Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center



Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center
Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center
At Sarasota Plastic Surgery
Center, Dr. Braun H. Graham,
Dr. James H. Schmidt
and Dr. David L. Mobley
are renowned for their
state-of-the-art cosmetic
procedures and their high
level of patient care.
FOR 30 YEARS, area residents have
trusted the professionals at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center for the best in surgical
and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.
The group's renowned surgeons,
Dr. Braun H. Graham, Dr. James H.
medical spa.
"We're acclaimed for our commit-
damage and the loss of skin elasticity
in the hands, neck and chest," says Dr.
Graham. "It also minimizes acne scarring
and melasma." The doctors also provide
the latest in dermal fillers and Botox Cos-
ment to patient care and safety," says
metic, for die correction of facial lines,
Schmidt and Dr. David L. Mobley, enjoy an unequalled reputation for their
groundbreaking work. Each is highly
Dr. Schmidt. "People come to us from
around the world for our wide range
wrinkles and lip augmentation.
"We're proud to be a vital part of
of expertise and high-level of pre- and
this community," says Dr. Schmidt,
trained and certified by the American
Board of Plastic Surgery. All three are
post-op patient care."
The practice recently opened the
"and look forward to many more
years fulfilling dreams and helping
members of the American Society of
Sarasota Plastic Surgery Medical Spa,
people achieve their optimal health
Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic.
featuring traditional and therapeutic
and beauty."
"We pride ourselves in giving our
cutting-edge aesthetic treatments, including Fraxel laser for facial rejuvena-
patients dramatic yet natural-appearing
results," says Dr. Mobley.
tion, intense pulsed light for pigmentation problems, Botox and Restylane, hair
The center's striking headquarters
removal, spider vein removal, permanent
boasts state-of-the-art surgical facilities
make-up and a host of other services.
and a state-licensed and federally certified ambulatory surgery center.
"Widi our new, non-invasive Fraxel
laser, we can now effectively treat sun
February 2008
Sarasota Plastic
Surgery Center
2255 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34239

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