October - December 2010



October - December 2010
ids Portfolio
October - December 2010
In this Issue: Business Sense: Lesson from the Recession Fall Market Seminar Schedule Webinar Schedule Maison & Objet Chapter News page 3 page 4 page 6 page 8 page 10 Message from the 2010 IDS National President ‐ Margi Kyle As IDS enters the final quarter of the year and I approach the end of my journey as the National President of IDS, I have started to reflect on the highlights that IDS has accomplished in the past 18 months. I feel we have grown in exciting ways and plowed our way through the worst recession I have ever lived through. When I will leave the gavel (which I never got or had to use) for the 2011 National President, I feel a great sense of excitement about the new opportunities that lie ahead. In January of this year I announced the major goals I wanted to accomplish. In spite of numer‐
ous challenges, including the recession; the IDS Board of Directors and Staff were able to stay on track and focus on those goals. I am proud to report the following accomplishments:  A National Designer of the Year Award which we are proud to announce will be presented during the 2011 Awards Dinner in Las Vegas, NV on January 22 2011.  A National Conference along with our leadership conference. This is over the top for IDS. We are making it so that you can’t afford not to attend. Watch for the date and informa‐
tion. This will be amazing and well worth your time. Help us celebrate the New Year in Las Vegas.  Chapters ‐ The core strength of IDS membership. Year to date, we have re‐organized 5 chapters and started a new student chapter.  By the end of 2010, IDS will be approved to offer IDS webinars with CEU credits. Yes, you read that correctly ‐ IDS will offer IDS approved CEU’s.  My left hand ‐ the IDS National Board of Directors. We are efficient, effective and working hard to bring IDS to the forefront.  My right hand ‐ A stronger and more efficient staff in the IDS National Headquarters. With‐
out the staff, all of the 2010 Goals and Focus Areas would have fallen to the wayside. ids Portfolio
Editor: Pamela White, CEO
Yes, 2010 will be a year that we can all be proud of our accomplishments. Ids Portfolio is the official
newsletter of the
Interior Design Society
The Interior Design Society
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8th Floor
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Tel: (888) 884-4469
Page 2 As we move ahead, we are looking for new energy. If you are interested in being on the National Board, let us know. Submit the IDS Board of Directors application lo‐
cated at www.interiordesignsociety.org. As the Executive Committee travels to Toronto for the 2011 Strategic Thinking Session , why don’t you do the same for your chapter or business? Afterward, share those goals with us so we can help. We are working hard to give you the tools you need to move forward. Give us what we need (which is your feedback) to help us do it. Every challenge is a learning experience. Based  Target your marketing ‐ Learn how to fish on the past two years, you may have learned where the fish are; don’t expect the fish to some of the following lessons, in addition to swim to you. Some individuals never stop others, yourself: spending during a recession. Learn how to identify those individuals and learn how to Lessons learned: market to them.  Get paid in advance ‐ retainers for fee‐based  Qualify your pipeline. The most angst‐
services and deposits (totaling more than ridden results of the recession is that your your actual cost!) for product. “pipeline was empty.” Word of mouth and  Use contracts with termination fees. referrals may not be a renewable resource. You may need to start prospecting in un‐
 Communicate frequently with clients ‐ Ask charted waters. your client if they have issues or concerns. If you’re worried they may delay or terminate  Believe you can survive the worst. No crys‐
tal ball here, either, but if you only plan to the job, don’t put your head in the sand...ask stay in business , for, say twenty more years, them anyway! you’ll probably never see a worst recession.  Have a safety net of cash ‐ Build your budget If you’re a long termer, we suggest you im‐
to include “excess cash” as a savings that mediately stop what you’re doing and read you can take out each month. this article again. 
Never rely on credit. 
