Mercy, the Heart of Mother Church


Mercy, the Heart of Mother Church
Capuchin Journey
ISSUE 1 . 2016
Mercy, the Heart of Mother Church
On Ash Wednesday at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis marked a milestone in the Jubilee Year of
Mercy with this blessing:
Watch over, Lord, these your servants, whom we are sending as messengers of mercy, of salvation and of peace.
By your right hand, guide their steps and sustain them by the power of your grace, in order that they may not become weary under the weight of this apostolic labor. May the voice of Christ resound in their words and the heart
of Christ in their actions….Pour out into their hearts your Holy Spirit, so that in being everything for everyone,
they may bring to you, O Father, a multitude of children who in the holy Church may praise you forever.
With these words, our Holy Father sent forth his Missionaries of Mercy, over a thousand priests
from around the world, 126 of them Capuchins, and among them five from our Province:
Fr. Tom Franks; Fr. Arlen Harris; Fr. John Baptist Riordan; Fr. Michael Sevigny; and Fr. Bill Winters.
I am delighted that our brothers of the Province of St. Mary have been chosen and commissioned
for this unique privilege. We are both honored and humbled to share the merciful compassion of
God to others through the confessional and the pulpit.
Fr. Francis Gasparik, O.F.M. Cap.
Provincial Minister
Mercy is the mission of every Capuchin. Indeed, it is our legacy, as exemplified by the heroic lives
of our sainted confessors Leopold Mandić and Pio of Pietrelcina, whose years of service reconciled
countless souls to one another and to their loving Creator, making a way for God’s peace and justice
to grow in the world. How fitting that these friars’ relics were brought to Rome for veneration on the
eve of Lent. How fitting—and again, how humbling—that Pope Francis chose to celebrate a Mass in
honor of the Capuchin Order on Shrove Tuesday, the day before the missionaries’ mandating.
In this issue of The Capuchin Journey we take you to Rome, the Eternal City, during these momentous days of celebration, commissioning, and veneration. Father Bill and Father John Baptist open
and close our issue with reflections on their days of pilgrimage.
From Rome, one of our friars at our global headquarters, known as the Capuchin General Curia,
and a Vatican journalist offer perspectives on the Capuchin charism. First, Fr. Charles Sammons,
secretary for the English language to the General Minister, reflects on the basis of true fraternity.
Then, with permission from Crux, the Boston Globe’s news site on the Catholic Church, we reprint
a commentary by John L. Allen Jr. on the humility of our hard-working friars.
With Lenten fasting giving way to Easter feasting, we look back with our postulant brother Arnold
Lezcano on the disciplines he and the friars at St. Michael Friary embraced, and we look forward
with Fr. Jack Rathschmidt on the challenge of believing the good news of life forever in Christ.
Throughout the year we would like to acknowledge our jubilarians who have been faithful to the
God of mercy in service to the Church and all people. In this issue we feature Fr. Paul Engel, who
celebrates 60 years of religious life. We also take space in this issue to thank all the generous benefactors of our Capuchin Giving Societies, without whom our mission of mercy cannot advance.
As Padre Pio once said, “My past, O Lord, to Your mercy; my present, to Your love; my future to
Your providence.” Amen, and alleluia. Christ is risen!
Faithfully in the Lord,
Fr. Francis Gasparik, O.F.M. Cap.
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Days of Mercy, Work of a Lifetime
With awe and appreciation for his pilgrimage to Rome,
Fr. William Winters reflects on his vocation as a confessor.
Magazine of the
Province of St. Mary
of the Capuchin Order
Fr. Francis Gasparik, O.F.M. Cap.
The Basis of True Fraternity
Fr. Charles Sammons sees the community of friars
at the General Curia in Rome as a graced presence.
‘The Broncos of Religious Life’
Pope Francis celebrated a special Mass for the Capuchins.
A tribute by Catholic journalist John L. Allen Jr.
Easter’s Challenges
Fr. Jack Rathschmidt on God’s promise of life forever.
Postulant AJ Lezcano on Lent at St. Michael Friary.
Jubilarian Profile: Fr. Paul Engel
We Honor Our Capuchin Giving Societies
Last Word From Rome: Fr. John Baptist Riordan
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ISSUE 1 . 2016
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Surely Saint Peter’s Basilica had already seen a surge in spiritual
voltage since Pope Francis opened the Holy Door of the Jubilee Year
of Mercy. The confluence in early February of three events—the
presentation of Sts. Leopold Mandić and Pio of Pietrelcina; a special
Mass for the Capuchin order; and the commissioning of the Missionaries of Mercy—only intensified the electric potential in the air. Fr.
William Winters gives us a glimpse of the Eternal City during these
heady days—and first impressions of the impact of this pilgrimage.
Fr. William Winters, O.F.M. Cap.
Experiencing the inauguration of Pope Francis’ Missionaries of Mercy was one of the most intense,
memorable, and I hope, consequential events of my Capuchin calling. Certainly, at this stage of life, it is
the most surprising. What a time for re-booting the pastoral enthusiasms—and revisiting the vocation
of confessor!
I have two levels of reflection. The first is about rushing, bustle, Roman jostling, climbing, more climbing,
and the simple satisfaction of having kept up with the demands
of it all, well enough. My last time in Rome was almost 30 years
ago, and I was so pleased to find it so bright and clean. The major basilicas are all sand-blasted white, and the security seems
to calm the agitation of the crowds.
The pilgrims around St. Peter’s Basilica flowed all over all day,
pressing on to Father Leopold and Padre Pio, whose relics lay
inside the church. It took the average devotee three and a half
hours every day just to approach the basilica to pass reverently
through the Holy Door of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.
Pope Francis really honored, and relied upon, the Capuchin
friars. First of all, friars carried the glass caskets of the two
sainted confessors into place before the high altar some days
previously. Young Capuchins then kept up the unending
stream of vocal prayer, all day, all week, as people filed by the
saints with the expected noisy reverence. All the servers and
ministry at the Ash Wednesday Mass were Capuchins as well.
Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Photo courtesy Corazon Pontejos.
Early Shrove Tuesday morning, Feb. 9, Pope Francis invited
any and all friars of the Order to join him at his early Mass.
Twelve hundred of them responded! No wonder there was no room in any Capuchin inn for us Yanks.
All enjoyed an affectionate papal homily and greeting, wonderfully prayerful friar-music, and, graciously,
a stand-up breakfast of rolls and coffee—on Pope Francis. As a Jesuit, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has his own
vocations and graces, to be sure. But he certainly holds our Order in warm esteem, from his personal
experience of confessors. As he tells it: “Your tradition, that of the Capuchins, is a tradition of giving
forgiveness. There are many good confessors among you—it is because they feel they are sinners … a
humble man, who feels he is a sinner, is a great forgiver in the confessional.” Take that!
Tuesday afternoon and evening brought an even broader event: the procession and reception of the
Missionaries of Mercy. Here are some numbers: 1,142 commissioned missionaries from every region of
the world, 726 actually present for the events; 126 Capuchin friars worldwide, 21 friars from the United
States, of whom 5 are from the Province of St. Mary; and 125 priests, religious and secular, from the
United States overall.
We assembled at the Tiber River, processed up the mile-long slope, 726 strong (well, strong enough!),
solemnly passed through the Holy Door, proceeded to the tomb of Peter to venerate Saints Leopold and
Pio, then wound outside and around the whole basilica, ever upward through the gardens and into the
Apostolic Palace, somewhere in the back. We then wound our way down a grand circular staircase, three
floors, for final staging and (it felt like) 300 steps up to the Sala Regia, the grand reception hall, for our
meeting with Pope Francis.
That’s my first reflection: plenty of exercise and very much a “wow-factor”!
It took three and a half hours to reach the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica. Photo courtesy Mabelle Bessey.
