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Diverse in Culture ╬ United in Faith
不 同 文 化
Inside This Edition
共 同 信 念
U-TALKS is a new venture of Knox, Ebenezer and Toronto Chinese United Churches
to provide a series of events in the area for members of our congregations and our
The programs will be unique as we explore beyond the traditional and offer
insights into the complex issues of the world.
The theme for the November 1 event is For the Love of the World and the speakers
are Women who are impacting the World.
Lee McKenna is the Executive Director of Partera International,
which works in partnership with many organizations for peace. Lee is a facilitator, trainer, author and ordained minister who will
share her story about her experiences in conflict zones around
the world. 2 General Council 42
3 Mission Trip to Bathurst NB
Camping Trip
4 Syrian Refugee Crisis
Sanctuary Air Conditioning
Alpha Ministry
5 Fall Fair
6 Looking Ahead
Congregational Survey
7 Worship Corner
All Candidates Meeting
Lunch Bunch
8 Horticultural EMS
Heritage Fund
Dr. Naila Keleta-Mae is an Assistant Professor of Theatre and
Performance at the University of Waterloo. She is teaching an
undergraduate course this fall entitled Gender and Performance,
focused on Beyoncé’s self-titled album.
We will celebrate the incredible contributions that these women are making and
their influence. They will share stories of change: change that can bring peace in
conflict; and change through education, women and leadership.
And there will be music. Ken Whiteley embraces folk, roots,
blues, bluegrass, world music and most definitely gospel. But he
brings that folk attitude, speaking out for justice, peace and love.
So, bring a friend on November 1 at 7:15 for an evening that will offer inspiration. The cost is only $10.
Tel: 416-293-4424
Knox United Church
2569 Midland Ave. Agincourt ON M1S 1R3
Fax: 416-293-6128
email: [email protected]
Russ welcomes Alma to
the “Over 90 Birthday Club”!
Page 1
September 2015
General Council 42
conferences and individuals and
considered all of the material received.
by Marg Walker
The final report, United In God’s Work,
was available in March, 2015 and over
100 responses and proposals were sent
to General Council.
The 42nd General Council of the
United Church met in Corner Brook,
Newfoundland from August 8 to 14,
2015. I attended two previous General
Councils in 2006 and 2009. Lynella attended the last three in 2006, 2009
and 2012 and served as a member of
the General Council Executive from
2009 to 2015. And Knox was at the meetings in Corner
Brook. We sent a prayer fish which
was among the hundreds of fish that
were displayed in “schools” around
the meeting and worship space. Maya
Landell, the worship leader said “It
reminds us we are surrounded by the
sea. It’s so rooted in who we are as
Christ’s followers, with a fish as the
secret sign. Every time we see the
fish we are reminded of the stories of
A 17-person Sessional Committee
was established to review all of the
proposals and consider the information. They met before GC42 and prepared
a report to offer a ‘road map’. This
was accepted by General Council and
facilitated the discussion and decisions
which were made during the week.
The omnibus proposal passed with 95
percent of commissioners voting in
favour and 4 percent against.
The most important decision was
that the church should change from
a four court model of congregations,
presbyteries, conferences and General
Council to a three-council model
consisting of communities of faith,
regional councils, and a denominational
The direction has been set. There
are details that need to be further
developed, including the number
of regions, membership of regional
councils and executives, and the
relationship of the regional and
denominational councils to staff. In addition, General Council
commissioners received a palm-sized,
hand-carved wooden fish to hold during
times of prayer. Local wood carvers
prepared 650 wooden fish.
I was a GC42 junkie during the
second week in August and watched
the proceedings on-line with great
interest. This year, a document called
the Comprehensive Review was the
focus of the work of the General
Council. The Comprehensive Review
Task Group was established following
the 2012 General Council. Seven
individuals from across the church and
our moderator, Gary Paterson, asked for
input from congregations, presbyteries,
Page 2
There will be test projects for the
three-council structure and other areas
before a category 3 remit will be sent
to presbyteries and pastoral charges
regarding the changes prior to the
meeting of the 43rd General Council
which will be sometime in 2017, rather
than in 2018.
