2nd Session of OMDP `Extended` MeeOng on Forcing Ocean


2nd Session of OMDP `Extended` MeeOng on Forcing Ocean
2nd Session of OMDP ‘Extended’ Mee4ng on Forcing Ocean-­‐Ice Climate Models Welcome/Logis4cal Informa4on Yoshiki Komuro ( JAMSTEC)
the Kuroshio Current and Extension System:
Theory, Observations, and Ocean Climate Modelling
JAMSTEC, Yokohama, January 12-13, 2016
Group photo, January 13, 2016
Highlights of the Kuroshio Workshop
•  72 par4cipants from 9 countries, 34 talks and 6 posters •  Scien4fic talks on observa4ons, ocean dynamics, modeling (high-­‐res., assimila4on), air-­‐sea interac4on, and marine ecosystem •  Discussion on collabora4on among projects, availability of datasets, communica4on among modelling/observa4onal groups, ... •  Workshop Deliverables -­‐ Enhanced inter-­‐ and intra-­‐ observa4onal and modelling coordina4on and collabora4on -­‐ Producing CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue -­‐ Workshop report Sessions
Oral session •  Timetable on the agenda is for rough guidance only -­‐ Bells will not be used in this mee4ng •  During the break before the session, please load your presenta4on file to Widows PC/Mac on the speech table. -­‐ If you would like to use your own PC, please tell it to the staff Lunch and Break
•  Lunch: 12:50-­‐13:50, in the cafeteria (1st floor) •  Break: at the foyer (next to this hall) No food and drink is allowed in this hall OMDP Dinner
•  Tonight, 8:00 pm •  At SANGENDOU (Japanese-­‐style pub) •  We will leave Washington Hotel at 7:40 pm •  You can go directly by yourself Wireless LAN
•  JAMSTEC wireless LAN for guests (see handout) •  service is also available