Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren 1935 – 2010



Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren 1935 – 2010
Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren 1935 – 2010
Op 3 september 1935 werd de NVvA opgericht.
Doel was “de menschen voor het oude boek en de
oude prent warm te maken. Het publiek kan meer
opgevoed worden voor het boek en de terugslag zal
tevens zijn meer waardeering voor de antiquaar.”
Nu, 75 jaar later, is dit streven actueler dan ooit.
Boek, prent en kaart zijn papieren uitingen van onze
cultuur. En de antiquaar maakt het mogelijk dat
eenieder zich ermee kan omringen.
Al is deze vijfde gemeenschappelijke NVvA-catalogus
weer dikker dan de vorige, toch geeft ze een beperkte
indruk van wat de leden van onze Vereeniging te
bieden hebben. Uiteraard moet u niet nalaten ook te
snuffelen op hun websites en in hun winkels.
Nu het papier in de verdrukking raakt en onze
cultuur steeds ‘virtueler’ dreigt te worden, moet de
boekenwereld de krachten bundelen. Daarom hebben
de twee antiquaren-verenigingen van ons land, de
BOB (Bond van Handelaren in Oude Boeken) en de
NVvA, besloten dit jaar gezamenlijk naar buiten te
treden. Weliswaar in aparte zalen, maar onder één
dak, presenteren zij zich op de 31e Amsterdam Book,
Map & Print Fair van 29 tot 30 oktober a.s.
Meer informatie hierover achterin de catalogus.
Julius Steiner dank ik voor zijn onverflauwde hulp.
Mijn speciale dank gaat uit naar Josine Mulder, die
deze catalogus grotendeels heeft voorbereid.
Frank Rutten, secretaris NVvA
De NVvA is aangesloten bij de International League
of Antiquarian Booksellers, hetgeen o.a. inhoudt dat
op al onze verkopen een garantie geldt. Meer hierover
kunt U vinden in de ‘Code of Ethics’ op onze website:
The Dutch Association of Antiquarian Booksellers
(NVvA) was founded on 3 September 1935. One of
its aims was “to make people enthusiastic about old
books and old prints. The public may be better
educated for the book and the result will be a higher
esteem for the antiquarian bookseller.” Seventy-five
years on, this aspiration is as urgent as ever.
Books, prints and maps are manifestations on paper of
our culture. And it is the antiquarian bookseller who
makes it possible for anyone to acquire a part of it.
This fifth joint catalogue of the NVvA, although
more extensive than previous ones, gives only a very
limited idea of the range of material the members of
our Association have to offer. For a more
comprehensive view please explore their websites and
visit their shops.
In these times, with ‚virtual‘ culture looming ever more
threateningly, the ‚world of the book‘ must rally its
The two Dutch antiquarian booksellers associations
(BOB - Union of Dealers in Old Books - and the
NVvA) have therefore decided to unite in presenting
together, on separate floors, but under one roof, the
31st Amsterdam Book, Map & Print Fair from
October 29 to October 30.
See the rear of this catalogue for further information.
My thanks to Julius Steiner for his continuous help,
and my special thanks to Josine Mulder who for the
greater part prepared this catalogue.
Frank Rutten, secretary NVvA
The NVvA is affiliated with the International League
of Antiquarian Booksellers, which means i.a. that all
our sales are covered by a guarantee. See our ‚Code of
Ethics’ at or
E.H. Ariëns Kappers
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Jode, Gerard de
(after Marten de Vos).
The spies carrying off the fruit from
Canaan. Antwerp, Gerard de Jode,
1585. ca. 34 x 26 cm; plate-size 19.4 x
26.1 cm. At centre, two men carrying a
branch with a large cluster of grapes
from Canaan and crossing a river;
behind to left men carrying baskets
(Num. 13). Engraving and etching with
contemporary colouring, heightened
with gold. Numbered ‘1’ on image;
lettered below image with one line in
Latin: “Exploratores qui misi Mose
fuerunt in Canam redeunt inde
botrosque ferunt. Num: 13”; and signed
in the same line: ‘M. d Vos inv.’ and ‘G
de Iode exc.’.
€ 850,Very beautiful, contemporary handcoloured 16th Century engraving by the publisher and printmaker Gerard
de Jode (1509/1517-1591) after Marten de Vos (1532-1603). From the Old Testament biblical series ‘Thesaurus
sacrarum historiarum veteris testamenti (..)’, one of four prints on the ‘Story of Balaam’. Very good copy with
broad margins. On the series: Hans Mielke, ‘Der Thesaurus Vetris et Novi Testamenti des GdJ’, in: ‘Zeitschrift
für Kunstgeschichte, 1975, pp 29-83; Our print n.13, p.79.
Emblem book – David Joannes. Veridicus Christianus. Antwerp, Ex officina Plantiniana,
apud Ioannem Moretum. 1601, 4to. (16), 374, (34,16) pp. With 100 full-page engraved emblems by Theodoor
Galle, very good clear impressions, all emblems set in flowered borders, with a full-page engraved plate to the
Supplement of Proverbs, a full-page engraved plate of a movable wheel of fortune with a volvelle in centre, and
musical scores to the added “Concentus Musicus’. A large woodcut emblem of Plantin on last blank. Fullgrained red morocco, spine ribbed with gilt title, gilt sides, richly gilt inner dentelles, gilt lined sides, bound by
Riviere & Son. € 3.800,Rare first edition of a beautifully illustrated Jesuit educational emblem book by Jan David (1545-1613), rector
of the Latin schools in Coutrai and Ghent. The ‘Veridicus Christianus’ teaches the fundamentals of Catholic
faith in 100 doctrins and is illustrated with engravings by Theodoor Galle (1571-1633). All emblems are
captioned with a title above, and have 3 engraved distichs below in Latin, Dutch and French text, each with a
different type. A supplement is added at the end, concisting of 18 chapters and an epilogue, preceeded by a
beautiful plate, showing a painting school with Christ bearing the cross as model. As an extra bonus for youth,
David added a ‘Christian” wheel of fortune with a volvelle with 4 openings with numbers, corresponding with
a list of proverbs following the plate, as well as corresponding with the emblems. At the end of our copy is added
Antiquariaat Acanthus
the very rare “Concentus Musicus versibus Veridici Christani coaptatus”. With music for 4 voices with a a trilingual text on two facing pages each. Instead of the original title, our copy has a mounted engraved plate of
Theodoor Galle’s: “Typus Occasionis”, published in Antwerp in 1603. Very fine and clean copy.
Bibl. Belg. II, p. 69-72 D 132; Landwehr, Emblem books, 182.
18th Century birthday albums – Op den twee en Twintigste
verjaardag van Mejuffrouw Anna van der Linde... MDCCLXXVI.
[and:] Anna van der Linde – Leendert Weymans. Dordrecht den 25 Mey 1777. Dordrecht, May 25
1776-1777. 2 Vols. Sm. 4to & large 4to. ca. 24 x 19 & 28 x 21.5 cm. 16 & 18 lvs. With 2 beautiful titles in
watercolour, richly decorated and heightened with gold, 8 manuscript titles in red and black, and 2 half-titles
in colours. Contemp. half red goatskin and
contemp. h.vellum. Both titles with gold brocate
paper covered boards and green silk ties. € 1.850,Two manuscripts with flattering poetry, presented
by Leendert Weymans in Dordrecht to Anna van
der Linde on the occasion of her 22nd and 23rd
birthday. Preserved in a green cloth box, with gilt
lettered morocco title-label.
Antiquariaat Acanthus
The Holy Bible. The Old Testament.- The
New Testament, embellished with Engravings, from
Pictures and Designs by the most eminent English
Artists. London, Thomas Bensley, for Thomas Macklin
by Thomas Bensley, 1800. 6 Vols. Folio, ca. 46.5 x 37.5
cm. Each vol. ca. 250 pp. With numerous steel-engraved
head- and tail-pieces, and hundreds of full-page steelengraved plates by the most famous English painters of the
period, including Joshua Reynolds, W. Hamilton, P.J. De
Loutherbourg, Angelica Kauffman, T. Stothard, B. West,
R. Smirk, J. Opie, J. Barney, H. Tresham, W. Cunning,
etc., etc. Contemp. full calf, spines with red and yellow
title-labels, gilt lined and decorated, with broad geometrical
decorative gilt borders, with small gilt harpsicords in the 4
corners, and marbled edges.
€ 5.500,The most sumptuous illustrated English bible, with the text printed in a very large type with 29 lines in 2
columns, with the volumes 1-4 containing the Old Testament, and the volumes 5-6 the New Testament. Very
good set on large and extra strong paper, from the famous library of J.W. Six. Darlow & Moule I, 982.
Popular print - [New Year’s Wish of the
Dustman] Monsieur nous sommes des ouvriers qui .../
Wy zyn met vlyt in ‘t werk om slyk en moor te zoeken...
Belgium, signed ‘Z B’, 1843. ca. 22 x 27 cm. Large
woodcut of a dustman with a horse-cart in front of a
street, receiving a glass of drink from a servant in the open
doorway of a house, all finely coloured in blue, green,
orange and yellow, with a 13-line poem underneath
printed parallel in French and Dutch. € 275,Fine print, a New Year’s wish with a song for the dustmen
to sing at doors and collect money on the occasion of a
New Year. Many humble professions, working on the
streets, night watches, lantern lighters, street sweepers,
dustmen, etc., used to try to collect some bonus money
from the citizens in the towns they worked in, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium. Fine copy.
piss-pot emptied over a journalist
Caricature - Le Petit, Alfred & Jules Jouy. La
Complainte de Emmerdé. Paris, Imp. L. Hugonis et Cie,
(March 1882). Broadside. ca. 33.5 x 46 cm. Lithographed
caricature picturing an angry man who turns a stinking
piss-pot over the head of another man, labeled ‘Le Figaro’,
coloured in grey, black, and beige in ‘pochoir’, captioned
with a title and with a song text in verse around the
image. € 375,-
An amusing caricature published on the piss-pot incident.
A French ultramontane, Mr. Lesueur, emptied a piss-pot
over a journalist of the French paper ‘Le Figaro’ when
Antiquariaat Acanthus
entering the Café Riche. The Figaro had been under heavy attacks of the ultramontanes after the French minister
Jules Ferry liberated primary education of the Catholic clergy in March 1882, by making state financed French
education strictly non-religious. The verses around the image could be sung on the popular tune “Qué cochon
d’enfant?” The artist Alfred Le Petit (1841-1909) was a popular French caricaturist and book illustrator, Jules
Jouy (1855-1897), a popular singer at Montmartre in Paris. Mounted on fine contemporary cloth. Good copy.
the proclaimed end of an Avantgarde mouvement
Poster - Lévy, Jules. 3me et dernier Bal des Incohérents. Paris,
Jules Lévy, 1887. Broadside. Narrow large folio, ca. 50.5 x 24 cm. Large
illustrated lithographed program of the “Ball of the Incoherents” at the
Folies-Bergères, designed by Emile Cohl, with a poem by Jules Lévy in
7 stanzas printed underneath. € 550,Rare poster announcing the final festivity of the socalled ‘Incoherent’
movement, started by Jules Lévy, a Paris publisher and bookseller. Lévy
first held an one night only exhibition of “incoherent works”, aiming to
make people laugh, at his home on October 2, 1882. A socalled
incoherent work was for instance a drawing by someone who did not
know how to draw, and all materials and all themes were possible. The
event was a great succes, and a new artistic mouvement was born. A
large exhibition was held in the Galerie Vivienne in October 1883,
where all works were allowed except serious and obscene ones.
Incoherent works were a mixture of parody, puns, a game with words
and absurdities. For some years the mouvement was en vogue, with all
kinds of public events, including balls, and with painters, writers and
caricaturists co-operating, including Toulouse Lautrec and Caran
d’Ache. When the mouvement declined, Jules Lévy himself tried to
proclaim the end of it with a final fancy-dress ball in the Folies-Bergères
on April 16, 1887. But after this socalled last event several other, non
succesful events followed until 1896. The artist of the poster Emile
Cohl, pseudonym of E. Courtet (1857-1938), was a French caricaturist,
a pupil of André Gill, and a member of the “Incoherents”. Lower left
corner with folding mark. A good copy of a rare item.
unique copy, illustrated with original watercolours
Choderlos de Laclos (P.A.F.). Les Liaisons
dangereuses. Paris, Libr. des Amateurs, A & F. Ferroud, 1908 & (19141915). 4to. (4), 202, (2) pp. With original watercolour title-vignette, 8 fullpage original watercolours and 4 original watercolour end-pieces, all by the
artist Edmond Malassis. Full grained red morocco, spine ribbed and richly gilt,
with gilt borders and dentelle corner pieces on sides,
gilt inner fillet borders with blue silk doublures and marbled endpapers. Around the binding a
matching red h.morocco, suede lined jacket and slipcase, bound by Joly Fils.
€ 5.500,Unique copy, very fine illustrated with original watercolours by the artist Edmond Malassis
(1885-1940), student of Gustave Moreau, and celebrated French book-illustrator. In this special
copy printed on ‘Japon’, all the lithographs of Lubin de Beauvais from the 1908 edition are
replaced by original watercolours.
Cf. Carteret Iv, 103; Mahé I, 506; Monod 2766.
Antiquariaat Acanthus
Liber amicorum – Aan Willem Ch. A Huinck van zijn vrienden. 1881-1951. Large folio, 43.5 x
33 cm. Calligraphed vellum title by Tine Baanders and 53 original works by famous or wellknown Dutch
artists. Gilt lettered full calf in full morocco box. € 35.000,53 Original artworks given by the artists to Willem Huinck (1881-1966), a succesful Amsterdam artdealer on
the occasion of his 70th birthday. Present are 49 fine original drawings and watercolours, 1 etching, 1 engraving
and 2 lithographs, often with an extra personal dedication. Included are original drawings by Carel Willink,
Wim Schuhmacher, Jan Sluyters, Kees Verwey, Charley Toorop, Edgar Fernhout, Otto B. de Kat, W. Oepts,
C.J. Maks, Kor Postma, Mari Andriessen, Charlotte v. Pallandt, Hildo Krop, George Rueter, and a signed
lithograph with dedication by C. Domela Nieuwenhuis.
Original photographs of Rotterdam – Souvenirs de Rotterdam. ca. 18851890. Oblong folio album containing 12 fine large sized, albumen photographs, mounted on cardboard within
red printed boarders, each image ca. 25.8 x 19.3 cm. The photographs are fine and lively, with a seperate printed
legenda in French.
€ 2.750,-
AERIC books & prints
Eric Schneyderberg
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8561 GB Balk
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odern Music Memorabilia
ANDY WARHOL. Signed cover of the album MENLOVE AVENUE by JOHN LENNON.
Capitol Records USA, 1986. € 2.600,-
A superb unplayed copy of this posthumously released vinyl record album by JOHN LENNON (1940-1980),
in a sleeve showing a stunning portrait of the ex-Beatle by American Pop Artist ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987).