Be flexible. Even when times are great, try to keep at least 25% of your operating costs variable. That means you can eliminate those costs immediately without impacting your ability to conduct the day‐to day‐
operation. Obvious examples are using some level of outsourcing and/or temporary workers. Prioritize your time. Remember that you have to sell time not just product. Designers continue to profit from markups on product sales but the balance will shift in favor of time billings. Once you understand the value of your time, once you start “billing” your own business for the time you spend on so‐
called non‐billable activities, things will mi‐
raculously become more efficient. Future Trends of Design Centers In a recent survey of interior designers about the role of Design Centers in their buying patterns shows that sales are evenly distributed with other sources. Combined this with Internet based technologies becoming more main‐
stream to determine your strategy on how to best use these resources. The graph at the below shows that online sources, direct from manufactures websites are increasing in popularity as well as availability. Page 3 2010 IDS Market Seminars Sunday, October 17 LOCATION • IDS Seminar Room • Radio Bldg • 164 South Main St • 8th Floor (unless noted) COST • FREE Limited Seating • First Come Basis 9:30 ‐ 10:30am Debbie Green, Minutes Matter Create a Portfolio “In the Clouds” with Picaboo! When was the last time you updated your portfolio? Learn how you can create an online portfolio that you can use on your website, email to a client and even print a hardbound copy. It's the newest way to create a portfolio! 11:00 ‐ 12 noon Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor
Dealing with Difficult Clients
Difficult Clients…what do you do when that dream client turns out to be a nightmare? Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor, knows how to avoid such problems before they start and how to handle the problems if they start. Learn how to run your business and deal with the many personalities of your clients. Figure out which clients will make you money, and which clients will take your money. 1:00 ‐ 2pm Richard Sexton, Carolina Rustica Maximizing Visibility of Your Website Using Paid & Non‐Paid Techniques Great, your website or blog is up and running! The easy part is done, and now you’ve got to get potential customers to find it. There are near‐infinite number of ways to get these folks to your site, both paid and non‐paid. There is no magic bullet to getting instant visibility on Google, Bing, or any other search prop‐
erty. You’ve got to be very careful ihow you choose to market your site since you can quickly burn through your budget or waste a lot of time on fruitless efforts. Richard Sexton, a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) pro, will cut to the chase in this hands‐on seminar demonstrating actionable items to increase your online visibility. This seminar is for designers and trade members who already have a website, blog or other internet presence. 2:30 ‐ 3:30pm Ross Barlett, ViewIT Technologies If They Can ‘See It’, They’ll Buy It ‐ Designing in Virtual 3D As a design professional, one of the most important ‐ yet challenging skills ‐ is the ability to 'paint the pic‐
ture' of how your creative vision will look in your customer’s home. Ross Barlett, 3Dream.net project leader at ViewIT Technologies, will show you just how easy it is to use online 3D design technology to 'wow and win’ your customer’s confidence…and their business! Each attendee will receive a free 90‐day 3Dream.net account to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Visit the IDS Booth located in the Suites at Market Square on the Mezzanine ‐ Booth # 5025 Page 4 Sunday, October 17 LOCATION • IDS Seminar Room • Radio Bldg • 164 South Main St • 8th Floor (unless noted) COST • FREE Limited Seating • First Come Basis 9:30 ‐ 10:30am Amy Weavil Johnson New Design Elements in Soft Window Fashions ‐ Medallions are one of the most inventive new design elements in soft window fashions. Create extraordi‐
nary treatments with decorative medallions used for mounting panels, valances or as an embellishment at the top of horns and pleats. Re‐invent your designs with unique focal points on cornices, millwork and even the unexpected! Incorporate key architectural elements and historical references into your design both for the interior and the exterior of the home. Custom styles and finishes provide endless options and can even provide solutions for challenging installations. Join us as we imagine all of the possibilities! 11:00 ‐ 12:00noon .1 CEU Carolyn Barton 2011 Colormix Color Trends ‐ ***Bassett Showroom Auditorium, IHFC, 12th Floor*** Join us for Sherwin‐Williams® colormix™ two thousand eleven where we will guide you through a visual journey with stimulating imagery, factual statistics and perceptive research from our global color forecast‐
