Spatone sheetCANADA


Spatone sheetCANADA
All the iron you need,
without the heavy metal.
• Spatone - clinically proven to be
effective in pregnancy.
• Spatone - is unique in that it has a
lower safer starting dose, yet has been
proven to work. This is due to Spatone's
proven higher absorption rate and iron
delivered in a natural, effective form.
• Spatone - an effective alternative to
high dose iron supplements.
Your customers need your advice. Help
them to understand that regardless of
Spatone's lower safer starting dose, it
has been proven to be effective and is the
best choice for their iron needs in
• Spatone is the FIRST and ONLY Iron
Supplement proven in clinical trials not
to cause Gastro Intestinal Side
• Finally your customers will stick to an
iron supplement, not being plagued by
constipation, bloating or stomach pain.
• Great compliance with Spatone means
your happy customers will return to you
to continue their therapy. With their
iron levels being restored, they will no
longer experience the common side
effects of fatigue, dizziness and
• 100% Natural. Pregnant women want to take natural, safe
supplements. Spatone is a non manufactured pure iron mineral
water with no additives or harmful chemicals added. It also
has the science to prove it works - the perfect combination!
Obstetricians are supporting the use of Spatone early on in pregnancy.
New research shows high dose iron supplements, may not be safe in pregnant
women who have not been confirmed as being anaemic. If taken, these
manufactured iron supplements may cause pregnant women to have high Blood
Pressure, or to give birth to low birth weight babies. Your customers need to
know that doctors are supporting a safer, yet effective alternative!
Over 80% of pregnant women will be iron deficient by their third trimester! They
will need more iron than what pregnancy multi vitamins deliver.
Here's how the Doctors are managing iron in Pregnancy:
Pre conception and First Trimester
Folic acid is needed, often found in a good pregnancy Multi vitamin.
Second and Third Trimester
Pregnancy Multi vitamins not have enough iron to support the majority of
pregnant women during these trimesters, and folic acid is not essential at this
time, so switching to 2 sachets of Spatone or adding in Spatone to the Multi
Vitamin is best. If a pregnant woman is “showing” chances are she will need
Starting Spatone early, at the end of the first trimester will ensure the
greatest success.
If a woman is anaemic and a high dose iron supplement like Ferrous Sulphate is
recommended by their practitioner then:
A) switch to Spatone if this high dose iron supplement leads to side effects
like constipation.
B) switch to Spatone after their high dose iron tablets are finished - to prevent
further symptoms returning. Remember to continue Spatone into
Empower your customers to understand that Spatone is the effective
choice, despite what seems to them as a low dose.
In Summary take one Spatone sachet a day to meet your daily iron
needs or two sachets a day in pregnancy.