22-40 LPH (engine)
12-16 GPH / 45-60 LPH (hydraulic)
Step #5
Oil is gravity-fed back to engine
or hydraulic tank.
Keeping It Green. . .By reducing the number of oil drains, the puraDYN
system also reduces the
likelihood of ground water contamination from improperly disposed-of oil. The US EPA states that it cannot account for over two hundred million gallons
of used motor oil each year. One gallon of improperly disposed-of oil has the potential to pollute one million gallons of drinking water. Also, by consuming
significantly less oil, a meaningful step can be taken toward conserving our world’s rapidly depleting natural resources.
When you need your equipment operating at optimum efficiency, you need the best in filtration equipment:
Let puraDYN® Keep It Clean!
Company Commitment:
99 25+ years in the Bypass Oil Filtration Business
99 Will Not Void Manufacturer’s Warranty
99 Insured Up to $1M per Liability
99 Operate on Continuously Clean Oil
99 Six-Month Money Back Guarantee
99 Five-Year Unlimited Miles/Hours Warranty on Unit
M o d e l
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Model Number
Maximum Oil Capacity* (engines)
Up to 12 quarts
Up to 24 quarts
Up to 44 quarts
Up to 100 quarts
Up to 172 quarts
Up to 300 quarts
Up to 11.4 litres
Up to 22.7 litres
Up to 41.7 litres
Up to 94.6 litres
Up to 162.8 litres
Up to 284 litres
15 gallons
40 gallons
100 gallons
500 gallons
1,000 gallons
57 litres
152 litres
380 litres
1,900 litres
3,800 litres
6-8 GPH
6-8 GPH
6-8 GPH
6-8 GPH
6-8 GPH
6-8 GPH
22-40 LPH
22-40 LPH
22-40 LPH
22-40 LPH
22-40 LPH
22-40 LPH
12-16 GPH
12-16 GPH
12-16 GPH
12-16 GPH
12-16 GPH
12-16 GPH
45-60 LPH
45-60 LPH
45-60 LPH
45-60 LPH
45-60 LPH
45-60 LPH
7.5 inches
8.5 inches
12.5 inches
11.5 inches
15.5 inches
30 inches
19 cm
21.8 cm
31.8 cm
29.2 cm
39.4 cm
76.2 cm
7 inches
9 inches
9 inches
11 inches
11 inches
11 inches
17.8 cm
22.9 cm
22.9 cm
28 cm
28 cm
28 cm
8 lbs
15 lbs
18 lbs
29 lbs
32 lbs
50 lbs
3.6 kgs
6.8 kgs
8.2 kgs
13.2 kgs
14.5 kgs
22.7 kgs
12 VDC
12.5 amps
12.5 amps
12.5 amps
12.5 amps
12.5 amps
12.5 amps
24 VDC
6.25 amps
6.25 amps
6.25 amps
6.25 amps
6.25 amps
6.25 amps
110 VAC
1.36 amps
1.36 amps
1.36 amps
1.36 amps
1.36 amps
1.36 amps
220 VAC
0.68 amps
0.68 amps
0.68 amps
0.68 amps
0.68 amps
0.68 amps
Oil Capacity (hydraulics)
Flow rate (engines)
Flow rate (hydraulics)
(includes Mounting Clamps & Hardware)
Shipping Weight
Amperage Draw
* NOTE: Severe applications and operating environments may require model size adjustment from that shown on the standard sizing chart
above. Please contact your local distributor or Puradyn directly if you have any questions about the correct size system for your application or
Puradyn Warranty: Five-year unlimited miles/hours on unit
One-year on heating element.
Conditions: Follow Puradyn’s instruction manual for installation and maintenance
guidelines, including routine oil samples and filter changes. The warranty card must
be completed and returned to: Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc. c/o Customer Service.
See Puradyn warranty statement for further details.
Before the installation, our Technical Staff are available to you to answer any questions
on the process, how it interacts with your equipment, installation instruction, and support.
After the installation, our Customer Service will be there for you to make sure you have everything you need. We work
with some of the leading independent oil analysis laboratories that will assist you in setting up an oil analysis program.
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Corporate Headquarters
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Boynton Beach, FL 33426 USA
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(T) +1 561 547 9499
(F) +1 561 547 8629
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Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the puraDYN® Oil Filtration System.
Protected by one or more of the following U.S. and international patents: 8,308,941; 8,298,419; 8,002,973; 5,591,330; 5,630,912; 5,718,258; 6,139,725; 09661360762920; and patents pending.
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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