My second reflection is just beginning to germinate: it’s all about appreciating again and again, in life, that
“the name of God is Mercy” and that the confessor flashes a sacramental spark of that love of God in a
person’s needy soul. I perceive a sign of God’s grand design for Church and human renewal through my
own rather modest Roman experience.
My first visit to Rome, also for 10 days, was 50 years ago, in September 1965. I witnessed the grand procession of all the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, with Pope Paul VI, to open the fourth and final
session. Good Pope John had, under the Spirit, launched the Council as a timely movement, even an intrusion, into our ways of living and being Catholic because
of the loving merciful depth of who God really is—and
which the world needs to appreciate.
Fr. Gavin at a First Profession ceremony.
In our all-too-human terms, it has taken time, nervousness, maybe flirting with the fear of bending rules some
had grown used to, maybe even using muscle to re-enforce
I perceive a 50-year span from the Council to the Year of
Mercy, time needed for the Holy Spirit to make the next
move and be appreciated, so that Pope John XXIII’s spark
could catch on to produce Pope Francis’ warmth. The Lord
is not just a kindly dispenser of the bounty of forgiveness
when asked. He is Mercy through and through and is to be
imitated firstly as such. Thus did I reflect in the deep, deep
silence during the Papal Mass of Ash Wednesday. All that
pomp and grandiosity toned down to the essentials of a
retreat day in a modest chapel. My row of concelebrants was
asked to dispense the Lenten ashes, and so I waded into the
devout crowd, the pope’s little helper. As I say, my deeper
reflection of all the experiences is only beginning to grow.
I offer a thankful word to God for Pope Francis’ inspiration, the Order and the Province’s invitation, and the dear
benefactors who made the pilgrimage possible. So many to
carry through the Holy Doors! How good of God to share
His Mercy!
Two of our Capuchin Missionaries of Mercy, Fr. Thomas Franks (left)
and Fr. John Baptist Riordan (center). Photo courtesy Corazon Pontejos.
Our friars were reunited with one of our own when they came to Rome.
Fr. Charles Sammons is from New Haven, Conn., and he is a convert
to the Catholic faith. He entered the Capuchin Order in the year 2000.
Since 2012 he has been assigned to the Capuchin General Curia, where
he serves as Secretary for the English Language.
On Feb. 9, 2016, the day before Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis invited
the Capuchin Order to Mass in the context of the pilgrimage of the
relics of St. Pio of Pietrelcina and St. Leopold Mandić to Rome for the
Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.
Fr. Charles Sammons, O.F.M. Cap.
In his homily, speaking to the presence of these great confessors of our Order, the Holy Father urged
the friars to be men of pardon and ministers of forgiveness. He pointed out the truth that it is the one
who knows himself to be a sinner and in need of God’s forgiveness who is able to minister that same
pardon to others. As an example of this, Pope Francis pointed to our Father Cristoforo.
Right away in my head I started going through all the friars I knew named Christopher. Who was Pope
Francis talking about?
Then I realized—he was talking about the Capuchin Father Cristoforo who is one of the main characters in Alessandro Manzoni’s historical novel The Betrothed. Br. Jim Peterson had given me the book on
the day back in 2012 when I left the friars in Jamaica Plain and first came to Rome to take up service in
our General Curia. He told me that unless I read the book, I would never understand Italian Capuchins.
Three years and a pope later, it turned out to be true. Not that Pope Francis is an Italian Capuchin—but
his father was born in Italy and his mother was from an ethnically Italian family; and by the name he
chose, Francis, and his way of ministering among us since, we know he has a Franciscan heart.
The moment reminds me that it takes work to really know and understand your brother or sister. After
all, each person is a unique and unrepeatable creation, and since—as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches us—
grace perfects nature, each vocation is a unique and unrepeatable grace. No friar is exactly the same in
what makes him tick, in what drew and continues to draw him to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ
after the pattern of St. Francis of Assisi.
I remember how when Fr. Martin Curtin accompanied a group of us for a summer in the Capuchin
novitiate in Nueva Ocotepeque, Honduras, he always recommended to us that we get to know the
brother novices in their motivations, in how they understood their vocations. Such is the basis of true
fraternity: the appreciation of the presence of a brother or sister as a graced presence, a welcoming
understanding of the other in the Lord.
Nowhere have I found these things to be plainer than here in the General Curia. We are a community of
37 friars from almost 20 countries who have been either elected or called to Rome to assist the General
Minister, the “servant of the whole fraternity” (Rule of St. Francis, VIII:1) in his animation and administration of the Capuchin Order all over the world. Conversations go on in Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, and Tamil. Our backgrounds, understandings, and “vocation stories” are very diverse.
Nevertheless, we are joined together by the desire to be brother that the Lord has given to each of us, and
to fulfill what each Capuchin friar proclaims in his religious profession: “I entrust myself with all my heart
to this brotherhood.” It is precisely in this that we find the common ground for appreciating the blessedness of our diversity, and in it, the breadth of the grace of God at work in all peoples.
And yet we remember that our Capuchin brotherhood, a sign of the more fraternal world that God gives
in his Kingdom, is not an end in itself. In a sense it is a sort of practice, or workshop, for bringing the spirit
of gospel brother and sisterhood to the world, for accepting from God the eyes that see the poor to whom
the Kingdom is given, as our brothers and sisters, unique and unrepeatable vessels of grace by which God
blesses the world.
Pilgrims to Rome from the Parish of Holy Cross-Saint John the Baptist, New York, New York. Photo courtesy Mabelle Bessey.
John L. Allen Jr. is associate editor of Crux, the Boston Globe’s news site on the Catholic Church (www. The Capuchin Journey is pleased to reprint a condensed version of an article he wrote
about the Capuchins on Feb. 9, the day Pope Francis celebrated a special Mass for the Order at St. Peter’s
Basilica, where Saints Leopold and Pio were being venerated.
My formation in the faith was thanks to Capuchin Franciscan priests and brothers out on the high
plains of western Kansas in the 1970s and 80s, and as a result, I believe I can speak from personal
experience when I say this: The Capuchins are, in many ways, the Denver Broncos of religious life in the
Catholic Church.
Not for them is the flash and sizzle of a Cam Newton and his trendy Carolina Panthers, with “dabbing”
celebrations and the public swagger of celebrity. They don’t light up scoreboards or reinvent offensive
strategies. They simply play the game right, rooted in solid fundamentals and a determined defense, and
pile up wins—even when the world is picking against them.
On Feb. 9, Pope Francis delivered a long-overdue recognition of the Capuchins by celebrating a special
Mass for members of the order in St. Peter’s Basilica, part of a series of events celebrating the Capuchins’
most famous son: Padre Pio, now “St. Pio of Pietrelcina,” the 20th-century stigmatic and confessor seen
by devotees as an icon of compassion.
The Padre Pio festival came in tandem with commemoration of another Capuchin saint, Leopold
Mandić of Croatia, a late 19th and early 20th century priest who suffered severe physical disabilities but,
like Padre Pio, still managed to spend long hours in the confessional every day.
Pope Francis paid tribute to that legacy, telling the Capuchins, “There are great confessors among you
… you Capuchins have this special gift of the Lord: forgiveness. I ask you, never tire of forgiving.”
The Annuario Pontificio, the Vatican’s statistical yearbook, lists about 800 men’s orders in the Church,
all of which have a story to tell. Precisely because Capuchins don’t call attention to themselves, however,
several interesting elements of their tale are often lost.
The order was born in 1525 when a friar named Matteo da Bascio decided the Franciscans of his day
had abandoned the initial vision of St. Francis of Assisi, and he wanted to get back to a strict observance
of penance, prayer, and poverty.
That implied criticism didn’t sit well with other Franciscans, and with the support of influential Church
authorities, they hounded Bascio and his initial companions, who were forced to take shelter from
Camaldolese monks.
In 1528, the “Capuchins” (so named for the hood they wear with their habit) got papal permission to
organize, but their problems were hardly over.
