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friends and sponsors - Klinikum der Universität München
if you would like to support our work, we are very pleased to
receive a donation from you!
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Klinikum der Universität münchen
Bayerische Landesbank
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80246012 Plastic Surgery
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donations may be tax deductible. For donations of less than € 200,
the statement is issued as a donation receipt. a contribution receipt for donations over € 200 may be issued by our third-party
fund management. Please send us a short letter or email announcing your donation with your address.
Upon request specific projects can be funded.
Please directly refer to us and contact us:
Sekretariat Prof. giunta
Handchirurgie, Plastische chirurgie und Ästhetische chirurgie
Klinikum der Universität münchen
campus innenstadt:
Pettenkoferstr. 8a, 80336 münchen
tel. +49/89/4400-52697, Fax -54401
campus großhadern:
marchioninistr. 15, 81377 münchen
tel. +49/89/4400-73502, Fax -78899
email: [email protected]
How will my donation be used ?
Were you satisfied with your stay and treatment at Handsurgery, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery at LudwigMaximilians University?
Then we achieved our goal to treat you as a patient in the
best possible way, based on current research findings and
national and international networking.
A large number of patients, friends and sponsors of our
department support our goals of patient care, research and
teaching through donations.
 O
ur friends and sponsors aim to support our depart-
Patient care
 Plastic Surgery and Handsurgery treatments of children
with congenital deformities and injuries of the brachial plexus
from countries with insufficient patient care
 Patients events and actions to improve understanding of
diseases and the public perception of Plastic Surgery and
 Lectures and courses for patient education, family members
and the interested public
 Optimizing the treatment of hand injuries
and hand trauma prevention
ment in an innovative way on top of governmental
funding to better patient care, research and teaching.
 The government provides basic services. However,
private donations allow enhancement far beyond the
basic services.
Academic Research
 Building up an own research laboratory for Plastic Surgery
and Hand Surgery
 Support relevant research projects in Plastic Surgery
and Handsurgery
 Academic plastic surgery also has to face the global
competition. University departments will only be able
to maintain their outstanding international recognition
 Continuing Education in Plastic Surgery and Handsurgery
when peak performance can be provided on a basis of
 Optimization of students´ education in Plastic Surgery
and Handsurgery
international standards.
 Training courses for doctors and nurses
We would very much appreciate to have you in our list of
friends and sponsors of Hand- and Plastic Surgery.
 Training of extraordinary gifted young doctors
at leading hospitals and research facilities in the world
There is no bureaucracy or administrative costs. Donations of each
project reach their aims 100%. We are happy to inform you about
the current supported projects.
How can I donate ?

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