1979 No.11 - Yamaha Motor Global


1979 No.11 - Yamaha Motor Global
Yamaha News,ENG,No.11,1979,November,November,Yamaha's new models stir up great interest and
excitement,Motorcycle,The 66th Paris Motor Show,TZ125,Around the World,To Break Through 50% Share Line,Norkis
Trading Co., Inc.,Robert Joe WorskiWorskl -,The Philippines,Spread of genuine parts,Impormoto, S.A.,Jacky
Ickx,Colombia,Big service campaign is planned,Martini Porsche,Tom van Breen,New Zealand,Jacky Ickx and Yamaha
Martini 1.1,Le Mans 24-hour race,Taiwan,Oil shortage is giving rise 10 a new bike boom,Wan San Machinery
Manufacturing,Promotion of Yamaha Motorcycles is resumed in Taiwan with Wan Son with Wan Sun
Machinery,Yamaha Motor N.V.,Welcome to Yamaha,I wish to do a lot for a lot of people in many different
nations,Corporate,World-wide Sports News,World Championship Formula 750, Formula 750,Sonaut-entered
Yamaha,Patrick Pons,France,Hockenhel,1979/9/15, 16,Patrick Pons, a New Champion!,Japanese GP,Canella y Cia.
Ltda.,Guatemala,Thrill at the 43rd Bol d'or ,The 43rd Bol d'or ,Yamaha riders win both main races,Jorge Bardales
dominates the Guatemalan motocross,V80,Yamaha V80 (Y80),Y80,For you better business,Transistor Controlled
Ignitor,New Model,All-new compact model,Outboard Motor,2B,The V80 introduction campaign is inspiring all
Indonesian dealers,A surge of excitement about forthcoming model,P.T. Harapan Motor Sakti Industry
Co.,V75,Indonesia,Technical series,Service & Maintenance,Service,Air cleaner,Clogged element results in lower power
and more fuel consumption,Air cleaner for higher engine performance and durability,Be a top Yamaha dealer - Part
1,Shop functioning is important

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