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Smart Energy Source - Oklahoma State University
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Smart Energy Source is a partnership among the City of Stillwater, Central Rural Electric
Cooperative, Guernsey and Oklahoma State University. The joint venture is paving the
way to improved reliability and lower costs through greater operating efficiencies for
consumers and the utility industry. It is harnessing the research power of OSU in the
development of energy services and the utility system enhancements for the partners’
The Smart Energy Source business model includes the following focus areas:
• Utility automation and operations
• Energy efficiency
• Home and building automation
• Advanced metering
• Alternative energy
Smart Energy Source is looking for highly motivated individuals who are skilled engineers, software developers, commercial auditors, GIS analysts or have experience in the
utility industry. If you believe in the vision of a smarter energy future, we want to visit
more with you about how you can help move this unique partnership forward. Please
contact Jillianne Tebow by calling (405) 533-4131 or e-mail her at [email protected]
Equal Opportunity Employer.
Now hiring 3 engineers!