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As long as six thousands years ago, in the lands of our ancestors skillful craftsmen made exquisite gold and silver treasures still
arousing admiration, forged sharp swards and made tough shields. Not only the mythic Orpheus lived in these lands but also the
glorious Spartacus mastered the art of battle here using arms made by the talented ancient craftsmen. All successes of Bulgarian warriors from the foundation of Bulgarian state in 681 on were assisted by the merits of Bulgarian arms. Now the modern
Bulgarian defence industry has proved its ability to produce high efficient and reliable products, which are well accepted in many
countries over the world.
Bulgarian Defence Industry Association (BDIA) is a non-profit legal entity founded in 2004 by twelve companies leading in the
branch. It is aimed to serve as a forum for exchange of ideas between state bodies and defence industry for resolving the problems of the branch and its steady development. The Association aims at expressing the united voice of the Bulgarian defence
industry on the matters of modernization, defence industry policy, offset policy and policy for procedures and procurement for
national defence and security, scientific researches and technological development. BDIA is working for the progress and consolidation of the branch for resolving the problems of the national defence and security.
We keep contacts and cooperate with the Bulgarian state bodies and with our partners, as well as with related associations from
the country and abroad in the field of the defence industry and technologies. The Association acquires and spreads information concerning the state policy and procedures for defence and security procurement, scientific researches and technological
development. We support the activities of the state bodies in security sector aimed to development of defence industry. Carrying
out its aims our Association arranges national and international meetings and conferences, spreads abroad information about its
activities and the capabilities of its members and forms program directions in functional fields.
arsenal CO
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Company managment
Banko Bankov, M.Sc.Engineer
Executive Director
Dotcho Karaivanov, M. Sc. Economic
Deputy Executive Director
Trifon Trifonov, M.Sc.Engineer
Chief Engineer
ARCUS Co. has 40 years of tradition in the research, development and manufacturing of defencerelated products. The Company employs approximately 2500 employees. 120 engineers work on
research and development projects.
ARCUS Co. specializes in development, production and supply of defence products in the following
Main products
Ammunition for medium caliber automatic guns: 30mm and 23mm
Spin Stabilized grenades cal. 30mm VOG-17, 40mm VOG-25, 40x46mm NATO
Mortar Bombs cal. 60mm NATO, 81mm NATO, 82mm, 120mm
Grenade Launchers cal. 40x46mm NATO and 40mm for VOG-25
Small Firearms: pistols and revolvers
Impact Fuzes for artillery ammunition, mortar bombs and air bombs
Proximity Fuzes for mortar and artillery ammunition
ARCUS Co. is certified for full compliance with ISO-9001:2000 and NATO AQAP-2110 Quality Standards.
219, Vassil Levski Str., 5140-Lyaskovets, Bulgaria
tel: ++359 619 2 54 84, ++ 359 619 2 48 02, fax: ++359 619 221 23,
e-mail: [email protected],
arsenal Co
Company managment
Nikolay Ibushev,
General Director
ARSENAL J.S.Co. is a distinguished multifunctional infra-structural Company with leading
position in the National Economics and has great
experience in design, manufacturing, engineering
and trade of small arms and artillery armaments,
recoilless anti-tank systems, small arms and
artillery ammunition, rounds for underbarrel,
revolver and anti-tank grenade launcher, different
types of hand grenades, primers, powders, pyrotechnic products, hunting and sport weapons
and ammunitions, cemented carbide tools, tips
and inserts, universal milling machines, CNC
milling machines, drilling machines, casting,
forging etc., as well as of main parts, assemblies and accessories of the products of other
Defence Industry Companies.
Main products
Performing a closed cycle of production - from
the raw material up to the finished product and
its full completion, our Company produces as
Small arms and artillery systems
• 9x19 mm ARSENAL Pistol Compact
• 9x18, 9x19 mm SHIPKA Sub-machine Guns
• 5.56x45 mm and 7.62x39 mm ARSENAL
Assault Rifles
• 5.56x45 mm and 7.62x39 mm ARSENAL
Light Machine Guns
• 7.62x51 mm and 7.62x54 mm ARSENAL
Machine Guns
• 23x152 mm Air Defence Systems (for Land
Forces and Navy)
• 40 mm and 40x46 mm Multi-shot Grenade
• 40 mm and 40x46 mm ARSENAL Underbarrel Grenade Launchers
• 60 mm and 81 mm Mortars
• Light Anti-tank Grenade Launchers
• Heavy Anti-tank Grenade Launchers
Ammunition and its components
• 5.56x45 mm Cartridges
• 7.62 x 39 mm Cartridges
• 7.62 x 51 mm Cartridges
7.62 x 54 mm Cartridges
9x18 mm Cartridges
9x19 mm PARABELLUM Cartridges
23x152 mm Rounds
30x165 mm Rounds
30 mm Rounds for automatic grenade
40 mm and 40x46 mm Rounds for underbarrel grenade launchers
Anti-tank and Anti-personel Rounds for light
and heavy anti-tank grenade launchers
60 mm, 81 mm, 82 mm and 120 mm
Mortar Bombs
Hand Grenades: offensive, defence; thermobaric, smoke; sound & flash
Different types of fuzes
Percussion primers, powders, charges, etc.
