Fall Into Place


Fall Into Place
FALL 2014
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Fall Into Place
September is a busy month. Kids are back to school,
vacation is over. Most of us here in New England treasure the
short summer season but before the first leave hits the ground,
we’re back in productivity mode. Work, School, Fall sports,
doctors’ appointments and any number of other obligations
keep us hopping. As crazy as this time is, it’s also nice to get
back into a routine. This is a good time of year to do some
organizing around the house to make sure clutter, missing or
forgotten items don’t frazzle you. Staying organized will help
make sure you can squeeze in time for exercise and make
some healthy meals too.
1. Use a Family Organization App
Some suggestions: Cozi Family Organizer, Jarbas or Save The Mom.
Cozi Family Organizer is our suggested app. Cozi allows you to enter items for each or multiple
family members who are represented with color-coded dots. View the family’s entire schedule or just
one individual’s. You can also enter your grocery list with the ability to edit them from anywhere.
2. Plan Your Menu
Pick a day each week to plan your menu. Think of 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners you will
prepare. Breakfast and lunch are often easy since they tend to be the same 2-3 things each week.
For dinner, it’s helpful to rotate through a handful of staple recipes that you know you and your family
like. Maybe mix it up with a new option to keep it interesting.
3. Find Storage For “Stuff”
Now is the time to hit the Container Store. Hang some hooks, place bins and baskets strategically
where that “stuff” tends to land. Designate drawers or cubbies for papers that come home from
school. Put up a bulletin board or paint a chalkboard wall to hang kids’ artwork, important information,
back-to-school pictures, etc. Get a large storage box for all that athletic gear and place it in the
garage or mudroom. Here’s some tips from the expert, Martha Stewart
4. Schedule in Exercise
Like any other meeting in your schedule, exercise is important. Make sure to treat it that way by writing
it into your calendar. Commit to some type of formal exercise at least 3 times a week. Other days,
plan to leave a little time at your lunch break to take a walk. Also try some cubical workouts like the
Shake Weight, sitting on a Stability ball or switch bewteen standing and sitting at your compture.
Thinking ahead of ways you can move your body more will help ensure you do.
5. Sleep on it
If you’re tired and the house is a mess, sometimes it’s best to just go to bed. You’ll be much more
rested and clear-headed in the morning and may find tidying up gets done a lot more efficiently and
with less cursing! Sleep is essential for busy, mind-taxing lifestyles so definitely don’t skimp on it.
7-8 hours a night is what most people need.
FALL 2014
health | wellness | nutrition
Get Your Heart
Walking and Hiking
Choose a destination or just outside your door. Whether you
choose Marginal Way in Ogunquit, the Cliff Walk in Newport, a
hike up Mount Washington or your own neighborhood, the Fall is
a beautiful time to get outdoors. Make plans with family or friends
to make sure you get moving.
While this is one of the less pleasurable activities of fall, it does
hold some virtue. Raking leaves for 1hr will burn 300-400
calories. Not to mention the extra calories you’ll burn jumping in
them! You will also get a good dose of vitamin D from being out
in the sun and can skip the gym that day (but not the sunscreen).
Think you’re too old for organized sports? Think again.
Taking part in an adult soccer league can be a fun, social
way to get your exercise in. Check out:
http://www.mass-soccer.org/ to find out about leagues near you.
It’s not over yet. Early in the Fall, you can still get a great
game of golf in. Just make sure to leave the cart behind so
you can count it as exercise!
With the Fall comes a lot of great road races. If you’re
a seasoned runner, consider signing up for a 10k or ½
marathon. A goal will help keep you motivated to get those
runs in. More of a runner-wannabe? There are many couch
potato to 5k training program. You will find this and many
other great training programs at www.coolrunning.com
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