stars 3 makeup - Merrill Community Arts Center


stars 3 makeup - Merrill Community Arts Center
Teens/Women/Princesses, Step Sisters & Silly Girls
Princesses should mimic the look of their princess
Foundation – so you don’t look pale and ghostly under the stage lights
Powder – to set the makeup and make it last all night
Contour and Highlight (optional)
Lip color/liner – liner so it doesn’t leak outside of the lip line. Teens and women pick a shade that you
like and suits you but nothing too bright, more neutral type colors. Princesses, pick a color that
matches pictures of your princess. Silly Girls, should be a bright pink color, no reds. I love the NYX
shade, “Chic Red” for silly girls. It actually looks pink, not red.
• Eyebrow Pencil/Gel – we tend to “lose” our eyebrows under the stage lights. If we can’t see the
eyebrows that means we are also not seeing all of the wonderful expressions on each face.
• Eyeliner- Everyone tightline the upper lashes in black. You can line the lower lashes too but that is
optional. Princesses and Silly Girls use white liner on your water line. Most Princesses and Silly Girls
can use full eyeliner and some will have wings.
Eyeshadow Primer – primer will make your eyeshadow more pigmented and will help it to stay longer.
Silly Girls, Step Sisters and any Princesses with more vibrant eyeshadow colors should use a white primer.
• Eyeshadow – teens and women should use neutral shades. Princesses match your princess. Silly Girls
and Step sisters should match their eyeshadow shades to their dress.
• Mascara
• Fake Lashes – recommended for everyone. If you have sensitive eyes check out the information below
on mascara options instead of lashes. Princesses and Silly Girls please use Ardell 45 lashes. More
information and options for everyone else will be on the fake lash page.
These are great beginner kit’s, complete with everything except eyeliner,
lip liner and mascara. I purchased one of these for my daughter in 2012
and we are still using it 12 shows later. Check out the color chart to the
right for help choosing a kit. And check out the foundation brush on the
next page. Individual item information on the following pages.
Places to purchase:
$20 at Retail
store: 825 Rhode Island Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Retail location: Twin Cities Magic and
Costume - 2044 Robert Street S.
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Foundation/Highlight/Contour/Lip Color/Blush/Brow Pencil/Setting Powder
Ben Nye Foundation is my favorite – hands
down. It is only $9.50 and there are so many
shades to choose from. If you can make it out
to Norcostco in Golden Valley they have testers
that you can try out to find your shade. And this
will last you many many shows. Twin Cities
Magic has them as well but without testers.
Makeup sponges will work for applying the
foundation but you will use more product and
making it smooth will be more time consuming
than with a brush.
The Ecotools custom coverage buffing brush is
my favorite way of applying it and is also pretty
cheap at about $5 depending on where you buy
it. I believe you can find it at Target and for sure
off amazon. Any dense flat brush would do the
trick here.
Can I use regular foundation?
Yes, but choose a shade or 2 lighter than your
natural skin tone.
Tip: Ulta stores have testers for the NYX brand
which is a good quality yet cheaper brand. Ulta
also has a great return policy. If you pick the
wrong color you can return it even if it’s been
opened and used.
Using a translucent finishing powder will set
your makeup and help your makeup last. I
don’t have a brand preference for this but
you can find them online at Amazon or at
Norcostco does have an online store for
anyone who wants their products without
going to GoldenValley.
Ben Nye, Graftobian and Mehron are all good
Can I use regular face powder?
Yes, but still look for a translucent powder.
graftobian translucent powder
Investment: Origins stick is a good
investment. I've had mine about 5 years now
and still have a lot left. It is also great on the
darkest part of under eye circles when used
under your concealer.
Budget: That being said, I love my NYX stick
in color “milk” and use it all the time. It just
won’t last nearly as long and doesn’t have
the same effect under the eyes.
*****Princesses/Silly Girls/Stepsisters
The NYX stick is also a great primer on your
eyes to make eyeshadow for character
makeup really pop.
CONTOUR (optional)
Budget: Cheap, yet effective. Gotta love NYX
brand. The powder palette gives so many
color options. The wonder stick is a quick and
simple application that is basically drawn on
and then blended out.
