A NEW DAY Brochure Women - The Tree of Peace Friendship Centre


A NEW DAY Brochure Women - The Tree of Peace Friendship Centre
Only you know what the best decision is. There
are many people who can help if you want to
separate temporarily or permanently. Feel free to
contact us to find out more information about who
can help, or contact any of the following
organizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Yellowknife Victim Services
How can I get my
partner to attend
Many women want to support their partners
in making better choices and behaving nonviolently. It is important to remember that
his behaviour and choices are his
Your efforts are best used to make sure
your needs and your children’s needs are
looked after. Whether you are together or
apart, everyone can start a new day.
Please contact us if you would like more
information about how we can help.
Alison McAteer House
Centre for Northern Families
Emergency Protection Orders
A staff person from A New Day at The
Tree of Peace Friendship Centre will be in
contact with you. You will be offered
information about the program.
No program can guarantee behaviour
We will offer you referrals for counselling,
support and legal services for you and
your children if needed.
If you want, we can let you know about
the length and content of the program
but we will not tell you about
conversations that we have with your
You have the right to your privacy and you
do not have to respond to any questions.
We will not share any information with
your partner if you do not want us to.
To find out more information
or to book an appointment
please call
• Family violence comes in many forms. It
can be verbal, physical, emotional,
financial, spiritual, and sexual.
A New Day
For men who have used
violence in their relationships
Laura Boileau
[email protected]
• Everyone is affected by family violence.
• The NWT has one of the highest rates of
family violence in Canada.
William Greenland
[email protected]
• We all have a role to play and a voice
to use in saying violence is unacceptable in
our lives, families and communities.
• Everyone can begin a new day - together
and apart.
• When we learn peaceful ways
to communicate and problem solve, families
and communities will be stronger.
Special thanks to Victor Tssessaze for his artwork
or drop in
4917 48th Street
Yellowknife, NT
above Coldwell Banker
beside KFC
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