Within 20 years, Bascio had left his new order to return to the Observant Franciscans, while another early
Capuchin leader, Bernardino Ochino, spurned the Catholic faith altogether to join forces with John Calvin
in Geneva. Eventually Ochino’s support for polygamy and his rejection of the Trinity was too much even
for the Calvinists, and he went into exile first in Poland and then in Slovakia.
The new order came under suspicion of heresy and narrowly avoided being suppressed, while for a time
Capuchins were forbidden to preach. (This makes it a rich irony that since 1743, the Capuchins have had
the privilege of supplying the official Preacher of the Papal Household; since 1980, that role has been held
by Fr. Rainero Cantalamessa.)
The Capuchins know this history well, and it’s given them two priceless bits of perspective:
• While they’re ferociously attached to the faith and the Church, they have a realistic perspective on
the leaders who happen to be in charge of the Church at any given moment, knowing that decisions can
sometimes be shaped by politics and self-interest. They don’t rebel against it, but it doesn’t surprise them
• They don’t take themselves too seriously, knowing that one of their early founders lost his nerve and
another was, literally, a heretic. If they were fallible then, there’s no reason to expect the same thing isn’t
true now.
Another defining feature of Capuchin identity is closeness to ordinary people.
Generally, you’ll find Capuchins not on TV or testifying before Congress, but hearing confessions, saying
Mass, teaching school, and performing the other pastoral basics, knowing not merely the names of the
people they serve, but also their hearts.
One further pillar of the Capuchin ethos since the Counter-Reformation has been doing the toughest
jobs the Church has to offer, without complaint, which is how they became one of Catholicism’s great
missionary orders. As Pope Pius XI once put it, “When times were at their worst and help was sorely
needed, in places that were abandoned and no one else would go, there you will find the Capuchin.”
That, in a nutshell, is the unspectacular, often unheralded, Capuchin spirit. It doesn’t land on magazine
covers or light up Twitter, but in the trenches it keeps the faith alive. That’s what Pope Francis celebrated,
and it’s what will continue motivating the roughly 10,000 Capuchins around the world.
In that sense, I suppose, the Capuchins aren’t quite the Broncos, because for them there will be no victory
parade, no confetti, no championship T-shirts. After the pope is done lifting up their legacy, all we’re likely
to hear is a quiet “thanks” and the sound of their sandals as they shuffle back to work.
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Fr. Jack Rathschmidt has been involved in preaching, religious education, and
retreat work for more than 40 years. He offers daily meditations on the Scriptures at Br. Jack’s Preaching Ministry (brjackspreachingministry.blogspot.
Peter said, “I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give you: in the
name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean, rise and walk.” Acts 3:6
The Easter transition that Jesus’ disciples were called to make was in many
ways the most difficult. To let go of their loss, confusion and disappointment
after Jesus’ death and to believe that they would live forever in Christ was
a great struggle, not unlike other trials recounted in the Scriptures.
Fr. Jack Rathschmidt, O.F.M. Cap.
Abraham was ninety-nine years old when God called him to be the father of many nations. It must have been
overwhelming for him to listen to God and respond in faith. How is it possible for an old man and his ninetyyear-old wife to have a family, especially after they had, no doubt, mourned their failure to produce an heir?
We also read of the frustration of the Jewish people
in the desert after being freed from Egyptian slavery. Upset that there was little food and almost no
water, they complained to Moses and wondered
whether they were not better off in Egypt. How
could the desert be a place of promise and hope?
The Easter season presents all of us with the same
challenge. The Lord has been raised up, and he has
promised us life forever. Can we believe this? Will
we? Only when we ask for the grace to let go of our
limited view of life in Christ will we be able to embrace the final promise. God wants to live with us
forever and has gone before us to prepare a place
for all. God’s commitment is simple and straightforward. We have only to accept it.
Today, no matter how you feel, ask for the grace to
believe in God’s Easter promise of life forever.
Drawing by Br. Carmine Funaro, O.F.M. Cap.
Which life transitions have been most difficult
for you to accept?
Arnold “AJ” Lezcano is a postulant at Saint Michael Friary in Brooklyn.
We asked him to share reflections on the fraternity’s communal observance of Lent.
During Lent at the postulancy house, we increased our spiritual discipline as a household. We were free to engage in our personal disciplines.
However, being that we are a community, we gained more opportunities
for penance and prayer by adopting practices into our common life.
This Lent, we added daily and weekly prayers. As we continued to pray
the divine office three times a day, we added the patristic readings to
our daily common prayer. We recited the rosary on Wednesdays and
the Stations of the Cross on Fridays. We gathered for faith sharing,
offering our personal reflections on Scripture readings, on Thursday
Postulant Arnold Lezcano
We also removed some things. We arranged our chapel with greater simplicity. We took away all the flowers
and most decorations except those that brought us back into recognition of the Lenten season. Throughout
Lent, we had very simple meals on Wednesdays and Fridays. Some days we ate leftovers, and other days we
ate soup with bread.
I believe these practices, along with our personal disciplines, made our Lenten season a fruitful one. The
increase in penance and prayer made us long for Easter to arrive. We purposefully sacrificed much in our
excitement to encounter the wonderful gifts that Easter would bring.
Decorations in friars’ chapel, St. Michael Friary, by Postulant Francisco Serrano.
This year, Fr. Paul Engel celebrates 60 years of religious life. His
mission is to end foster care and find “forever families” for all
youths. He sat down recently with Br. Anthony Zuba to reflect
on the value of life-long relationships in the Capuchin vocation.
Wherever the brothers may be and meet one another, let them show
that they are members of the same family. Rule of St. Francis VI:7
Looking back on 60 years of life as a Capuchin friar, Fr. Paul Engel
says taking final vows was the best decision he ever made. He
cherishes having long-lasting friendships where friars need each
He calls the late Fr. Darius DeVito “a saint.” Father Paul visited him
just days before his death in July 2013. He remembers that Father
Darius, though weak and bedridden, pointed to a joke book on a
shelf and told him to take it as a gift for his religious name day.
Fr. Paul Engel, O.F.M. Cap.
An act like this captures the spirit of Capuchin life for Father
Paul. What makes a friar is how he treats others. Father Paul tells the brothers to encourage one another, to recognize one another. The best way to keep your vows, he says, is to pay attention to your brothers. Do not be too busy to behold them. Give them your time.
It works the other way, too. You have to let yourself receive from them. “You always want to need your
brothers. If you don’t need them, you won’t love them.” Where brothers can depend on each other,
there is relationship, and there is God’s love.
Father Paul associates the spirit of Saint Francis with a “spirituality of imperfection.” We are all broken,
he says, in body and spirit. We are sinners. But the good news is that Christ came to call sinners. Father
Paul loves the way St. Francis of Assisi loved people who were broken and cherished things that were
broken down.
His attraction to Francis brought him into the Capuchin order in 1956. Tony Engel met the Capuchins at the Church of Saint John the Baptist and joined the Third Order there. He liked the vocation
director, Fr. Peter Claver Eich, a “fun friar” and “a regular guy.” Immediately after graduating from the
former Rice High School in Harlem, Tony entered the novitiate.
The night before investiture, a fellow named Paul left the clericate. Tony asked the novice master, Fr. Godfrey Leuchinger, if he could take Paul as his religious name instead of John Francis or Aquinas. And Paul
he became, perpetually professed in 1960 and ordained priest in 1964.
From the start he worked with youth, organizing Boy Scouts and summer day camps with the youth ministry at Our Lady of Sorrows in New York City. Transferred to St. Francis of Assisi Chapel in Springfield,
Mass., late in 1966, he ministered at two county houses of correction while studying counseling at Westfield State College. Through his ministry and studies he discovered that 80 to 90 percent of the men in the
two prisons had lived in foster care. Most of them were homeless or living in flophouses.
This put Father Paul on a search for solutions. A book by Derek Miller of the Yale Child Study Center,
Growth to Freedom, sharpened Father Paul’s analysis. He summarized Dr. Miller’s thesis: “juveniles in
trouble needed a healthy and permanent relationship of love and care.” This confirmed what a probation
officer told him in plainer terms: “Father, if you want to help, get these kids a family.”