Pyrotechnic military products.
Civil production - Machine tools and tooling,
hunting and sport weapons and ammunition.
ARSENAL J.S.Co. is officially licensed by the
Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for trade
in Military Equipment.
Business activities
• About 80% of the production is dealt on
foreign markets;
• Business activities are mainly concentrated
in the Middle East, South-East Asia, Africa,
the USA;
• Production cooperation with the leading
foreign manufacturers.
The Quality Management System in ARSENAL
J.S.Co. is structured and certified in accordance
with the requirements of:
ISO 9001:2008 - for Civil Production;
NATO Publication - AQAP 2110 - for Military
100, Rozova Dolina St., 6100, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359/431/50 000, +359/431/63 740
Fax: +359/431/50 001, +359/431/63 783
e-mail: [email protected],
Company managment
Ognyan Kostadinov
Executive Director
Overview and main products
BEVT JSC is engaged in development, implementation, engineering, production, commercial and
maintenance applications in the areas of:
• Consumer electronics - Production of modules and assembling of TV, LCD TV, PDP TV;
• Special electronics - Defence Communication
Equipment, - Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)
Systems; Chemical Detectors - for detection/monitoring of chemical warfare agents
and toxic industrial compounds/materials;
• Mechanical processing of metals, laying of
protection coats.
In compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Law on the Protection of Classified Information, BEVT AD has a Registry for National Classified Information with Level “TOP SECRET”, Registry
for NATO classified information with Level “NATO SECRET” and
Registry for EU classified information with level “EU SECRET”.
An integrated quality management system has been implemented in BEVT AD
complying with:
ISO 9001:2000 - Certificate No QS-2682 HH, GLC - Germanischer Lloyd;
ISO14001:2004 - Certificate NoEM-3642HH, GLC - Germanischer Lloyd;
AQAP2110 Certificate Series SK No 0073/2007.
Area Cholakovtsy, 5004 Veliko Tarnovo, Republic of Bulgaria
tel: +359/62/620 038, fax: +359/62/601 868
e-mail:[email protected],
Company managment
Eng. Krustyu Krustev
Executive director
Design, manufacture and trade in military products
and machine-engineering products.
Main products
• FAB 500M62. High Explosive Bomb
• BETAB 500M. Concrete-piercing Bomb
• OFAB 500М62 PF. High Explosive Fragmentation
• OFAB 250-270. High Explosive Fragmentation
• OFAB 100-120TB. Thermobaric High Explosive
Fragmentation Bomb
• OFAB 100-120. High Explosive Fragmentation
• OFAB 100-130 High Explosive Pre-Fragmented
• OFAB 100NB. High Explosive Fragmentation
• P 50-75 D. Practice bomb
• P 50-75 N. Practice bomb
• P 50 SHD. Practice bomb
• АМV-АЕ2 Fuze
• 122 mm round with HE shell for howitzer
D-30 and self-propelled howitzer 2S1.
• 122 mm round with HE shell used with
М1938 Field Howitzer.
• 120 mm round with HE mortar bomb used
with 120 mm mortar.
• 100mm round with frag projectile used with
100mm field gun model 1944, tank gun
D10Т, D10Т2S and BS-3
• 100 mm round with frag shaped-charge
projectile used with field gun MT-12.
• 100 mm round with frag projectile for field
gun MT-12.
• 82 mm mortar bomb for 82 mm mortar.
• 81 mm HE mortar bomb
• 57 mm round with frag grenade and tracer
for automatic gun S60.
• Round OG - 7
• Offensive hand grenade RGN
• Defence hand grenade RGO
• Smoke hand grenade.
• Plastic explosives.
• Plastic explosives in elastic sheet form.
• Shaped-charges in pyroceramic or plastic
• Waterproof detonating cord.
• Compacted explosive charges
• Antihail rocket
• Aerial ammunitions
• Artillery ammunitions
• Engineer ammunitions
• Thermal destruction of small calibre ammunitions and detonating devices
Dunarit Corp.’s Integrated Management System
is certified as conforming to the requirements
of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and NATO
allied quality assurance publication- AQAP 2110.
BULGARIA, 7000 Ruse, POB 12
tel.: +359 82 811 520, fax: +359 82 811 530; central: +359 82 811 555
e-mail:[email protected]
Company managment
Dr. Eng. Ivan Stoyanov
Executive Director
“Electron Consortium” JSC has a long term
experience in research, development and manufacturing of special electronics. The company
has highly-qualified specialists in the field of
communication equipment, radars and control
systems, which allows the integration of target
workgroups for specific orders. “Electron
Consortium” JSC has research and development facilities, equipped with modern measuring
equipment, and highly technological production
facilities for assembling PCBs, including SMD
assembly and lead-free technologies.
