Television… as old as Buddy Holly… as new as „Cobra Starship‟


Television… as old as Buddy Holly… as new as „Cobra Starship‟
Television… as old as Buddy Holly… as new as „Cobra Starship‟
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NCC Media
Owned by America‟s three largest cable operators
Top 500 Fortune Company
with more than $1.2 billion
in revenue in 2010
The Digital Age
• Media used to be Television, Radio, Print,
 The Digital Age is re-defining everything and
now we need to think in terms of:
Platforms – TV seen on three screens
Content – important for all platforms
Intrusiveness vs. invitational
Integration – there is no perfect media
Metrics – what works, what doesn‟t
• Bottom line: The silo‟s are disappearing and
video integration across platforms is the
The Vision
• Client-centric
• Video based
• Targeted, potential consumers, not just
• Local
• Platform agnostic
• Integration and ease of execution
It‟s not Dad‟s TV anymore
• 90% of American homes receive from Multi-Channel
Video Providers (cable, telco, satellite), 10% are
antennae only
• 63% of TV viewing is to „cable programming‟, 37% to
broadcast networks
• DVR‟s are now available in 40% of homes, 93% of
viewing is still „live‟
• Time spent viewing television continues to increase and
in 2010 set a record… the average household spent
more than 7.5 hours per day watching, with individuals
spending 158.5 hours per month watching
• 50% of homes report simultaneous use of TV and online
for six hours or more per month
• Every night the largest meeting in the history of mankind
happens as 150 million Americans sit down to watch TV
Source: Nielsen Three Screen Report, 1Q, 2011
Unifying Reach Back Into TV
Market Segmentation
Geo-Targeting Consumers
Geo-Targeting offers unique opportunities
to segment markets for a brand.
Example: Geo-Targeting to Multicultural Markets
o Tag store locations
o Run different copy in relevant areas
o Heavy-up in consumer dense cable systems
within a market based on zip code profiles
30+% Hispanic Concentration
Other Cable
No Cable
NCC targets cable systems within a market that
deliver large concentrations of multicultural
audiences (Hispanic example shown in Phoenix).
Adtag™: Feature Locations
 One buy across the entire DMA – each zone gets a different TAG
 :25 second commercial,
 :05 second location tag,
 Creates relevant association to message
 Technology provided by Visible World
Tag locations or revise
offers immediately!
San Jose
Adcopy™: Target Different Products In
Relevant Geographies
• Run different :30 sec creative highlighting products, features or benefits,
within subsections of a market simultaneously with one buy.
• Target cable viewers based on psychographic or demographic
characteristics. Build relevant reach.
• Technology provided by Visible World
Support different
products or copy
executions under one
Video On Demand
Connecting linear to long form
Promotional Unit:
A Promotional unit is a :15/:30/:60 spot that drives
the viewer to your VOD Content. The traditional
:30 is key in creating a bridge between linear and
non-linear television platforms to view longer and
engaging message for your brand.
VOD Long-form Video
Long-form Content:
Longer video content that cannot be found on a
traditional :15/:30/:60 spot – as showcase or feature.
Multiple videos are available to highlight specific
products & services.
• Universe
• Gross views
• Net views
• Time Spent Viewing
• Market-by-market analysis
• Creative analysis
Interactive TV (iTV)
Interactive - Lead TV – “RFI”
Interactive overlays:
 Allows the advertiser
to deliver a meaningful
message to a targeted
 Involves a user‟s
active participation
using the remote
 Requires double opt-
 Viewers‟ requests are
compiled and
communicated to
advertiser for follow-up
iTV Data / Metrics
Delivered weekly
Metrics include
# of enhanced spots
# of Responses
By Daypart Responses
By Impression Responses
Additional granularity * :
By network
By zone
By zip code
By Prizm Cluster profile
* Not available in all interactive markets
NCC Mobile: Engage Consumers One-on-One
Two methods:
Text – overlay on :30
TV spots with texting
instructions – works
with 95% of phones
MMS – video from
WAP enabled web
sites on Smart
Register to win
tickets to the
NBA Playoffs
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with T-Mobile
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plan and save Big!
Text the the keyword “SIDEKICK” to 74642 to receive a special
offer on the T-Mobile Sidekick LX.
“Marketers like text-message ads because viewers ask to
receive the message which means the marketer doesn’t
bombard the viewer with unsolicited commercials.”
—Advertisers to Consumers: We’ll Text You, Emily Steel
The Wall Street Journal Online, May 27, 2008
Original text offer
Double opt-in
Why NCC Digital
• Anything we can do in linear we can do
•We reach over 280 million Americans, and
have access to more than 2.3 billion impressions
per day
• Unmatched research tools
• comScore, Kantar Media, Nielsen,
Claritas, Scarborough, Experian and more…
• Full service media planning and buying
• Exchange platform
• Real-time buying
• Optimization technology
• Reporting analytics
• Multi-platform integration opportunities
• TV, Online, Video, Interactive TV, Video On
Demand, Mobile, Xbox
The Future
The Future
• All programming goes to VOD, viewer pays
per program
• Dynamic advertising insertion – spots
inserted at the same time regardless of
• Household addressability – specific
messages to individual homes
• Data matching and data mining – using the
data from 80 million set-top boxes to target
your consumer or potential consumer
• Infrastructure – making integration of all
platforms seamless with both front-end
research and back-end execution.
• Metrics – customized to each client
Thank You!
… for your time and attention