The Face of Smile Makeovers: Dr. John A.Weierbach, II


The Face of Smile Makeovers: Dr. John A.Weierbach, II
The Face of Smile Makeovers:
Dr. John A.Weierbach, II
A smile is the first thing people notice about each other, according to many
studies, says Lancaster’s Dr. John Weierbach. He should know—not only is
he a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, but he is also a prosthodontist,
a specialist in complex dental cases. Simply put, “we create a lot of smile
makeovers—it’s our specialty,” he explains.
In practice for more than 25 years, Weierbach says the most important
part of his practice is listening to patients and addressing their concerns.
“Through diagnosis work and a report of findings, we give patients options,
including financial options,” he says. “We want to do work that stands the test of
time, is comfortable, and looks beautiful and natural.”
Services range from porcelain veneers and crowns to whitening,
dental implants, and dentures. Weierbach also treats patients with sleep
apnea and TMJ disorders including bruxism, and can create custom appliances.
Highly specialized work includes patients with cleft lip and palate, as well as full
mouth reconstruction.
Weierbach credits his education at the University of Pennsylvania
“from some of the great masters” with providing a foundation in “very sound
principles that last over time.” Additionally, he considers himself a lifetime
learner, keeping up with cutting-edge digital technology in order to better serve
his patients.
“Co-treatment” is the approach he takes—“It’s the patient, myself and
our awesome team, all working together to get to the end result,” he says.
“Patients often become like family; you create a bond.”
Weierbach recalls the case of a recent patient who had undergone bariatric
surgery and lost close to 100 pounds. With her high school reunion coming up,
she wanted to improve her smile. “Her teeth were very discolored and broken
down. We did some temporary crowns digitally…she looked in the mirror, said
she felt beautiful, and started weeping. We get that a lot…but making patients
happy and seeing them smile…it never gets old.”
Dr. John A. Weierbach, II | 160 North Pointe Boulevard, Suite 203 | Lancaster, PA 17601 | | 717-560-9190

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