Frank Bennett


Frank Bennett
Frank Bennett
About the Family
I am married to the beautiful Suzanne Bennett. We have six children:
Madison (17), Landon (14), Logan (10), Lawson (10), Marion (9) and
Lincoln (7). We are full of energy and love for Jesus.
About the Church Plant
–For top volunteer leadership to join
our vision.
–That God will give a burning passion
for the lost to the people of Lake Point
–For wisdom as we try to reach people
with the gospel in a very unique
Our setting provides the perfect
opportunity for missions teams to
come and serve. We welcome teams
from churches to join us.
There are numerous ways to help a
church plant. Please visit for
NAMB's policy on providing for church
Contact me at
[email protected],
@franklbennett on Twitter or scan the
QR code below.
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We are a very unique church planted in the heart of a major
one-of-a-kind sports complex about 40 miles north of Atlanta. LakePoint
Sporting Community will include fields and indoor facilities for just about
every sport. It will also include 26 hotels, several restaurants and
entertainment venues. The owners/operators are Christians who want a
church included to provide a place of worship for the estimated 5 million
people who will be attending the complex through travel sports or just
as a vacation destination.