Main products
• Communication equipment
• Radar equipment
• Control systems
• Radio counter-action
• Specialized software
“Electron Consortium” JSC is specialized in the development, manufacturing, supply and integration of specialized electronics, such as:
• Complex mobile communication stations for the needs of the Bulgarian
• Meteorological radars
• Hail suppression system
• TCP/IP communication networks
• Specialized radio communication equipment
• Photovoltaic systems and LED lighting systems
• Non-standard technological equipment
The manufacturing capabilities of “Electron Consortium” JSC include:
• Assembly of PCBs, modules and whole products
• Two Pick&Place automatic machines for SMD assembly
• Reflow oven
• Lead-free technologies
• Climatic and mechanical testing
“Electron Consortium” JSC has a full license issued by the Government of
Republic of Bulgaria for foreign trade with military goods.
“Electron Consortium” JSC has a working quality control system and is ISO
9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas.
1, “Kukush” str., Entel-ТТТ building, 3rd fl, Sofia 1309
Tel.: +359 2 822 32 39, +359 2 920 81 60, Fax: +359 2 821 13 60
E-mail: [email protected], Web:
Company managment
Prof. Stefan Vodenicharov, D.Sc.
The Institute (IMSETHC) was founded in 1967.
IMSETHC is one of the leading organizations in Bulgaria in the field of national security and
Team of scientists and specialists of the IMSETHC, working in various fields of the engineering sciences, has a long-years experience in creating, development and manufacturing
of high-tech security and defence systems and products.
National Center for Anti-terrorist Advanced Systems was founded 2008 at the IMSETHC.
Research and development activities
IMSETHC research activities are orientated to the following main directions:
• metal science and heat treatment;
• casting, crystallization, structure and characteristics of metals and alloys;
• plasticity and fracture of materials;
• welding processes;
• ceramic and composite materials;
• ecologically free high-tech processes;
• machines and instrumental equipment for new materials and articles production;
• creating of high-tech products and systems for the defence industry.
• IMSETHC R&D activities in the field of security and defence are connected with creating,
development and manufacturing of high-tech products and systems for:
p rotection against invasion by water, air and land;
counteraction to terrorist operations;
modernization of existing defence products.
IMSETHC is involved in several international R&D defence projects:
NATO Program for protection of helicopters against RPGs - IMSETHC is
leading organization;
NATO Program for harbor protection against terrorist actions;
NATO Program for development of anti-personnel mines alternative the Institute is the leading organization on Bulgarian site;
Bilateral project on improved protection of armored vehicles against
kinetic projectiles and shape charges;
Bilateral project on methods and systems for detection of improvised
explosive devices.
Main products
The main defence products of IMSETHC are:
Products and systems against invasion by water:
• Family of sea mines (anti-invasion mines, bottom mines, diversion
(“Limpet”) mines);
• High-tech underwater fuses for existing explosive devices and mines;
• Underwater anti-diversion devices;
• Underwater grenades;
• Hydro-acoustic management systems;
• Mine-laying equipment.
Products and systems against invasion by land and air:
• Family of anti-tank mines;
• Family of anti-helicopter mines;
• High-tech fuses for existing anti-tank mines;
• Remote controlled ignition systems;
• Armors for light and heavy armored vehicles;
• Means for personnel individual protection.
Products and systems against terrorist action:
• Systems for protection of harbors against underwater and surface terrorist attacks;
• Guard systems for protection of important sites and border areas;
• Means for protection of helicopters against RPGs;
• Family of hand grenades for terrorists catching and hostage saving
• Equipment for explosive devices detection;
• Means for individual armor protection of anti-terrorism units officers.
• and/or NATO members.
IMSETHC is certified in compliance with AQAP-2110 and ISO 9001:2000.
The Institute is certified under NATO and EU requirements for access to
classified information on level “Secret”.
67, Shipchenski prohod Str., 1574 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: (+359 2) 46 26 200, Fax: (+359 2) 46 26 300
E-mail: [email protected], Web-site:;
Company managment
Vladimir Dichev
Director General
Kintex was established in 1966 as a specialized company for trade with defence equipment. In 1992
KINTEX was transformed into Company limited by shares in accordance with the Commercial Law,
which came into force in Bulgaria in 1991. All the shares are owned by the State.
Kintex is granted a General License for export, import and re-export of products for the army and
KINTEX is specialized in export of Bulgarian defence and machine-building industry production - military equipment for all services of the Armed Forces
In the export list of Kintex increasingly larger is the number of new advanced products designed in
the institutes and factories of the Bulgarian defence industry.
These developments are mainly in the spheres of information technology, communication equipment, radars and other means of electronic warfare. All of them are specially designed to operate
within a very wide range of geographical and climatic conditions.
