III-Structural Composite CD`s 9-14


III-Structural Composite CD`s 9-14
DATE: August 12, 2015
FROM: Bingham Engineering (Elizabeth Perkins)
RE: Arioso City Lofts
LPRN: 1502757
This list is in response to the 1st plan review comment list. Care was taken to fully
comply with or clarify items requested. If any item does not fully satisfy any plan review
comment please do not hesitate to call Elizabeth @ Bingham Engineering [(602) 9713033] for further clarification via Fax or phone call. It is the hope of the client to obtain
permits on this review.
1. Please include all the required earthquake design data in GSN, regardless if the
wind controls the lateral design.
Plan Sheet # Revised
GSN – seismic design criteria
Structural Calculation Sheet # Revised
2. Please identify the soil type presumed in the presumptive values used in this
Plan Sheet # Revised
Structural Calculation Sheet # Revised
GSN –soil type presumed was added
3. Please provide the required Special Structural Inspection Certificate and Special
Geotechnical Inspection Certificate
Special Structural Inspection Certificate has been provided by Bingham
Engineering Consultants, LLC. Special Geotechnical Inspection Certificate will
be provided by Geotechnical Engineer