The front of the sleeve, which shows a tiny so called “cut out” in the right hand upper corner, has been very
boldly SIGNED BY ANDY WARHOL in black feltpen.
This fine design, based on a 1971 portrait by Scottish photographer Iain MacMillan (1938-2006), was exclusively
created for this album, which contains alternate versions and outtakes from several 1973/74 recording sessions.
The title of the album refers to Lennon’s childhood home: 251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool, England.
Antiquariaat Antiqua
R. van der Peet
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(ACCARIAS DE SERIONNE, Jacques), La richesse de la Hollande, ouvrage dans lequel on expose
l’origine du Commerce & de la Puissance des Hollandais; l’accroissement succesif de leur Commerce & de
leur Navigation; les causes qui ont contribué à leurs progrès, celles qui tendent à les détruire & les moyens qui
peuvent servir à les relever. Londres, au dépens de la Compagnie, 1778. 2 vols. 8vo. XXII,(2 blank),518,(1,1
blank) + VI,(2 blank),516 pp. Cont.half calf, spines gilt, with red label. Nice copy. && INED 13; Goldsmiths
11660; Einaudi 4767; Kress B.96; Leblanc p.135. First edition. € 695,-
CHRISTIAN, P., Histoire des pirates et corsaires de l’Océan et de la Méditerranée depuis leur origine
jusqu’à nos jours. Vignettes par Alexandre Debelle, Ciappori, etc. Paris, D.Cavaillés, 1846-1850. 4 vols. Large
8vo. VIII,482 + (IV),476 + (IV),467,(1 blank,8) + (IV),484 pp. With 40 plates of which 8 hand-coloured.
Cont.half shagreen, spines richly gilt, with raised bands. € 1.125,LOSKIEL, Georg Heinrich, Geschichte der Mission der evangelischen Brüder unter den Indianern
in Nordamerika. Barby, zu finden in den Brüdergemeinen, und in Leipzig in Commission bey Paul Gotthelf
Kummer, 1789. 8vo. (XVI),783,(1) pp. (light foxing). With small vignette on title & small owner’s inscription.
Cont.half.calf, spine with raised bands, no label (corners slightly frayed). && First edition. Chadenat 2684;
Howes L.474; Sabin 42109. € 325,OEBSCHELWITZ, L.W.F. van, De Nederlandsche Stalmeester, of grondige onderrichting van Al
hetgeene Betrekking heeft tot het kennen, toomen, zadelen, beslaan en onderhouden der Paerden: voorts
tot de Ryd-Konst, Of de Wyze hoe de Paerden gedresseerd en tot allerlei gebruik afgerigt moeten worden.
Tweede verbeterde Druk. ’s Graavenhaage, Pieter van Cleef & Amsterdam, S.J.Baalde, 1774-1777. 2 vols. 8vo.
XVIII,364 + IV,483,(1) pp. With 6 engraved folding plates. Cont.half calf, spines gilt, with red labels. &&
€ 995,Nice copy, rare in 2 volumes. TROIL, Uno von, Lettres sur Islande. Paris, De l’Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1781. 8vo. XLVIII,474 pp.
With small vignette on title. With two folding engraved maps, 3 engraved plates and one folding table. Half
calf (19th.cent.), spine with raised bands (corners slightly worn). && First French edition translated from the
Swedish by Gabriel-Axel Lindblom. In 1772 Uno von Troil joined the expedition to Iceland undertaken by
the English naturalist Joseph Bank and the Swedish botanist Daniel Solander. This French edition is the most
valuable version of von Troil’s letters. – Cox I,185; Leclerc, Bibliotheca Americana 671. € 295,-
Tentoonstelling in Museum Meermanno || |Huis van het boek
Van 20 november 2010 t/m 20 februari 2011
he t ide a l e boek
Honderd jaar private press
in Nederland, 1910-2010
Bij de tentoonstelling verschijnt een rijk
geïllustreerde publicatie (Uitgeverij Vantilt).
Vanaf 19 november is de speciale website te raadplegen.
Zie voor de diverse activiteiten
Honderd jaar private press
in Nederland, 1910-2010
In samenwerking met
de Koninklijke Bibliotheek.
Museum Meermanno || |Huis van het boek
Prinsessegracht 30
Den Haag
open: di t/m zo 12.00-17.00 uur
ASHER Rare Books - since 1830
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HOOLA VAN NOOTEN, Berthe. Fleurs Fruits et
Feuillages Choisis de l'Ile de Java. Troisième édition.
Brussels, Librairie Européenne C. Muquardt, (1880).
Folio. With 40 full-page chromolithographed plates
after original watercolours by the author, each plate
accompanied by 1 text-leaf, with descriptions in English
and French. Original publisher's half red cloth, printed
boards, gold-tooled title. Stafleu & Cowan 3025
€ 14.500,Magnificent colour plate book, depicting the Javanese
fruits and flowers by the Belgian artist Berthe Hoola van
Nooten (1840-1885).
[COVERTE, Robert Captain]. Fünffzehende Schiffart. Warhafftiger und zuvor nie erhörter Bericht
eines Engelischen, welcher mit einem Schiff, die Auffart genandt, in Cambaia, dem eussersten Theil
Ost Indien, Schiffbruch gelitten, zu Landt durch unbekandte Königreich gereiset ... Sampt einer
Glaubwürdigen offenbarung dess Grossmächtigen Keysers, der grosse Mogoll genandt,… Frankfurt,
Christophel le Blon, 1648. 4to. With engraved illustration on title-page. Modern boards. Sabin 33668.
€ 3.750,-
Olivier. Historie der Boecaniers, of Vrybuyters van
America. Amsterdam, Nicolaas ten Hoorn, 1700.
4to. 3 parts (paginated as 2) in 1 volume. With an
engraved, illustrated title-page, letterpress title-page
with woodcut publisher's device, a folding engraved
map of South and Central America, and 7 engraved
illustration plates (1 folding). Also with 4 decorative
woodcut initials. Eighteenth-century half vellum,
later marbled sides. Muller, America 580. € 6.950,10
ASHER Rare Books - since 1830
HENNING, Veit Balthasar. Eeuwig Durenden
Almanach.[Nuremberg], Veit Balthasar Henning, [ca.
1750]. Wall calendar (ca. 345 x 204 mm), consisting
of a base and 2 volvelles fastened with wooden
spindle, hand-painted and varnished engraving with
floral motives and two climbing lions. Mounted on
pasteboard, affixed to wooden mount. Preserved in a
very secure suede lined protective case. Thieme/Becker
16, p. 408.
€ 9.500,Rare perpetual wall calendar with two volvelles in fine
working condition, produced for the Dutch speaking
market, displaying the month, day of the week, date,
Zodiac signs, time of sunrise and sunset, length of
day and night etc.
[RIEGEL, Christoph]. Ausführliche und Grundrichtige Beschreibung der Freyvereinigten Staaten und
Spannischen Niederlanden, in gewisse und sonderbare XVII Länder abgetheilet. [Nuremberg], Frankfurt
am Main and Leipzig, Christoph Riegel, 1691. 12mo. With an engraved double-page allegorical frontispiece
and 120 engraved city views and plans of cities and fortifications (ca. 6 x 11 cm). Contemporary vellum, with
title on spine and red sprinkled edges. € 2.250,-
SWAMMERDAM, Jan. Ephemeri Vita of
Afbeeldingh van 's Menschen Leven, vertoont in de
wonderbaarelijcke en nooyt gehoorde historie van
het vliegent ende een-dagh-levent haft of oeveraas. INCLUDING: BOURIGNON, Antoinette.
Af-schrift van een Brief. Amsterdam, Abraham
Wolfgang, 1675. 8vo. With 8 engraved plates, 2
of which are folding. Contemporary vellum, with
title on spine and black sprinkled edges. Schierbeek,
Swammerdam, p. 45 ff. € 3.850,11
John Benjamins Antiquariaat
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CRISIS. Ideas, letras, artes. A unique archival COLLECTION of the most important critical periodical of
South America in the early seventies, complete for the first period of publication untill it had to close down
under pressure of the censorship of the Junta. (Primera Época) Numbers 1-40 (all publ) . Buenos Aires, May
1973 - August 1976. In the original pictorial wrappers and nearly always with the added separate serigraphy or
loose supplement. TOGETHER WITH ARCHIVAL MATERIAL from the director Federico Vogelius
consisting of: - Some original manuscripts - Original drawings (partly signed) made by various artists for the
periodical in pencil and ink (in total 130 of which 80 were identified as having actually been used and published
in the magazine, and 50 unidentified or unpublished) - 24 of the original mock-ups (mostly in colour gouache
with collage) to be used by the printer for the strong colourful covers (along with several other designs for the
related book series) - Two albums of original drawings by P. Ugarte related to the Quinta of Vogelius. € 18.000,Provenance: the director of the magazine and owner of the publishing house Federico Vogelius. Crisis was edited
by Eduardo Galeano. Designed by Eduardo Ruccio Sarlanga, graphic coördination Luis Sabini Fernandez, and
mainstay of the artistic part was Hermengildo Sábat, of whom many original drawings are included in the
collection. Julia Constenla was editorial
secretary. Vogelius actively supported the
literary and visual arts in Argentina in many
ways and patronized painters and writers.
Crisis was his publication. And critical in
many aspects it was naturally object of the
censors under the military dictatorship, and
was forced to cease publication. Vogelius
was imprisoned for three years and tortured.
Under pressure of the International Pen
Club and after petitions of international
authors like Heinrich Böll and José
Bergamin, he was finally released. In Crisis
many of the most renowned intellectuals of
the period collaborated, a.o.: Eduardo
Galeano, the painter “Beto”Presas, Osvaldo
Soriano, Haroldo Conti (one of those who
disappeared, in May 1976), Osvaldo Bayer,
Rodolfo Walsh, Anibal Ford, Juan Gelman,
Rogelio Garcia Lupo, Jorge Rivera, Eduardo
Romano, Jorge Laforgue, Miguel Bonasso,
Mario Benedtti, Tomás Eloy, together with
artists, illustrators (many drawings are by
Sábat) and painters. Further details and
more images can be supplied on demand.
John Benjamins Antiquariaat
RE NUDO. Nos. 0, 1-92 (All Published). Milano, 1970-1980. The first 71 numbers bound in four (not
entirely uniform) cloth volumes with title on spine, remainder unbound
in the original issues. (Sizes vary 24x33,5 cm,later reducing in size, and
the last numbers 29x35cm). The first number is in photocopy, nos.
22,76 and 86 are missing; otherwise this is a complete set, including the
Zero-number. The issues contained in the bound volumes are in mint
condition, but have been slightly trimmed., occasionally causing very
slight loss of text (max.1 millimeter) on about 50 pages. The unbound
issues are in generally good to excellent condition with only occasional
light staining. The set includes the supplements to no 11 and 12 (Pantere
Bianche, No. 0 and 1), printed in
colour, each measuring half the
size of the journal). Added: the
poster for Il Re Nudo Pop
Festival No. 3 (15-17 Giugno)
Alpe del Vicere. (33x23,5cm). € 8.000,An exceptional set of this Italian
underground and pop publication, at first directed by Andrea Valcarenghi,
with numerous illustrations in colour and photographs, psychedelic
illustrations, photocompositions, etc. Deals with countercultural issues,
drugs, sexual freedom, Pop Music, (Re Nudo Pop Festival). Close to
Situationists and the student activists. Contributions include texts by and
features on Timothy Leary, Angela Davis, Dario Fo, G.E.Simonetti,
W.Burroughs, L.S.D. , SIMA (Droga, La situazione in Italia), Situationsm,
John Lennon, etc.
SYMBOL. SYMBOL-BONJOUR. Nos. 1-7 (n.d./1968-26/2/1970), continued as new series
SYMBOL (-BONJOUR) Nos. 1-37 ( n.d.1971-1982). Düsseldorf & Köln, (Originally:) Self-published as
schoolperiodical. (Later:) Verlag Symbol. 1968 - 1982. Size 21x29,7
cm, all limited editions, partly signed by the authors,editors and
contributors, special editions and several numbers accompanied by the
original paste-ups (used for printing). Several issues with added original
artwork. Altogether 62 numbers, plus some ephemeral material. € 3.800,Edited and started by Wolfgang
Wangler & Friedhelm Jantzen
as a mimeographed school
periodical in a Gymnasium in
Düsseldorf, this developed and
expanded to a full-fledged
highly respected publication.
All numbers richly illustrated
and with interesting lay-out.
stapled in the spine. After no. 8
signed by editors and/or artistst
and with numerous special issues, De-luxe editions with original signed
artwork etc. Fuller details on request.
Bij de Bijzondere Collecties, de
Erfgoedbibliotheek van de
Universiteit van Amsterdam,
worden meer dan 1000 verzame­
lingen oude, kostbare en zeldzame
boeken, drukken, prenten en
handschriften beheerd. Van middel­
eeuwse manuscripten tot kook­
boeken en strips, van de beroemde
Blaeu­atlassen tot dierenprenten in
de Artis Bibliotheek en van het
originele manuscript van de Max
Havelaar tot de modernste typo­
grafie. Veel verzamelingen behoren
op hun gebied tot de belangrijkste
ter wereld. De Bijzondere Collecties
huizen in prachtig gerenoveerde
historische panden midden in het
centrum van Amsterdam. Behalve
wisselende tentoonstellingen met
topstukken uit eigen en andere
collecties is er een moderne
onderzoekszaal en een stijlvol
Museumcafé waar ook lezingen en
boekpresentaties worden gehouden.
Tentoonstellingen ’10/’11
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Gouden Eeuw
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CRANZ, David. Kurze, zuverlässige Nachricht von der, unter dem Namen der Böhmisch-Mährischen
Brüder bekanten, Kirche Unitas Fratrum Herkommen, Lehr-Begrif, äussern und innern Kirchen-Verfassung und
Gebräuchen. (No pl.), 1757. Contemporary boards. Title-page printed in red and black and with 16 double-page
engravings by J.R. Holzhalb. 64 pp.
€ 3.750,First edition. - ‘The plates in this rare and interesting volume are each the size of two octavo pages, and contain
elaborate representations of the ceremonies of ordination, of the different modes of baptizing infants, negroes,
Greenlanders, and American Indians, also of the exorcism, prosternation, Eucharist, Agapae, holy kiss, feet
washing, marrigae, etc. (Sabin). The theologian and missionary Cranz (1723-1777) joined the Moravian church
in 1741 and soon belonged to the inner circle of the movement, serving Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, the
founder, as a secretary. - A fine copy of this very rare book: no copy at German auctions since 1950. Sabin 7935
(only later French edition).