A fund to provide support to new
ministries and new forms of ministry
through an initiative tentatively called
Chasing the Spirit will be established
with 10 percent of annual Mission &
Service givings to be invested in the
More information about the
Comprehensive Review is available at
There was a celebration of closer
relationships of our church with three
other major faith groups in the U.S.,
Philippines and Korea: the United
Church of Christ USA, the United Church
of the Philippines and the Presbyterian
Church of the Republic of Korea.
Rev. Jordan Cantwell was elected and
installed as Moderator during the
final worship which was described as
a ‘buoyant, joyous, and intercultural
worship celebration that concluded
the 42nd General Council meeting, and
capped off what had been a long day of
Cantwell was presented with symbols
of the office of Moderator: a stole, a
talking stick, a bowl, and a prayer shawl. She was also given a Heiltsuk eagle clan
vest with abalone shell buttons by Jim
White of Bella Bella, BC.
This edition
Thanks to everyone who has contributed articles to this edition of the Knox News. Editors: Marg Walker & Cheryl Amos. Photos: Don Boucher, Wendy Huang, Stephanie
Ma, Paul Wang, Richard Wang, Helen Wong. Design: Tricia Cook. Please send any
suggestions, articles and pictures to the Communication Committee c/o the church
office, [email protected]
Mission Trip to Bathurst NB
by Paul Wang
Note: Paul is a member at Knox and
attends the Agincourt Baptist Church
(ABC) Youth Group on Friday evenings.
This summer, Paul was part of this
year’s East Coast Mission Team at
ABC, a project of church youth from
Agincourt to help meet community
needs in Atlantic Canada.
Camping Trip
by Jim Ma
It’s good to be back in Scarborough! As you may or may not know, I spent
two weeks in July on a mission trip to
Bathurst, New Brunswick, organized
by Agincourt Baptist Church. Thank
you for the generous contributions
and support of the congregation which
made it possible for me to take part in
this trip.
and effort was put in to planning. Some
people found it tiring at times, but not
Bathurst is a town with a population of
only 15,000 people; our community of
Scarborough is roughly 10 times as big,
counting the population of our three
wards (39, 40, 41). Our main goal was
to run a vacation bible school. VBS was
an opportunity to educate children
with fun activities while also raising
spiritual awareness in the immediate
community. The entire staff of the camp
were volunteers, including me. About
20 campers attended the VBS, and
although it wasn’t especially difficult to
conduct the 5-day camp, a lot of time
I truly enjoyed my time on the trip, and
found it an informative and worthwhile
experience. For instance, did you know
that New Brunswick is Canada’s only
‘official’ bilingual province? Provincial
government institutions in New
Brunswick offer services in both French
and English.
The trip wasn’t all work and no play.
We had the opportunity to visit the
waterfront several times, took part in
several community gatherings, and had
time to enjoy the beautiful scenery to
be found in Bathurst.
We hope that our outreach efforts will
not be forgotten and will make their
mark on the community for the future.
In mid-August, Rev. Rob and a couple
of families, including mine, from the
Chinese fellowship went camping in
Algonquin Provincial Park. For some of
the families, this was a totally new and
unforgettable experience.
What impressed me most on a hiking
trail was the former estate of Judge
George Barclay. It was last occupied
in 1953, but now the place has been
completely taken over by the forest.
I couldn’t imagine that there was a
Away from the busy city life, we enjoyed building standing there 60 years ago. and embraced the Canadian wilderness. From what I have seen, only the dock
and the tennis court floor remain. You
We enjoyed chatting around the
could really see how much nature has
camp fire, watching the night sky and
taken back.
canoeing on the lake.
