TMS 2JZ-GTE Intake Manifold Price: $1120.00


TMS 2JZ-GTE Intake Manifold Price: $1120.00
TMS 2JZ-GTE Intake Manifold
After considerable R&D efforts we are now offering a true 102mm diameter Street/Race
Intake Manifold that utilizes the factory throttle body and incorporates techniques to increase
flow and minimize turbulence while maintaining factory integrity.
This intake manifold starts with 102mm main intake plenum, which has been machined
and engineered to adapt to the factory fitment lower plenum. This is a tubular design which
causes less turbulence and has an excellent distribution effect throughout all 6 intake runners.
Unlike many competitors’ manifolds that utilize sheet metal style manifolds and then bolt
everything to it, we go one step further and have engineered all the factory provisions to be
externally mounted. This means the throttle cable and cruise control brackets are not screwed
into the plenum which then further disrupts flow or can cause leaks. We then polish the ENTIRE
unit, from top of the 102mm manifold to the lower plenum, not just the upper portion like others.
Our manifolds are manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum and are fully TIG welded.
Because this design is built around the idea of a street/race intake design, we incorporate the
factory throttle body, which is a direct bolt on. EGR block off modification completed. Our unit will
run with the factory computer or any aftermarket engine management system. The unit can be
ordered with or without IAC (Idle Air Control) valve provisions. Expect 20-30hp gain above
5500rpm. This set-up is most beneficial for cars making in excess of 650HP.

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