LEO AFRICANUS, Joannes. Pertinente beschryvinge van Africa met alle de landen, koningrijken, steden,
volken, gewoonten, gedierten, vogelen, boom- en aard-vruchten die daar zijn. Mitsgaders de koningen die daar
geregeert, ende de oorlogen die sy gevoert hebben, van den jare 1600 af. Hier neffens is by-gevoegt een pertinente
beschryvinge van de kuste van Guinea, soo als die hedensdaags bevaren word, en de handelinge die daar op de
Gout-kust word gedreven ... Rotterdam, Arnout Leers, 1665. 4to. Period style calf, spine ribbed. With engraved
title-vignette, engraved folding map by J. Hondius and 5 engraved plates (1 folding). (8),320,(8) pp. € 2.250,First Dutch edition. - ‘Leo’s work ‘remained for centuries a major source on the Islamic world, and is still cited
by historians and geographers of Africa. Although it is not free from errors .. certainly excusable if one takes into
account the conditions in which it was put together.. it provides first-hand items of information on the situation
at the ethnography and the institutions of their various inhabitants, and in particular, on political, economic and
social life in North Africa’ (Encyclopaedia of Islam). The author, a well educated Arab geographer, whose real name
was Hasan Ben Mohamed Alvaza Alfasi (1483-1552), had travelled all over the moslem African countries, when in
1517 he was taken prisoner bij Christian pirates, and brought to Rome. When he was converted to the Christian
faith he took the names of his protector: Johannes Leo. Scarce Dutch edition, enlarged with the history of Barbary
since 1600, extracts from Nic. de Nicolay’s work on Turkey and an important description of the Gold Coast.(Neat repair to blank margin title-page; some waterstains to lower corners). Tiele 651; Cat. NHSM I, p.199; SAB
III, p.87; Gay 258 (not the Dutch ed.); Playfair, Morocco, 231; Playfair, Algeria, 16; Playfair, Tripoli, 27.
ROSENBERG, Carl Benjamin Hermann von. Reistochten naar de Geelvinkbaai op Nieuw-Guinea in
de jaren 1869 en 1870. ‘s Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, 1875. 4to. Original printed boards (spine dam.). With
frontispiece portrait of the author, 3 lithographed maps and charts (1 folding), 4 hand-coloured and 13 tinted
lithographed plates by P.W.M. Trap. XXIV, 153 pp. € 1.350,Original edition published under the auspices of the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde. On Von Rosenberg’s (1817-1888) arrival in Indonesia he was appointed assistant to Franz Junghuhn at Padang.
He travelled widely through several parts of the East-Indies between 1840-1870, exploring areas in Sumatra, the
Moluccas, and certain regions of Teluk Cendrawasih (Geelvink Bay) of West Irian. He concentrates mainly on the
natural environment of each region he visited, but also includes special sections on the people and their customs.
This book on New Guinea is one of his best known publications, containing beautiful plates. - A good copy. Tiele
939; Cat. NHSM I, p.181; Bastin-Brommer N 616; Landwehr, Col. Pl., 419; Cat. KITLV p.34.
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ALMANAK - PATTRIOTTEN. Nieuwe nuttige en
vermaaklyke Almanach, voor het schikkeljaar 1792. Te Amsterdam,
H.A. Banse, (1792). Boek- en Kunst- Handelaar, in de Hartestraat,
over den Waajer-winkel de Gouden Kop. 12mo. Originele kartonnen
band met rood gestippelt marmer beplakt. Met 24 paginagrote “Vaderlandsche Historische” gezichtjes, met toepasselijke versjes, ronde
gravures aan de bovenzijde afgezet met gedraaid lint en bekroond met
een grote strik, mogelijk gegraveerd door J.G. Visser. (18), 80 pp. World
of Learning, 2358. Afbeeldingen van verschillende gebeurtenissen in
1787 o.a. Onderhandelingen door Burgemeester Hooft, Actie aan de
Kattenburgerbrug, De Uyttrekke na Muyden, idem na Utrecht, Tempel
te Haarlem, Executie te Leeuwarden, Aanval op Hattem, Begraving
te Arnhem, Gevecht bij het joodse kerkhof e.a. Uitermate zeldzame
Patriotten Almanak. Rug beschadigd maar niet storend. Zeldzaam. € 1.250,BIBLIA. Kern der Kerkelyke Historie, Te Dordrecht, by A. Blussé 1755.
2 delen. 64mo. Rood marrokijn, platten, ruggen en snede verguld. Met
titelplaatje, 33 bijbelse prentjes (1 uitsl.) en 3 portretjes door C.F. Walter
Hardewijk. 244; - 558 pp. Bondy pag. 25. Mooi exemplaar met kleine
oneffenheden. Zeldzame charmante boekjes met mooie lederen bandjes
(licht geschaafd), prachtig versiert én compleet. € 2.500,-
BREDERODE, G.A. Boertigh, Amoreus, en Aendachtigh Groot
Liedt-boeck van ----, Amsteldammer. Verçierd Met vele Klinckers,
oock Bruyds-lof en Klaeg-Dichten. Door-mengeld met Sin-rijcke
Beeltenissen. Alles tot vermaeck en nut der Ieughet, Sampt allen Lievers
der Rijm-konst. Amstelredam, Cornelis Lodowijcksz: vander Plasse,
1622. Sm oblong 4to. 3 parts in 1. Blind-stamped vellum, title in ink
on spine; occasionally bit soiled and stained including title, few other
imperfections. With frontispiece, half-page portrait of the author by Hessel Gerritsz, 3 full-page and 17 halfpage text-illustrations by Michel le Blon, Jan van de Velde a.o. and 2 identical calligraphed woodcut textillustartions. (32); 111[=119],(1); 103,(1); 62,(1) pp. Very rare first edition of the complete songbook. Each
part with seperate title: Boertigh Liedt-boeck, De Groote Bron Der Minnen and Aendachtigh Liedt-Boeck.
Scheepers I 272; Scheurleer p 142. Splendid copy. € 12.500,-
Antiquariaat Bisschopshof
DISSERTATION. Specimen Juris Publici Inaugurale de Toparchiis et Ambactis (Hooge en
Ambachtsheerlykheeden.) Eorumque in Zeelandia juribus ac possessoribus. Quod favente summo numine, Ex
Auctoritate Magnifici Rectoris Jacobi Alberti Vos, S.S. Theol. Doctoris & Professoris Ordinarii, Nec Non...Pro
Gradu Doctoratus...Jacob. Verheye van Citters, Ad Diem iv. Novembris MDCCLXXIV. Trajecti ad Rhenum,
Abrahami van Paddenburg, Academiae Typographi, 1774. 4to. Rood marokijn, platten en rug verguld. Op het
rijk versierde frontispiece het Academiae Typographum drukkersvignet, o.a. een gezicht op Utrecht, daaronder
het borstbeeld van Justinianus, midden-boven het logo van de academie ‘ Sol Justitiae Illustra Nos ‘ geflankeerd
door engelen etc. gegraveerd door N. van de Meer fec. op de titel een vignet gegraveerd door J. van Hiltrop. (8),
99, (1) pp. Jan Storm van Leeuwen, Dutch decorated bookbinding, Dissertation Bindery (1773-1800) IIB, blz.
814-833. Bovenkant rug beschadigd. € 1.750,-
HUWELIJKSBANDEN. Echt-Zang, op het huwelijk van den Heere Henricus Josephus Wilhelmie, en
Mejuffrouwe Catharina Maria Kock. In den Echt veréénigt den 11den van Wiedemaand, MDCCLXXXVIII.
Te Amsterdam, by T. Crajenschot, Boekverkooper op den hoek van de Heeregragt en Heysteeg, (1788).
Twee delen. 4to. Bruin gemarmerde leren banden, aan beide zijde in het midden een zes-hoekig groen vlak
met vergulde guirlandes, randwerk, snede en ruggen verguld. Op beide identieke titels een allegorische
afbeelding gegraveerd door C. Bogerts naar een tekening van J.
Crajenschot, met een allegorisch slotvignet “De Huwlyks Band
Bind Hart en Hand” naar een ontwerp van en in koper gebracht
door C.F. Fritzsch. In beide banden groene blindgestempelde en
vergulde (oxides) schutbladen met bloem-motief van druiven,
inclusief de originele zijde linten, iedere band heeft 30 pp
waarvan 20 blanco. Jan Storm van Leeuwen, Dutch decorated
bookbindings 2.2.54. Weddings Poems Bindery (Amsterdam
or Utrecht, 1781-1790). Pracht banden! De originele linten
gedeeltelijk los. Ruggen en banden licht geschaafd. Zeldzaam!
Très rare. € 4.500,-
KRUL, J.H. (WERKEN). Vermakelijcke uyren. Tot
Amsteldam, by Iacob Aertsz. Colom, Boeck-verkooper/
wonende op ‘t Water/ in de Vuerighe Colom/ 1628;
Eerlycke Tytkorting Bestaende in verscheyde Rymen..
Tot Haerlem voor Hendrick van Marcké end Theunis
Jansen Boeckverk (1634); Minne-Spiegel ter Deughden. ‘t
Amsterdam, Voor Cornelis Danckertsz van Zeevenhoven,
Papier, Kunst, Caert, en Boeck-verkoper op de fluweele
Burgh-wal by S.Jans Brugh, 1639.; Pampiere Wereld ofte
Wereldsche Oeffeninge,Waer in begrepen zijn meest alle
de Rijmen en Werken... Tot amsteldam. In ‘t Iaer 1681.
Together 4 volumes, 1628-1681. Uniformly bound in
contemporary marbled calf, raised bands, covers gilt with
central ornaments, spines and edges richly gilt; marbled endpapers. First volume: Vermakelijcke Uyren - With
2 titlepage’s with printersmark in woodcut on title and 1 engraving by S.Savery after D(irck).v(an).B(aburen?).
(8),256 pp.; 2th volume: Eerlycke Tytkorting - 11 parts and` ‘ voorwerk’ in 1 volume. With half-title, 10
engraved title’s, 1 title with printersmark in woodcut, 1 portrett and 76 engravings in the text. (32);(2)59;(4)
,67;(8);(12),80;(6),98;(8),56;(2),60;(4),40;(2),30;(2),154;(4),24;(4),11 pp. Thirth volume: Minne-Spiegel - 2
parts in 1 volume. With engraved half-title, small woodcut vignette on title and 38 engravings in the text.
(12),232(=432);(4),109 pp. - 4th volume: Pampiere Wereld ofte Wereldsche Oeffeninge - 4 parts in 1 volume.
With half-title, woodcut vignette on title and 92 engravings. (12),320,447,(4) pp. Volume I, lvs. 2f1-2G3 more
or less dam. in the centre w. some loss of text, and some small wormholes. Bindings only slightly dam. in places
(especially extremities) and slightly cracked, a bit soiled/spotted throughout and some small stains in places, but
€ 6.000,a fine set in a good condition and splendit binding! Very rare in 4 volume’s. 17
Antiquariaat Bisschopshof
HERCKMANS, E. Der Zee-Vaert Lof Handelende vande
gedenckwaerdighste Zeevaerden met de daeraenklevende op en
onderganghen der Voornaemste Heerschappijen der gantscher
Wereld: Zedert haere beginselen tot op den dagh van huyden. In VI
Boecken Beschreven. Amsterdam, (printed by Ian Fredericksz Stam
for) Jacob pieters Wachter, 1634. Folio. Contemporary vellum,
in modern cloth box. With engraved frontispiece and 18 fine
etchings in the text: 17 by Willem Basse and the Ship of Fortune by
Rembrandt van Rijn. (20), 235, (8) pp. Sole edition of this history
of navigation in verse, with extensive historical notes. Highly sought
after because of the inclusion of a fine etching by Rembrandt, one
of only six illustrations he made for books. Herckmans was an experienced seafarer and explorer, who ended his
career as rear-admiral in the service of the West India Company, stationed in Brasil. In 1644 he died in Recife,
shortly after a tumultuous expedition in the Amazon region. Laudatory poems by C. Barlaeus, M.Z. Boxhorn,
J. Revius and others. Binding slightly soiled, occasionally little stained and some other imperfections. In all a
very good and complete copy of a rare work. Alden and Landis, European Americana 634/69; Borba de Moraes
I, p 398f; Muller, America 1837; Sabin 31476. € 17.500,SEWEL, WILLEM. Korte Wegwyzer der Engelsche Taale; behelzende de noodigste en weezendlykste
Letterkonstige Regelen, om spoedig zonder veel moeite tot kennisse dier Taale te geraaken. / Acompendious
Guide To the English Language; Containing the most necessary and essential Grammar-Rules, whereby one
may speedily & without much difficulty attain to the knowledge of the aforesaid Language. Te Amsterdam,
By Jacob ter Beek, Boekverkooper bezyden de Beurs, 1754. (4de druk ?). 12mo. Oorspronkelijk perkament.
3 delen in 1. (5), 95, 264, (96) pp. Bladzijde 1/2 (A) privilegie is vervangen door 2 bladen met een nieuwe
privilegie. Licht gevlekt maar wel een compleet en goed exemplaar. € 950,ZEDLITZ, FRIDRICH VAN. Busschietereij konst.Eq. Siles voor desen Capt. bij de Schoonsche
Artillerye van zijn Con: Majest. van Denemarcken. t’ Amsterdam, Bij Gerbrant Schagen en Samuel Imbrechts
Anno 1662. 12mo. Oorspronkelijk karton met bloemetjes behang. Met gegraveerde titel en 11 afbeeldingen (1
uitslaande en 2 dubbelbladig). (6), 175 pp. Zeldzaam werkje betreft het gebruik van Buskruit, het mengen van
Salpeter, Swavel en Olie in de juiste verhoudingen, het vullen van de kanonnen en granaten. Curieus werkje
met aardige afbeeldingen van kanonnen (falconet) en kartouwen. Rug beschadigd. Met een Bibliotheekstempel.
Zeldzaam. € 1.750,-
ZEEVSCHE NACHTEGAEL, ende Des selfs dryderley gesang: ...
Door Verscheyden treffelijcke Zeeusche Poëten by een ghebracht; ... Hier is
noch by-ghevought een Poëtisch werck ghenaemt Tafereel van Sinne-Mal. Tot
Middelbvrgh, Gehedruckt by Ian Pieters vande Venne, Cunst ende Boeckvercooper, woonende op den hoeck vande nieuwe Beurse, inde Schilderywinckel, Anno 1623. Met Previlegie voor 7. Jaren. 4to. Vellum. 4 parts in
1. With 2 identical woodcut vignettes on titles, a small woodcut panoramic
view of Middelburg and 16 fine textengravings (8 emblematic) by P de Jode,
A Matham, W vd Passe, C Queboren and P Serwouters, all after Adriaen
van de Venne. (10), 86; (4), 60; (4), 63; (8), 114. Landwehr, Low Countries
588; Scheurleer blz. 149; Meertens, Letterk. Leven in Zeeland, p. 217-239. First edition. Tear in one engraving restored, towards the end some marginal
dampstains, but in all a very good copy.