Investment: Ben Nye has great contour
products in cream and powder as well. Lorac
brand is my favorite highend contour kit but
other notable brands include Anastacia
Beverly Hills and Tarte.
Any shade. Powders and creams are both
good choices. If choosing a powder, more
expensive brands tend to be more
pigmented and therefore last longer but
really any brand will do for this application.
LIPLINER – see notes on first
page for color
LIPSTICKS – see notes on
first page for color
NYX and Essence are both cheap and get the
job done.
Cheap works but you need to use the apply,
blot, powder, repeat method for it to last
during the entire show.
Urban Decay, Smashbox and Origins are
brands I like. That being said, lipliner is an
item where you can get away with using the
cheap version. Especially for theater.
***Lipliner is one of the few Ben Nye
products that I do not recommend. The
cheap drugstore brands actually work better.
Lorac, Smashbox and Urban Decay are all
great but more expensive brands that do not
require as much effort to get a long lasting
effect and you will go through less product so
it will last a long time.
Ben Nye also has some great lip shades.
Available to test and try on at Norcostco.
Pencils are awesome for a quick application
and are definitely the most economical.
My personal preference is the creams with
an angled brush. I like the NYX brand
(budget) and the IT brand (investment).
Powders with or without wax and a brush are
also a great option.
No matter what variation you use buying a
spoolie brush (white brush to the right) is a
great way to comb out your brows and shape
them. The Sonia Kashuk spoolie is only $1.99
at Target.
For most women and teens your normal neutral
colors will work for the show.
BH Cosmetics – this is a fun little palette from
Amazon, it varies in price from $13-$20. Great
pops of color when using the white primer.
Nyx shadows are also good with primer/base
and come in many colors. You can test the
colors at Ulta and it is about $4.50.
Ben Nye – Best pigmentation and again great
array of colors. You can test them out at
Norcostco. The refill is $9. I always buy the
refills and keep them in their plastic container.
When I get enough of them I purchase a z
pallete and fill it up.
Budget: Nyx and Essence. The Essence felt
tip liner is great for theater. Under $3 and
will get you through the run of the show.
Felt tip liners are great for making wings.
Gel eyeliner with an angle brush are also
great for wings and tightlining. Nyx brand
once again is a good option.
Investment: Urban Decay 24/7 in perversion
is an awesome black color and really does
glide on well and stay put. For tightlining
and the waterline this is leaps and bounds
above the cheap stuff. Once you try it out
you won’t go back. Again, this is online at
Ulta with the mascara for only $24.
Budget: Maybelline is my preferred budget
brand. Nyx will flake on you.
Investment: Too Faced Better Than Sex is a
great mascara and the brush will make your
lashes really full. You can almost look like you
are wearing false lashes with this mascara. If
you have sensitive eyes and can’t wear false
lashes I highly recommend this one.
Urban Decay’s Perversion and Tarte’s Lights,
Camera mascaras are also great formulations
but the brushes will not give you the false lash
look. They are a great every day lash look.
The Urban Decay mascara and eyeliner duo are
currently online at Ulta for only $24. That is full
size of both items and a great deal.
*** I cover up the names of some products with tape, especially for family shows like Stars 3.
The best lash glue I have ever used hands down
is the Ardell Brush on Lash Adhesive. You can
get this on Amazon or Sally Beauty.
For the teens and women, natural fake lashes
will work. The Demi Wispies and Natural 124
lashes from Ardell are great choices. Look for
lashes that fill in rather than those that “glam
up” the eyes.
Princesses and Silly Girls, the Andrea 45 lashes
are perfect.
Step Sisters – you could choose something a
little more gaudy but the 45’s would work for
you as well.
Sally Beauty and Ulta should have all of these.
Amazon typically has the best prices though.
Always check out Amazon for deals on multisets
as well.
Use a small amount of coconut oil or jojoba oil
on the lashes to loosen the adhesive before
removing them and your lashes will stay in
better shape, thus getting more uses out of
each pair.

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