Yamaha News,ENG,No.12,1979,December,December,A surge of


Yamaha News,ENG,No.12,1979,December,December,A surge of
Yamaha News,ENG,No.12,1979,December,December,A surge of applause from 6,000!,The '79 YMUS Dealers
Convention Arouses A Sensation,Corporate,Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A.,Seisuke Ueshima,79 Anaheim Yamaha
Motorcycle Dealers Convention,Join all forces 10 create a better market environment for more
sales,Motorcycle ,USA,Anaheim Convention Center,A way to prosperity in the eighties,Welcome to Japan,560 guests
from North America,Around the World,Ever-growing Siam Yamaha sells Yamaha's high quality - Thailand,Outboard
Motor,Siam Yamaha Co.,Ltd.,Thaworn Phornprapha,Thailand,Iwata,Good service and sales facilities,Danfay
Distributors Ltd.,Yozo Tamai,Yugoslavia,Welcome to Yamaha,Yamaha,a universal catchword!,Colombia,World-wide
Sports News,Congratulations,Yamaha Champions!,Australia,Yamaha TZ750 is the fastest!,Yamaha RD250 covers
160,000 km across the world,Welcome to Yamaha,PR is my life work,Yamaha Motor Canada Limited,Murray
Byrne,Canada,Yamaha XS Eleven LG,XS Eleven LG,Mini-cycle Motocross School Created A New Demand Australia,Yamaha Mini-cycle Motocross School,Sports Highlight,6th TBX Big Road Race,6th TBX Big Road Race,Kenny
Roberts,Oulton Park,21-Oct,King Kenny scores his first Sugo victory,Marlboro Race,13-Oct,Kenny's start-to-finish
win!,For you better business,Shaft-drive system,Service,Technical series,Service & Maintenance,Carburetor,A
strengthened service network will bring more sales,Yamaha Racing Calendar '80