€ 3.750,-
Antiquariaat De Boekenbeurs
Fred Duivenvoorde & Alie van ‘t Riet
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4331 JV Middelburg
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Plakboek (Scrapbook). The Netherlands. Compiled
between ca. 1850 and 1875. 70 Leaves mounted on both
sides. Cut out lithographed or woodengraved views,
handicrafts, animals, flowers, playing children, tools, skating,
horse riding, Robinson Crusoë, Michiel de Ruyter, etc, etc. 4
Views handmade. Many prints hand coloured. Contemporary
gilt printed cloth ("Plakboek"). Spine renewed. Very attractive
scrapbook, carefully compiled. 139 Surprising pages! € 4.500,-
Baart, Kees, Berendes, Dick,
e.a.. Van Hornbook tot ABC-
prentenboek.; 2003; Corps 8, i.s.m.
de Zeeuwse Bibliotheek; een rechthoekig
plankje met daarop, gedrukt, de letters
van het alfabet (het hornbook, is één van
de oudste leermiddelen om het alfabet
te leren); in een roodkleurige cassette;
elke letter gedrukt door verschillende
margedrukkers, o.a. Marlies Louwes,
Grafisch atelier "de Prent", Avalonpers,
Mercator Pers, Saskia Eggink, e.a.;
leporello, uitgevoerd op 180 grs. Antik
Gerippt Bütten van Hahnemühle, vooren nawerk op 130 grs. gedrukt; voor de
tekst van het nawerk waren Kees Baart,
Dirk Engelen en Thijs Weststrate van
Corps 8 in de weer met de "Grotius"en "Hollandse Mediaeval"; het nawerk werd gedrukt met een Victoria
degel bij de Ammoniet; de oplage van dit hornbook bedraagt 135 exemplaren; voorwoord door John Landwehr.
Bijzonder fraai en origineel uitgevoerd hornbook. € 450,19
Antiquariaat De Boekenbeurs
Alkemade, Kornelis van. Beschryving van de stad Briele, en den Lande van Voorn, behelzende, I. De
Beschryving zelf, van de Stad Briele, en den lande van Voorn, enz. II. De Historie, Genealogie, en Successie van
de Heeren, en Vrouwen van Voorn, Burggraven, en Burggravinnen van Zeeland.... III. De Politike Regering,
nevens de Regten, Herkomen, Koustumen....IV. De Privilegien, Octroyen, Ordonnantien, Reglementen,
Keuren, Sententien van de Hoven van Justitie, Contracten, Bedykingen, en andere voorname Chartres, en
Stukken, betreffende de Stad Briele, en den Lande van Voorn; mitsgaders de Privilegien, Keuren, enz. der Stede,
en vrye Heerlykheid van Heenvliet....Met eenige hoofddeelen, byvoegselen, en aanteekeningen vermeerderd
door Mr. P. van der Schelling. Rotterdam; 1729; Philippus Losel. 2 Parts in one volume. Folio; contemporary
blind stamped vellum; spine with raised bands. Title printed in red and black with engraved vignette by F. van
Bleyswyck. 4 Folded maps: "De Stad Briel", 'Den Lande van Oostvoorn", "Den Lande van Zuidvoorn, of den
Lande van Over Flakké" en "Den Lande van Westvoorn"; (28), 376, (8), 306, (20) pp. Some small tears in maps
repaired with acid-free tape. Small owner stamp on title page. 2 Names on first page one written in ink and one in
pencil. € 2.500,Bosch, Johannes van den. De Heeren Stadhouderen van Vriesland, zedert den Jare Acht-hondert,
volgens Hoogst derzelver Successie Kortelyk beschreven. Als mede Enkelde Geslacht Linie der Graven en
Princen van Nassau, beginnende met den Jaare 682. Alles met veele Portraiten verciert. Mitsgaders naukeurige
korte Beschryvinge van de Vorstelyke Grafkelder en Sepulture binnen Leeuwarden; opgedragen aan Zyne
Doorlugtigste Hoogheit, Willem de Vyfde, Prince van Orange en Nassau, Erfstadhouder Kapitein en Admiraal
Generaal der Vereenigde Nederlanden, enz., enz., enz. Bound with: "Nauwkeurige beschrijving der lijkstatie van haare doorluchtige Hoogheit Maria Louisa, Princesse Douairiere van Orange en Nassau, enz.,
enz., enz. Plegtig volvoerd binnen Leeuwarden op den 13den van Wiedemaand des jaars 1765. Leeuwarden;
1770; Abraham Ferwerda en G. Tresling; halfleather wit raised bands; 21 full page mezzotint portraits; 22
folded engraved plates of the funeral; ref. van Someren no. 127; according to van Someren the portraits
were made by R. Jelgerhuis (Leeuwarden 1729-1806); Landwehr, "Splendid ceremonies no. 235; (20) 87
pp. + plates. Rare! The mezzotint technique was invented by Ludwig von Siegen and was known as "black art".
The copper plate was roughened first and by doing this, and a further, detailed, technical process, the prints ended up
with a darkish and velvety appearance. It was the first tonal method to be used enabling half-tones to be produced
without using line- or dot based techniques like hatching or stipple. Final text leaf (Lijk-statie Maria Louisa) missing.
Spine ends and raised bands damaged. Cover slightly worn, mainly along extremities. Boards rubbed. Bookblock a
trifle loosening. Owner's entry at upper pastedown and first endpaper. Musical scores, in ink, on paper strip inner
€ 950,margin of title page and final leaf. 20
Antiquariaat De Boekenbeurs
Annotatien uit de Resolutien van de Wel Edele Groot Achbaare Heeren
Raaden in de Vroedschap der Stad Schiedam beginnende met den jaare 1655
en eindigende met den jaare 1669. Manuscript; 221 beschreven bladzijden
met daartussen vele ongenummerde blanco bladzijden. Het manuscript
begint met een geëtst wapen met het onderschrift: 'Mr. Arnoldus Franciscus
Hogerwaard heere van Waverveen 1754'. Het volgende blad heeft een geëtst
wapen van de stad Schiedam, in de plaat gesigneerd door Polack. Gebonden
in fraaie 18e-eeuwse goud- en blindgestempeld lederen band met geribde
rug. Bevat talrijke interessante gegevens over het reilen en zeilen in de stad
Schiedam! € 900,-
Vingboons, Johannes and J. van Bracht. Atlas van kaarten en aanzichten van de VOCen WIC,
genoemd Vingboons-atlas in het Algemeen Rijksarchief te 's-Gravenhage. Haarlem; 1981; Fibula-Van Dishoek;
107 coloured maps and views, mostly double paged; some extra large with folded pp.; folio; artificial leather.
With enclosure: 'Ten geleide en beschrijving van de opgenomen kaarten door J. van Bracht. Achttiende-eeuws
register'; 16, [16] pp. Very nice reprint of the watercoloured maps and views from the seventeenth century. No. 498
of 1000 numbered copies. Packed in the original cardboard box and wooden slipcase. € 600,-
Witsen Geysbeek, P.G.. De kleine
Zimmerman, of de Aarde en haar bewoners;
een leesboek voor de beschaafde jeugd.
Three volumes in one binding. Amsterdam;
1821-1824; G. Portielje; halfleather; spine
and boards with floral decorations; all
edges gilt; all 3 parts 1st editions; in: "the
Children's world of learning, 2882"; with
6 copperengraved, handcoloured, plates,
"Koning der Siminolen", "Opperhoofd der
Nadowesfiërs", "Inwoners van Jeruzalem",
"Clementinen", "Drauber Bramin" &
"De Kaffers"; copperengraved, folding,
views; "Moskee in Alexandrië", "Gezigt
van Athene", "Het gezigt van St. Helena",
"Gezigt der stad en haven van Marseille",
"Gezigt van een gedeelte der stad Bern", "Gezigt der reede van Batavia" & "het eiland Timor"; engraved views
by D. Veelwaard; ca. 10,5x15,5 cm.; (7) 160, (4) 158 & (4) 164 pp. Complete with all plates/ engravings! Dutch
adaptation of the German edition. The books were intended for use in the geography lessons at primary school or to be
read at home, for children of around 12 years old. Cover worn along extremities, boards slightly rubbed and somewhat
finger-soiled. Lower spine end slightly damaged. Spine with creasing. Some of the folding views (slightly) foxed,
affecting the image. Bookblock a trifle loosened at lower part. € 950,Fotoboek. Zeeland in Beeld.; 1959; goudbedrukt linnen; uitgave n.a.v. de week van de fotografie, van
9-16 mei 1959; aangeboden door de Zeeuwse fotohandelaren; met originele, ingeplakte foto's (zwart wit);
beschermd door schutpapier; linker bladzijden blanco; 31,5x40 cm.; n.p. Foto's van o.a. de Boulevard-werken in
1958 te Vlissingen, Deltawerken te Kamperland, molen en watertoren te St. Philipsland, etc. Een totaal aantal van
€ 400,ca. 60 foto's, van locaties door heel Zeeland. Band aan de randzijde iets beschadigd. 21
Antiquariaat Brabant
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Unique copy with original drawings
Boon, A. van der – Linthorst Homan, Joh. Linthorst. 1904-1917 (Tribute to Mr. Johannes
Linthorst Homan). Assen, Van Gorcum & Comp., 1918. 4to. With 34 very fine orig. drawings in pen and ink
(71x117 mm) by A. v.d. Boon. 72 pp. with ornamental borders printed in black and orange on thick handmade paper (“De Haesbeek”). Orig. vellum, on front cover orig. coloured drawing (large supralibros of Drenthe,
ornamental border, and title “1904-1917”) in black, red, blue, and gold by A. v.d. Boon, spine with three
vellum straps (each with 5 brass cotter pins on both sides), top edge gilt, other edges uncut (Van Gorcum &
Comp. Assen).
€ 3.500,- For Arie van der Boon (1886-1961) see Scheen 1750-1950 I, pp.130-131; Waller, p.38; Mak van Waay, p.19.
He was specialized in townscapes and views of a village. The topographical accurateness of his work makes it
nowadays very interesting: how towns and villages have changed over the years. – Mr. Johannes Linthorst
Linthorst Homan (1844-1926), Royal Commissioner of Drenthe from 1904 till 1917, was offered this album
in June 1918 by the members of the association of mayors and town clerks in the province Drenthe. “Het zal
UHEG. daarom verklaarbaar voorkomen dat onzerzijds behoefte wordt gevoeld, van onze erkentelijkheid te
doen blijken, door een huldeblijk aan te bieden dat voor U van eenige waarde kan zijn, omdat het te aanschouwen
geeft een beeld in penteekening uit alle gemeenten van het Oude Landschap genomen, …” (Preface). – All
drawings bottom right signed by the artist, and underneath the drawings signed in ink by the mayor and the
town clerk of the concerned town/village (Anloo, Assen, Beilen, Borger, Coevorden, etc. etc.) – Very fine
Antiquariaat Brabant
Two rare works on sundials
I. Doppelmayr, J.G Neue und gründliche Anweisung/ Wie nach einer universalen Methode Grosse
Sonnen-Uhren auf jeden ebenen Flächen … zu verzeichnen. … Zur weitern Erklärung der neuvermehrten
Welperischen Gnomonique. Nürnberg, Weigel, 1719. 4 parts. Fol. With engr. frontisp. by I.G. Puschner, 20
engr. plates (1 fold.), woodcut tables, head- & tail-pieces and initials in text. 8 nn. pp., 224 pp.
BOUND WITH: II. Welper, (E.). Neu-vermehrte Welperische Gnomonica Oder Gründlicher Unterricht Und
Beschreibung/ Wie man alle regulare Sonnen-Uhren auf ebenen Orten leichtlich auffriessen/ … beschreiben …
kunstmässig verfertigen soll/ Zum Drittenmahl aufgeleget und mit dem Vierten Theil vermehret/ … Nebst
einem Anhang/ der kunstreiche Uhrmacher genannt/ … Nürnberg, Weigel, 1708. 5 parts. Fol. With engr.
frontisp., 35 engr. plates (1 d.p.), woodcut tables, head- & tail-pieces and initials in text. 8 nn. pp., 200 pp., 38
pp. Contemp. full calf, spine with 5 raised band and letter-piece. € 2.200,- I. Poggendorff I,593-4. – Very rare orig. edition of Doppelmayr’s extensively illustrated work on sundials and
their construction. Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1677-1750) was an astronomer, cartographer, and a professor
of mathematics. – II. Roller-G. 567; Houzeau-Lancaster 11434 (calls for 34 plates). Compare Poggendorff
II,1293. – Rare best and last edition of this mathematical study on sundials by the mathematician and
astronomer Eberhard Welper, revised and extended by Johann Christoph Sturm (1635-1703) and Johann
Gabriel Doppelmayr. This edition contains two sections both appearing here for the first time: part 4 &
appendix. Includes a fine double-p. time zone map of the world. – Binding sl. rubbed, lower blank margin of
first work with a small and very vague waterstain throughout, folding plate loose and sl. frayed at upper blank
margin. Very good copies.
Norbury, J. The Box of Whistles. An illustrated book on organ cases: with Notes on Organs at Home and
Abroad. London, Bradbury, 1877. Fol. With 20 col. lithogr. plates (2 finished by hand). 6 nn. lvs., 32 pp. Orig.
violet cloth, gilt stamping on front side.
€ 2.500,- 1st ed. – Reuter 5039. – A remarkable illustrated work with handsomely and detailed figures of the famous
organs in Abbeville, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Beauvais, Freiburg i.B., Ghent, Gouda, Haarlem, ‘s-Hertogenbosch,
London (4 depicted), Rheims, Rotterdam, Rouan, and Troyes. – Inner hinges strengthened, binding mildly
rubbed and discoloured. A very fine copy.
Rolando, G. The Modern Art of Fencing agreeably to the practice of the most eminent masters in Europe.
Carefully revised and augmented with a technical glossary, etc. London, printed for Samuel Leigh, 1822. Sm.
8vo. With contemp. handcol. engr. tissue-guarded frontisp., and 22 contemp. handcol. engr. tissue-guarded
plates by S. Hall after W. Derby. XXXI, 1 p. blank, 240 pp., 12 pp. (publisher’s cat.). Orig. red morocco with
large gilt title and two fencing men on front cover. € 825,- 1st ed. – Thimm 244; Vigeant 112-113; Pardoel 2226; Lipperheide 2985; Hiler 756. – Nicely illustrated
pocket-sized popular fencing handbook. Vigeant indicates that part of the edition was uniformly bound in
green morocco, of which the copies with the large gilt ornament as on our copy are most sought after. Vigeant
does not mention copies in orig. red morocco. – Very neatly rebacked with matching leather and the orig. letterpiece, new endpapers, outer corners neatly restored. Very good copy.
Uitgeverij de Buitenkant
Herfstaanbieding 2010
boeken voor een lange natte herfst
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Limburgensis Ducatus Tabula Nova
Excusa sumptibus Ioan. Baptistae Vrints,
Aemuli studii Geographiae D.Ab. Ortelii:
P.M. Cosmographi Regii.&c.
Oudgekleurde kopergravure uit de Italiaanse uitgave van de atlas van J.B. Vrients.
“Theatro del Mondo di Abrahamo Ortelio…….in Anversa, apresso Giovanni Babtista Vrientio MDCVIII”
Getekend door “ Aegidius Martini Antverpiensis” en opgedragen aan Gaston Spinola.
