Paymentez User How To Guide en



Paymentez User How To Guide en
How-to-buy Guide
October 2011
Paymentez allows you to make purchases in
your favorite games easily and securely. It offers
payments online and via cash in physical points.
Here’s how it works…
1. Choose your payment method
2. Online Payments
For credit card, debit card,
boleto, PagSeguro, and
MercadoPago click on the
option, enter the requested
information, and your account
will reflect the purchase
shortly thereafter.
3. Cash Payments
If you want to pay in cash, you
can buy a PIN Paymentez. To
find a list of the stores and
internet cafes closest to you
where you can buy, click here:
How to pay in cash
Once you have given your money
to the salesperson, you will
receive a receipt, or if you
purchased at a Lan House, you
will get your PIN via email.
How to use your PIN
Choose Paymentez as your
payment option and enter your
PIN code to activate it
When you have your
Paymentez PIN go to your
game’s payments page
Congrats! Your account will immediately reflect the purchase!