Car,3-wheel golf car - Yamaha Motor Global


Car,3-wheel golf car - Yamaha Motor Global
Yamaha News,ENG,No.2,1985,The 7th Paris-Dakar Rally,Hot desert goers!,Motorcycle,The 7th Paris-Dakar Rally,Sonauto
Yamaha,Jean-Claude Olivier,Tenere (XT660/600),Yamaha Tenere (XT660/600) fighting it out,Chuck Stearns,Bacou leads till the tenth
day,A vital decision,Cheers! on the coast and at home,Key to his success,Real Muscle, Yamaha V-MAX!,Setting an incredible SS 1/4
mile time record,Road Racing ,Peewee Gleason,V-MAX,Yamaha Racing Program '85,84 race results,Motocross,Eddie
Lawson,YZR500,85 race activities,AMA National Championship Motocross,Raymond Roche,FZR750,85 Factory Racers,Japanese national
championships,Christian Sarron,YZ490,Rider Profile,Hakan Carlqvist,1985 Sports Calendar,Leif Persson,Broc Glover,Rick Johnson,Keith
Bowen,Tadahiko Taira,Tadashi Ezaki,Tetsumi Mitsuyasu,Interview,Christian Sarron,Yamaha Course,Yamaha OX66 is unveiled!,A
compact but powerful engine,Engine,OX66,Suzuka Circuit,News Round-up,Well timed! - Belgian Yamaha dealer tour to Dakar,D'leteren
Sport,Belgium,Newcomer Chuck fights it out!,Dusters Hare Scramble Championship,Chuck Stearns,YZ250,U.S.A.,Double
congratulations!,Juan Doumet Anton,Ecuador,Three new records by Yamaha machines,FZ750,FJ600,Yamaha Snowmobiles at the
International Exposition Tsukuba, Japan,Snowmobile,International Exposition Tsukuba,Japan Automobile Manufacturers on
Association,Japan,Tsukuba,Kasumi enters service,Super Jet Passenger Boat,Boat,Kasumi,Hoping for another leap forward,Siam
Yamaha,Thailand,Yamaha-original automated system,Small-sized CAME and 2-head wire cutting robot,Robot,CAME,European Boat
Shows,Yamaha outboards are waiting to be put to work,Outboard Motor,London International Boat Show,United Kingdom,London,3Jan,Paris Boat Show,France,Paris,12-Jan,Düsseldorf International Boat Show,Germany,Düsseldorf,A unique new 3-wheel golf car,Golf
Car,3-wheel golf car

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