48,6x39,7 cm.
Prijs: € 950,-
Antiquariaat Brinkman
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Dertien almanakjes uit de eerste helft van de negentiende
eeuw: Nieuwen Antwerpschen Almanach 1817.
(F.A.Van De Ven). Nieuwen Antwerpschen Dag-wyser
of Almanach 1817. (Philippe Ville). Nieuwen
Antwerpschen Dag-wijzer ofte Almanach 1826.
(Philippe Ville). Kraemers Almanach 1829. (J.Thys).
Antwerpschen Almanach 1833. (P.J.Dewever). Den
Antwerpschen Roep, inhoudende veéele aerdige
poetseryen 1841. (H.Ratinckx). Antwerpschen
Almanach of Nieuwjaers-Gift 1844 & 1846. (P.J.Van
Aarssen). Antwerpschen Almanach 1848. (J.H.Conart).
Antwerpschen Almanach 1849. (C.Debacker). + 3
almanakken zonder titelpagina uit 1823, 1825, en
1834. In orig.omslagen, in doosje. € 180,- ONZE PUIKDICHTERESSEN
Stichtelyke gedichten. Met gegraveerde titel door R.
Vinkeles. Amsterdam, Yntema en Tieboel, 1775. 4to.
(2),xii,(14),420,(24),(7) p. halfkalfsleer met rugtitel.
(bibl.stempel op schutblad en titel) € 360,(Buijnsters (1984),p.171: “De definitieve doorbraak van
Aagje Deken als dichteres ...Het aandeel van Aagje Deken
is minstens dubbel zo groot als dat van Maria Bosch “)
GORDON de GRAEUW, G. De poësy van de
geest en deugtryke Juffrouw G. Gordon de Graeuw, …
: Tot voort-plantinge van de leer der genade,ende dus
der christelyke vryheid,seer troostelyk,en in nette rymmaat voorgestelt. Amsterdam,Johannes van Heekeren,
1710. 4to. (viii),302 p. or.carton. ( schutblad
en titel, rug beschadigd, titelpagina aan rand iets
€ 85,-
‘Met en zonder lauwerkrans’, pp.408-412: “Geertruyd
Gordon was een pionierster. Zij was een van de eerste vrouwen die zelfstandig een bundel onder hun eigen naam lieten
verschijnen,maar haar beperkte stofkeuze gaf haar geen brede naamsbekendheid buiten haar eigen gereformeerde
kring,en daar zal ze eerder berucht dan beroemd geweest zijn.”
Antiquariaat Brinkman
KOOLAART geb.HOOFMAN, Elisabeth. De
naagelaatene gedichten. Uitgegeven met opdrachtgedicht aan
Lucretia van Winter-van Merken en een biografische inleiding
door Willem Kops. Met gegrav.titel (d.R.Vinkeles). Haarlem,
Jan Bosch, 1773. (2),xvi,200 p. or.carton (rug besch., bibl.
st.op schutblad en titel
€ 90,-Elisabeth Hoofman (1664-1736) was getrouwd met de rijke
Haarlemse koopman Pieter Koolaart, die zijn gezin door speculatie
en verkwisting in behoeftige omstandigheden bracht. Later
vestigden ze zich in Kassel. O.a. verjaarsvers voor J.C.Amman.,
gedichten op het buiten Veenberg bij Bloemendaal, op tsaar Peter
de Grote, die door het echtpaar Koolaart in Haarlem onthaald
werd, en ‘Bruin boven blond’, dat begint met: “Ruilt nooit uw
verf, bevallige Bruinetten / Voor blanke kleur of blonde kuif ”.
MALEN, Jetske REINOU van der. Zede- mengel- en lyk-gedichten. Met titelplaat, titelvignet en 3
platen door I.C.Philips. Leeuwarden, Erven Henrik Halma, 1728. 4to. (xvi),214,(8) p. blind gestempeld
perkament. (kneep gespleten, schutblad en titel, wat gebruind ex.)
€ 200,Jetske van der Malen (1687-1752), de Vriesche Sappho”, publiceerde in deze (haar enige) bundel gelegenheidsgedichten,
en zededichten op bijbels thema’s maar bv. ook “op myn herstelling uit myn ziekte en de geneesing van myne gevaarlyke
en oversmertelyke wonde aan den hals”.
LANNOY, Juliana Cornelia de. Dichtkundige werken + Nagelaten dichtwerken. Met gegraveerde titels,
portret door Houbraken naar N.Rode en 2 platen. Leiden, A. en J. Honkoop, 1780-1783. 2 delen. viii,248,(5)(xii),160,(7) pp. orig.verguld half-leer met rugtitels (bibl.stempel op schutbladen en titels, zeer goed exemplaar)
€ 180,Het eerste deel opent met een opdracht aan Wilhelmina van Pruisen. J.van Spaan bezingt het portret in een
drempeldicht: “die schrandre Maagd, die eedle Puikdichtres”. De Nagelaten dichtwerken werden bezorgd door
Bilderdijk, die de opdracht aan (alweer) prinses Wilhelmina dichtte en het geheel inleidde.
Charbo’s Antiquariaat
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HORSFIELD, THOMAS (et al), Plantae Javanicae rariores, descriptae iconibusque illustratae, quas
in insula Java, annis 1802-1818, legit et envestigavit Thomas Horsfield, E siccis descriptiones et characteres
plurimarum elaboravit Joannes J. Bennett; observationes structuram et affinitates praesertim respicientes
passim adjecit Robertus Brown. (1st ed.). London, William H. Allen, 1838-1852. Large 4to. VIII+XVI+(I)+259
pp. Complete with engraved double-page folding map of Java, 47 hand-coloured engraved plates (incl. 6 doublepage) & 3 engraved plates (incl. 1 double-page) by J. Curtis & E. Weddell after C. and J. Curtis; Geographical
preface, Postscript, printed Dedication to the Court of Directors of the East India Company, 1852. Or. green cloth
with gilt lettering on front & spine, expertly rebacked preserving original spine. Text in Latin and English. (Occas.
light foxing to inner margins, most plates are fine; plate XIII trimmed, affecting image for about 1 cm). VG.
* Nissen BBI 934, Brunet III, col. 340.
€ 6.900,LA COURT VAN DER VOORT, PIETER DE, Byzondere aenmerkingen over het aanleggen
van pragtige en gemeene landhuizen, lusthoven, plantagien en aenklevende cieraeden. Waer by gevoegt is
eene verhandeling aengaende het snoeijen en voortteelen van vrugt- en wilde boomen; inzonderheid eene nette
beschryving om jaerlyks overvloedig druiven in de open lucht; ook by vervroeging in stook- en andere warme
kassen, voort te brengen; als mede om onfeilbaer ananas-vrugten, ook citroen-, limoen-, oranje-boomen, en andere
gewassen van warmer luchtstreek, onder onze koude voort te queeken en te vermenigvuldigen, nevens een berigt
om de benoodigde weer-glazen daer toe te maken; nog beproefde waerneemingen wegens het voortteelen van
aerd- en warmoes-vrugten, het behandelen der moestuinen, het aenleggen der broeibakken voor meloenen en
soortgelyke gewassen, en hoe men de beste meloenen in dezelven kan teelen enz. Tweede druk. Vermeerderd
met twee aenhangzels. Amsteldam, K. van Tongerlo & F. Houttuin, 1763. 4to. (IV)+XII+(IV)+522+(18) pp.
Complete with 16 engr. plts. (incl. 15 fold.) + 1 text ill. Contemp. half calf, expertly rebacked. (Occas. light foxing,
few pages browned, 1 plate with old repair in margin). VG. *One of the most famous Dutch works on the planning
and cultivation of country gardens, with much attention given to fruit- and kitchen-gardens, and greenhouses for the
cultivation of pine apples, lemons, oranges and other (sub) tropical fruits.
€ 1.950,LOOSJES, ADRIAAN, Beschrijving van de Zaanlandsche dorpen Oostzaan, Oostzaandam, Westzaan,
Westzaandam, Koog, Zaandijk, Wormerveer, Westknollendam en Nauwerna. Uit oorspronglijke handschriften van wijlen
(...) Adriaan Loosjes (...) met aantekeningen tot deezen tijd vermeerderd door Petrus Loosjes. Haarlem, F. Bohn & A. Loosjes,
1794. (IV)+XXIV+(II)+322+(3) pp. Compleet met uitsl. kaart van C. van Baarsel naar Klaas Sem & 8 uitsl. platen van D.
Vrijdag naar J. Bulthuis (alle gravures). 2 uitsl. lijsten van de Groenlandsche en Straatdavidsche visscherijen. Gebonden. Half
linnen met gemarmerde platten uit de tijd. (Rug licht besch., hoeken wat gestoten, schutbladen wat verbruind; binnenwerk
fraai). Goed ex.* Nijhoff/Van Hattum 194; Cat. NHSM p. 319. € 1.350,TYSENS, G. (tekst), Haarlemmer duinzang, ter eere van des zelfs vermakelyke land- en watergezigten,
van Sandtvoordt af tot Haarlem. Versierd met twaalf naauwkeurige afbeeldingen. Amsterdam, Hendrik Bos,
1728. Oblong 4to. (IV)+12 pp. tekst + 12 gegrav. platen gedrukt door Claes Jansz. Visscher; gegrav. titelvignet
(compleet). Ingenaaid. Gemarmerd omslag uit de tijd. (Wormgaatjes in rechter bovenhoeken buiten tekst & beeld;
de platen zijn in fraaie staat, met scherpe afdrukken). Goed ex. * De tekst is een arcadisch gedicht van Gysbert Tysens.
De eerste plaat is een allegrorische afbeelding (Haerlem vicit vim virtus), gevolgd door plaat 2: het strand bij Zandvoort
met het "Vierbake" (vuurtoren) met daaronder het adres van de drukker en een genummerd overzicht van de platen: 3:
Sandtvoordt (gezicht op het dorp met kerk), 4: Paters herbergh, 5: Potjes herbergh, 6: Aen de weg na Leyden, 7: Onder
wegen Heemstee, 8: Blekeryen door den Houdt, 9: Lasery van Haerlem, 10: Playsante plaets aende duynkant, 11:
Blekereyen aende duynen gelegen, 12: 't Huys te Kleef. - Ref.: Nijhoff-Van Hattum 299.
€ 3.500,-
Antiquariaat Forum BV
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The most beautiful colour plate book on South Africa
ALBERTI, L. De kaffers aan de zuidkust van Afrika, natuur en geschiedkundig beschreven. Amst., E.
Maaskamp, 1810. One text vol. in 8vo and one large atlas vol. (ca. 450 x 600 mm). Text vol. contemp. calf,
double gilt fillets, ribbed spine with red morocco title labels; atlas vol. contemp. marbled boards and pink
endpapers, kept in a modern green half morocco box. Text vol. with large folding aquatint plan and coastline
view of Algoa Bay by L. Portman after Ch. Howen, and two full-page stipple-engr. plates by L. Portman after
W.B.E. Paravicini di Capelli and J. Smies, all coloured by hand. Atlas vol. with 4 large all exquisitely handcoloured aquatint plates (ca. 300 x 415 mm) by J. Portman after drawings by Ch. Howen and J. Smies. € 30.000,-
First edition of this splendid ethnographic monograph on the Xhosas, or ‘Kaffers’. Lodewyk Alberti (17681812) describes the situation and climate of ‘Kafferland’, as well as the appearance and physical strength of the
Xhosas, but mainly focuses on their culture, hereby closely following the guidelines for ethnographic research
as set out by Joseph-Marie de Gérando (1772-1842). With the rare atlas Zuid-Afrikaansche Gezichten.- Fine
set.- (Some minor imperfections).- Gay 3135; Mendelssohn I, pp. 17-18; Landwehr, Coloured plates, 217; cf.
Huigen, Knowledge and colonialism, pp. 191-208.
Antiquariaat Forum BV
The realm of the gods
AYSMA, J. Het ryck der goden, onder den eenige waare God. Amst., T. ten Hoorn, 1686. 4to. Contemp.
blind-stamped vellum, ribbed spine with title in ink. With unsigned etched allegorical title-page, 28 full-page
and 2 folding etched plates, of which 7 by Jan Luyken, 22 by J. Lamsvelt and one by Joseph Mulder. € 1.950,First and only edition of this beautifully illustrated work on classical mythology, dedicated to Nicolaas Witsen
and Gerard Bors van Waveren, burgomasters of Amsterdam. The author also devotes some interesting chapters
to cosmological questions, explaining the views of Ptolemy, Copernicus, Brahe and Descartes.- Very good copy.(Few minor defects).- Klaversma & Hannema 74; Van Eeghen & Van der Kellen 110.
Writing and drawing without hands in Malines
dien die wyse voorzienighyt Godts als een verwonderens waerdigs exempel van
der natuer den 7:de meert 1735 zonder handen of voeten al soo heeft laeten ter
waereld gebooren worden. (Malines, ca. 1770). (ca. 500 x 280 mm). Pen drawing in
brown ink with text on vellum.Together with: (2) WONDER MAN, MONSIEUR
EVERT,- Met permissie van de regeringe dezer stad, word aan alle heren en dames,
en verdere liefhebbers bekend gemaakt, dat alhier is aangekomen. Een wonder man,
Monsieur Evert genaamt. (...). (Malines, ca. 1770). Broadsheet (220 x 165 mm).
€ 6.500,-
Ad 1: Allegorical and devotional pen drawing with text by Jacobus Joannes Evert (17351789), who was born without hands and feet and made this work using his short arms.
Ad 2: Remarkable broadsheet, announcing Monsieur Evert’s performance of
“verscheide merkwaardige Kunsten” (various strange tricks) in an inn - the Roode Leeuw at the Vismarkt,
during the fair at Malines .- Very good copies.- (Ad 1: sl. soiled; Ad 2: edges sl. frayed and sl. foxed).
Extremely rare almanac
NIEROP, D.R. van. Comptoir almanach op ‘t schrickel-jaar onses heeren Jesu Christi M.DC.LXXXVIII.
na de nieuwe en oude-stijl. Amst., G.J. Zaagman, (1687). 4to. Decorated paper, (‘Buntpapier’) over boards.
Title and calendar in red and black, woodcut on title, 12 large woodcuts, one for each month, 12 small woodcuts
with Zodiac signs, one woodcut of a Zodiac man.
€ 1.750,Unrecorded edition of the popular Amsterdam almanac, compiled by Dirck Rembrantsz. van Nierop (16101682) and published by Gilles Joosten Zaagman, a famous publisher of almanacs, popular books and prints.Good copy.- (First quire loosening).- Not in STCN, nor NCC and Vandenhole.
Picturesque Roman costume plates
PINELLI, B. Nuova raccolta di cinquanta costumi pittoreschi incisi all’acqua forte da Bartolomeo Pinelli
Romano. (Rome), Presso N. de Antoni & I. Pavon, (1816). Obl. folio. Orig. green blind stamped cloth with
gilt title on front cover. Engr. title, 50 etchings with costume plates.