Besides the foreign trade performance, KINTEX carries out development and implementation activities of technical means for the needs of the army - “Surveillance and reconnaissance assembly
Unit - Forward observation Post”, “Ground Surveillance System”, “Control and Navigation Wireless
Network Terminal”, “Tactical Communication Platform” , “Gun-Fire computer” and others.
For more than 40 years KINTEX has been executing contracts for supply of technical military production, armament and ammunition, as well as engineering projects for countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Kintex maintains traditionally very good relations with a number of governmental institutions of many foreign armies and police forces from all over the
world. In the export list of Kintex the share of military items by NATO standards is constantly increasing.
Joint projects with foreign companies in machine building and other areas are also a priority subject of activity of KINTEX.
The company is certified according EN ISO 9001: 2000, Aerocert.
66 James Baucher blvd; 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria,
Tel: +359 2 866 23 11,
Fax: + 359 2 963 11 23; 963 16 12
[email protected]
Company managment
Eng. Yonko Kostadinov
Executive Director
Company MAK AD, city of Gabrovo, is one of the
oldest textile companies in Bulgaria. Company is
100% private property and specialized for production and dispatching of military/police/firefighters/security uniforms and equipment. With
complete machinery, knowledge and experience
for weaving, finishing and production of readygarments, company MAK A.D. is leader in this
part of Europe for the production of battle-tested
and hazard -environment protection products.
Main products
Company disposes of a complete technological
line and machinery - preparation, weaving, fabric
finishing for the production of all kind woven
• cotton and cotton type fabrics in different
blends with polyester, polyamide, 100%
polyamide or polyester fabrics in wide range
of weights
• finishing of above-mentioned fabrics as a
unicolour or printed. Using of high-fastness
dye-staff, in printing of military designs
camouflage properties in visible and near IR
range of EM spectrum.
Wide range of fabric finishing - water & oil repellent, flame-retardant, anti-bacterial protection,
insect-repellent, PU fabric coating
• two or three layer fabrics with breathable
• high-visibility reflective fabrics according to
standard EN 471, in 100% PES and PES/Co
• anti-static fabrics according to standards
EN 1149 part 1 and 3 and EN 61340/5-1,
in composition PES/Co/metal fibres or PES/
Co/carbon, tested and approved in German
institute STFI, produced by nano technology
• anti-bacterial fabrics, BIOACTIVE, in composition PES/Co, silver ions incorporated into
yarn structure by nano technology guarantee
permanent protection against bacteria, certified in German institute Hohenstein, trade
mark by Trevira
• high-tenacity polyamide ballistic fabrics
optionally with membrane, with end use
for tactical, ballistic or bulletproof vests
or backpacks where fabric strength is very
• meta-aramid fabrics type Nomex in different
As a non-flammable fabric, Nomex is proper solution for protection garments in hazard environments with high risks of fire. It has continuous
flame and heat-transfer protection, with no melt-
ing, no skin-migration, level of the protection is not depending of number of washings and thanks to
anti-pilling finishing live-time of fabric & ready garment is very long.
• Para-aramid fabric type Kevlar for ballistic protection with end-use for bulletproof vests, helmets,
vehicles etc.
Other activities
Company MAK - A.D. is specialized for the production of all kind of work-wear. From the beginning
till today, continuously developing own products, company dispose with sampling department for
the development of the new styles according to client’s requirements and Bulgarian and European
standards and norms.
Main product lines:
• Medical, Hotel & restaurant, Industrial apparel
• Hunting & fishing
• Military & police & fire-fighting uniforms, Security services, bullet-proof vests, tactical vests,
sleeping bags, rain-protective suits etc.
Company is certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996, AQAP 2110. All products meet
the requirements of EKO-TEX 100.
Treti Mart No 9, 5300 Gabrovo, BULGARIA
Tel: +359 66 801 264, +359 66 801 244, Fax: +359 66 801 243, +359 66 801 246
E-mail: [email protected], Web:
Company managment
Jose Galisteo
General Manager
Main activities
Maxam Bulgaria JSC is a special manufacturer
• Industrial explosives;
• Charging of ammunitions;
• Utilization of ammunitions.
Main products
Powder explosives;
ANFO explosives;
Bulk explosives;
Pressed Boosters;
Hand grenades;
Charging of ammunitions with HE and WP;
All products have CE Quality Certificate;
Utilization of ammunitions
MAXAM Bulgaria JSC owns technical facilities,
technological knowledge, logistic facilities and big experience in providing services for utilization of
expired artillery, engineering, air and naval ammunitions.
Demilitarization and utilization area was fully equipped and rebuild during 2006-2010 under project
of the new majority owner - Spanish company MAXAM Corp. The equipment allows the safe utilization of the ammunitions, respecting the environment, and also the recycling or demolition of the
different ammunitions’ components.
