Card Reader Screens


Card Reader Screens
Card Reader Screens
Touch card below.
Please wait. Your payment is
processing. Don’t touch again.
Your transit value balance
is below $10.00. Proceed.
Your pass is expiring in less
than three days. Proceed.
Your card wasn’t read or charged.
Please touch it again.
There is a negative balance on the account and no valid pass.
There is a valid pass but account has a balance of at
least –$10.00
Card is reported lost or stolen.
You touched your card more than once
and it wasn’t charged a second time.
You tried to utilize multi-ride but didn’t tell the
bus driver. (Up to seven rides within five minutes are
allowed if account isn’t negative. Alert bus driver first.)
Your Ventra Card/Ticket or bankcard
has reached its expiration date.
You were not charged.
You have an unusual issue with your card/
ticket. You must call 1.877.NOW.VENTRA or
visit the Ventra Customer Service Center.
You are using your Card to pay for someone eligible for a
reduced fare. (children ages 7-11, seniors, etc.)
On trains, tell the attendant that you need pay a reduced fare
and they’ll touch their card to make this screen appear.
On buses, tell the driver that you need to pay a reduced fare
and they’ll hit a button to make this screen appear.
You’re paying for a multi-ride on a bus.
1) Touch your card and the screen says “Go.”
2) Tell the driver you want to pay for someone’s ride, and driver will hit “multi-ride” button to bring up this screen. You can pay for up to seven riders within five minutes.