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Clos-o-Mat ‘Samoa’ automatic WC shower toilet
The Clos-o-Mat Samoa automatic WC/shower toilet provides flushing, washing and warm air
drying from one simple operation. It is particularly designed for people who have restricted use of
their hands. By reducing hand contact, it also provides improved hygiene for all users.
Clos-o-mat restores privacy, independence and dignity in personal hygiene for those who are less
abled, infirm or who are unable to cleanse themselves manually.
Simultaneous flushing and washing (a unique feature) reduces infection risks.
Combines the functions of a WC and bidet in a unit no larger than a conventional WC, thus saving
floor space and
service cost.
Surveys or demonstration visits made without obligation.
First class after sales service by a nationwide team of specialist engineers.
Clos-o-mat relieves nursing staff and other carers from the disagreeable and unhygienic task of manual cleaning.
Easy to operate: all functions initiated by one operation
Appearance is that of a conventional WC, with a smooth, hygienic, easily cleaned surface.
Can be used at all times as a conventional flush WC. The washing/drying action operates only when seated.
Improves personal hygiene - cleaning with warm water not dry paper.
Established and proved in operation since 1959.
Reference: CLOS
Flush and wash
Whilst seated upright, press either
elbow pad to operate flush and warm
water wash simultaneously. Keep
the pad depressed until the water
runs cool.
Release the pad to stop washing and
start warm air drying. Warm air flow
stops automatically when the unit is
ready for re-use, or when the user
rises from the seat.
CLOS 6.03
Conventional flush
Press either elbow pad whilst
standing for conventional flush.
Optional Accessories
Hand or foot switch
These are designed
for those unable to
use standard elbow
pads. Air operated,
can be floor or wall
mounted or hand
held. Variants
available to suit various disabilities.
Switches are all “touch sensitive” requiring
very light pressure.
Back bar operation
For those who are
unable to operate the
elbow pads or foot or
hand switch. Can be
modified to suit
Shower chair
Specially adapted for use
with the Clos-o- Mat
mounted on 50mm plinth
with seat switch bypassed. The seat level,
fitted with a special skirt
and supplied with either
horseshoe or fully
padded aperture. The
chair is available with
self-propelled front or
rear wheels or casters
and foot rest.
Shaped plinth
Raises the
whole unit.
For use with
shower chair
d max
50mm), or to
ease direct wheelchair transfer. Heights:
25, 50, 75 and 100mm. White plastic.
Hinged arm support
Automatically locks
in horizontal
position; hinges up
when not in use.
Wall-mounted, or
available with floor
mounting console.
This picture shows just one from a full range of
support and grab rails.
Soft seat
Upholstered soft seat
(without lid) for those who
have to remain seated for
a long time or who have
particularly sensitive skin.
Child version also
Extended douche
Twin spray, for
female disabled
use; single
extended douche
for gynaecology
use or female
incontinence. The
arm requires additional retraction space
behind the unit.
Support system (1)
Three options are
available. The support
is bolted to the WC
with optional arm
rest/foot rest. This
system uses the
existing WC seat.
Support system (2)
Available in two sizes
and used by children
or adults the seat is
bolted to the WC. It
provides back and side
support, and restraint
straps, plus integral
splash guard. Foot rest
and soft lining also
available for
Toilet lift (1)
To help user rise from the
toilet: seat tilts as it rises.
Separate charger unit.
Octopus arms
Provides support and
safety whilst using the
WC, and no drilling of
wall or floor is required.
Arms fold out and back
for front or side transfer.
We reserve the right to change designs and specification without prior notice.
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