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RCMW Profile.indd - Traplet Publications
Introduction to RC Model World
RC Model World is a monthly publication that has built up a reputation over 25 years for quality of content covering most aspects of the
R/C hobby. Each issue contains over 120 pages and includes a free plan.
Target Readership
The modelling demographic covers a wide age-range, and in RCMW there is something for everyone from youngsters starting out to the
more experienced modeller.
Unique Selling Point
The magazine has an enviable reputation for the accuracy and quality of its coverage. Plenty of pictures and reports from all over the UK
and the international modelling scene mean that readers enjoy an eclectic mix of stories from a wealth of sources. Specialising in R/C
aircraft from indoor flyers to top class models in a variety of disciplines, the aim of RCMW is to entertain, yet be informative in an easy to
understand style.
Regular Features
Editorial Team
These include Plane Talking, Aerodynamic Forum, Light
Flight, Sport Flying and the new bi-monthly In The Loop
aerobatic section, plus a specialist helicopter column,
Rotary Wings and a dedicated Best in Scale section
devoted to scale modelling. At regular intervals there are
features such as Bright Ideas where readers send in their
suggestions and of course news reports on shows and
events around the world. Interspersed with all this are
regular ‘how to do it’ features that help newcomers to
the hobby and a Shop Window column where we
highlight many of the new products on offer. In addition
there are competitions to win useful quality prizes from
engines to full radio sets.
Our contributors are drawn from the modelling community and make up a
team of dedicated modelling authors who are vital to the success of RCMW.
All of them have vast knowledge and are experts in their chosen subjects,
and are keen to share that wealth of experience with our readers.
Leading the team is editor Tony van Geffen, an R/C modeller since 1975
who has served as a model flying tutor and committee member at several
clubs, where he took part in thermal and slope soaring, aerobatic and sport
flying, and Club 20 pylon racing. Now his interest lies mainly with scale. He
has been working within the aeromodelling industry since 1983. One of his
main interests is promoting modelling to as many people as possible and
passing on his enthusiasm for the hobby.
Chris Bowler, the Assistant Editor, has been modelling aircraft since his
schooldays with his main interest being scale models. He has lately
developed an interest in larger petrol powered models. Chairman of a
thriving club with 90 members, he spends as much time as possible at the
airfield. Chris is an enthusiastic advocate of R/C modelling and, like the
Editor builds and flies some of the review models.
Both of them regularly attend events to bring you first hand reports of the
modelling scene and are happy to meet and chat to fellow modellers.
The editor is supported both by a knowledgeable editorial team and
skilled designers, who bring the pages to life.
On Sale Dates
Radio Control Model World is on sale on the third
Thursday of every month.
Contact Details
Editor – Tony van Geffen;
[email protected]; Tel: +44 (0) 1684 588609
Editorial opportunities for Advertisers
Every issue of RCMW contains a number of model or essential accessory
reviews from manufacturers around the world, covering the entire gamut of
R/C aircraft modelling genres. Our pages are an ideal way of informing
customers of services and products, and if you have a kit, project or service
that needs a wider audience simply contact our advertising department for
Subsidiary Products
The R/C Aircraft Plans & Construction Guide features over 900
aircraft plans details. Covering everything from scale, sport, trainers,
aerobatic to slope and thermal soarers, this is the ultimate guide for all
model-building enthusiasts.
The magazine has a large UK distribution network:
WH Smiths
Martins McColl
Model/Hobby shops
As well as a prominent presence on the newsstands, RCMW is
also available from model and hobby shops – putting it right at
the heart of the hobby.
Although the magazine is UK-based, there is a wide audience of
subscribers and regular readers throughout the world, including
Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa and South
America. In fact, the magazine has readers in all subsidiary
English language markets. Traplet Publications also has offices in
the USA and Australia.
Additional promotion/Distribution
Events and shows
RCMW is at the heart of the R/C aeromodelling community. As
part of its commitment to R/C flying, the magazine maintains a
presence at several shows in the UK and abroad.
Advertising & Stocking Options
Our Readers are your Buyers
RCMW is an integral news source for R/C aeromodellers. It has a
keen and dedicated readership, with a genuine interest in the
products and services that you supply. By promoting your company
in RCMW, you are not wasting precious advertising budget, but are
putting your products directly into the hands of new customers.
There are several ways which you can increase sales with an
advertising campaign in RCMW:
Display advertising
Web directory
Shopper’s directory
Online advertising
Jane Stephenson, our dedicated Sales Executive, is always on
hand to discuss the best way for you to get your products and
services promoted. There are packages and promotions to suit all
types of businesses and budgets – from single traders to
international corporations.
[email protected]; Tel: +44 (0) 1684 588600
RCMW has a dedicated sister website, with additional content and
informative news and reviews.
Please see Advertising & Stocking section for more details on how to
advertise on this ever-growing site.
Plans & Parts Service
To complement the magazine’s content, and to offer a full package
for R/C model enthusiasts, RCMW’s publisher, Traplet Publications
Ltd, offer a huge selection of plans, parts and packages for the R/C
Laser cut Wood Packs
We are continually increasing the number of wood packs that
accompany our extensive plans range. The range includes packs for
world-class designs from Brian Taylor and Duncan Hutson, and NEW
for 2010 – Dennis Bryant plans.
Books and DVDs
In addition to the magazine, Traplet Publications Ltd also publishes a
number of books and DVDs around R/C modelling and flying.
As well as providing magazine branded clothing, such as hats and
fleeces, Traplet Publications also provides an embroidery service –
enabling you to promote your company on a range of stylish and
hardwearing garments.
For details on how to stock any of these must-have R/C modelling
items, please see Advertising & Stocking for more details.
Increase footfall to your business by stocking Traplet products
All Traplet Publications products are created with the hobbyist in
mind. They are designed to complement the hobby in the best way
possible – by giving assistance and advice, which can sometimes
be hard to come by. All of our products are created using the best
information from the best experts in the field, and are designed to
sit alongside the products that they discuss – the products that
you sell.
Call Amanda Murrell, our dedicated Trade Sales representative, to
discuss the best way to increase custom in your business.
[email protected]; Tel: +44 (0) 1684 588568