Affin Investment Bank invest E-SPIN`s Secure Hard Disk Data


Affin Investment Bank invest E-SPIN`s Secure Hard Disk Data
Secure Hard Disk Data Erasing (Prevent Data Recover) Solution Show Case
Affin Investment Bank invest E-SPIN’s Secure Hard Disk Data
Erasing solution to prevent unformat and sensitive data recover
Background Information
Affin Investment Bank, part of Affin Banking Group offering investment
bank products from corporate finance and advisory, debt capital markets,
treasury and investment, structured lending and investment management,
with 3 regional branches and 4 stock-broking branches.
Due to business requirements to recycle computing equipments prior for
a ction client require
req ire the machines are complete data free
free. E
en the
machine fall in the hand of data expert also can not attempt to unformat
and recovery any single byte of data retain in the hard disk.
Solution Overview
d solution
l ti include
i l d purpose built
b ilt secure d
t erasing
i software
package that design for speedy complete erasing of the data retain in any
computers or servers (multiple hard disk) for security and risk compliance.
It will be safe to reinstall any operating systems and applications for new
users for the new owner of the machine.
S l ti Architecture
A hit t
The proposed solution consist of software package include both floppy
and cd disk execute program that direct boot into the root of the hard disk
to perform the secure data erasing operation regardless whether the hard
disk is virtual partitions or installed with what ever operating systems. The
objective for the tool is to complete destroy data and secure erasing all the
data retain in the hard disk and provide a report to confirm on the data
erasing operation.
It is scalable solution, depend on the purpose in hand, it can purchase for
erasing computer systems or servers (contain multiple hard disks) or
i over L
Locall A
Area N
k (LAN) or even over WAN (Wid
Area Network), just need to purchase the right version accordingly.
Solution Benefits
• Immediate achieve the secure data erasing objective for security, risk
d ready
d th
the machine
hi and
d equipment
t ffor recycle
l use / auction
ti or
after market resell.
• It prevent typical formatting or file/folder delete, that is subject to unformat and
data recovery risk from data expert – it is not ever single byte of data to recover.
•It is purpose design software for the said application and usage and design to
handle volume of machine in the most efficient manner and come with secure
erasing report after the operation for the audit and status reporting requirement.