Page 3
September 2015
Syrian Refugee Crisis
The situation of refugees in the Middle East and Europe has moved many of us
and we ask, how can we help?
through your offering envelopes. Make
the cheque payable to Knox United
Church and mark your envelope Syria
Appeal. Donations will be accepted
until December 20, 2015 to qualify for
the matching government funds.
passed a motion that a task group be
appointed to explore the possibility of
Knox assisting in a direct way to sponsor
a refugee family or individuals. If you
are interested in joining this task group,
please call the church office, 416-2934424 ext 0.
Air Conditioning of the Sanctuary at Knox
Next year, Knox will not be as warm on
the hot days of summer.
Knox Council, in September, voted to
install air conditioning in the sanctuary
this fall so that we will be cooler next
The cost will be $12,000 plus HST
which is not in the current budget. Contributions to support this project
can be made by including and noting
the contribution on your envelope
or placing a donation in an envelope
designated for the air conditioning.
For more information, please see Nick
Walker, Property Chair or Dave Amos,
Alpha Ministry
by Tina Nicholl on behalf of the Alpha Team
Fall courses
Offered by Knox United and Knox
Presbyterian Churches
Fridays 6:30 pm – 9 pm, starting on
Oct. 23, 2015, in the Heritage Room
Our time together includes supper,
singing & exercise,
children’s program and child care.
No charge.
Page 4
How to live the Christian life in the
21st century
Anyone with a basic knowledge of
Christianity is welcome to join our
course on A Life Worth Living. It
is very suitable for people who have
already taken the Alpha course. The
course includes talks and discussions in
English of the book of Philippians. For more info or to register,
please contact Tina Nicholl at
[email protected] or
contact the church.
Learn to speak the
right language
when you say,
“I love you.”
Gary Chapman’s
5 Love Languages Course is for those
who want to love their mate or future
mate better. Whether you have a happy
relationship or are facing challenges,
you are invited to join us. It includes
video talks and discussions. There will
be discussion groups in English and in
Mandarin. For more info or to register,
please contact Helen Wong or James
Gillespie, or contact the church, 416293-4424 x 0, [email protected]
Knox Fall Fair – Saturday, October 17
The continuing success of our Fall Fair depends on the support and
contributions of our volunteers!
Drop Off
Any items that you are planning to contribute to the Fall
Fair may be dropped off at the Christian Centre Building on
Thursday, October 15 between 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., and
Friday, October 16 between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
If you require items to be picked up, please contact:
PLEASE: No Computers or Printers!
The Bakery (Jeannette Mercer / Nancy Wayment)
We would like to be inundated with baked goods! Each year
the bake table sells all their goods and frequently we have
more customers than goods. Please help us – all homemade
baked goods are most welcome.
Bangles, Baubles & Beads (Liz Lundy)
This table is staffed by Nearly New Shop volunteers
and others, and we welcome donations of your
jewellery, scarves & handkerchiefs.
Victoria’s Cupboard (Gloria Marshall)
Don’t forget to set aside, china, silver, brass,
crystal or collectibles for sale in this booth.
Bob Lundy
Ken Spracklin
Samuel Mercer
John Skears
The Hardware Store & Bargain Bin ( John Skears )
We need any nuts, bolts, nails, etc. and tools you no longer
need. Anything in the hardware line is most welcome.
Donate your Canadian Tire money and we will turn it into
hardware items! We welcome your nearly new items to sell
at the Bargain Bin (with the exception of clothes).
Nearly New Shop (Frieda Shea / Russ Gomme)
Please keep saving good used clean clothing and
jewellery. Items must be clean and preferably on
hangers. Shoes, boots and handbags in
good repair are also welcome.
Silent Auction (Roy Fenwick)
New or items of value and in good repair
are required for the Silent Auction table. All contributions are most welcome. No computers or printers please.
The Pantry (Gerry McArthur)
Jars of jam, jelly, marmalade, pickles or
chutney will be greatly appreciated for
The Pantry.
Flea Market (Margaret Thomson & Norma
Offenbacher) We need your unwanted treasures, something that you don’t
want, could be useful to others. All electronic items MUST be
in working order.
