Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter


Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
Starbuck Minnesota
Chamber of Commerce
June 2014
Volume 2, issue 5
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
Starbuck Volunteers
Inside this issue:
CHS Prairie Lakes
4, 5,6
Beautification Committee
Thursday Night on
the Town, June is
Dairy Month
Memorial Day was
special in Starbuck
Glacial Lakes
State Park,
Fathers Day
Minnewaska Lake
Peddler Dan’s
Sydney Blair
Heritage Days
Dragon Boat
SACC information
Starbuck Coupon
Thank you for the improvements to the south end of the Starbuck Beach!
In you were unable to attend the 2014
Memorial Day service, you missed an
outstanding message given by Starbuck
Todd Guggisberg,
LTC, US Army, Retired
We have received his permission to
have it reprinted in this newsletter.
You won’t be disappointed.
“Do Do
your job
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 page 2
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 page 3
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 page 4
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 page 5
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5
Page 6
CHS Prairie Lakes is proud to be part of the cooperative system. All revenue of CHS Prairie Lakes is returned back to our member owners in the form of patronage in the communities in which we live and work.
These annual dividends are allocated based on the type and amount of agricultural products and services each
member uses. CHS Prairie Lakes has been giving back to the community for many years. In 1995 Starbuck
Creamery merged with the Cyrus Farmers elevator, then in 1999, Farmers Union Oil merged with Midwest
Consolidated. In 2003, Prairie Lakes Coop merged into CHS. In 2005, the last of the eight locations of Prairie Lakes coop were merged into the company. Now in 2014, we are currently CHS Prairie Lakes. All of the
equity that the producers had in the old companies was transferred to CHS a fortune 100 Company $1 for $1.
Equity is paid out when a member owner reaches the age of 70.
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5
Page 7
Thank you to the
Beautification Committee
for the floral displays that
really brighten up our
Flowers... are a proud assertion
that a ray of beauty outvalues all
the utilities of the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Beginning June 5
Thursday Night on the Town
Starbuck Farmers Market
5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Depot
Take a quick video tour of a local dairy!
Agriculture: How MN Farmers Feed Us, Dorrich Dairy
Thank you, Dairy Farmers!
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 Page 8
Memorial Day Speech
Todd Guggisberg, LTC, US Army, Retired
May 26, 2014
Starbuck, MN
Mayor Bakewell, City Council Members, Commander Friesen, Board Chairman Larson, Lady President Tharldson, Men’s Auxiliary President Buchans, Paster Johnson, the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
all Veterans, friends and family - thank you for this opportunity to be part of today’s Memorial Day
ceremony. Please join me in giving a hand to our VFW honor guard.
Forty years ago, I used to play in this park and as a prediction of what my profession would turn out
to be - my favorite thing was to play on that cannon located right over there on the other side of the
road. So for me, it is truly an honor to be back in my hometown of Starbuck four decades later and
now on this side of the road, honoring our veterans that gave their lives wearing our nation’s uniform.
Nick Saban, head coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team has won four national championships compiling a record of winning 165 of his 222 games. He runs a tough ship. One of the
things he constantly tells his players is to “Do your job”. What he means by this is that each player
on the team has a role, a responsibility. If each person on the team focuses on their job and does it
well, then the team succeeds.
So today I want to talk about our responsibility to do our job and honor our veterans.
Over the past 25 years I’ve been part of too many memorial services. I’ve escorted the remains of
young soldiers home from places that most people can’t locate on a map. Places like Kosovo and
Afghanistan. I’ve had to kneel in front of widows with their young children standing beside them and
hand them a carefully folded flag and in a few words try to explain to them that the nation appreciates their sacrifices.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest to you that doing our jobs by serving our community, leading our
children and being good stewards of our towns, cities and states is the way we truly appreciate the
sacrifices of our fallen veterans and their families.
Today on Memorial Day, in cemeteries all across this nation and here in Pope County, family members are placing flowers at gravesites, pausing to remember the men and women who did their
Just a couple miles south of here, at Fron Cemetery lay Staff Sergeant Palvin Lukken. His mother
died when he was only seven weeks old and he moved to Starbuck to live with Mr. and Mrs. John
Pederson. His plane was hit and he was killed in action November 26th, 1943 during his 20th bombing mission over Germany.
Two miles south of SSG Lukken, First Lieutenant Glenn Berge is buried in East Zion Cemetery.
Graduating from Starbuck in the class of 1934, Lieutenant Berge married Carol Larson and then in
April, 1943 left for the war as a bomber pilot. His plane crashed soon after take-off near Babraham,
Camridgeshire, England, killing him, on March 5th 1944.
