Density Syndicate Cape Town, South Africa


Density Syndicate Cape Town, South Africa
Density Syndicate
Cape Town, South Africa
The Density Syndicate is a think tank
initiative by the African Centre for Cities
(ACC) and the International New Town
Institute, with the support of the City of
Cape Town.
challenges conventional modes of urban
development practice. The overarching
vision was to achieve a continuous urban
landscape that connects the fragmented
city fabric.
The Density Syndicate explores
innovative, alternative strategies for the
future of Cape Town with the purpose of
investigating densification options in the
dhk formed part of a speculative studio
which focused on a large green field strip
that stretches along the Black River from
Athlone Power Station to Voortrekker
Road, and incorporates the Two Rivers
Urban Park.
The design proposition engages with
densification and spatial restructuring in
terms of three key themes:
• Connectivity – creating connections
between people, activities and
• Ecology – redefining backyard open
spaces as public park systems,
which stimulate a vibrant urban
ecology and interaction.
• Diversity – of people, places,
activities and opportunities.
dhk developed a densification
strategy that offers an alternative to
the sprawl that characterises Cape
Town’s current growth patterns and
These speculative designs were included
in the ACC’s exhibition entitled City
Divided: City Desired, held at the Cape
Town City Hall in October 2014.
Project Data:
Client: UCT African Centre for Cities &
International New Town Institute
Status: Proposal
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