Handmade Originals (Elaine Dunk)
We have a fine assortment of knitted goods and handmade
articles, all made with loving care.
Pastoral Care
On the fourth Wednesday of each
month, Knox United Church provides
a Worship service at Shepherd Village.
Rev. Leigh Olson, Rev. Rob Selby and
Rev.Ian Manson ( St. John’s United) take
turns leading the service. The residents 416-293-9835 (Event Chairperson)
416-291-0749 (Treasurer)
Children’s Corner (Jayne Bossert)
New or gently used children’s toys, games, etc. are
most welcome.
Recently Read Books (Fay Pitman)
Current Romance, Mystery and Adventure books of Fiction
(paperback and hardcover), including popular novels, will be
appreciated at this table.
enjoy a meaningful message, prayer
and plenty of lovely music thanks to
Elaine Conner and Don Gordon. Often,
soloists are invited to perform.
A team of volunteers helps to transport
the residents to the Village Hall in time
for the 10:30 a.m. service.
The Pastoral Care Committee is seeking
help with this very rewarding job. It is
a small time commitment; but some
strength is required to assist with
wheelchairs and walkers.
If you are able to help, please call the
church office.
Page 5
September 2015
Looking Ahead
October 4 & November 1
An opportunity to chat with Rob and others
about the sermon following worship & coffee
October 5
8 pm Garden Club meeting, CE Auditorium
October 6
9:30 am Morning Glory Bible Study, Heritage Rm,
continuing each Tuesday morning
7:30 pm UCW Unit 1, Heritage Rm
October 7
9:30 am UCW Unit 2, Heritage Rm
7:30 pm Prayer & Praise, at Tina & Robin’s
October 11
Thanksgiving Sunday
October 13
7:30 pm Book Study Group @ E Conner’s
October 14
9 am-12 pm Fall Fair Set-up
7:30 pm Worship Committee, Heritage Room
October 15
9 am - noon Fall Fair Set-up
10 am Prayer & Praise, Joan C’s home
October 16
All Day Fall Fair Set-up, CE Building
October 17
9 am-1 pm FALL FAIR!
October 18 & 25, November 8
Who Are We? An opportunity to explore the
United Church of Canada following worship &
coffee time.
October 21
10 am Prayer & Praise at Joan C’s home
7 pm Church Council, Heritage Room
October 23
6:30 pm Alpha programs begin (see page 4)
October 25
12:15 pm Lunch Bunch at Remezzo’s
November 1
7:15 pm U-TALKS Series, in the Sanctuary
November 14
12 noon UCW Christmas Luncheon, CE Auditorium
November 22
Knox Concert Series begins. Watch for details
in the Sunday bulletin.
November 28
Advent Dinner, CE Auditorium
Sunday, November 1
Congregational Survey
How Long have you been worshiping at
Knox? 29%: last 5 years; 14%: last 6-10
years; 57%: for more than 10 years.
What age-group do you belong? over
60 yrs: 72%; 31-60: 23%; under 30: 5%.
Thanks to everyone who took time
to complete the Knox Congregational
Survey earlier this year and offered
their comments about worship, life
and work at Knox. Eighty-one surveys
were submitted. The results have been
compiled but an audit (re-count) is not
yet complete. Following are some of
the statistical results.
Page 6
On average, about how many times
have you attended Sunday Worship
during the past year? seldom: 1%; once or twice a month: 8%; most
Sundays: 91%.
How many church groups, committees
are you a member of or involved with? Three or more: 31%; Two: 29%; One:
21%; not involved: 19%.
Do you regularly connect and access
the internet? 81% have Internet access;
19% have no Internet access.
There were 21 comments about
worship, 8 suggestions and 51 wishes or
thoughts regarding the future of Knox. These will be distributed when finalized.
How long does it take to travel from
home to Knox? less than 5 minutes:7%; Knox Communication Committee
5 to 15 minutes: 66%; 16 to 30 minutes
23%; more than 30 minutes: 4%.