ing team. Our inspiration is influenced and categorized into four distinct themes: Restless Nomad, Purely Refined, Gentle Medley, and Bold Invention, all reflecting unique directions in color and design trends for the month ahead. .1 CEU 1:00pm ‐ 2:00pm Bonnie Primm Cancelled Feng Shui is NOT Dead! Feng Shui… it lives in the colors you choose… it lives in fabrics’ designs and textures… it lives in how you look at windows and treatments… it lives in the placement of handsome furniture and appointments. Feng Shui is everywhere and in everything. The layers of Feng Shui are very much like the layers of inte‐
rior design – you start with a premise, a theme or purpose and add the defining elements. The difference in Feng Shui is it is always there to perform or support the person, people or household first and then to balance and harmonize the space. Learn how to use color, fabrics, lighting and furniture placement – yin and yang and the Five Elements, to support the person who in turn supports the household or the busi‐
ness. 2:30pm ‐ 3:30pm .1 CEU Ethan Allen Accents: Versatility & Vitality Join us as we detail the rising trends in the design and manufacture of accents as well as their importance to the design plan. Presented by the Ethan Allen Interior Design Affiliate Program. .1 CEU www.ethanallen.com/trade IDS National Sponsors Page 5 Upcoming IDS Webinars Thursday, Oct 7, 2010: 12 PM ‐ 1 PM EST Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010: 12 – 1 PM EST Cost: IDS Members – $15 Non‐members – $25 OR Wednesday, Nov 3, 2010: 3 – 4 PM EST “Channeling Creativity Into Productivity” Cost: IDS Members – $29 Non‐members – $39 Presented by Vita Vygovska “Accents: Versatility & Vitality” Are you: ∙ Frustrated there isn’t enough time to do what you really love? ∙ Wondering how you can manage to do it all? ∙ Feeling overwhelmed with the complexities of the design business? ∙ Scared that you have “too many balls up in the air”? At this workshop, you will dis‐
cover: ∙ 3 biggest mistakes most de‐
signers make when running their own business and how to avoid them. ∙ 1 single simple improvement you can implement immedi‐
ately that will double your productivity. ∙ 5 easy solutions to put your business on auto‐
pilot, freeing you up to do your genius work! www.vitaliainc.com/ Presented by Ethan Allen Join us as we detail the rising trends in the de‐
sign and manufacturing of accents as well as their importance to the design plan. IDCEC ap‐
proved course, worth 0.1 CEU. Presented by the Ethan Allen Interior Design Affiliate Pro‐
gram. www.ethanallen.com/trade Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010: 12 – 1 PM EST Cost: IDS Members ‐ $20 Non‐members ‐ $30 “How to Sell Your Design Time & Price Product for Profit” Presented by Terri Taylor Learn how to sell your design time and how to price product for profit! This webinar will show: • How to charge per hour for your Design Ser‐
vices. • Three spots for profit Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010: 12:15 – 1:15PM EST
Cost: IDS Members – $15 Non‐members – $25 in your Interior Design Business. • Why you should “Making the Most of Networking Time” Presented by Debbie Rodkin charge a fee for a com‐
plete design job rather An inspirational, motivational, informative and than billing dollars for interactive session that will help you understand hours. the importance of networking • The advantages of different types of product for the life‐cycle of your interior mark‐ups and margins. design career. You will learn • How to create additional income stream for how to be more effective and your business from merchandise that you can’t efficient in your networking ef‐
mark up. forts! www.designbizblueprint.com www.refocusoncareers.com/ Answer: B: Michael Thonet (1796 – 1871) German‐Austrian decent. His breakthrough was having light, strong wood bent into curved, graceful shapes by forming the wood in hot steam. Page 6 I’m Going To Vegas, Baby!!!!! Recruit IDS members to win a chance for the trip of a lifetime! Effective August 1 ‐ November 1, 2010 Renew your 2011 IDS membership plus recruit one new member to be eligible to have your name entered in a drawing. Each 2011 new membership qualifies your name to be entered again to win 2011 Membership renewals are eligible for the individual if received before the deadline. 2011 IDS National Conference January 22‐23 ‐ Las Vegas, NV IDS Designer of the Year Awards Dinner & Conference registration Transportation, 2 nights lodging provided by IDS.
