Grand Junction (970) 263-7750 2464 US Hwy 6


Grand Junction (970) 263-7750 2464 US Hwy 6
Grand Junction
(970) 263-7750
2464 US Hwy 6 & 50Grand Mesa Center, Unit 124
Grand Junction, Colorado 81505
Be Empowered. Knowledge is power. And we give you the
power to make informed decisions about what goes into
creating a healthy lifestyle. Natural Grocers has been
empowering our customers, and our communities, through a
variety of nutrition education programs since 1955. This tradition
started when founders Margaret and Phillip Isely went door-todoor, in Golden Colorado, loaning out books about health and
nutrition. They would return a week to two weeks later and
discuss the nutrition principles laid out in those books and take
orders for supplements, bulk foods and whole grain bread.
Today, we continue that tradition through the Natural Grocer’s
In-Store Events Program, providing you with access to a wealth
of Nutrition Knowledge. We team up with the top national,
regional and local authorities on nutrition and we even have our
own credentialed in-store nutrition experts (Nutritional Health
Coachs – NHCs) to provide you with seminars, cooking demos
and nutrition classes- All compliments of Natural Grocers!
Whether you are continuing your path to optimal health, or
just beginning your journey, Natural Grocers is here to
Empowering Health since 1955
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