Worship Corner
by Lynella Reid-James
Celebrating Holy Communion
At Knox, Holy Communion is celebrated
in two different ways: offering the
bread and individual cups while sitting
in the pews; and coming forward
to stations and dipping a piece of
bread in a common cup. Each way
offers worshipers spiritual insight and
When celebrated in the pews,
Communion symbolizes Christ’s grace
reaching out to you wherever you are in
your life journey. We serve each other
as Christ served, and when all have
received, we eat and drink together
showing our unity in Christ.
When celebrated at stations,
Communion symbolizes the desire to
come into Christ’s presence. At the
Table, each of us receives a personal
word of grace. And while our friends
are offered the bread and dip it into the
cup, we can pray for them to experience
Christ’s love. Many of us have a preference, yet
both ways have a positive message
to offer. May we affirm and respect
both celebrations of Communion. And
may Christ speak to every heart, when
Communion is celebrated.
All Candidates Meeting
Scarborough North Riding
7-9 pm Thursday, October 8
Moderator: Rev. Rob Selby
Candidates who have confirmed their
Shaun Chen, Liberal
Eleni McDonald, Green Party
Rathika Sitsabaiesan, NDP
Upcoming Services:
October 4World Communion
October 18
M & S Sunday/
World Food Sunday.
Guest speaker Carole
Bennett, M&S Advisory
October 25
Stewardship Kick-off
November 1 All Saints’ Sunday / In
Memorial Service
November 8 Remembrance Sunday
November 15 Heritage (Anniversary)
Sunday. Speaker: Rev. Patricia GaleMacDonald
November 22 Stewardship Dedication
November 29 First Sunday of Advent/
Holy Communion
Share the celebration of your
memories and/or special occasions
with our Knox family. Sign up to
light the Memorial Candles on the
sheet on the bulletin board in the
Heritage Room.
At the same time, consider signing
up to read the Scripture lesson.
Lunch Bunch meets on the last
Sunday of the month at Remezzo
Italian Bistro at 3335 Sheppard
Ave. E. (southwest corner at
Warden), from September to
November and January to May. Good food! Good Service! Good
Fellowship! Separate bills.
Speak to Ollie or Katharine for
more information. Next Lunch Bunch: October 25.
Page 7
September 2015
Knox United Church
2569 Midland Ave. Agincourt ON M1S 1R3
Tel: 416-293-4424 Fax: 416-293-6128
Email: [email protected]
Rev. Rob Selby
Rev. Leigh Olson
Ross Inglis
Jayne Bossert
Richard Wang
Jack Au
Tricia Cook
Lead Minister
Minister of Visitation
Director of Music
Christian Education Coordinator
Chinese Ministry Coordinator
Church Custodian
Church Office Administrator
ext 12
ext 13
ext 16
ext 11
ext 15
ext 0
Sunday Worship & Church School at 10 am
Knox Heritage Fund
There are many ways to give:
• Cash
• Gifts In Kind
• RRSP’s /RRIF’s
• Life Insurance
• Gift Annuities • Trusts
Benefits to you:
• Planned Charitable Giving
• Immediate Tax Savings by giving today
• Tax and Probate Savings for your Estate not otherwise
Benefits to Knox:
• providing resources for future generations
• providing major capital in case of emergencies.
For more information about the
Knox Heritage Fund
Contact the Church Office
Knox United Church
2569 Midland Avenue
Scarborough ON MIS IR3
(416-293-4424, Ext, 0)
Send an Email:
[email protected]
Look on the Website:
Page 8
Horitcultural EMS
On August 7 our custodian, Jack Au,
reported that three quarters of the
beautiful white Rose of Sharon in the
Urn Garden had blown down while in full
bloom. Don B assessed the bush and,
since a large root was still attached, they
found some iron posts and with strong
twine and an old towel, proceeded to
support the branches.
With luck, the tree will survive another

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