Today, the company has one of the most modern demilitarization and utilization facilities in Europe,
and the experience of Spanish engineering demilitarization teams, with more than 25 years experience in such kind of activities.
MAXAM Bulgaria JSC is certified in accordance with the international standards EN ISO 9001:2008,
ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007, AQAP 2110
Tcharkovo area, P.O. Box 47, 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 66 819 881, Fax: +359 66 801 699
E-mail: [email protected]
Company managment
Dipl.Eng. Luka Garchev and
Dipl.Eng. Nikodim Kazandzhiev as Executive Directors
Opticoelectron Group JSC. is one of the most advanced
companies specialized in optomechanical, optoelectronic
and laser devices and systems for defence and security,
medicine, device-building, machine-building. The company
has 40 years old history and traditions, and it is considered
as a leader of optical devices production in Bulgaria, as well
as an international market leader.
It has a closed cycle of production starting from research
and development going through production process to
marketing, promoting and trading finished products. The
company head office and its premises are in the town of
Panagyurishte which is 90 km. south-east of capital city
Sofia and 80 km north-west of Plovdiv (second largest city
in Bulgaria). It is located in an Industrial Park of 260 000
sq.m. where 108 000 sq.m of the total area are production
Over 97% of total production goes on export to EU countries, North America and the Middle East. OPTICOELECTRON
GROUP JSC is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2001. Our
NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity code (NCAGE)
is 000DU. OPTICOELECTRON GROUP JSC has obtained a
Certificate for Registry in the field of international relations
“NATO SECRET” and a Certificate for access to operate
with state classified information. The company also has a
statute of supplier for US Government - DUNS
Main products
Key defence products in our portfolio are
as follows: anti-aircraft and ground artillery
sights for firing in daytime and in nighttime;
day and night optical sights; laser range finders; laser target designators; optical systems
for armoured vehicles; video observation and
surveillance systems.
Basic subject of activity
Design and development, engineering, trade
with optical, optoelectronical, optomechanical, laser and thermovision
devices and systems, tools and technological
equipment, non standard equipment.
Technological Capacity:
Technologies and machines for manufacturing details, assemblies and microoptics made
of optical glass, crystals and semiconductors;
CNC metal working machines and centers
manufacturing precise mechanical details and
Specialized Test Laboratories equipped with
modern measuring devices for quality control
Structure of military production
• Day sights for guns
• Day sights for artillery
• Night sights for guns
• Night and day-night devices and systems
for armoured vehicles
• Mobile and immobile systems for observation and reconnaissance.
• Laser rangefinders and systems for fire
• control of artillery
• containers for disposable rocket launcher
Business activities and contacts
Joint research, development and manufactoring of products with leading companies, NATO
The company has NATO Suplay Code for
Manufacturers NCAGE 000DU and
Register Office for national and foreign
classified information.
There is built up and operating System of
Quality Management ISO 9001: 2000
Hi-Tech Industrial Park “Opticoelectron-Panagyurishte”
4500 Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 357 2254 Fax: + 359 357 4115
e-mail: [email protected] Internet:
Company managment
Eng. Ivan Cholakov
The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of
optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic components,
assemblies and devices for civil, law enforcement and military
applications. OPTIX Co has implemented a CAD/CAM system
for design, analysis, development and testing of devices in a
united electronic environment. The company has integrated
an ERP-system for business resource management of all
operational levels - supply, production, sales, finance and
Products with law enforcement application
The integrated system for monitoring and protection of the
Bulgarian Black Sea frontier
“Blue” border, which provides the Bulgarian Border Police
with all the necessary equipment for maritime operations - to
detect, identify and track maritime vessels and other illegally
passing intruders in the area of their responsibility (territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and search and rescue
zone) was built by a consortium ATO. OPTIX Co in the role
of its main representative delivers and integrates 100% of
the electro-optical equipment, with whose support 24-hours
continuous monitoring and transmission of information are
made in real time and in all weather conditions
(in complete darkness, dense fog, snow, dense
smoke and dust) within a radius of 21 kilometers. The integrated system for monitoring and
protection of the Bulgarian Black Sea border
ensures the execution of the described operations through technical cooperation with other
similar systems of the members of the European
Union and NATO.
Military products
• Day sights: ODS-4M; collimator sight - “red
dot type” MK-6; grenade launcher PGO-7VU
• Night sights: ONS-3; ONS-4M; ONS-4V
• Night attachments: NVA-8; NVA-75
• Night vision goggles: single tube DIANA; twin
tube DIANA TT; aviator DIANA A
• Binoculars for night vision: DIANA
• Monoculars for night vision: DIANA M40/
• Thermal vision devices: sights IdentifieR-50/100; monocular Diana IR; cameras
- eXviZion; Minion; Goliath
• Mobile surveillance systems - TERMA;
Hunting products
• Thermal vision sights IdentifieR Snapshot
• Day sights МК-6 Speedaim
• Night vision devices: sight Firefly 3; attachment Marksman-75; binocular Forester 3;
monocular Boarhunter 40; goggles Hillwalker
Civil products
• blanks, lenses, assemblies, prisms, flatparallel lamellae, wedges, optical scales,
filters, windows, mirrors, single layer and
multilayer coatings on glasses and crystals,
tools and equipment for production and
control of optical elements and assemblies,
optical details from different types of crystals
and laser substrates; body and rotational
mechanical elements with complex configuration and high precision.
