An African Odyssey


An African Odyssey
An African Odyssey
Tanzania and South Africa with Tierra
An African Odyesses
Africa has so much to
offer. And you will see the
best of it, in a amazing
itinerary spanning a Safari
across the plains of
Serengeti and the natural
wonder of the Ngorogoro
Crater. Yu will round it off
with a visit to one of the
greatest cities in the
world, Cape Town and a
self drive along one of the
world’s most beautiful
driving routes, the Garden
We are Tierra
We are a small firm which focusses on providing customized itineraries for
independent travelers and small groups. We seek to maximize the travel
experience by providing micro customization and giving the travelers and the
itinerary lots of individual attention. We are suckers for interesting travel
destinations, innovative activities, and interesting places to stay. We are also
there to take care of all the logistics-Visa, Flight, Hotel, Walking tours, Airport
transfers, Travel insurance. You don’t have to click a mouse.
Our local representatives provide onsite support in case you need any.
An African Adventure
Day 1 -2 - Safari in
Ngorogoro Crater
Day 3-6 - Safari in Serengeti
Day 7 -8 - Cape Town
Day 9 - Stellenbosch /
Day 10 - Simons Town
Day 11- Montgau
Day 12 - Cape Town
Day 12 - Fly back to New
You can extend your trip by three of days to spend time on the Indian
Ocean paradise of Zanzibar.
So we begin...
Day 1 - Time to recuperate. You will reach Ngorogoro Crater by late afternoon.
Day 2 - Full day at Ngorogoro Crater. A Volcanic Crater, Ngorogoro has the largest concentration of
African wildlife in the world. One of the world’s natural wonders.
Cats in the Open!
Day 3 - Fly to the Serengeti, to stay in your own private luxury tented camp in the wilderness.
Day 4-6 - Safari in the great plains of Serengeti. See all the Big Five, including the big game hunters and
hundreds of thousands of Zebras and Wildebest
Trip includes visit to a Masai Village
Day 7- Fly to Cape Town. Rest and recover from the Safari
Day 8 - Arrive in Cape Town. Spend a day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
City Tour including the cable car to Table Mountain
Day 9 -Rev up your car! Take the car to the famous Cape Winelands including the towns of
Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. You will visit individual vineyards where you can sample
excellent selection of wines and local food. One of the best days you will ever spend
Day 10. You will drive
along some of the most
spectacular mountain roads
in the world, Along the way
you will visit Cape of Good
Hope, the penguin colonies,
at Boulder, Chapman;s peak
and Cape Point nature
Day 11 - Drive along the world famous garden Route to Montgau, best known for it's natural hot
water springs, rugged mountain scenery and sugary sweet wines. Stay at Montgau
Day 12 - Drive back to Cape Town. Final day in this wonderful city
Day 13 - Fly back to New Delhi
Bye Bye Africa...
African Odyssey
Tanzania and South Africa with Tierra