€ 2.950,-
Original edition of one of the most famous series of etchings with picturesque Roman costume plates, capturing
as no other series the life in Roman streets, the Roman campagna and other parts of Italy in the early 19th
century by the well-known engraver and painter B. Pinelli (1781-1835).- Good copy.- (Few minor defects).Lipperheide 1263; Colas 2378; Hiler & Hiler p. 711; Vinet 2296.
Antiquariaat Forum BV
Splendid Art Nouveau designs in pochoir technique
SEGUY, E.A. Samarkande - 20 compositions en couleurs dans le
style oriental. Paris, C. Massin, (ca. 1925). (Ca. 450 x 325 mm). Orig.
portfolio, boards decorated in purple and black flower design with
paper title-label pasted on frontcover. With 20 colour pochoir plates,
mostly with floral motives some with birds and butterflies & fountains,
some heightened with gold. € 4.950,Brilliant series of colour pochoir plates with floral designs in Art
Nouveau style with an ‘Oriental touch’ by Eugene Alain Seguy (18891985), one of the foremost French designers at the beginning of the
20th century.- Very fine portfolio.
Panegyric on the river Rotte
SMITS, D. De rottestroom. Rotterdam, P. Losel (etc.), 1750. 4to. Contemp. half vellum with marbled boards,
spine ribbed, title in ink on spine. With engr. folding portrait of Willem Carel Hendrik Friso by P. Tanjé after G.
Sanders, a frontispiece, vignette on the title-page, armorial head-piece, 3 allegorical full-page plates and one folding
plate after Jacob Kortebrant, illustrating the course of the river Rotte, all skilfully engr. by Jan Punt. € 1.250,-
First edition of the main work of the Remonstrant author Dirk Smits (1702-1753), nicely illustrated by the
famous engraver Jan Punt (1711-1779), and dedicated to stadtholder William IV. With preliminary poems by
Lucretia Wilhelmina van Merken, K. Westerbaen, Pieter Langendijk, Arnold Hoogvliet and some others.- Fine
untrimmed copy.- Nijhoff/Van Hattum 287; Fontaine Verwey, De illustratie van letterkundige werken, p. 69.
Vuyk, Verlichte verzen en kolommen, pp. 33-39.
A French/Dutch Utopia by a Huguenot Professor of
Mathematics at Deventer
(TYSSOT DE PATOT, S.). Voyages et avantures de Jaques Massé. l’Utopie, J. L’Aveugle, 1760. 2 parts in
1 vol. 8vo. Contemp. calf, spine gilt in compartments. € 2.500,-
Fifth edition of this highly interesting imaginary voyage by S. Tyssot de Patot (1655 - 1738), a ‘landmark’ in
the development of the French voyage novel (Atkinson). The description by the fictitious J. Massé of the ideal
Kingdom of Butrol is in fact utopia à la More, which is mainly a pretext for dealing with controversial scientific
issues and for questioning the validity of religious institutions and the credibility of Christian dogmas.- Very
good copy.- Atkinson, The extraordinary Voyage in French literature, pp. 67-112; Rosenberg, Tyssot de Patot and
his work, 1655-1738 (1972), p. 99.
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BONIFACIUS VIII. Sextus Decretalium liber a Bonifacio
VIII. In Concilio Lugdunensi Editus .... (With the Commentary
of Johannes Andreae). (Basel, Amerbach, Petri & Froben, 1511.)
Printed in red and black, with central text block surrounded by
commentary. With large woodcut printer’s device on title and with
a three-quarter page large woodcut of the Pope seated with an open
book meeting an audiance of people, and with two large woodcuts
relative to the Three of Consanguinity. - (Bound with:) CLEMENT
V. Constitutiones in Concilio Viennensi Edite .... (Basel, Amerbach,
Petri & Froben, 1511.) Printed in red and black, with central text
block surrounded by commentary. With large woodcut printer’s
device on title and with a three-quarter page large woodcut of the
Pope seated with an open book meeting an audiance of people.
- (Bound with:) JOHN XXII. Extravagantes Viginti ... (Basel,
Amerbach, Petri & Froben, 1511.) Printed in red and black, central
text surrounded by commentary, large woodcut printer’s device on
title. Two parts in one. Three works bound together in one volume.
(6), 177, 5 leaves, with the final blank; 72, (4) leaves; 39, (1), 39, (3) leaves. Large folio. Original blind-panelled
€ 7.500,pigskin over wooden boards, clasps gone, two tears at top and bottom of spine.
None of these editions is in Adams.
Rare volume of three important texts in medieval canon law and very nicely printed by the short-lived partnership
of three of Basel’s greatest printers, Adam Petri, Johann Amerbach and Johan Froben. First work: The great
work on canon law by Bonifacius VIII (Benedetto Gaetano). He added a large number of constitutions to the
general ecclesiastical legislation, which came to be known as Liber Sextus, since the Decretals of Gregory IX,
promulgated in 1239, consists of five books. Giovanni d’Andrea was one of the great canonists of his age and
his gloss is incorporated in all early editions. Verso third leaf - recto fifth leaf contain the Arbor consanguinitatis
and the Arbor affinitatis of Johannes Andreae. Second work: Clement V was elected pope in 1305 as successor
to Benedict XI. He fixed his residence in Avignon thus inaugurating the seventy years’ ‘Captivity’. Clement was
seen as being heavily dependant on the French king, Philip the Fair, who insisted on a formal condemnation
of Clement’s predecessor, Bonifacius VIII, on charges of heresy
and immorality. Third work: John XII was elected pope in
1316 as candidate of Robert of Anjou and fixed his residence
in Avignon where he remained the rest of his life. His reign was
filled with theological and political conflicts. He was however
a capable administrator, enlarged and reorganized the Curia,
put the Papal finances on a sound basis and strengthened the
hierarchy by founding new, and defining the frontiers of old,
dioceses. - Some small worming throughout mostly but not
exclusively limited to the lower blank margin, first title neatly
rebacked, ownership inscription at top of first title dated 1588.
Numerous contemporary marginal annotations in red ink.
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ELSSCHOT, Willem (Introduction to Louis Paul Boon’s Mijn kleine oorlog). Original typescript. On
stationery of ‘Publiciteit in Snoeck’s Almanakken Concessionaris A. De Ridder’. 2 leaves recto. Dated
‘Antwerpen, 1 April 1946’. With some additions (‘Een meesterstukje op zichzelf ’), alterations and deletions in
pencil and ink by the author.
€ 1.000,* The original typescript copy of Elsschot’s convincing introduction to Louis Paul Boon’s literary masterpiece.
On April 1, 1946 Elsschot sent a copy of this introduction to his friend Boon. Another [= this] copy was sent
to Boon’s publisher. See Willem Elsschot, Brieven (Amsterdam 1993), no. 661.
EULENBURG, Philipp zu Autograph Letter Signed to ‘Verehrteste gnädige Frau’. On smooth writing
paper with printed letterhead ‘Kaiserlich Deutsche Botschaft/ III. Metternichgasse 3/ Wien’. 20,9 x 13,4 cm.
One folded leaf, written on page 1 and 2. Dated ‘15 März 97’. Signed ‘P. Eulenburg’. 19 lines. In German.
Folded horizontally.
€ 250,* Count (later Prince) Eulenburg (1847-1921) was ambassador for Germany in Vienna from 1894-1903, years
before he, as an intimate friend of Emperor William II, was accused of being homosexual. This initiated a major
political conflict in Germany, called the Harden-Eulenburg affair.
Eulenburg thanks this unknown lady effusively for all the good things she had given. Because of a cold, he was
unable to thank her in person in her box during the performance of Wagner’s Walküre. He hopes she was cured
of her own cold and that they will meet again soon.
HERMANS, W.F. De tranen der acacia’s. Amsterdam, Van Oorschot, 1949.
Cloth. 428 p. First edition. Reading slant. Binding soiled.
€ 750,* Very intimate author’s inscription in Indonesian on halftitle: ‘Aan J./ Tjoemah
saloe saja kepingin/ W.’, meaning ‘To J./ I’m longing for you only’. J. is none else
than his lover since three years, Juus Hartman (1905-1970). In 1948 she designed
the cover of De tranen. JS 27. See illustration.
(HOMER) Six hymns of Homer. The English Translation by Percy Bysshe Shelley facing the original Greek.
(Collection of three different copies). (Maastricht), The Halcyon Press, 1929. Printed in 481 numbered copies.
€ 4.000,* 1. One of six copies PRINTED ON VELLUM. Bound in full gilt and blindstamped red morocco with
marbled flyleaves, top gilt, in marbled slipcase (publisher’s binding by L. Malcorps). Exlibris on first flyleaf.
Some unobtrusive natural browning on some vellum pages.
2. One of 25 copies printed on Imperial Japanese paper. Bound in full gilt and blindstamped red morocco with
marbled flyleaves, top gilt (publisher’s binding by L. Malcorps).
3. One of 450 copies
printed on Pannekoek
Dutch mould-made paper.
Original red cloth.
Striking typography by J.
Halcyon Press 5. Van Dijk
183. See illustration.
Antiquariaat Fokas Holthuis
JELLEMA, C.O. Twelve Autograph Letters Signed and four Typed Letters Signed to literary magazine
De Gids. 16 leaves recto. 1960-1970.
€ 1450,* Highly interesting collection of elegant letters by the young Dutch poet and essayist (1936-2003), written
from several adressess (in Bilthoven, Bonn, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Groningen and Tull en ‘t Waal), to editors of
De Gids. Jellema repeatedly offers poetry to the renowned literary magazine. In 1960 his very first poems were
published in the autumn issue of De Gids, according to plan: ‘graag onder eigen naam publiceren’. Jellema’s
friend ‘freule des Tombe’ already sent his curriculum vitae: ‘Uit de door haar verstrekte gegevens [...] kunt u
nemen wat U daar voor geschikt acht’. Also about his first book publication Klein Gloria (1961). The initial
enthusiasm of the editors for Jellema’s poetry diminishes after only a year. On the first letter by Jellema from July
8, 1960 editor Hoornik jots down in capitals: ‘vóór’, but Bert Voeten comments in a report from April 12,
1961: ‘Tegen - bizonder zwak en ‘afgekeken’’. Two of these editor’s reports are attached, as are five carbon letters
by editor Lekkerkerker to Jellema. In a self-conscious letter from February 21, 1963 Jellema asks Voeten to
motivate his rejection: ‘Ik zou U namelijk willen vragen, mij te schrijven waarom deze gedichten de critiek niet
konden doorstaan’.
VIJF PONDEN PERS, De The complete clandestine production of this marvellous series of bibliophile
works, printed in a small number of copies in secret under the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands. ‘The name
of the press [‘Five Pounds Press’] was a sardonic reference to the maximum paper weight permitted by the
occupying powers for unofficial printing’ (Purvis). Founded by A.A. Balkema, W. Hellinga and J. van Krimpen
in 1942, the series of the Vijf Ponden Pers form a very diverse collection of exquisitely designed books, greatly
differing in size. Typography often by J. van Krimpen, sometimes by Dick Elffers, Susanne Heynemann, S.H.
de Roos and W. Sandberg. Illustrations by Jan Bons, Fred. Carasso, Livinus, Melle, Jeanne Bieruma Oosting,
Salim and Titia Wiegman. According to H.N. Werkman in a letter to August Henkels, the books of the Vijf
Ponden Pers were ‘much too beautiful, although the texts deserve a fine design’. Most books were printed in 50
or 55 copies. Extensive description on request.
€ 5.500,* We had a rare complete set of this series before (in 2006). We are happy now to be able to offer another set.
See illustration.
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“Amstelredam”. View of Amsterdam from the north bank of the IJ. Printed from two plates, on two joined
sheets of paper. Engraved and published by Pieter Bast, 1599. Size: 25,5 x75 cm. One of nine known copies,
at least seven of which in public collections. The first of a celebrated series of views of Amsterdam seen from the
IJ. “In its amplitude and the sheer audacity of the presentation, this engraving is indisputedly one of Bast’s most
significant creations. It is as much a portrait of the harbour of Amsterdam as of the city itself and underscores
the unique importance of maritime trade as the principle source of the city’s wealth and power. This distinctive
orientation captures the essence of the metropolis in a way that had never been attempted before. Bast’s solution
to the challenge established the standard for an entire genre of Dutch maritime painting – the presentation of
the harbour view seen from normal eye level.” (Keyes, Pieter Bast, 1981) € 34.000,-
“Platte-grondt van de Oude
en Nieuwe Royinge der Stede
Splendid wall map of the city of
Amsterdam. The largest scale map (122,5
x 160 cm) of the city produced from 1625
until the nineteenth century. The first
map depicting a projection of the city,
originally drawn by city architect Daniël
Stalpaert, engraved by Julius Milheuser
and first published in 1662. The present
copy is an altered unrecorded state before
Covens & Mortier bought the plates in
1676. The map was to show the city’s
planned extentions to the east and south,
as well as the composition of the city
council which had made the important
decision to expand. Coloured by a later
hand. € 16.500,37
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DAENDELS, Herman Willem. Staat der Nederlandsche Oostindische bezittingen, onder het bestuur
van den Gouverneur-Generaal Herman Willem Daendels, ridder, luitenant-generaal, &c. in de jaren 1808-1811.
's Gravenhage 1814. 4 volumes. Folio. [VI],128; [334]; [596]; [488]p. With tables on 9 folding leaves. Contemp.
boards, covered with (partly gone) blue paper, corners and spine ends worn. Printed on fine paper, entirely uncut
with ample margins, apart from a waterstain in the last leaves of volume 3 internally fine. € 1.950,First (only) edition. A major source for the administrative, military, commercial and financial situation of the
Netherlands East Indies during the rule of Daendels as Governor-General 1807-1811, notable for the introduction of
important reforms in the civil and military administration.
FOURIER, Charles. Theorie des quatre mouvements et des destinees generales. Prospectus et annonce
de la decouverte. A Leipzig [i.e. Lyons], [Pelzin] 1808. [IV],425,[3]p. With folding table Tableau du cours du
mouvement social. Nineteenth-century green calf-backed marbled boards, gilt flat back lettered '4 mouvemen',
marbled edges. First and last leaves mildly stained, marginal damage to last and another leaf without affecting
text. € 10.000 ,First edition of the first book of the author. It contains the essence of his principle of association, urged by universal
human 'passionate' attraction but obstructed by 'civilization'. The application of this principle by his followers was
little successful, but the impact on social and socialist theory of Fourier's profound insight in human nature and
civilization can hardly be underestimated. *En francais dans le texte 218.