Products with medical application
• lens kits for testing, multifunctional goggles,
ovulation test
Other activities
• Complex security systems; integrated
systems for monitoring and surveillance of
objects of strategic purpose; maintenance;
manufacturing and testing of various types
of opto-mechanical assemblies; installation,
adjustment and repair of opto-electronic
assemblies and products; testing of details,
equipment and systems; measurement of
night vision and thermal imaging devices
OPTIX Co has developed and implemented
fivefold integrated management system that
includes the following international standards:
ISO 9001:2008 - Quality management
ISO 27001:2005 - Information Security
ISO 14001:2005 - Environmental Protection
OHSAS 18001:2007 - Labour health and safety
AQAP 2110 - Military Standard of NATO
65, Zahari Stoyanov, str., 4500 Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359/357/6 41 25 - Secretary
Tel.: +359/357/6 06 10 - Marketing and Sales Department
Fax: +359/357/6 30 97
e-mail: [email protected], web: [email protected]
Company managment
Dipl. Eng. Petar Georgiev
Managing Director
Overview and main products
Research and Development activities, production
and trade of products with special purpose:
• Mobile, portable and stationary radio jammers for protection against improvised
explosive devises
• HF/VHF jammers for radio counteraction
delivered into the area by means of artillery
bearer - “Starshel”, Chadar”
• Wire communication facilities - analogue
field telephone sets
• VHF radios
• Mobile communication shelters and Command &Staff vehicles
• Integration of systems for surveillance and
guarding of the borders area and objects
from national importance
• Ground-based radars
• Information protection equipment
Other activities
Research and Development activities, production
and trade of products with civil purpose:
• Sea radars for navigation
• Specialized electronics for the lighting
industry including lighting fixtures with LEDs,
electronic transformers, power supplies
• Components and amplifiers for cable TV
networks, systems for collective reception of
satellite TV programs
• Consumer electronics
• Range of multifunctional running message
displays exchange range displays, as well
as monochrome, multicolor and full color
LEDs screens for indoor and outdoor use in
banks, stadiums, offices and other appropriate places
• Spare parts and accessories for cars
• Components - ferrite, piezo-ceramic and
steatite parts and units, type of F, N, SMB,
SMA, Canon connectors and others
Technological capabilities:
• Research and Development activity on its own and in co-operation with other companies and science institutes in the country and abroad
• Designing and manufacturing of tooling equipment
• Precise metal press and mechanical processing of rotation and housing parts, including bending
and laser cutting
• Pressure casting of aluminum and zinc alloys
• Pressing injection moulding of bakelite, plastics and rubber
• Galvanic coating and lacquering
• Design and manufacturing of ferrite, piezo-ceramic and steatite parts
• PCB assembly - SMD assembly line including wave soldering equipment
• Electronic assembly and production of electronic units
• Electromechanical assembly of units and finished goods
Business activities - contacts
Manufacture and trade of defence equipment and working as a sub-contactor.
There is build up and operating System of Quality Assurance in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008.
18, Prespa St., 2000 Samokov, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 722 68 201, +359 722 68 206, Fax: +359 722 66 337
e-mail:[email protected],
Company managment
Eng. Peter Milkov
Chief Executive
Tcherno More Co., Varna is the successor of a
state owned enterprise established since
1966 for production of civil and defence radar
equipment. Now, Tcherno More Co. is a joint
stock company, where 100% of the shares are
owned by private shareholders.
Scope of business
Design, production and trade with:
• Marine and River Navigation Radar Systems
for Large and Small Ships;
• Ground Radar;
• Coastal Radar Systems;
• Airport Surface Movement Radars;
• Medical Equipment and Aids for Disabled
• Mechanical Modules for Control Rooms;
• Spare parts and Accessories for Vehicles
and Forklifts;
• Wood-processing and Other Hobby Machines;
• Special Tooling Equipment;
• Consumer Goods.
Research activities
• Radar Systems
• A range of pulse navigation radar systems in
• Ground Doppler radars for automatic detection of moving targets.
New modules and units developed based on
FPGA matrixes and signal processors, providing:
• Radar control;
• Analogue signals digitizing;
• Converting polar co-ordinates into Cartesian
• Raster-scan display of 1280x1024 pixels,
with repetition frequency greater than 60Hz;
• Automatic detection, tracking and determination of moving parameters of up to 200
targets for a module;
• Entering and display of map data, etc.
