Invisible Braces


Invisible Braces
Tell your dentist how
you would like to improve
your smile with C-Thru
invisible braces.
Invisible Braces...
...for the perfect smile
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April 15
Don’t let your smile hold
you back...
Your first steps to
a perfect smile...
How much does C-Thru cost?
C-Thru is the most cost effective clear brace system
in the UK. Your dentist will determine what the actual
cost of your specific treatment will be.
Is Finance available?
Yes, finance is available to stage payments if required.
Ask your dentist for details.
Are they really C-Thru?
Yes. The positioners are made of clear plastic material.
Will C-Thru affect my speech?
No, because there is nothing in the palate to obstruct
the tongue so speech is unaffected.
You should be proud of
your teeth and con dent
to smile.
A winning smile is the key to confidence, happiness
and success.
C-thru positioners can help you achieve a perfect
smile. C-thru positioners are virtually invisible,
are made from lightweight plastic, and easy to wear.
The C-Thru positioners only need to be removed
for eating, brushing and flossing.
Ask your dentist for a
C-Thru Assessment.
From the assessment the dentist will be able to tell
you approximately how long your treatment will take
(the average is between 6-12 months) depending
on the degree of tooth movement required and the
number of positioner stages.
Are they for adults only?
No. Provided all the adult teeth are in place the
C-Thru positioners can be used by teenagers.
ArchformByte Limited
76 Tyler Street, Shef eld, S9 1DH, UK
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The duration of treatment is dependent on the
number of C-Thru stages. Each stage is worn
for approximately 2 weeks until the positioner
becomes loose fitting, when the next stage is

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