JORIS, David. t'Wonder-boeck: waer in dat van der werldt aen versloten gheopenbaert is. Wie een der ick
(segt de Heere) senden sal, ontfangt in mynen naem, die ontfanght my: wie my ontfanght, ontfanght den die
my ghesonden heeft. Hoochghelovet moet hy sijn, die als een ambassatoer ghesonden komt, inden name des
Heeren. Opt nieuw ghecorrigeert unde vermeerdert by den autheur selve: int jaer 1551. [Rotterdam, Dirck
Mullem c.1595.] 4 parts in 1 volume. Folio. [X],125,[2,1 blank]; [VI],164,[2]; [IV],50,[1,1 blank]; [II],34,[1]
lvs. With 3 full-page engravings, 2 signed 'IRW' (Hieronymus Wierix), a large woodcut in the first part, 3 large
woodcuts in the fourth part, a few smaller woodcuts, and numerous woodcut initials. Scattered old annotations
and striping, annotations to first and last blanks. Mostly marginal staining, particularly in the upper inner
corner in the first and last part. Printed in double columns. Part 2, lvs 33-36 bound after 39; lvs 91-93 after 94.
Contemp. calf over wooden boards, minor imperfections, richly blind tooled, once rebacked and recased, brass
corners to both boards (1 gone), remnants of clasps, and center piece to front board (gone from back board).
€ 8.500,Third edition, a literal reprint of the much enlarged second edition published in 1584 in Vianen by the same printer.
Both the second and the third edition were published without name of place or printer and were dated 1551, no doubt
because of its hazardous contents. First published in 1542-44 in Deventer by Dirk van Borne. The ‘Book of miracles’
is the chief book of David Joris, a glasspainter by trade and the most important leader of Dutch anabaptism in the
1530's after the debacle of Munster. *Van der Linde 58. TB 5644.
LA SAGRA, Ramon de. Atlas carcelario o coleccion de laminas de las principales carceles de Europa y de
America, proyectos de construccion, carruages y objetos de uso frecuente en las prisiones. Primera y segunda
serie que contienen las carceles modelos para la Francia, y las construidas en Inglaterra, Escocia, Suiza y Belgica.
Madrid, imprenta del Colegio de sordo-mudos y ciegos 1843. Folio (24 x 40 cm). Title, index (2p.) and 39
lithographed folding leaves. Printed on thin but strong paper, in fine condition. Contemp. blue boards, printed
wrappers cut and laid down to covers, back and corners worn. Stamp of a 19th century Dutch prison reform
library to title. € 1.500,-
Antiquariaat Matthys de Jongh
First (only) edition. A rare atlas with ground plans and front and side views of projected and existing cellular prisons
in France, England and some other countries including fine plates of tread-wheels and similar machines for 'labor of
the hardest and most servile kind'.
LINTZ, Adam van. Koopmans-reekeningen ... Amsterdam, Joannes Kannewet [& deel 3 & 4:] Gysbert
de Groot 1718-48. 4 delen in 1. Klein 8vo. 120,142,176,[VI],176p. Stempel op titel eerste deel. Contemp.
perkament, op beide platten deels vervaagde gecalligrafeerde opdracht in goud, rood en blauw. Volledig
doorschoten met gelinieerde bladspiegel, in de laatste twee delen met talloze aantekeningen in fraai oud
handschrift. € 1.750 ,Zeldzaam compleet in vier delen. Een veelgebruikt leerboek voor handelsrekenen, waarvan de verschillende delen
afzonderlijk werden uitgegeven en talloze keren herdrukt, van het einde der 17de tot het midden van de 19de eeuw,
herzien en aangevuld door verschillende andere schrijvers. *Bierens de Haan 2767-2774. EHB 544.
LIST, Friedrich. Das nationale System der politischen Oekonomie. Erster Band [all published]: Der
internationale Handel, die Handelspolitik und der deutsche Zollverein. Stuttgart und Tubingen, J.G.Cotta'scher
Verlag 1841. LXVIII,[2 table of contents, verso also numbered LXVIII],589p., including 2 title pages. Contemp.
half cloth, gilt back, marbled sides, little rubbed. Tiny defect in inner margin of title leaves, usual mild browning
throughout, a few leaves heavier, mostly small brown stain in lower inner and outer margins. A good copy.
Added: Das Zollvereinsblat. Nr 1-27, 1 Januar - 3 Juli 1843. 544p. Contemp. boards, rubbed. Some stamps,
mild paperspotting. € 5.500 ,First edition, rare. Friedrich List's seminal advocacy of economic nationalism, derived from the nationalist and
romantic ideas of Alexander Hamilton and Adam Muller, from whom List also adopted his opposition against the
ideas of Adam Smith. *Kress C.5545. PMM 311.
RAFFLES, Thomas Stamford. The history of Java. London, printed for Black, Parbury, and Allen,
booksellers to the Hon. East-India Company ... and John Murray 1817. 2 volumes. 4to. [III]-XLVIII,479;
[III]-VIII,288,[4],CCLXp., wanting half-titles. With 65 plates, including one folding and 10 coloured aquatint
costume plates, 9 engravings in the text, numerous tables including some folding, and a very large folding map.
Some scattered paperspotting, one or to small repairs to last page of first volume and to map, tiny lack of paper
in margin of one plate, a few red inkspots to the folding plate. Finely bound in nineteenth or early-twentieth
century half calf, gilt flat backs, marbled sides, with booksellers' ticket of 'Boekhandel O.B.U.Z. Weltevreden'
to inside front cover of first volume. € 4.500,First edition. A very valuable description of Java, extremely well documented and illustrated, that hardly needs any
further recommendation. *Bastin & Brommer note 83.
REGIUS, Henricus or Henri LE ROY. Fundamenta physices. [Followed by:] Fundamenta medica.
Amstelodami, apud Ludovicum Elzevirium 1646 & Ultrajecti [Utrecht], apud Theodorum Ackersdycium
1647. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. [XVI],306,[1 errata], [XX],282,[1 errata]p. (gathering V mispaginated, p.282
paginated 281). With numerous figures in the text, including a few full-page. Contemp. vellum, upper inner
hinge broken. Some scattered underlinings and marginal annotations in an old hand, more in the additional
work; faint stamp, number and old name (D.Heineken) to title. € 2.750,First edition of both works. The first is Regius' most important book on natural philosophy, several times reprinted with
the title ‘Philosophia naturalis’. It is here followed by his other important book on medicine. Regius was professor of
physics and natural philosophy in Utrecht and strongly influenced by Descartes, with whom he worked closely together.
He was the first Dutch university professor to teach Cartesianism, and his present work was 'the only available
Cartesian textbook on the subject until the publication of Descartes' ‘De homine in’ 1662'.
SMITH, Adam. An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations. Basil [Basel], printed
and sold by James Decker & Paris, sold by Levrault freres 1801. 4 volumes. VIII,406; VI,344; IV,358,[5],68;
V,374,[52]p. Contemp. half calf, backs richly gilt, marbled sides, sprinkled edges. Old owners's entry to first
free endpaper of first volume. An attractive set. € 1.250,Second Basel edition. An interesting edition of Smith's masterpiece, the only edition including an English translation
of that other masterpiece, Turgot's ‘Reflexions sur la formation et la distribution des richesses’, here erroneously bound
at end of the third volume. *Kress B.4447. Vanderblue p.20.
Antiquariaat Junk B.V.
Allard Schierenberg
Van Eeghenstraat 129
1071 GA Amsterdam
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• Voyages and travel
ANSLIJN, N. Afbeelding der Artsenij-Gewassen, welke in de Nederlandsche Apotheek als zoodanige vermeld
zijn. Naar de beste Uitlandsche Afbeeldingen geteekend en op steen gebragt. Leyden, Du Mortier en Zoon,
1832-1838. 4 volumes bound in two. Folio. With 265 fine handcoloured lithographed plates. Contemporary
half cloth. € 7.200,One of the first scientific works with lithographed plates published in the Netherlands. The fine plates are after
drawings by the author. Only 116 copies were subscribed and probably 130 copies were printed.
BURMAN, J. Thesaurus Zeylanicus exhibens Plantas in Insula Zeylana nascentes… Amstelaedami, apud
Janssonio-Waesbergios, & Salomonem Schouten, 1737. 4to. pp. (16), 235, (1), (14), (4), 33, (1), with an
engraved portrait of Burmann, by J.M. Quinkhard, engraved by J. Houbraken, and an engraved vignette and
111 fine engraved plates. Contemporary calf, gilt ornamented spine with red gilt lettered label, sides with gilt
borders. € 4.750,First edition of the first illustrated flora of Ceylon.
CLUTIUS, A. Opuscula duo singularia. I. De Nuce Medica. II. De Hemerobio sive Ephemero Insecto, &
Majali Verme. /De Cocco Maldivensi. I. Opusculum in quo medici, physici, historici, politici, critici, exercitium
suum invenient. Amsterdam, J. Charpentier, 1634. 4to. pp. (38), 103, (3), with large woodcuts on 3 titles and
several woodcuts of plants and insects in the text. Recent half vellum, gilt lettered spine. € 2.000,Augurius Cluyt (1578-1636) was a Dutch physician. The above works deal among others with Ephemeroptera,
or Mayflies of which the adults are short lived. He had close contacts with the Leyden Botanical Garden and
Boerhave in view of his merits called plant genus ‘Clutia’ after him.
HAMILTON, E. The Flora Homoeopathica; or, Illustrations and Descriptions of the Medical Plants used
as Homoeopathic remedies. London, H. Bailliere, 1852-53. 2 volumes. 8vo. pp. xxxiv, (2), 390; (2), 223, (3),
with 66 fine hand coloured lithographed plates. Contemporary green half calf, richly gilt ornamented spines in
6 compartments, gilt edges. € 3.000,The fine handcoloured plates are by Henry Sowerby and his sister Charlotte. Hamilton was physician to the
London Homoeopathic Hospital. A fine copy of this rare homoeopathic flora.
HOEFNAGEL, J. Diversae Insectarum Volatium icones ad vivum accuratissimè depictae per celeberrimum
pictorem. (Amsterdam), Nicolao Ioannis Visscher, 1630. Oblong-4to. 16 engraved plates (including the
titlepage). Later boards, with red gilt lettered spine. € 4.750,First edition of one of the earliest works dealing exclusively with insects. The 16 beautiful engravings depict
Antiquariaat Junk B.V.
37 Coleoptera, 22 Orthoptera, 14 Odonata, 16 Neuroptera, 72 Lepidoptera, 35 Hymenoptera, 78 Diptera, 21
Hemiptera, and 7 larvae; all together 302 insects, with the exception of two all belonging to the insect-fauna of
central- and north Germany. The present work is one of the greatest entomological rarities and as Hagen already
indicates in 1862, he had only seen one copy offered during the last 20 years. The engravings are cut close to
the inner- and outer borderlines. Plate 7 with loss of outer borderline. A copy with strong and clear impressions.
SEPP, J.C. & HOUTTUYN, M. Afbeelding van In- en Uitlandsche Houten, zo wel van Boomen als
Heesters, welken door de liefhebbers der Natuurlijke Historie in hunne Naturaliën-Cabinetten, tot vermaak en
nuttigheid, verzameld worden/ Abbildung In- und Ausländischer Höltzer… / A representation of Inland and
Foreign Wood… / Réprésentation des Bois… / Icones Lignorum Exoticorum et Nostratium... Amsterdam, Jan
Christiaan Sepp, 1773-(1791). 4to. With 100 fine hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf,
richly gilt spine in 6 compartments with red gilt lettered label. € 18.000,-
The most beautifully produced work on wood ever published, showing some 800 wood specimens on 100
beautifully handcoloured engraved plates. As the work was published in parts over a longer period of time copies
with 100 plates are very rare. In 1795 Houttuyn brought out a supplement with 6 more plates which is present
in only a few copies. The work is beautifully produced and the colouring of the plates is excellent. A fine copy
of this rare item. See illustration.
Antiquariaat A. Kok & Zn. B.V.
A. (Ton) Kok
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1012 CE Amsterdam
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ART - Arclais de Montamy, Didier François d'. Traité des couleurs pour la peinture en émail et
sur la porcelaine, précédé de l'Art de peindre sur l'émail et suivi de plusieurs mémoires sur différents sujets
intéressants [...] ouvrage posthume de m. d'Arclais de Montamy. Paris, G.Cavelier, 1765. LII,287 pp. 19th
century marbled wrapp. - Edges worn. € 325,The first edition of this French work describing how to paint in enamel, how to decorate porcelain as well as supplying
notes on engraved gems and cameos, how to restore paintings, gilding, varnishing, glazing, etc. The author died just
prior to the publication date of this work. The editing was done by Denis Diderot. - Cicognara 169; Ferchl 12; Bibl.
Tinctoria 42; Poggendorff I, 57; Schießl 1153 (Anmerkungen).
ART - Pluym, Willem van der. Leo Gestel. De schilder en zijn werk. Amst. & Antw. 1936. 48 pp. 48
b./w plts & text ills after Leo Gestel. Gilt vellum. € 750,-
Number "12" of the Deluxe edition of 20 copies printed on Dutch handmade paper and signed by Leo van Gestel
and the author.
AUTOMATONS -Chapuis, Alfred & Edouard Gélis. Le monde des automates. Étude historique
et technique. Paris, 1928. 2 vols. XVI,348,[1], 352,[1] pp. 540 b./w. text ills & 7 plts (5 col.). Orig. soft cover,
spines sl. worn & soiled. € 850,First edition of this scarce work on the history of automatons and their creators. - Published in a limited edition of
1000 numbered copies printed on "Papier Chromo" (no 136).
DULAC - Poe, Edgar Allan. The Bells and other Poems. London, [etc.], Hodder & Stoughton,
[ca. 1912]. [187] pp. 28 tipped-in coloured plts & additional two-tone illustrations by Edmund Dulac. Gilt
tooled vellum, warped, some soiling & sl. worn, ties missing. € 800,Copy of the Deluxe edition of 750 numbered copies (no. '46'), signed by Edmund Dulac. - Complete with the loose
promotional flyer for the Edmund Dulac Exhibition for the watercolor drawings from "The Bells", held at Leicester
Galleries in 1912.
DULAC - Quiller-Couch, A.T. The sleeping beauty and other fairy tales from the old French retold by
Arthur Quiller-Couch. London, Hodder & Stoughton, [1910]. [14],129 pp. 30 col. Plts by Edmund Dulac.
Orig. dec. gilt tooled brown cloth binding. - Hinges weak (some plates loose). - Overall a nice copy. € 225,PHILOSOPHY - Mill, John Stuart. A system of logic, ratiocinative and inductive, being a connected
view of the principles of evidence, and the methods of scientific investigation. London, John W.Parker, 1843.
2 vols. XVI,580, XII,624 pp. Raised and gilt tooled contemp. full calf, rubbed, top of spines & corners slightly
damaged, two small stamp on endpapers. € 3500,Scarce first edition of Mill’s first important work. In this work Mill formulated the five principles of inductive
reasoning that are known as Mill's methods.
Antiquariaat A. Kok & Zn. B.V.
SILVER - Barker Bros Silversmiths Ltd. Catalogue 37/24. Bermingham, [ca.. 1910]. 340 pp. Ills,
few. coloured. Cloth. - First pages slightly waterstained & wrinkled. € 275,Scarce catalogue of Barker Bros Silversmith Ltd, incorperating Levi & Salaman Ltd & The Potosi Silver Co.