At this time a 16-year-old renting a single room came to Father Paul. He had dropped out of high school
because he had to work to support himself. Father Paul found him a home with Margaret Downey, a
Chicopee teacher who lived in Springfield.
By the end of 1967, Father Paul had established Downey Side with two lawyers, a minister, and a psychologist and psychiatrist. At first the organization established group homes for young people. Within
several years Downey Side made the transition to adoption, becoming the first national adolescent adoption agency. While the strategy changed, the goal was the same: get youths out of foster care, relieve youth
Father Paul says all youths need permanent relationships. They deserve to grow up in families, not foster
homes, because only families can provide stable, loving relationships. Families provide emotional warmth
and intimacy. Foster care cannot give youths the experience of relational bonding that is critical for
healthy development.
As with children who are waiting for adoption, so for his fellow brothers Father Paul seeks to build permanent relationships, creating places of love and spaces for encounter.
Father Paul calls on Capuchin communities to be relational like families, not institutional like foster
homes. He finds support for this in the Franciscan tradition. He quotes from Chapter VI of the Rule of
St. Francis: “[I]f a mother loves and cares for her son according to the flesh, how much more diligently
must someone love and care for his brother according to the Spirit!” It is not enough for friars to “do”
for each other; they are called to show maternal concern, to be emotionally available to one another.
When friars stay together and take time to listen to each other, then they can love and care for each
other according to the Spirit.
Father Paul knows this is not an easy task. It takes time. He encourages new friars to take the opportunity
to develop trusting relationships.
The Capuchin Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. Mary devote their lives
to serving the poor, the tired, the vulnerable—those most in need, following
in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi.
To do this work, our friars depend on the compassionate support of people
like you, who join in their efforts to serve those most in need by contributing
to the Province of St. Mary. In so doing, you become part of our Capuchin
community, an ally in our efforts to care for all of God’s children, wherever they are and whatever their situation.
While gifts of all sizes are gratefully received and carefully expended, we at the Province of St. Mary extend a special thank-you to the members of the Capuchin Giving Societies listed below. God bless every one of you for your
contributions to the tireless work of our Capuchin Franciscan Friars.
Estate of Phyllis Connor
Estate of Betty Rogers
PROVINCIAL CIRCLE ($25,000 - $99,999)
Cronen Living Trust
Estate of Jane S. Goldwasser
Estate of Frank Morrone
Mauro C. Romita Revocable Trust
Ms. Alice Sim
Dr. Edward Toseland
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
BENEFACTOR ($10,000 - $24,999)
Mrs. Maria Bedacht
Mr. Robert J. Brack
Estate of Mary Crovari
Rose and Anthony Fabiano
Estate of Stephanie Frasier
Alan and Kathy Guarino
Fr. Eugene Hornung
Infogroup Inc. and Subsidiaries
PARTNER ($5,000 - $9,999)
Jennifer Antognini-O’Neill and Regis O’Neill
Mark and Theresa Bonney
Ms. Theresa V. Brokowski
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Dethlefs , III
Ms. Donna M. D’Urso
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Estate of William G. Gauthier
Greco Carroll Family LP
Hudson City Savings Bank
Dorothy Lind
Mary Angeline and Dorothy McCrory
Mr. Timothy Moran
Ms. Eleanor Morris
Matthew and Lisa O’Connor
Mr. Howard W. Pickering
Thomas and Julia Powers
Jeremiah and Christina Reen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Santomero
St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Dan and Margie Sullivan
Ms. Marianne Tarraza
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Truncellito
SPONSOR ($1,000 - $4,999)
Anonymous (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Adams
Ms. Donna Alger
Mr. Clive Anderson
Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Atkinson
Estate of Edward Atkinson
Ms. Jane Babbit
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Baldor
Ms. Mabelle (May) O. Bessey
Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP
Ms. Nellie C. Bodis
Eileen Bohan Browne
Boston College
Mrs. Mary Bottalla
Miss. Josephine Brady
Mr. Michael Bronzo
Ms. Constance Brownstein
Mrs. Dorothy Bruecher
Mr. Robert H. Buckley
Mr. John W. Bugler
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Burger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burke
Cabrini Asset Management Inc.
Joseph and Josephine Carbone
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Carreras
Mr. David Cartuyvelles
Ms. Ida T. Caveney
Mr. Hugo J. Cerri
Joseph Chiccarelli
College of New Rochelle
Thomas and Margaret Condon
Constellation Wealth Advisors, LLC
John Creedon
Ms. Irma D. Cruso
William and Mary Curtin
Mr. James Dalton
Mr. Jose M. De Lasa
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. DeStefano
Dwight and Katherine Doscher
Mrs. Anne J. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. John D’Souza
Mr. Mark C. D’Urso
Lisa D’Urso
Ms. Agnes V. Ebaugh
Maryann and David Ellis
Mr. Robert Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fabiano
Mr. Richard Ferrari
Ms. Dolores Finnie
Mr. John Fischer
Mr. CJ Follini
Rev. Moritz Fuchs
Ann Fucito
Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust
Gannett, Welsh & Kotler, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giancristofaro
Ms. Pamela Giannini
Mr. and Mrs. William & Jean Goebelbecker
Mr. Gilbert Gonzalez and Ms. Lynn M. Norton
Matthew and Lorri Gorman
Ms. Elizabeth Gorzynski
Guideposts Foundation
Mr. Joseph Henschel
Mr. Edward Herlihy
Holy Name of Mary
Jeffrey Management
Ms. Susan Johnson
James M. Kelly
Lisa and John Kiernan
Mr. Joseph H. Kwiatkowski and Family
Dr. Daniel A. Langone, M.D.
Carolyn and James Lapham
Mr. Richard J. Lehner Esq.
Constance Lenhart
Miss. Ester S. Lopez
Ms. Josephine Malatestinic
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Maloney
Joseph and Cynthia Mannino
Rocco and Maria Martino
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
Miss. Ruth I. Mathews
Mrs. Ann Matthews
Richard and Elizabeth Maurer
Mr. Anthony Mauriello
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mazzoni
Estate of Kathryn McGarrity
Mrs. Becky McGee
Elizabeth A. McGlade
Ms. Barbara McKay
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. McKenna
Mr. Brian McKeon
Patrick and Ann McMahon
The Medline Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Michael & Rosemary Mikitish
Gordon H. and Karen M. Millner Family Foundation
Sally Moynihan
Mary and James Mullaney
Mr. Raymond J. Murphy
Daniel and Deann Murphy
Mr. Kenneth E. Navan
Mr. Nino Novellino
Ms. Margaret A. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. O’Connor
Ms. Maureen O’Shea
Mr. Denis J. O’Sullivan
Our Lady of Good Counsel Charitable Foundation
Mr. Paul Pagel
Mr. Joe Pater
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Pawlowski
Mr. Luis G. Pelaez
Mr. Anthony J. Pellarin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Piscina
Ms. Lisa A. Pollina
Michael and Leota Poyntz
Stephen and Mary Quintin
Catherine Rein
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reycraft
Patricia Roberts Smith
Mr. Charles A. Robinson
Ms. Maryann Rocus
Mr. Michael Romita
Estate of Elaine Rozek
Ruskin, Moscou & Faltischek, P.C.