Across the state and around the world, young heroes from Starbuck lay in their final resting places.
Staff Sergeant Ralph ‘Blackie’ Swenson, a member of Starbuck’s 1932 district championship basketball team was killed by a sniper on a cold January 15th, 1945 at the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. His grave is at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery.
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5
Page 9
Finally, Corporal Roy Evans, survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, captured by the Japanese at Bataan and a prisoner on the infamous Death March that followed, he died from malaria as a
Prisoner of War in June, 1942. His place of rest is now in the American Cemetery in Manila, Philippines.
Just like these men, soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines don’t fight because they believe in the politics or because they are patriotic. They don’t spend much of their time considering if the Japanese or
Germans, Viet Cong or Pashtuns are the best choice to be in power. Soldiers fight - first and foremost because their buddy beside them is counting on them. Second, they fight because they have
capable leadership that they trust. Third, they do their duty because - it’s their job.
In the movie, “Saving Private Ryan” Captain Miller lies dying; he tells Private Ryan to, “Earn this.”
What did he mean by that? Look around. Here we are in a park alongside a beautiful lake. We have
the freedom to speak our minds, the freedom to vote who we want to lead, the freedom to read whatever we want, worship in any church or temple or mosque or none of them if we so choose. These
things were not given to us freely. They were earned through the sweat and at times the blood of
those who went before us. Now is our time to ‘earn it’ for our children and grandchildren. Freedom,
ladies and gentlemen, truly, is not free.
I’d like to take you back to that howitzer across the park. I know now that it is an M1 75mm Mountain
Howitzer: It was designed to be taken apart and transported in six loads. This allowed airborne and
mountain units to get artillery support into places you could not otherwise get into. Soldiers would
take it apart, divide the pieces among the soldiers, transport it and then reassemble it when they got
to where it was needed.
In some ways, that howitzer is like this country. Every one of us carries a part. We all have a responsibility to shoulder part of the load so that in the end, the nation comes together and works. Volunteering in our communities. Serving on city councils and doing the hard work of school boards. Taking care of our elderly. Being members of our social fabric that builds better schools, communities
and people: Using our talents to be part of the solution every day making America better. That is how
we “Earn this.”
Palvin, Glenn, Blackie and Roy and all the other veterans we lost have pulled their weight; have
given their youth their futures and their lives. Today on Memorial Day, we owe them our deepest
gratitude. But more importantly, we honor their sacrifice by continuing to work to keep this the best
nation in the world.
Do your job.
Thank you,
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 Page 10
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 Page 11
BORN: OCT 31, 1947
DIED: OCT 2, 1998
Charles Arthur Branch was the son of Chester and Evelyn Branch of Starbuck MN. He was
born in Glenwood MN and grew up on the family farm southwest of Starbuck. While still in
high school, he started raising registered Hereford cattle. He was active in Future Farmers of
America. After graduation from Starbuck High School in 1965, Charles made plans to take
over the family farm that was homesteaded by his grandfather in 1874.
Charles was drafted into the army on Jan. 25, 1968 and sent to Fort Campbell, Kentucky for
boot camp. He was sent to Vietnam on July 13, 1968. On Oct. 01, 1968 he was wounded
when his unit came under enemy fire. He was placed aboard a medical evacuation helicopter
which came under enemy ground fire and crashed, killing all aboard. In Feb. 1969, Charles
was posthumously awarded 8 medals the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, Vietnamese and Vietnam Service Medals, National Defense Service Medal, Combat Infantryman
Badge, and Rifleman Qualifications badge. Charles most notable characteristic was his smile,
and he had a smile on his face most of the time.
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 Page 12
Glacial Lakes State Park
National Get Outdoors Day
Celebrate "National Get Outdoors Day" at Glacial Lakes State Park. On this day, vehicle
permits are not required to enter the park. Come explore the park, go for a hike, fish, swim,
or have a picnic on your own.
The Friends of Glacial Lakes State Park will be serving hot dogs and a beverage to visitors in the park from 12pm to 2:00pm. on June 14th.
The friends will also have a scavenger hunt for children.
Tours will also be organized for those who would like to see the creatures and features of
Glacial Lakes State Park. The tour will start at 12:30 pm.
For more information call, 239-2860
There are a lot of things to do at GLSP this summer, check the events calendar...
Also, A link to the Pioneer Public TV Postcards Program segment...
Great Minnesota Parks: Glacial Lakes State Park
Thank you Pioneer Public Television !
