July 2015 - Wendon Dance Studio



July 2015 - Wendon Dance Studio
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1/24 Kingsway, Glen Waverley
[email protected]
Call us at: 9803 3100 during 2:00PM – 10:00PM
or: facebook.com/WendonDanceStudio
Web: www.wendondance.com.au
or: [email protected]
Mid –Year Party!
Just Dance Choreographic Competition – July 25 , 6pm
This is for the creative side of you. Everyone is welcome to enter.
Please see flyer for more details. Can’t wait to see your routines.
Hip Hop & Kpop Party – August 8 , 7.00pm
Free – but do bring your friends and do check out the flyer..
Super Challenge Round 2 – August 22 , 4.00pm
A great chance to meet new friends. All classes will be dancing
and a fantastic time to practice your performance and cheering.
Note: Medalist practice is back. Please check poster for the next practice.
We would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who attended our mid year
party. It was great to see so many of you dress up and a chance to learn
some new dances.
Also thank you to Phoebe who did a great job of photography. Check our
facebook page for just some of the photos taken.
To Mums & Dads of primary school age children,
Dance fills a child’s heart with happiness. Makes lifetime friendships for
parents and children within our community. Allows confidence and discipline
to flourish: develops sportsmanship through teamwork, pride and respect,
and, what everyone wants for their children, “their moment to shine”. Dance
is sport, dance is dedication, dance is love of performing.
is it any different as we get older?
- Don
June- Wei Wei, Vivian, Wendy, Imma, Ray, Sandra, Rachel,
Suzanne, Niloufar, Barrie, Josephine, Aisha
July- Monica, Barun, Sandre, Colette, Cindy, Natalie, Nicole,
Annabella, Amelie, Zara, Isabella, Alicia
Check out the NEW timetable.
A great time to try something NEW! Enrol a friend . Come free to any
beginner class with them-offer to 30/9/15
Don't forget to give us a like on Facebook and check our website for an
updated timetable!
Bella, Classical & Jazz
Congratulations to All who compete and the
What makes you want to dance?
Well, dance makes me relaxed and helps me with my
fitness. It also makes me entertain others.
Monash and DMA Championship
Best dance experience so far?
My best dance experience was Crown because I
always enjoy dancing and watching my studio.
What impact has joining Wendon had on you?
One of those impacts are that I have even more friends
then I usually have. Also I was really shy but I’m not
now, because of dancing.. Great Bella. Don
WELCOME to our newest members. We welcome you all.
Ellie Guo- Cindy Hu-Jade & Joelle Chen Hailey Pong Ethan Lei Katherine & Sandre Bethune Marites Karamitos Greg Attrill Jasprett Kaur Susan Donald Betty Liu- Annabella Georgios Maya Smith Nino Hatton-Georgia & Danny Morgan- Elizabeth Zhang -Tullia Norton -Rvijayanand
Ramalingam -Julian Woraz -Chris &Louisa Yates- Kanishka & Gayani Rangamuwa -Thomas Exton -Chloe Wu -Carly Petris -Jessica MurphyNeev Navak - Kaus Has -Abey Abeyasinghe -Jade Howard -Charlene Chen- Alicia Zhang- Nicole Thea -John Rozamillia -Gaby Seow Faith Thompson -Melusa Dayarathne- Suvi Lokuge-Dona Anna Wong- Vivian Qian- Jessica Guo Barun -Ghosh Nirosha Rajapakse.