Awakening the Warrior Woman Within



Awakening the Warrior Woman Within
Awakening the Warrior
Woman Within
We are accepting adult and young Aboriginal women who have
Experienced violence, either as children or as victims of
Intimate partner violence or both.
This session will include grandmothers, mothers, daughters, grand daughters
Intake is by appointment ONLY - 250-858-7777
Next Workshop Sessions begin May 10 @ 10:00 to 1:30
Each workshop series is 8 weeks long
Twice weekly for a total of 6 hours per week
Only 8-10 women per group
Lunch and Bus tickets provided
This is a Culturally Based Program Respecting the Four Directions:
Spring – East Direction - Emotional
*Creating our Respectful Sacred Circle
Summer - South Direction – Mental - Respect & Learning
*Peace Making
Fall – West Direction – Physical – Healing
*Creating a Toolkit
Winter – North Direction – Spiritual Wisdom – Sharing Knowledge
*Sharing of Traditional Teachings
Victoria Native Friendship Centre, 231 Regina Ave, Victoria

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