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Anshuman Maharana
Reader-F, Physics
Harish Chandra Research Institute,
Allahabad 211 019, UP
[email protected]
Anshuman Maharana did his undergraduate studies in IIT
Kanpur and obtained his doctorate from the University
of California at Santa Barbara. He then worked as a
postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge. He
started his position in HRI in November 2012. His awards
and honors include a Regents fellowship from University
of California and a Marie Curie fellowship at the University
of Cambridge.
Research Description
Anshuman Maharana’s research is focussed on string
phenomenology- the endeavor to connect string
theory to particle physics and cosmology. Our present
understanding of particle physics and cosmology is
encapsulated in two separate models, the standard model
of particle physics and the standard model of cosmology.
The successes of these models are impressive, but
there are many questions in both areas that remain
unanswered. There are good reasons to believe that in
order to answer these puzzles one would require a theory
that provides a unified description of particle physics and
cosmology and treats all forces quantum mechanically
(including gravity). At present, string theory is the
leading candidate for a theory of quantum gravity. The
theory also naturally unifies non-abelian gauge theories,
the framework for the standard model of particle physics
and general relativity, the framework for cosmology.
Developments in mechanisms for moduli stabilization
have paved the way for constructing models of particle
physics and cosmic inflation - my research is focused in
this direction
Complete List of Publications as a
Ramanujan Fellow
1.A.Maharana and E.Palti, Models of Particle Physics
from Type IIB String Theory and F-theory. Int. J.
Mod. Phys. A 28, 1330005 (2013)
2.M.Cicoli, J.P.Conlon, A.Maharana and F.Quevedo, A
Note on the Magnitude of the Flux Superpotential
arXiv:1310.6694 [hep-th].

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