Yamaha News,ENG,No.5,1998,10月,10月,Middleweight Technical


Yamaha News,ENG,No.5,1998,10月,10月,Middleweight Technical
Yamaha News,ENG,No.5,1998,10月,10月,Middleweight Technical Knockout,Motorcycle,YZFR6,Up Front,The Future on two wheels,Intermoto Show,Messe Munchen
GmbH,Germany,Munich,16-Sep,The hardware dreams are made of,Motorcycle Industry
Association of Germany,Taking stock of the R6,Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.,Showing the new
face of Yamaha,Yamaha Motor Deutschland,International Focus,Making it a Yamaha
continent,Corporate,Yamaha Motor Australia Pty., Ltd.,YZ400F,Australia,Web link to our
customers,Craig Dack Racing Team,Craig Anderson,4-stroke YZ400F a strong winner,World
Topics,First made-for-China model,Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co.,
Ltd.,JYM250,China,MBK assists F1,F1,MBK,France,Winning combination,Yamaha Motor de
Mexico,Omar Isaak,YZF-R1,Mexico,Lone biker traverses South America,Alberto
Zavatta,XJ650,Italy,Metamorphoses for a competitive era,Lisbon World Exposition,Yamaha
Motor Portugal,Joao Pissarra,Portugal,Henry and the YZ400Z do it,AMA National Motocross,Doug
Henry,YZ400Z,U.S.A.,More instructors certified,Hidenobu Toh,Asia's first moped with
catalyzer,Hong Leong Yamaha Distributors Sdn. Bhd.,Datuk Law Hieng Ding,125Z,Malaysia,Big
achievement with R1,Balcanic Motorcycle Cup,Although Memnun,Turkey,Media treated to '99
preview,Marine,First Annual Yamaha Press Meeting Rally,FK-9s take off in China,Kart,FK-9,To
the XT600 staff,Marco Fornassari,XT600,Reggio Emillia,What's New,Outboard line gets 4-stroke
flag ship,Outboard Motor,F100A,Serious talk about environmental consciousness,Global
Environment Conference,IIC Taiwan Ltd.,Communication Plaza,Consecutive stage victories for
Jubilo Iwata,Sport,Jubilo Iwata,Masashi Nakayama,Yamahas at Work,Some Like it
Cold,Snowmobile,VK540E2,Antarctica,Showa Base,High-tech wings sail to big record,Japan
International Birdman Rally,Team Aerocepsy,Masato Suzuki,Gokuraku Tombo,Biwa-ko