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Honda to Build New Motorcycle Production
2015 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship
Round 4 – Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu (22-23 April)
Race Report
Harith Farhan Baharin made their home crowd proud as he managed to climb onto the
podium for WIRA category as Round 4 of the PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix
Championship wrapped up at Kompleks Sukan Negeri Gong Badak, Terengganu.
The Kozi Yam Honda Racing rider emerged victorious against Khairul Ikhwan Ajis and
Saiful Izman Ahmad Zamani, completing the 12-lap race in 8’42.452s.He also completed
a hat-trick of wins, stretching his lead to 95 points in the WIRA category.
The latter two unfortunately crashed in the eighth lap giving Amirul Hakim Mohd Rizal
and Nazirul Izzat Mohd Bahauddin ample room to finish on the podium, 1.095 seconds
and 2.822s adrift.
“Winning came as a huge surprise because we faced a lot of issues with sprocket and
gearing system yesterday. But I’m grateful everything worked well today and I got to win
a third race in front of my family and friends which is very special,” said Harith.
In CP130 category, the Harian Metro Y-TEQ SCK Honda Racing rider, Zamri Baba
finished second with 12’32.174s in a close fought battle against Fazrul Sham.
Norizman and Elly Idzlianizar Ilias rounded up the top five while Fazli Sham claimed the
third place.
Meanwhile, Mohd Aznil Mohd Ali also surfaced as victor in the Honda Future One Make
Race in front of his home crowd in Kuala Terengganu.
Aznil launched from flag to finish in 7:38.721s with little resistance from his greatest
nemesis in the game, Ahmad Idham Khairuddin and the up and coming, Mohd Firdaus
Mohd Hamdan.
Firdaus was the first to attempt a takeover as early as the third lap but faltered to due
Aznil’s experience and amazing abilities. Leaving Firdaus behind to duel Idham, Aznil
bridged a safe gap and kept a consistent pace until the end. It was however a near-miss
when Firdaus and Idham actually managed to catch up right in the last lap due to Aznil’s
gearing issues that hampered his speed. The safe gap that Aznil has prepared however
saved him from being ousted out of top spot.
“There was actually a lot of misfires in the transmission that slowed me down a lot.
Thankfully I left them far behind that the moment they finally caught up, it was a bit too
late,” claimed Aznil.
Aznil takes the overall lead with 90 points while Idham maintains a competitive second
with 81 points. Mohd Afiq Asyraf Zulkifli is now third overall with 50 points.
Round 5 of the PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship will be held in
Melaka this 13 and 14 June.
1. Ahmad Fazrul Sham (Yamaha) 12’31.675s
2. Zamri Baba (Honda) 12’32.174s
3. Ahmad Fazli Sham (Yamaha) 12’38.066s
4. Norizman Ismail (Honda) 12’40.125s
5. Elly Idzlianizar Ilias (Honda) 12’40.324s
Overall Standings
1. Ahmad Fazli Sham (Yamaha) 64 points
2. Mohd Zamri Baba (Honda) 60 points
3. Elly Idzlianizar Ilias (Honda) 53 points
4. Abdul Muhaimin Roslan 49 points
5. Ahmad Fazrul Sham (Yamaha) 45 points
Team Awards
1. PETRONAS Yamaha Maju Motor 120 points
2. Harian Metro Y-TEQ SCK Honda Racing 109 points
3. Yamalube AHM 73 points
4. PETRONAS Yamaha CKJ 72 points
5. Motul Yamaha YY Pang 52 points
1. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin (Yamaha) 10’40.676s
2. Ahmad Abdul Kadir (Yamaha) 10’42.135s
3. Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin (Yamaha) 10’42.266s
4. Azam Omar (Yamaha) 10’46.017s
5. Fareez Afeez (Yamaha) 10’46.130s
Overall Standings
1. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin (Yamaha) 70 points
2. Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin (Yamaha) 66 points
3. Fareez Afeez (Yamaha) 40 points
4. Ahmad Abdul Kadir (Yamaha) 37 points
5. Ahmad Syukran Aizat (Yamaha) 36 points
Team Awards
1. Motul Yamaha YY Pang 95 points
2. FELDA PB Racing A 68 points
3. PETRONAS Yamaha Maju Motor 72 points
4. PETRONAS Yamaha CKJ 60 points
5. M Seki Liberty Honda 46 points
1. Harith Farhan Baharin (Honda) 8’42.452s
2. Amirul Hakim Mohd Rizal (Yamaha) 8’43.547s
3. Nazirul izzat Mohd Bahauddin (Yamaha) 8’45.274s
4. Saiful Azhary Muhamad (Honda) 8’46.799s
5. Irfan Rosnizam (Yamaha) 8’47.054s
Overall Standings
1. Harith Farhan Baharin (Honda) 95 points
2. Saiful Izman Ahmad Zamani (Yamaha) 53 points
3. Amirul Hakim MOhd Rizal (Yamaha) 46 points
4. Nazirul Izzat Bahauddin (Yamaha) 43 points
5. Khairul Ikhwan Ajis (Yamaha) 38 points
CP130 Race at Kuala Terengganu
CP130 winners - P1 Fazrul Sham P2 Zamri Baba
P3 Fazli sham
WIRA Podium - P1 Harith Farhan P2 Amirul
Hakim P3 Nazirul Izzat
Harith Farhan pulls a wheelie after winning the
Cub Prix race in Terengganu
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