3 lucky winners will be drawn Drawing will be announced on November 15, 2010. Winners will be notified immediately. Rules & Regulations apply:  Only 2011 IDS membership paid in full are eligible.  Only IDS member referrals indicated on IDS Member Applications received in the IDS Na‐
tional office are eligible.  Entries for the drawing must be current IDS members.  Name will be entered for drawing for each additional membership after the initial two mem‐
berships. Example: Jane Doe submits 5 new 2011 Memberships and her own renewal. Jane Doe’s name will be entered in the drawing 4 times. Important – A member only gets credit for their own renewal plus new memberships.  IDS Chapter Officers are not eligible unless the applicant indicates the officer’s name in the “How Did You Hear About IDS” section of the application.  IDS National Board members & IDS National Staff are not eligible to win. Renew your IDS 2011 membership TODAY and you’re half way there!!! Page 7 The IDS 2010 PARIS Educational Tour IDS Contributors: Rachel James (Virginia); Elizabeth Farrell (Virginia); Jan Cregier (Chicago); Sharon Crowe (Michigan); Ann Spooner (North Carolina); Robin Brechbuhler (Ohio); Pam Sandall (Oregon); Glennette Haynes (Atlanta) What an amazing group for our first Educational Tour to Paris! There were 22 people on the trip and everyone had a wonderful time. The IDS Group visited the Maison & Objet, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Sacre Couer, Notre Dame, Musee D’Orsay, and many other historic and beautiful sites. Inspiration was everywhere...from the Parisian archi‐
tecture to the boutiques to the flower shops. The home show and the city offered designers fresh, new, and exciting ideas. With so many new friends and memories, this trip was truly the trip of a life‐
time! Hotel Napoleon (right) Dining Table with Acrylic and real wood. (left) Tile made with real shells. (left) Shower with natural wood and tile (right) Infinity Hot Tub with Natural Materials Join IDS for Our Next Educational Tour! Potential Tours to London, Milan, Shanghai, India, or Paris. More information coming soon! Page 8 Contemporary Lighting , Grand Chandeliers, Amazing Sculptures, & Interesting Uses of Acrylic at the Maison & Objet! The Maison & Objet...so much inspiration! Maison & Objet was filled with wonderful visual tantalizations from the back‐to‐nature outdoor furniture displays to the very con‐
temporary indoor designs. The fusion of fashion and de‐
sign, bringing the outdoors inside, the mixing of modern and rustic, and the grand chandeliers and sculptures were all themes at the home show. THERE’S MORE! Dining Table with Acrylic and real wood. For more trends, ideas, pictures, and memories from the Maison &Objet and the Educational Tour to Paris, please visit www.interiordesignsociety.org and click on Education. Page 9 Page 10 IDS PRESENTS “FRESHMEN SEMINAR in FALL 2010” On Friday, August 20, 2010 in Demoss 1114 at 4:00 p.m, the IDS Liberty Student Chapter hosted the “Design Your Dorm Room On A Dime” seminar for incoming freshmen. During the seminar over 100 students came with the desire to acquire knowledge on how to customize their dorm room to suit their individual personalities and vision on a limited budget. Throughout the seminar, the IDS leadership team (Abby Smith, Linsey Smith, Katie Harcum, Ashley Denson and Christine Poje) informed students on innovative and creative ways to efficiently design and plan their rooms with limited cost. Several of the topics covered included: space planning, task light‐
ing, methods that provide privacy and storage, the rules and regulations at Liberty, the principles of design, and great accessory ideas that add just the right personal touch. It was an honor and privilege for the IDS Liberty Student Chapter to have the opportunity for the past two seminars to impart our knowledge to fellow Liberty students. Art Institute Student Chapter The Charlotte Chapter of IDS hosted the "Shall We Dance" Networking event between design‐ The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Divi‐
ers and the vendors at Byron's in Sept . The eve‐ sion’s Student Chapter met several times this ning was fun and lighthearted with a wonderful session. Presentations included resumes and selection of gourmet foods. Each designer was interviews, how to shop a market and a furni‐
given a "dance card" which listed the vendors in ture presentation by Silk Road Collections. We attendance. The designers went hunting for the will be excited in the next edition of the Port‐
vendors and received their signature once they folio to share the winners of our fall design figuratively "danced" or was introduced to the competition of door wreath designs. Anyone company. Everyone loved the fun and informa‐ interested in presenting to our student chap‐
tive concept. At the end of the evening each de‐ ter at one of our conference call/web presen‐
signer received a take home bag stuffed with tations should contact [email protected] goodies and fantastic literature from each of the participating vendors. Throughout the evening wonderful prizes were awarded which kept the energy high all night. Wonderful comments were heard from the designers and vendors alike. The "Shall We Dance Event " was a creative spin on the "Speed Dating" concept of last year’s Charlotte networking event. Page 11 Expert Design Tips: Wall Groupings made Easy Art and accessories are the jewelry of the room. Just like the little black dress can be trans‐
formed from casual to formal with a change of jewelry, a room can undergo the same transfor‐