Mr. Nicholas F. Russo
Ann Ryan
Sam Love Real Estate LLC
Michael and Mary Sayegh
Mr. William J. Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Franz P. Scheuermann
Mrs. Catherine Schirber
Ms. Angela Scirpo
Daniel and Mary Ann Sheridan
Ms. Adelina Y. Simon
Estate of Frances Smith
Martha and Loring Smith
Deacon Charles J. Smith
Vincent Smyth
Mr. Joseph Solimine
Sprague Energy
St. Columba Church
The Church of St. Denis
St. Francis of Assisi Parish
St. Mary Parish
Ms. Elaine M. Sweeney
Mr. Tracey Tesauro
Mr. Jim Toman
Ms. Patricia A. Tursi
Union That Nothing Be Lost, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Urbanski
Mr. Roy Van Pelt
Ms. Barbara R. Vlasz
George and Elizabeth Vogel
Mr. James Von Bevern
Mr. Thomas P. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ward
Stephen and Lynn Watson
Mr. Robert Weisz
Whalen & Ball Funeral Home
Ronald and Angelina Whalen
Ms. Marilyn Wilkinson
Ms. Donna L. York
Mr. Boniface A. Zaino
Robert and Rosemarie Zimmerer
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Zurell
PATRON ($250 - $999)
Anonymous (23)
A-1 Toyota
Mrs. Barbara Aarons
Ijangmarie Abam-DePass
Mr. Antoine Abed
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Abundo
Ms. Joanne M. Adams
Ms. Linda Adams
Mrs. Cecilia M. Adkins
Ms. Rosemary Adrat
Daniel P. Adrat
Ms. Maria Afonso
Mrs. Mary Agostini
Mr. Thomas Ahern
Ms. Julia H. Ahn
Ms. Antoinett Akanewich
Ms. Dorothy Akin
Ms. Mary Albanese
Mr. Frank J. Alcamo
Ms. Esther Alegria
Mr. John D. Alesio
Dr. Rodney H. Allen, OFS
James and Bonnie Alloy
Ms. R. M. Alpine
Elizabeth Alvarado
Ms. Barbara Alvarez
Miss. Mary Anne Alvino
Mr. Jerome F. Amend
Mrs. Gertrude M. Amesbury
Andrew Amico
Mrs. Evelyn Amoroso
Ms. Antonetta Andreottola
Vincent and Una Andrews
Mrs. Mary Ellen Andriano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Angelica
Mrs. Consuelo Aninias, M.D.
Mr. Louis Annunziata
Mrs. Gloria Annunziato
Jack And N Antedomentco
Mrs. Jean Anthony
Mrs. Helen D. Antonelli
Apple Bank for Savings
Mrs. Kathryn M. Archer
Mr. James D. Arden
Ms. Cynthia Arndt
Mrs. Joyce Arnold
Mrs. Mary E. Arnold
Ms. Annie Arraya
Tatiana Arroyo
Ms. Kathryn A. Aschenbrenner
Mr. Herbert C. Aston
Mrs. Rosemarie Austin
Ms. Imelda Austria
Mrs. Carole J. Badalati
Mr. and Mrs. James Badeau
Mrs. Rose M. Bahret
Mr. William Baker
Mr. Charles Balek
Ms. Anne M. Balfe
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Ball
Ms. Eileen M. Banghart
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Bansley
Miss Irene M. Barattini
Ms. Mary Barbato-Burk
Michael and Mary Lou Barnes
Kelsey F. Baron
Ms. Gena Baron
Ms. Loretta Baronowski
Mrs. Maryann Barr
Ms. Maureen M. Barrett
Ms. Angela M. Barry
Mr. John Barry
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Barthelette
Ms. Corazon M. Bartolome
Mrs. Geraldine Basar
Ms. Gloria Basile
Fred and Patricia Bass
Ms. Mary J. Bastian
Mr. Joseph E. Baumgartner, Jr.
Mr. David K. Bechtold III
Mrs. Delia Beckett
Mr. Thomas Beer
Mr. Michael C. Behan
Ms. Betty A. Behr
Mr. Thomas Belardo
Mr. and Ms. David P. Bell
Ms. Gloria Bella
Mr. Richard Bellew
Anthony Bellino
Ms. Jean A. Bello
Ms. Augusta H. Belmonte
Miss. Zenaida A. Bendicio
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bendon
Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Benoit SFO
Mrs. Mary J. Benson
Mrs. Evangeline Bents
Mrs. Mary Anne Bernard
Mrs. Ellen H. Bettencourt
The Betwarda Family
Ms. Elizabeth M. Beudert
Mrs. Mary Lou Beyer
Raymond J. Biddiscombe
Timothy Bilello
Joseph Bilello
Ms. Maria J. Bilello
Michael and Jane Bilello
Jane and Michael Bilello
Ms. Elaine Bilello
Mrs. Rosemary Bilgrien
Louis and Patricia Bisso
Ms. Jerilynn Bittner
Mr. Robert V. Blasiotti
Miss Elizabeth M. Blejwas
Mr. Fred Bloom
Ms. Jolan B. Bloss
Mrs. Leona Bludau
Mr. Thomas G. Bobee
Leonard and Claudia Boccia
Ms Mary Bockman
Mr. Paul Bogdon
Mr. Edward Bohan
Ms. Ellen Bonacorsi
Mrs. Karen Bonillo
Miss Patricia Bonomi
Bennetts Bookkeeping
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Borelli
Mrs. Marie E. Borrelli
Ms. Bridgette Boucher
Ms. Carol L. Bourdette
Elite Bourque
Mrs. Irene Boutiette
Ms. Rosemarie Boutilier
Ms. Samantha R. Bowers
Sally B. Boyer
Ms. Patricia Brazil
Mr Joseph Breglia
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Brennan
Mr. James G. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brennan
Asa Brigandi
Thomas and Julie Brinkmann
Dr. Brian Brooks
Renee Broussard
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Brown
Ms. Linda Brown
Mrs. Deirdre Brown
Mr. Michael A. Brown
Ms. Lisa Brown
Ms. Monica Bruenn
Ms. Imelda Bruney
Bruni and Campisi Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Mr. Donald D. Bruno
Patrick J. Bubel
Ms. Margery Budniak
Mr. Robert Burke
Mr. John Burke
Mrs. Clarence J. Burke
Ms. Margrith Burlet
Mr. Paul Burton
Mrs. Florence Busta
Carol and Walter Butler
Ms. Mary Butte
Ms. Theresa J. Byrne
Mr. Robert P. Byrne
Mr. Joseph Cabral
Ms. Teresita Cabrera
Ms. Evangeline Cagas
Mrs. Bettina Caiola
Mr. John Calimano
Mrs. Joan Callahan
Mr. Dan Calmes
Mrs. Maria DiMeo Calvelli and\ Mr. John Calvelli
Mr. Fely V. Camarines
Ms. Jacqueline Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Campau
Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell
Fr. W.D. Campbell
Mr. Charles B. Campbell
Ms. Theresa A. Cangelosi
Mrs. Barbara Cannon
Mr. James Cannon
Ms Cecilia Cardenas
Javier Cardenas and Clara Osorio
Mr. Anthony Cardinal
Michele and William Carey
Mr. David E. Carey
Anne Carfora
Caritas Fleet Services Inc.
Mr. David Carr
Miss. Marie A. Carraro
Mrs. Joanne Carter
Mr. William Carter
Law Offices Cartiglia, Connolly & Russo
Ms. Emily F. Caruso
Jo Ann Caruso
Annemarie Casale
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Casazza
Ms. Mary A. Cassard
Miss Christine A. Castiello
Mr. Sergio L. Castillo
Mrs. Margaret Cataldo
Mrs. Cornelia F. Catera
Mrs. Marianne Cattier
Ms. Angela Cefaloni
Mr. Francis Celano
Dolores and Steve Celeste
C.G. Hughes Company, LLC
Ms. Rosemary Chacko
Mr. Jeffrey W. Chalovich
Mr. Mark Chalupsky
Alexandra Chaves
Estate of Rose Marie T. Cherico
Mrs. Judy Chiacchio
Mr. Louis A. Chiappe,Jr.