• Antennae. Production of 7, 9, 18 and 21 feet
wave-guide slotted antennas for X-band with
linear horizontal or fixed circular polarization
for the vessels traffic control systems;
• New series River Radars MK 721_RT with
colour display, industrial production based
on 19” TFT matrix built in radar with a
standard RGB input signal with new series of
streamlined antennae and lightened reducer.
Implemention of engineering projects
Coastal radar systems for vessel traffic surveillance;
• Antennae with horizontal polarization for the
3cm band and length of 7, 9 and 18, 21ft.
• A range of transceivers with 4, 12 and 25
kW pulse power and high-sensitive receivers
with logarithmic or linear characteristics;
• Display units and modules for tracking up
to 200 targets; possibility to compress and
transfer radar data about targets;
The company has implemented similar projects
for the purposes of the Navy, Border Police,
Maritime Administration for Bulgaria, for Slovakia
and partially for Finland.
Airport surface movement radars providing
surveillance of airports at lack of visibility;
Mechanical modules for the equipment of airport
control rooms.
Technological capacities
• Foundry
• Workshops for machining by chip breaking
• Workshops for sheet machining - steel and
non-ferrous metals
• Workshops for chemical treatment
• Workshops for production of pcbs
• Workshop for pcb mounting
• Workshop for assembly and test of electric
• Workshop for plastics
• Workshop for transformers
• Tooling equipment plant
256, Vl. Varnentchik Blvd., 9000 Varna
tel.:+359 52 500 535, fax: +359 52 500 545
e-mail: [email protected]
• Laboratory for electrical, mechanical and
ambient tests
Market positions
The management team developed long-term
contacts with:
• “Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine”, The
Netherlands - the company with the world
biggest market share for radars production
and distribution;
• Air Traffic Control Authority of Bulgaria.
• Bulgarian Border Police
• Ministry of defence of Bulgaria
• Bulgarian Navy
The company is the only Bulgarian producer of
marine/river radars and navigation aids.
The company is ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110
Company managment
Ivan Peykov, President
Assoc. Prof. Stancho Petkov, PhD, Cief Executive
Svetlozar Veshkov
TEREM SHC, Sofia, as a successor to the “Military Bases and Factories” Department of the Ministry of Defence was established pursuant to Council of Ministers Resolution in 1965. It was structured as
an economic entity comprising the military-repair factories of the
Ministry of Defence and providing repair and overhaul of military
equipment for the Bulgarian Armed Forces.
Over the period from 1965 to 1988, meeting the needs of the
Bulgarian Armed Forces, the Department provided repair, overhaul
and modernization of military equipment and production of spare
parts for this equipment, as well as export of repair of aviation
equipment, ship repair, manufacture of armed vehicles, complete
sets, units and spare parts for other countries.
At present the company has 6 daughter companies and owns
shares in two other companies performing repair, overhaul, modernization and logistic support of:
• Aviation equipment - aircraft, aircraft engines, helicopters and
aircraft service equipment;
• Ship repair - ships, armament and equipment for the Navy;
• Armoured equipment - tanks, track and
wheeled armored vehicles, heavy and light
trucks, jeeps, coaches and manufacture of
spare parts;
• Small arms, light weapons, artillery weapons,
missiles and ammunition;
• Radar and communication equipment.
Besides meeting the needs of the Bulgarian
Armed Forces, by means of the available production capacities and the existing staff, the company also performs export of repair and overhaul
of armament, equipment and spare parts. It
manufactures machine-building products for civil
use and is an example of successful business in
the field of supply and maintenance of weapons
and equipment for the Bulgarian Armed Forces.
TEREM SHC is a sole leader on the home market
of the Republic of Bulgaria regarding repair and
overhaul of armament and equipment for the
National Security System. “TEREM” SHC is the
only company in this country possessing the
required production capacity and qualified staff
for performing these activities.
Thanks to its capacities for repair and overhaul
of aviation engines and aircraft, the company
occupies serious positions regarding their overhaul on the international market.
TEREM SHC owns production equipment which
is unique for Bulgaria (flexible automated manufacturing systems, multi coordinate processing
machines, erosion machines, clean rooms) and
which guarantees high-performance technology
of overhaul and spare parts production.
In compliance with the requirements of the
Classified Information Protection Act are ensured
the necessary conditions for safe-keeping and
protection of the classified information in TEREM
SHC and in its daughter companies.
These prerequisites enable the growth of the sales
size on the national market in the following trends:
• Participation in programs for repair, overhaul, modernization, production, utilization
and logistical support of armament and
equipment for the needs of the Bulgarian
Armed Forces;
• Expanding commercial production on the
basis of the technologies to be implemented
regarding rearmament of the Bulgarian
Armed Forces.
Since 2003 the company has actively been involved, and jointly with foreign companies, in programs
for modernization of armament and equipment of the Bulgarian Armed Forces:
• Modernization of RLS P-37 and P-18;
• Modernization of “BTR-60PB” armored personnel carrier;
• Life extension and transition to on-condition maintenance of MiG-29;
• Modernization of Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters.