mation. Today’s trend in wall art is bigger and better, but there are always places where the composition of a grouping creates interest. The key is to showcase and connect elements with at least one commonality, such as subject mat‐
ter, color, or size. Here are a few more tips that will make groupings easy. 1. Establish the anchor of the grouping. Determine which picture is the star or anchor of the grouping and establish its placement. The anchor is typically a picture larger than the rest of the grouping to add interest and focus. A great example would be a family grouping, with the family photo surrounded by individual pho‐
tos. 2. Follow the Flow When you put a room together, follow a spe‐ cific placement flow. By working from the floor up, it will ensure that each component becomes a part of the puzzle that results in a beautiful room. Furniture placement is step one, followed by lighting and large trees or greenery. Once you have placed those elements, it is time for the wall art, followed by accessories. The furni‐
ture will serve as the foundation to the grouping and help to dictate positioning. When creating a grouping, place your anchor, and then work in a clockwise manner so that you create a cohe‐
sive pattern. The art or grouping should occupy about 2/3 of the space. Hang within 4‐8” of the furniture for unity. 3. Hang Art at the Right Height The standard practice is to hang the picture at eye level but whose eye level do they mean? In a room used for sitting, place the center of the grouping at 54”. In a room you typically are passing through or standing such as a hall or foyer, the center of the grouping should be at 60” from the floor. 4. Use Equal Spacing When hanging the grouping, keep spacing even both vertically and horizontally. A good rule of thumb is to use 2 fingers up to a palm width, based on size of pictures. Happy Decorating! JoAnne Lenart‐Weary Chapter Update Chicago ‐ The IDS Chicago Chapter members become Big Angels with a benefit to transformed 2 rooms for the profoundly challenged residents of “Little Angels” in Elgin, IL. Darlene Kanoski re‐
calls that “we were there to transform two rooms for the special residents of Little Angels but we were the ones who were transformed as we worked with this great group of people who give their hearts to these Angels. We had a great time, it was never work, the day flew by with us fin‐
ishing on time. The reaction and the smiles were priceless! “ This will be an ongoing project to complete 8 rooms targeted for Design Transformations. Creat‐
ing fun, colorful and inviting rooms for these Angels benefits the residents and staff alike. Page 12 The “NEW” CQRID Exam Chapter Update (continued) “I Can Do This!” IDS Bay Area recently completed a three‐part educational design series entitled "Going Green: Design Trends Worth Following." They developed the series based on feedback from their mem‐
bers about what topics would be of value. Part I: "Green Trends to Watch" was presented by Bay Area Chapter Member, Architect Nelda Braver. Nelda provided an information‐packed overview on green features that affect interior designs. Part II: "Eco‐Lighting Solutions for Designers" delved into a comprehensive overview of what California designers need to know about today's lighting solutions. The CQRID Exam is designed to test the knowl‐
edge of residential interior designers who are involved with complete interior design solu‐
tions. The questions deal with everyday infor‐
mation that designers use for selling their de‐
sign concepts to their clients. Let’s take a peek at the next step in getting those credentials! Here is a sample of the type of question asked on the exam …………. this one has the answer! The Duralee Showroom at the San Francisco De‐
sign Center then hosted Part III "Eco‐Friendly Fabrics," where members gained a competitive edge learning what "green" means when it comes to fabric. The series was well attended and very well‐received. Chapter Members have also been moving and shaking. Nelda Braver, LEED‐AP,CGBP, Green Point Rater has been busy this year increasing her "green" expertise it. Karen Hart has heart! Her business, Show Place Art (www.showplaceart.com) just held a benefit donating 20% of sales to ALS Golden West Chap‐
ter for helping individuals and families with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Show Place Art donated over $1700 this summer to Peninsula Humane Society and Community Gatepath for the Dis‐
abled at our benefit art event a Haven in Burlin‐
game. Question: Who designed and manufactured the Bent‐
wood Rocking Chair? A: Henry Bentwood B: John Belter Nicole Yee was selected to participate in the 21st C: Michael Thonet Annual Museums of Old York Designer Show‐
house this summer and has since been featured D: William Morris in Coastal Home, Design New England, New Answer shown on page 6 Hampshire Home, and on the October cover of Next CQRID Exam: October 30, 2010
Maine Home and Design Magazine. The Bay Area Chapter is preparing for an exciting seminar by Angie Grainger, Founder of Re‐Think Money coaching, "The 7 Keys to Business Owner’s Success for 2010". CQRID Exam Application & Registration:
Exam Preparation:
www.DesignTechniquesandSolutions.com and
Page 13 Rowley Explore the possibilities with Finestra® Decora‐
tive Hardware by Rowley Company, offering more than 100 custom carved designs in 36 hand‐rubbed finishes. Most distinctive is our multi‐position bracket for diamond and square poles which can elevate an ordinary design into an extraordinary one. You’re sure to love our unique Button Embellish‐
ments for adorning pillows, lampshades and more. Finestra® Decorative Hard‐