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 Page 13
The Minnewsska Lake Association recently shared their newsletter that highlights the very important work
regarding water quality, invasive species, that they are doing for Lake Minnewaska. We will be sending
out the entire newsletter in a separate e-mail.
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 page 14
Retail Analysis and Development
The SACC has contacted the Blandin Foundation for a supporting grant to make available
internet marketing workshops for this fall. It is expected that there will be at least 4 sessions and possible follow up sessions. A general needs survey and details will be sent out
after the grant process is completed. This link provides more information.
We would like to know if you are interested....
[email protected]
This is a great opportunity for our community.
A great reference example of a chamber member website is
Peddler Dan “Home of the Vampire Bass”. Check it out!
Young Entrepreneur, Sydney Blair
Last year during a visit to the Minnewaska Lutheran Home our dog Lady was treated to
some very special treats made by Sydney Blair, daughter of Steve and Jesse Blair. Lady and I
recently had a visit with Sydney at MLH where she also serves as a volunteer once a week.
She shared this for the newsletter…”
I started making dog treats for our own dog, Kobe, a chocolate lab, because I have always liked to bake and I love dogs. For Christmas
in 2012 I got a dog treat recipe book and dog bone
shaped cookie cutters. Some of the flavors I make
are pumpkin, cinnamon, peanut butter/ banana,
and a parsley mint. My dogs favorite is pumpkin!
I love to make treats for other people who have
(Lady loved her treats!)
dogs as well.”
Several people have become her customers and you
can too by calling her at home 239-2303.
Thank you Sydney for sharing your story and for volunteering at MLH!
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 Page 15
The 32nd Heritage Days is
a weekend celebration beginning on Thursday night
with Movie in the Park at
9:30. July 4th with a
Queen's Style Show
and Princess Tea Party at
the Community Center, golf
tournament, a dance
with the Johnny Holm's
Band on Thursday night,
activities for all ages on
Saturday including a craft fair, fly in pancake feed, 5K run, kids games
and inflatables.
This year the Grande Parade will be Saturday, July 5th at 6:00pm followed by the crowning of the 2014-2015 Miss Minnewaska Queen on
the shores of Lake Minnewaska at the city park. Fireworks overlooking
Lake Minnewaska follows on Saturday night. Sunday concludes with a
community church service.
This annual fun fulled weekend is planned for family and friends to
celebrate and commemorate Starbuck's long and historic heritage.
Serious sport. Serious fun.
Teamwork is the foundation of dragon boat
racing, an activity which originated in ancient
China. Twenty paddlers move in unison with
the aid of a steerperson and a drummer.
People of all ages and fitness levels can
participate since synchronized movements,
rather than strength and experience, are
the keys to success.
Special thanks to the Brang Foundation for their generous support of
the Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce!
Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce
Volume 2, issue 5 page 16
Starbuck Chamber board members (next month Joy Peterson and Blaine Pederson)
My name is Sonya Pobuda, current board member of the Starbuck Area Chamber of Commerce. This
is my first year on the board.
I have lived in Starbuck for the past 10.5 years with my husband Greg and 4 children Dawson (16),
Faith (10), Kylie (8), and Ethan (5). I have been a day-care provider in Starbuck for 6+ years.
I thought being on the SACC would get me more involved with the community. Starbuck is a great
small town and a great place to live or visit.
My name is Tom Beuckens. I have been a chamber board member and the secretary/treasurer since
2012. My wife Ann and I have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. We live on a farm southwest of Starbuck.
Ann and I have been chamber members, volunteers, and have served on the board of directors in the past.
We both enjoy volunteering and believe that by
being active in the chamber we can make a difference in our community.
My name is Nancy Rapp and I am a current Chamber Board Director.
I am originally from Preston MN but have made Starbuck our home for the last 18 years. My husband,
Greg, and I have two children: Corbin, who graduated from Concordia College last spring and is now
working at John Deere in the IT Department in Fargo and Celeste who is graduating from Minnewaska
this year and who will also attend Concordia for a English major.
In 2000-2001 I began working for the Chamber as the Director. During my time at the chamber, the community went through economic and landscape changes. In 2004, a group of people, including myself,
began work on developing a charter school in the area and after the charter was accepted I left the Chamber as Director and began working for Glacial Hills Elementary School. The 2014-2015 school year will
mark GHES's 8th year.
I would encourage everyone to become involved in something that would benefit the Starbuck Community and the Chamber is a great way to start. Positive promotion of the community will increase the
awareness of Starbuck and lead to community growth. [email protected]

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