Abuse in close relationships - Upplands


Abuse in close relationships - Upplands
Abuse in close
Nobody is permitted to physically
strike or threaten another person.
There are laws in place to protect any
individual who finds themselves exposed
to such a situation.
If you have been subjected to violence
or threats of violence in a close
relationship, you have access to support,
assistance and protection.
If you have observed any indications of
violent behaviour or threats of violence
in another person's close relationship,
you can help that person to get support,
assistance and protection.
Any of the following
organisations can help you:
Kvinnojouren Anna (Non- profit
organisation providing help and
support to women in abusive
08-582 409 99
Police: 114 14
Kvinnofridslinjen (Telephone
helpline for women subjected to
threats, violence or
sexual assault):
020-50 50 50
Upplands-Bro Municipality:
08-581 690 00