Zonare instructions - University of Florida


Zonare instructions - University of Florida
University of Florida Ultrasound Operating Instructions (Zonare)
Saving Images to Zonare Machine (Do NOT use USB drives or any non-encrypted
file storage devices)
1. Turn on machine.
2. Press ‘New Patient’ on keyboard.
3. Enter patient info [in the last name spot please put your name, in the first name
spot put initials of the patient, and the MR number only]; can press tab button to
cycle through, or hover mouse over object and click ‘set’ button.
4. Select exam type (top middle of screen).
5. Tab over to ‘exit’ or use ‘set’ button while mouse arrow over the exit tab.
6. At this point you can still change transducer or exam type with the buttons on
the upper right of machine.
7. Once image acquired that you want, press ‘freeze’.
8. Then press ‘store’ button. This will save the stillshot, if you want a 3 sec clip,
do not freeze the image, just press ‘store’ as you are doing the scan.
9. When finished with exam, press ‘end exam’ on keyboard.
10. If you want to review your scans you can find them through the ‘archive’
button. I will be deleting these almost on a weekly basis until our new network
data storage is up and running, so that you can perform serial exams

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