Mr. Frank Chimienti
Ms. Veronica Chiofolo
Mr. and Mrs. Elton Chongasing
Ms. Rebecca Chuney
Church of the Magdalene
Mr. Nicholas Cianci
Aurelia Ciavarro
Mrs. Marie R. Cimino
Mrs. Madeline Cipollone
Mr. Brian G. Clancy
Ms. Elizabeth A. Clark
Mrs. Mary Cleary
Ms. Margaret Cleary
Ms. Virginia T. Clines
Ms. Philomena Cobino
Mr. John A. Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Cogen
Chris Cohen
Cohn Reznick
Dr. Ann Raia Colaneri
Mr. Anthony S. Colao
Mrs. Anna Colasuonno
Ms. Madeline L. Cole
Ms. Antoinette Cole
Mrs. Letitia M. Cole
Greg and Adrienne Coleman
Mr. Robert Coleman
Mrs. Rose Marie Colletti
Mr. Nicholas Conca
Ms. Mary I. Condora
Ms. Christine Connolly
Mr. Michael J. Conticchio
Mrs. Mary S. Conway
Mrs. Mona G. Coogan
Constance J. Cook
Ms. Patricia R. Cooney
Mr. David Corcoran
Ms. Evelyn Core
Mr. Albert Cornachio , III
Ms. Maureen Cornicelli
Mrs. Nona Cortina
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Costa
Dr. and Mrs. John Costello
Mr. Gustave C. Coté
John and Marie Coughlin
Mrs. Dorothy Courtney
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Cox
Mr. & Mrs. George Cox
Mr. Joe Coyne
Mr. Giovanni Cracchiolo
Mrs. Eileen Craig
Mr. Bill Craig
Ms. Bernadette Crawford
Ms. Dorothy A. Creamer
Ms. Elisabeth Cremers
Asela and Jesus Crisostomo
Ms. Dorothy S. Crooks
Ms. Catherine J. Crowley
Rev. Suzanne M. Culhane
Ms. Tanya L. Culligan
Mimi Cummings
Ms. Carlen J. Curry
Pat Custode
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Cybulski
Ms. Anne Dal Col
Ms. Heather M. Dalena
Mr. Richard E. Daly
Francine G. D’Amato
Dr. Gerald Danaher
Jerry M. Dangler
Nubby Daniels
Mr. Charles A. Daniels
Gregory T. Dantzman Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Darcy
Mr. Kenneth Dargis
Mr. William J. Darney Jr.
Ms. Geraldine H. Daunt
John and Toni D’Auria
Edward and Patricia Davey
Mrs. Theresa Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald De Carlo
Ms. Hilda De La Barrera
Ernesto and Aimee De La Garza
Ms. Edith De Martini
Mrs. Parin De Mel
Mr. Lenny De Rosa
Ms. Josephine J. De Stefano
Mr. Michael Debellas
Mr. Walter J. Dec
Mr. Paul DeCleva
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dee
Ms. Marie A. Defenthis
Ms. Joan DeFreitas Gellman
Barbara DeJesus
Ms. Olga Del Rossi
Mrs. Myrna Deleon
Linda and Michael Delia
Mr. Gabriele Delmonaco
Ms. Anne Delvin
Dr. and Mrs. John Dempsey
Ms. Shirley Deponceau
Ms. Morella Derosa and Mr. Joseph Zimmerman
Ms. Laura Desmarais
Linda and John Devaney
Ms. Allison R. Devaney
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Devanney
Mr. James L. Devine
Cindy Di Meo
Ms. Kathryn Di Minico
Mr. Dominic Di Pietro
Ms. Vita Dicarlo
Mr. Dominick DiFrisco
Ms. Mary E. Diglio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiLeo
Anna N. Dimaiuta
Ms. Mary Dino
Domenico Disanzo
Saint John Bread of Life
Food Pantry.
Ms. Sandra Disomma
Margaret Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. George Dlugozima
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Doherty
Mr. Francis G. Dolan
Ms. Doris Dombeck
Mrs. Anna E. Dominguez
Mr. Francis J. Donahue
Mrs. Susana T. Donaire
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Donegan, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy Donnellan
Ms. Kathleen Donohue
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Donovan
Mr & Mrs. Edward Donovan
Robert and Dorothy Dorsey
Mr. David Dortch
Mr. John Dowd
Mr. Bob Dowling
Mrs. Norma Downer OFS
Ms. Dorothy Doyle
Ms. Jane Dragone
Mrs. Patricia Drescher
Mr. Alfred W. Drumm
Patrick and Mary Duane
Mr. Ronald Duda
Gabriel J. Duden
Ms. Roseanne Duignan
Mr. Raymond J. Dukes
Mr. Steven J. Dunham
Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Dunlap
Mr. William H. Dunn
Mr. John P. Dunn
Mr. Francis J. Duponte
Ms. Jeanette Durbin
William H. Durdan
Mrs. Ralph Durso
Raymond and Lila Dustin
Mr. Joseph Dwyer
Ms. A C. Dwyer
Mrs. Maureen K. Dwyer-Robertson
Mrs. Mathilde M. Easley
Ms. Lorraine Easty
Mrs. Marian Ebert
Mr. George Edgington
Benjamin F. Edwards & Co
Mr. Joseph A. Egrie
Mr. John Endres
Fidelis Engel
Ms. Kaitlin Enright
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Eschmann
Mr. Frank L. Espinosa
Mrs. Marie T. Esselmann
Mr. James Esser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Estony
Mrs. Umbellina Evans
Ms. Julie R. Fabiano
Mr. George J. Fabiano
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Fabricatore
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fahey
Ms. Jean Faicco
Ms. Caroline Falvo
Ellen and Rocco Fanelli
Ms. Dawn Farm-Ramsey
Eugene and Doris Farrell
Mr. Jonathan Farrell
Brian Farrell, Jr.
Mrs. Mary E. Fawcett
Mr. Robert Fazen
Ms. Gina Febbie
Mr. & Mrs. Fee
Ms. Nora Feeney
Mrs. Maria Teresa Fellizar
Timothy R. Fenton
Mrs. Vivian Ferenc
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Feyler
Ms. Mary Lou Ficke
Ms. Jeanne Fiely
Mr. & Mrs. Omelio L. Figueredo
Anthony and Irene Filossa
Ms Joan Finnegan
Ms. Margaret A. Fiore
FISC Solutions
Mr. Dick Fischbach
Ms. Greta M. Fischer
Mrs. V T. Fitzgerald
Mr. Edward J. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Marlene Fitzsimmons
Ms. Jean Flacke
Ms. Emily L. Flaherty
Elizabeth and Michael Flaherty
Mrs. Joan M. Flanagan
Mr. Thomas J. Fleming
Mr. William J. Fleming
Ms. Susan Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flood
Carole Flood
Mr. David Flores
Mr. Antonio Flores
Ms. Nicoletta M. Florio
Mr. James F. Flynn
Mr. Kevin G. Flynn
Mr. Michael B. Fogarty
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Foley
Ms. Cristina Fontanelli
Ms. Diane Fontelli
Mrs. Dorothy C. Forbes
Ms. Alberta Ford
Foresight Technology Group
Mr. Francis A. Forgione
Mr. Felix Foss
Mrs. William J. Foster
Mr. Richard Fox
Mrs. Angela Fox
Ms. Lilia Francisco
Ms. Carrie Fronczyk
Frank and Maureen Froton
Ms. Barbara A. Fruehwirth
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Frye
Ms. Herta C. Fuchs
Ms. Florence N. Fukumoto
Mrs. Judith E. Funkhouser
Maria Rita Furtado
Mrs. Virginia Gaffney
Mr. Edwin S. Gagas
Ms. Mary Gallagher
Ms. Shirley A. Gallagher
Mr. Daniel Gallagher
Ms. Rita L. Gallen
Mr. Ronald L. Gamache
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ganim
Ms. Roseanne Garavan-Oskielunas
Sra. Margarit Garcia
Mrs. Petra Garcia
Mr. Paul Garretto
Ms. Barbara Gase
Ms. Michelle M. Gauthier
Ms. Edna Gengo
Ms. Mary Ellen Genovese
Mr. Eugene P. Gentile
Ms. Annette M. Geoffrion
Mr. Christopher S. George
Ms. Diane Geraghty
Mr. Denis M. Geraghty
Ms. Mary L. Gerloff
Mrs. Renee V. German
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gerondel
Ms. Kathy Gerrets
Miss. Deborah Gibbs
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Gibney
Ms. Helen Gilfedder
Mr. Larry N. Gillard and Ms. Ashley Johnson