ware has made winning redesign projects with a short lead‐time easy by of‐
fering the largest Quick Ship program available. Selections include our Top 15 finial designs in the Top 10 finishes, all of which ship out in only 5 days. For more information visit www.RowleyCompany.com or www.FinestraDecorativeHardware.com Home Theater of Long Island Performance+Aesthetics+Value= Home Theater Home Theater of Long Island is a different kind of Audio Video Integra‐
tion Company. While many companies claim to integrate Audio, they fail to meet the design and functionality stan‐
dards of the homes in which they operate. Our firm is committed to working with clients, builders, architects and designers to develop the ideal solution for each project. Our multi‐
million dollar design center showcases both the aesthetic and functional aspects of how inte‐
gration systems will look and work in a variety of residences. We have assembled a team of industry veterans with over 75 years of experi‐
ence in home automation, lighting and theater design and project management in order to provide the highest level of service and com‐
plete customer satisfaction. Partners In Design Qualex Inc. Qualex is a fam‐
ily owned White Glove Furniture Delivery Com‐
pany. Dealing with Interior Designers and Archi‐
tects, we provide consolidation, storage, instal‐
lation and all the services necessary to properly complete client projects. Our latest software addition is the ability for client’s to view online digital photos of items received or picked up by Qualex on their behalf, and to verify their condition and workmanship. Damages are easily viewed, enabling the prompt processing and completion of needed repairs. All information and photos are accessi‐
ble 24/7 on line. Visit us online at http://www.qualexinc.com. Page 14 All About Closets When All About Closets was founded, the com‐
pany’s goal was to build an organization that would provide the best quality and service available in the field of custom closets. They focused on designing and fabricating closet and storage systems that were both beautiful and efficient. The company does all its own manufacturing, fabri‐ cating and assembly in a soon to be expanded, fully equipped 10,000 square foot factory and warehouse. And it runs seven trucks for delivery and instal‐
lation. Their clients include the most respected build‐
ers and developers in southwest Florida, hundreds of interior designers, and thousands of discriminating homeowners. www.allaboutclosets.com Capel Rugs Capel Rugs is the oldest and largest privately owned rug manufacturer and importer in the United States. Our extensive selection and pro‐
fessional service have earned the trust of customers across the country. At Capel Rugs, we are pas‐
sionate about great design. We offer rugs in a wide range of constructions to suit every taste, including braided rugs, flat woven rugs, hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs, loop hooked rugs, machine woven rugs, and eco‐friendly rugs. Whether you are looking to achieve casual comfort or classic ele‐
gance, you are sure to find the perfect fit in Capel's extensive selection of striking, high‐
quality collections. Visit our web site www.capelrugs.com. Partners In Design Abu Rugs and Home Located 10 minutes from the High Point Market center, visit the Abu Rugs and Home Show room to meet the professional sales staff. Abu Rugs and Home has the finest selection from transitional to the most formal and casual High Point Design Center life styles. Our goal is While High Point, North Carolina is home to the quality and afforda‐
world's largest home furnishings market twice bility without compromising service. a year it is also home to the High Point Design Center, "The City of Showrooms" every day of We ship all over the world. Our inventory in‐
the year! HPDC is a membership association of cludes uniquely designed rugs that will not be found elsewhere. over 60 distinctive designer showrooms open Abu Rugs and Home also carries case goods, year around to the trade. upholstery, accessories, and, of course, any size HPDC also hosts events throughout the year or any style rug you can imagine. We encour‐
such as a winter Unity in Design multi day age designers to bring their clients and take event featuring speakers, a tradeshow and advantage of the Designer Discounts in our luxurious showroom that will stimulate your shopping time as well as second Wednesday imagination. events each month, excluding April and Octo‐
Designer Discounts: 30% off retail ber. Unity in Design 2011 is slated for www.aburugandhome.com February 9‐11, 2011. Page 15 This could be YOU…
2010 IDS Designer of the Year
For the first time, IDS members across the country are invited to compete for the prestigious IDS DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARD in recognition of their achievements for exceptional residential design projects completed between May 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010. WHY YOU SHOULD ENTER:
Interior Design Credibility ‐ Enhances your professional image with clients Design Recognition – Full‐color 12 page Portfolio recognizing all winners Sense of accomplishment – An outlet to demonstrate outstanding work Categories include: Kitchens ‐ $49,999 & under $50,000 & above Baths ‐ $14,999 & under $15,000 & above Bedrooms ‐ $19,999 & under $20,000 & above Living Spaces ‐ $29,999 & under $30,000 & above Specialty Areas ‐ including media room, game room, home office, outdoor room, wine cellar, laundry, sunroom, or other designated area. For more information and application pack visit: www.interiordesignsociety.org Page 16