It is envisaged that during the coming years the company will participate in modernization of aviation
equipment, armored equipment, anti-aircraft missile systems, ships, providing diesel engines for the
fleet of vehicles, etc. for the needs of and under programs of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.
From the beginning of year 2000 TEREM SHC has participated successfully in programs for destruction, utilization and demilitarization of surplus armament, ammunition, anti-air systems and equipment of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.
In this trend projects have been fulfilled, part of which were financed by Programs of the United Nations and the US State Department:
• Utilization of anti-infantry mines;
• Utilization of small arms and light weapons ;
• Utilization of SS-23, “Frog” and “Scud” missile systems.
Some NATO’s southern-wing member countries are also interested in the utilization of ammunition,
armament and equipment in TEREM SHC. In this connection we are working for the enlargement of
utilization production capacity of the company strictly observing of the relevant ecological regulations.
The company and its daughter companies are certified under ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 and
AQAP 2110.
40, Stanislav Dospevski Str., “Levski-G”, 1836 Sofia
Tel. +359 2 946 59 57, 806 27 76, Fax: +359 2 946 55 85
E-mail: [email protected], Web:
Company managment
Valeri Mitkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Emil Mitkov, Executive Director
Development, production and trading with explosive materials, blasting devices and engineering
Main products
Videx produces:
• explosive materials - Videxit, Ammonite 6,
Ammonite 6 FW, Roughly dispersed ammonites, ANFO-L, Balkanit, Skalenit, Metanit
• blasting devices - Booster of pentolite, nonelectric initiation system VIDEXDET
• hand grenades and engineering ammunitions.
The production is aimed at satisfying the needs for powder explosives, roughly dispersed ammonites
and blasting devices on the internal and foreign market.
Other activities
Transport, forwarding and security services, execution of industrial blasting works.
There is built up and operating System of Quality Management /assurance/ in compliance with ISO
9001:2000. Videx JSC is in process of certification according to ISO 14001 Environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management systems. Our
products possess “CE” certificates, according to the Council Directive 93/15/EEC and conformity
certificates according to the Decree on the important requirements and valuation of the conformity of
the industrial explosives.
Tel + 359 2 943 49 90, + 359 2 943 49 71 Fax + 359 2 943 32 79
E-mail addresses: [email protected], [email protected]
Web site:
Company managment
Eng. Ivan Stoenchev
Chief Executive
The company develops and produces a wide
range of special-purpose products; moreover, it
is the only world manufacturer of some of them.
Main product groups
• Grenades for use on RPG-7 and SPG-9
grenade launchers and 2А-28 gun fitted with
warheads with a HEAT, tandem/HEAT, HEAT/
fragmentation, FRAG/HE, thermobaric and
penetration effect ;
• Disposable rocket grenades with a HEAT
(RPG-22), thermobaric (DREBG-73) and
FRAG/HE (ROG-22) effect;
• FRAG/HE, HEAT and illuminating artillery
rounds of various calibres;
• 81 mm, 82 mm and 120 mm mortar rounds
with a thermobaric effect;
• 122 mm rockets for use on BM-21 GRAD multiple
launch rocket system;
• Air-to-surface unguided aircraft rockets of 57 mm and
80 mm calibre;
• Fagot, Faktoria, Konkurs, Malyutka and Metis anti-tank
guided missiles;
• Mechanical and electromechanical fuzing and igniting
devices for various types of ammunition;
• Manufacture of cartridge cases for artillery ammunition
of calibres 100 mm, 105 mm, 122 mm, 152 mm;
• Propelling charges for artillery ammunition;
• Commercial explosives.
Other activities
• Successful re-attestation and performance characteristics restoration of all kinds of guided products of the
ATGM type.
• Ammunition demilitarization.
• Development and production of tooling equipment,
shaping tools, devices, machines and facilities required
for the equipping of the machining, electroplating, heat
treatment and special production.
VMZ Co. holds an exclusive license for foreign trade in
weapons; the company is therefore not only a manufacturer
of standing reputation, but a reliable trade partner as well.
A quality management system certified for conformity with
the requirements of the ISO EN 9001:2008 international
standard has been set up at VMZ Co.
1, Ivan Vazov Blvd., 4330 Sopot, Bulgaria
Tel./Fax: +359 2 980 55 04,
e-mail: [email protected],
219, Vassil Levski Str., 5140-Lyaskovets, Bulgaria
tel: ++359 619 2 54 84, ++ 359 619 2 48 02, fax: ++359 619 221 23,
e-mail: [email protected],
arsenal co
100, Rozova Dolina St., 6100, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
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Fax: +359/431/50 001, +359/431/63 783
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Area Cholakovtsy, 5004 Veliko Tarnovo, Republic of Bulgaria
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