Rev. Joseph D. Girone
Mr. Marshall Glanville
Mr. Roger J. Glennon
Ms. Frances F. Goins
Charles Zbynek and Lucia Gold
Mr. Zbynek A. Gold
Ms. Jennifer Gold
Nick R. Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Goldwasser
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Goldwasser
Mr. Gustavo Gomez
Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo J. Gonzalez
Mrs. Cary Gonzalez
Donald J. Goodall
Ms. Mary Lynn Gordon
Mrs. Margaret W. Gorman
Mr. Gregory P. Gorski
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Goss
Dr. Francis Gouin
Mrs. Arlene D. Grady
Mrs. Frances Gramegna
Mr. John Grant
Mrs. and Mr. Sally T. Gravino
Ms. Janet G. Graviss
Ms. Veronica Grech
Ms. Rebecca Grech
Albertine A. Green
Ms. Catherine M. Green
Mr. Ned Greene
Ms. Audrey E. Greene
Ms. Tara Grieshop
Mr. Joseph J. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Griffin
Christopher C. Guarino
Ms. Ruth M. Guevara
Paul and Lori Guillaro
Ms. Maria Elena Guittari
Ms. Marie Guterres
Mr. Frederick Guttilla
Mr. Robt V. Haas
Mr. William C. Haas
Ms. Olivia B. Habacon
Mr. Kenneth Haberle
Mrs. Mary Haddican
Deacon & Mrs. Joseph Hafemann
Maria Antonia Hager
George and Catherine Haluska
Ms. Dorothy Halweg
Ms. Maxine Hameister
Ms. Shannon L. Hammer
Mr. Kenneth L. Hammond
Mrs. Alice Hanley
Mr. William L. Hannon
Ms. Margaret Hanrahan
Mr. George Harbeck
Mr. James Harkins
Mr. John Harney
Ms. Christine S. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Harrington
Ms. Margaret M. Harrington
Mr. Brian Harrington
Ms. Marie Harrow
Ms. Claire Marie Hart
Capuchin Youth &
Family Ministries.
Mr. Martin F. Hartkopf
Mr. Vincent P. Hatton
Ms. Mary Haughney
Hawaii Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hayes Jr
Ms. Peggyanne M. Hecker
Mrs. Monica Heid
Mrs. Margaret Heinrich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Heiss
Joe and Jeanette Heller
Ms. Harriett Helmes
Ms. Caroline L. Hendrickson
Miss. Margaret Heneghan
Michele and Timothy Henning
Marie L. Henning
William and Mary Henson
Mrs. Genevieve Herbst
Mr. Philippus H. Herkata
C. Hernandez
Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. John Hinds
Ms. Theda R. Hines
Mrs. Lorraine L. Hirth
Roger & Marjorie and Hockert
Ms. Lilia E. Hoddinott
Ms. Valerie A. Hoffmann
Ms. Mary H. Hohman
Anson and Judith Hokett
Mr. Stephen Holland
Ms. Cheryl F. Holt
Mrs. Theresa Honan
Mr. Robert C. Hoover
Ms. Margarita A. Hoover
Ms. Mary T. Hopkins
Ms. Shannon Horan
Mrs. Thomas Hourican
Mr. Alan Howes
Mr. Timothy Hulbert
Richard and Deana P. Huminski
Ms. Eunyoung Hur
Mrs. Agnes T. Hurley
Ms. Bridget Hyland
Mr. Kenneth Hynes
Ms. Donna Iacobelli
Ms. Lois Iannelli
IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign
Mr. Walter Ife
Immaculate Conception Parish
Antonio R. Infante
Mrs. Linda Inglima
Mrs. Antoniette Iorio
Ms Maria Ippolito
Ms. Bernadette M. Jablunovsky
Doug E. Jackson
Mrs. Lily Jalinos
Ms. Bernice James
Mark and Nancy Janeczko
Mark T. Janeczko Attorney at Law
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Jareckas
Ms. Maria Jastrzebski
Olivia Jez-Belden
JMT Consulting Group, Inc.
Mr. Philip John
Jehane Johnson
Ruby Johnson
Ms. Eileen K. Johnson
Sanford and Theresa Johnson
Ms. Elizabeth Johnson
Ms. Cynthia Johnston
Ms. Margaret M. Jones
Dr. L. Jones, D.D.S.
Ms. Annemarie Jones
Mr. Dennis M. Jones
Mrs. Mary Julian
Mr. James Kalmer
Ms. Deborah M. Kapetanakis
Ms. Yvonne M. Kapfhamer
Mrs. Anne Kappelmeier
Mr. George F. Kaspar
Ms. Gloria A. Kazoroski
Mr. Joseph P. Kearney and Mrs. Joan A. Kearney
Ms. Rebecca Keating
Mrs. Marilyn Kebea
Mr. & Mrs. John Keegan
Mrs. Carmel Kelleher
Harvey and Andree Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Mrs. William Kelly, Jr.
Kempa Family
Mr. Thomas H. Kennedy
Ms. Sylvia Kentgens
Mr. Richard L. Kenyon
Deborah Keppel
Mr. Gerard Keppel
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Kern
Mr. John J. Kiernan
Mary S. Kilcoyne
James F. Kilkenny
Dr. Joan Kinlan
Mrs. Marlene Kirsch
Mrs. Veronica Kirtland
Ms. Mary E. Klebans
Mr. Paul R. Klepacz
Mr. Robert H. Klingele
Knights of Columbus Council #7460
James and Claudia Kolar
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Korn
Ms. Linda M. Korpusik
Mrs. Mary Koshek
Ms. Barbara Kozak
Ms. Joanna Kozuch
Ms. Mary Kral
Ms. Maria Krasanakis
Mrs. Mary Kraus
Mr. George J. Krause
Mrs. Florence Krekel
Kelly Kret
Mary T. Kret
Ms. Bernadette Kruppa
Mr. Joseph P. Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kubat
M. J. Kuebler
Ms. Carol Ann J. Kuklo
Ms. Barbara Kulaga
Mrs. Patricia Kulju
Mr. William Kulls
John Kulowiec
Deacon F P. Kurmay
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Kutner
Mr. John Kuveikis
Mrs. Antonia T. Kuzler-Healy
Ms. Mary Kwan
Mr. Richard A. Lacroix
Mr. Guy S. Lafauci
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lahoud
Roger and Roseanne Lamarca
Mrs. Mafalda LaMarca
Mrs. Catherine M. Lamb
Mr. James Lamberti
The Lambos Firm, LLP
Mr. Anthony LaMura
Robert Lancelotta
Ms. Matilda F. Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Constance Lanterman
Ms. Felicidad G. Lao
Ms. Lauren D. Laporta, M.D.
Ms. Donna Larivee
Randy and Donna Larson
Mrs. Dorothy Latell
Mr. James P. Lavelle
Thomas and Elizabeth Lavin
Mr. Joseph Lawless
Mr. Walter S. Lazuka
Mr. Quang Le
Ms. Toi V. Le
Mr. Charles M. Lechliter
Patricia Lee Johns
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Light of Christ Catholic Church
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Mr. Kenneth Loging
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Ms. Monica Luppino
Mrs. Karen Lynch
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Ms. Joan T. Macdonald
Ms. Elaine MacEro
Mr. Rene R. Mack
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Mrs Sharon Madsen
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Ms. Margaret Mahon
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Ms. Nancy Maki
Mr. Michael Malagiero
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Ms. Carolyn Masters
Ms. Rose M. Mastrostefano
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Thomas and Rita Mazzarella
Mr. Luigi J. Mazzella
Ms. Eleonora M. Mazzola
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Mrs. Eileen McCabe
Ms. Joan M. McCabe
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McClellan Sotherby’s International Realty
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Sacred Heart Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sajdak
Maureen Salamone and Joann Prevetti
Mrs. Helen L. Salas
Mr. Michael V. Salerno
Rosina Salerno
Peace conference in Pretoria, South Africa, sponsored by the Province and organized by the Order’s Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Commission.
Sra Ana M. Salgado Micheo
Mr. Louis Salomone and Mrs. Annette Salomone
Louis and Annette Salomone
Ms Ruth Sampson
Nicholas San Martino
Ms. Blanca Sanchez
Ms. Carmen Sanchez-Latour
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Mr Michael Solinger
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Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Spadaccini
St. Ann Parish
St. Bonaventure University School of Franciscan Studies
St. Francis Fraternity
Saint John’s Seminary
Church of St. John--St. Joachim
St. Kateri Tekawitha Church
St. Lawrence of Brindisi Fraternity,SFO
St. Theresa, Our Lady of the Wayside Parish
Miss. Joanne Stack
Mr. Sheldon Stahl
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Carl J. Stamm
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Mr. Peter C. Zervalis
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zgnilec
Mrs. Laura Zimmer
Bailey Zimmitti
Ms. Mary J. Zinni
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Zotto
The friars of Holy Cross-Saint John the Baptist Parish in New York City
chaperone annual pilgrimages to Rome. But this year’s pilgrimage was
special. The veneration of Saints Leopold and Pio, the tribute paid to the
Capuchins, and the “mandating” of the Missionaries of Mercy gave them
unusual access to His Holiness The Pope. Fr. John Baptist Riordan, parochial vicar at Holy Cross-Saint John, had the privilege of an up-close-andpersonal encounter with Francis.
I made pilgrimage to Rome from Feb. 4 to 11, with 74 persons from
Holy Cross-Saint John the Baptist Parish and Immaculate Conception
Parish/Bishop Molloy Retreat House, which is staffed by the Passionist
priests in Jamaica Estates, Queens.
Fr. John Baptist Riordan, O.F.M. Cap.
Our delegation attended Masses at the four major basilicas and at the Capuchin Church of the Immaculate
Conception (Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini), which is located across from the Hotel Imperiale,
where we stayed.
Padre Pio Prayer Groups came from all over the world for an audience with Pope Francis on Saturday morning,
Feb. 6. There is much to be seen while sitting in St. Peter’s Square, viewing the grandeur of the Church in motion.
The key day was Tuesday, Feb. 9. Early in the morning, 1,200 Capuchins from around the world joined Pope
Francis at St. Peter’s Basilica for a concelebrated Mass in their honor. It did not make a difference to me that the
language of the Mass was Italian. The setting was the altar in front of where the Chair of Peter is located!
Later that day, in the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis addressed hundreds of the priests who would be “mandated”
as Missionaries of Mercy for this special and blessed year, the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.
Because I had been walking around for a while, I was given the privilege of using the lift (elevator) to get to the
room where the pope would be speaking. The big surprise for me was to be able to sit in the front row of the
audience. After he finished speaking, Francis greeted each of us in the front row! He came to each one of us with
that warm smile that we see often in pictures and on TV. I bowed, and we embraced.
On Ash Wednesday, we returned for the special Mass in which over 1,100 priests received their mandate and
faculties for this jubilee year. It truly was a great way of celebrating Ash Wednesday and beginning the season of
It is now a time to conserve the many memories caught by the camera of the heart and soul. I am grateful for this
opportunity to meet Pope Francis, who, for many, is a good sign of renewal, inspiration, and encouragement far
beyond the walls of the Eternal City.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Province Directory
New York
Our Lady of Sorrows Friary & Parish
Province Mission
213 Stanton Street
St. Joachim Friary
New York, NY 10002
Capuchin Franciscan Residence
61 Leonard Street
Phone: 212-475-2321
24 North Raymond Road
Beacon, NY 12508
Phone: 845-838-0000
Gray, ME 04039
St. John the Baptist Friary & Parish
213 West 30th Street
St. Michael Friary
New York, NY 10001
282 Warwick Street
Phone: 212-564-9070
Phone: 207-657-7075
St. Peter Friary & Parish
Brooklyn, NY 11207
St. Conrad Friary & Provincialate
134 Convent Avenue
30 Gedney Park Drive
Rutland, VT 05701
St. Joseph The Worker Friary & Parish
White Plains, NY 10605
Phone: 802-775-1994
510 Narragansett Avenue
Phone: 914-761-3008
Phone: 718-827-6990
East Patchogue, NY 11772
Phone: 631-286-7921
Sacred Heart Friary & Parish
110 Shonnard Place
San Lorenzo Friary
Capuchin Youth & Family Ministry
Yonkers, NY 10703
1802 Sky Drive; PO Box 247
781 Route 9D; PO Box 192
Phone: 914-375-8230
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Garrison, NY 10524
Phone: 845-424-3609
Phone: 805-688-5630
St. Clare Friary
110 Shonnard Place
St. Fidelis Friary
Yonkers, NY 10703
7790 County Road 153
Phone: 914-423-2392
Interlaken, NY 14847
Phone: 607-532-4423
St. Joseph Friary & Parish
San Lorenzo Friary
34 South Chestnut Street
15 Montebello Road
New Paltz, NY 12561
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: 845-255-5635
Phone: 617-983-1919
Capuchin Charisms:
St. John XXIII Friary
FRATERNITY of the friars
7171 128th Street North
Seminole, FL 33776
Custody of the
Star of the Sea
St. Fidelis Friary
Capuchin Vocation Office
St. Francis of Assisi Friary
135 Chalan Kapuchino
110 Shonnard Place
46 Brookside Avenue
Agana Heights, Guam 96910
Yonkers, NY 10703
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: 671-472-6339
Phone: 914-375-8230
Phone: 617-522-6469
Capuchin Development Office
Custody of Japan
St. Francis Friary & Parish
New York, NY 10001
St. Pius X Friary & Parish
1 Aza Oroku
Phone: 212-564-0759
310 Westfield Street
Naha City, Okinawa
Middletown, CT 06457
Japan 901-0152
Phone: 860-347-4441
Phone: 011-81-98-857-3795
Capuchin Holy Cross Residence
329 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
New Hampshire
Phone: 212-246-4732
St. Anne–St. Augustin Friary & Parish
Good Shepherd Friary & Parish
383 Beech Street
608 Isham Street
Manchester, NH 03103
New York, NY 10034
Phone: 603-623-8809
Here in the Northeast United States,
the Province of St. Mary serves through
any number of institutions dedicated
to the service of real human needs
and the proclamation of God’s love.
Urban, suburban, and rural; poor, blue
collar, and middle class; Latino, Asian,
and Engligh-speaking - the friars can
be found living amid all these diverse
Phone: 727-397-0011
210 West 31st Street
The needs of the poor and the demands
of justice shape our every
ministerial endeavor. We attempt to
promote the equality of all people
within our fraternity, in the churches
dedicated to the gospel of Christ, and
in the larger world. Capuchin friars
minister in a wide variety of settings.
Service to people of a variety of cultures
in North America and around the globe
have allowed us to witness God at work
in countless ways.
joins them in their common goals
and taps into their unique talents to
most efficiently operate their own
community as well as the
communities they serve.
MINORITY has enabled them
to walk with the people they serve
and be accepted as one of
their own.
they set aside time to reflect upon
the progress and direction of their
mission and to listen to God’s
guidance in their mission.
MINISTRY has led the Capu-
chins to appeal to and often allay
the hunger, despair, and
loneliness of those among whom
Christ would have walked.
Phone: 212-567-1300
St. Clare Friary
are uniquely Capuchin because
an essential part of the mission of
St. Francis was to strive for all of
God’s creation to live in peace and
NEW YORK, NY 10001-2876
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