SILVER - Dixon & Sons Ltd, James. Catalogue of James Dixon & Sons Ltd. Silversmiths, Cornish
Place, Sheffield. Sheffield, [1910]. XV, [I], 351 pp. Num. b./w. ills. Or. h.cloth relief binding. - Added: two
loose sales brochures & a pricelist of the same company (Series No. 22 & 28). Very attractive trade catalogue
€ 350,-
TRAVEL - Barth, Heinrich. Reisen und Entdeckungen in Nord- und Central-Afrik in den Jahren
1849 bis 1855. Gotha, Justus Perthus, 1859-1860. 2 vols. 508,456 pp. One steel engr. portrait, 4 single-page
chromolithographed plts, one groundplan & one folding col. lithographed map. Raised gilt h.mor. - Fine copy.
€ 350,-
TRAVEL - Keppel, Henry. Togten naar Borneo, van Jacob Brooke, thans gevestigd te Sarawak; en
van Britsche oorlogschepen, tot demping der zeerooverij. Te Amsterdam, bij G.J.A.Beijerinck,1846. 2 vols.
XVI,373,[1], X,395 pp. 10 single-page lithographed plate & 6 fold. lithogr. maps. Contemp. paper wrappers,
worn. - Few plates sl. stained. - Scarce complete set. € 550,-
TRAVEL - Nieuwenhuis, A.W. Quer durch Borneo. Ergebnisse seiner Reisen in den Jahren 1894,
1896-97 und 1898-1900. Leiden, 1904-07. 2 vols. XV,493,XII,557 pp. 188 plts (18 col.) & 2 maps (1 fold.).
Or. cloth. - Sl. worn, some soiling, volume one a bit weak in hinges.
€ 1400,TYPOGRAPHY - Enschedé, Charles. Fonderies de Caractères et leur matériel dans les Pays-Bas du
XVe au XIXe Siècle. Notice historique de la collection typographique de Joh. Enschedé en zonen à Haarlem.
Haarlem, Erven F.Bohn, 1908. XXXIV,[2],404 pp. 4 tinted plates, 519 (num. full-page) specimens, sets of
ornaments, etc. Orig. gilt tooled cloth. - Uncut. A fine copy of the scarce original edition on handmade paper. € 600,43
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• Travel & Expeditions
• Prints & Drawings
• Tribal arts
• Original photographs
GALLAND, (Julien Claude). Recueil des Rits et Cérémonies du Pelerinage de la Mecque, auquel on
a joint divers Ecrits relatifs à la Religion, aux Sciences & aux Moeurs des Turcs. Amsterdam-Paris, Desaint &
Saillant, 1754. VIII,215pp, small 8vo, Contemporary full calf, gilt decorated spine.marbled endpapers. Very
nice copy. - One of the few earliest accounts on the pelgrimage to Mecca, on the rituals end the ceremonies. The
Kaaba and the Black Stone, Koran. Relation with the island of Chio, Dissertation to the sciences of the Turcs,
Relation tot the Sultan Esma. € 2.640,-
PATHÉ FRÉRES. Cinématographe. Appareils & Accessoires. Catalogue Confidentiel. Paris, Pathé Fréres,
1911. 88pp, with nummerous illustrations, 4to oblong, original wrappers. € 600,MAORI. Maori Sketches., n. publisher, n.d. (ca. 1910), (16) pp with full-page photographic plates, 4to
original wrappers with mounted photographic plate. - Rare. € 165,BRETT. Te Oranga Maori me ona tikanga rekareka. The Maori at home, with his pleasures & pastimes.
Auckland, Frank Duncan & Co, n.d. ca. 1900. (24) pp with 38 photographic illustrations, each with caption
«Brett Copyright Photo», 8vo oblong, original decorated wrappers. Very rare. - Beautiful pictures of men and
women portraits, ceremonies, tattoo. € 605,-
Krul Antiquarian Books
WERNER, Carl. Carl Werner's Nile-Sketches, painted from Nature during his Travels through Egypt.
Gustaf W. Seitz - Water-Color-Facsimiles. With accompanying text by Dr. A. E. Brehm and Dr. Johannes
Dümichen. Pantographic-Edition Seitz Patent. Gustav W. Seitz, Publisher, Wandsbeck near Hamburg. London,
Hildesheimer & Faulkner, (1875). 71 pp, with 24 lithographic plates (water-color-fascimiles), map of Egypt,
2 textillustrations, folio, original with richly ornamenal gold/coloured cloth. Top of spine lacking, spine partley
splitting and a few lackings in the binding ornamental illustrations. € 2420,Carl
(1808-1894) was a
German watercolor
painter. - Born in
under Julius Schnorr
in Leipzig. He
switched to studying
1829 to 1831, but
thereafter returned
to painting. He
won a scholarship
to travel to Italy,
where he ended up
founding a studio in
Venice and remaining until the 1850s, making a name for himself as a watercolor painter. He exhibited around
Europe, in particular traveling often to England, where he exhibited at the New Watercolour Society.- He traveled
through Spain in 1856 and 1857, and then in Egypt and Palestine from 1862 to 1864. Particularly notable were
his watercolors in Jerusalem, where he was one of the few non-Muslims able to gain access to paint the interior of the
Dome of the Rock. He published some watercolors from this trip in 1875 as Carl Werner's Nile Sketches. He later
traveled to Greece and Sicily, and became a professor at the Leipzig Academy, dying in Leipzig in 1894.
LENZ, Oskar. Timbuktu. Reise durch Marokko, die Sahara und den Sudan ausgeführt im Auftrag der
Afrikanischen Gesellschaft in Deutschland in den Jahren 1879 und 1880. Leipzig, F. A.Brockhaus, 1884.
First edition, xvi,430,(2),x,408p., 9 folding coloured maps, 57 illustrations (one folding panorama), 8vo
contemporary halfcloth. - Slightly small browned places, but very good. € 1.210,LUDWIG SALVATOR, Erzherzog. Zante. Speciéller Theil. Leipzig, Leo Woerl, (1904). ix,449p., with
6 coloured maps (4 folding) and a folding table at the end, folio illustrated front original blue cloth. - Stamp on
title, lower spine-end a bit dicoloured, but a very good copy. € 2.090,The Island Zakynthos - Regarding size "Zante" is the third largest monograph after the "Balearic Islands"and the
"Liparian Islands". After centuries of Venetian domination followed by varied history, the island was devastated by a
series of earthquakes which destroyed nearly all constructions and nearly every kind of the rich cultural assets in 1953.
The monograph written in 1904 therefore represents a cultural heritage of inestimable value.
YOUNGHUSBAND, Frank E. The Heart of a Continent: A Narrative of Travels in Manchuria, Across
the Gobi Desert, Through the Himalayas, the Pamirs and Chitral 1884-1894. London, John Murray, 1896.
2nd edition, xx,409p, 4 folding coloured maps (one map at the end strenght prof. with paper stripes), 18 plates,
bibliography, index, 8vo, original olive green cloth gilt. - Very good condition. € 660,45
Fa. Loose
R. Loose
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Dendersone, J. De Stomme van Portici, of de opstand van Napels. Deel I , II – blz. 432. Unrecorded
Flemish edition of La Muette de Portici, with fictitious address ‘R. Daneker Zurich’; 1st and 2nd part, pp. 432.
Printed on cheap paper of the 1870’s in a rich leather binding. Socialist or anarchist publication? € 1.500,-
German popular print nr. 73. 32,5 x 38,5 cm., ca 1850. Die Stumme van Portici. With 10 characters of the
play for a miniature theater. Handcoloured, 2 folds, the orizontal fold repaired, slightly stained and cropped. € 60,-
La Muette de Portici chromolithogr. 7 x 11 cm. Scene of the opera with inset portrait of Auber. Ca 1890.
On the back publicity for Chocolat Maris, Bruxelles. Printed by A. de Wolf, Bruxelles. € 20,46
Antiquariaat Jan Meemelink
H.J. Meemelink
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• Natural history
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• Gardens
• Agriculture
Redouté, Pierre-Joseph: Le bouquet royal. Oeuvre posthume de P.-J. Redouté dédié à Sa Majesté la Reine des
Français. Paris, les Marchands de Nouveautés, typographie Lacrampe et Compagnie, 1843, 1. edition, pp. [vi, halftitle, title, dedication], portrait of Redouté, lithographed by François-Fortuné-Antoine Férogio from a drawing by
Marie Eléonore Godefroy and 4 colour-plates of roses, stipple-engraved by N. Rémond from drawings by Redouté
and finished by hand, all with leaves of protective tissue, large folio (321 x 479 mm), printed wrappers. Loose as
issued. The portrait printed on China paper and pasted on stouter paper (here resulting in a brownish border with
marginal stain and restored lower corner). Text-leaves foxed and some minor repairs.The plates in fine condition.
Very well preserved and uncut copy of this magnificent and rare work. € 10.600,Pierre Joseph Redouté is widely thought to be the greatest floral artist of all time. In the last part of his life, his ‘elegant
period’, his watercolours were no longer painstakingly painted d’après nature, but were the fruit of a consummate
technique. This lesser-known work by him was a posthumous publication, dedicated to the Queen by Redouté’s widow
and his doughter. It contains engravings of four rose varieties that were not included in the artist’s monumental monograph
on the rose.
Auer, Alois: Die Entdeckung des Naturselbstdruckes oder Die Erfindung, von ganzen Herbarien, Stoffen, Spitzen,
Stickereien und überhaupt allen Originalien und Copien, wenn sie auch noch so zarte Erhabenheiten und
Vertiefungen an sich haben, durch das Original selbst auf einfache und schnelle Weise Druckformen herzustellen,
… Wien, Kaiserlich-königlichen Hof- und Staatsdruckerei, 1853, 1. edition, pp. 75 (double columns text in
German, English, Italian and French), 4 leaves of letters in lithographed facsimile, 19 nature-printed plates (1
double-page) with protective tissue, folio (258 x 330 mm), gilt edges, gilt-decorated, embossed and lettered cloth
(neatly rebacked). Marginal light waterstains and some foxing in places, but wel preserved copy. € 2.860,A beautiful display of Auer’s process, with over 40 separate nature-printed objects, including flowering plants, fossil
fish skeleton, a bat’s wing, snake skin, leaves, fern, mosses, algae, impressions of lace on a blue background, wood grain,
polished minerals as agates, on heavy paper in various colours.
Antiquariaat Jan Meemelink
Un Amateur: Le jardinier fleuriste. Didié aux dames. Par un Amateur. Paris, Marcilly, [1819], pp. [i], 199, (16,
Calendrier pour l’année bissextile 1820), engraved dedication, engraved title-page and 21 stipple-engraved plates,
all finely hand-coloured, 12mo (77 x 119 mm), all edges gilt, pink boards in matching slip-case with gilt title and
ornamentation of gardening tools, etc. Some foxing of text, but not affecting the plates. Fine copy. € 1.000,Alternating passages of prose with short poems, the author discusses the origins of the garden and explains how to choose a
suitable site for one’s own garden. He then presents the history and morphology of various flowers. The text is accompanied
by pleasing colour-plates of bouquets.
Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie: Catalogue général de graines, fraisiers, ognons à fleurs, etc. Printemps 1898. Paris,
(1898), pp. 180 (including cover), wood-engraved text-illustrations and chromolithographed plate of “Betteraves
fourragères”, large 8vo (156 x 242 mm), chromolithographed wrappers (slightly foxed). Fine copy. € 380,-
Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie: Album de clichés. Electrotypes. Kupferniederschlæge. Paris, Vilmorin-Andrieux,
1911, 3. edition, pp. [vii], 484, numerous electrotype text-illustrations, folio, decorated and lettered cloth (spine
carefully repaired). Unobtrusive cancelled library stamps. Fine copy. € 530,This work contains the illustrations published in the books and catalogues by Vilmorin-Andrieux. The used electrotypes
were offered for sale (and were indeed frequently used by many publishers and nurseries.
Letty, Cythna, Robert Allen Dyer, Inez C. Verdoorn & Leslie E. Codd: Wild flowers of the
Transvaal. Pretoria, Wild Flowers of the Transvaal Book Fund, 1962, pp. xiv, 361, colour-frontispiece of spring
bouquet, painted in 1911 by Josina Christina Lindenberg Letty, text-illustrations and 174 full-page colourillustrations after paintings by Cythna Letty, 4to, illustrated cloth, dust-jacket and embroidered cover. Fine copy.
€ 1.000,Added: 6 original water-colours by Cythna Letty not published in this work.
White, Gilbert: The natural history of Selborne. Edited, with an introduction and notes, by E.M. Nicholson.
Illustrated from engravings on wood by Eric Daglish. London, Thornton Butterworth, (1929), 1. edition thus, pp.
416, 2 portrait-plates, text-illustrations, 16 mounted wood-engravings with captions on tissue guards and a folding
map, 4to (190 x 248 mm), unopened, cloth-backed illustrated boards with ruled and illustrated spine (slightly
darkened and lower corner of front cover waterstained). Fine, unopened and attractive copy. € 315,A work on natural history by “the prince of observers” (1729-1793) which has attained the rank of an English classic.
There have been nearly one hundred different editions and issues. The first edition is of 1789. This is the first edition by
E.M. Nicholson, very well designed and with splendid wood-engravings.
Antiquariaat Jan Meemelink
Knoop, Johann Hermann: Beschrijving en afbeeldingen van de beste soorten van appelen en peeren, … [with:]
- Beschrijving van vruchtboomen en vruchten, … [with:] - Beschrijving van plantagie-gewassen, … Amsterdam &
Dordrecht, Allart, Holtrop, De Leeuw en Krap, 1790, 3. edition, 3 works bound in 1 volume, pp. viii, 36;
[iv], 70; [iv], 87, (4, index), the first and second work with resp. 20 and 19 hand-coloured engraved folding plates,
folio (202 x 317 mm), sprinkled edges, later calf-backed marbles boards with gilt-decorated spine (bottom neatly
restored). Well preserved copy of this celebrated work. € 2.970,The first work on apples and pears became the most popular treatise on pomology in the eighteenth century. The second
work is devoted to fruits other than apples and pears, while the last work treats of the planting of trees and laying out of
woods, groves and arboreal alleys and reflects the influence of the French gardening practice.
Ingram, John Henry: Flora symbolica; or the language and sentiment of flowers. Including floral poetry,
original and selected. London, Frederick Warne & New York, Scribner, Welford, [1869], pp. viii, 368, head-pieces,
tail-pieces, beautiful chromolithographed frontispiece, title-page and 30 plates by Charles Terry with tissue guards,
8vo (188 x 133 mm), all edges gilt, richly gilt-decorated and lettered brown cloth with small colour picture of
flowers mounted on front cover. € 290,An exceptional copy in a fine state but also with 32 colour-plates as only copies with 16 plates or less could be traced.
Mangin, Arthur: Histoire des jardins anciens et modernes. Tours, Alfred Mame et fils, 1888, 2. edition, pp. 400,
wood-engraved text-illustrations (some full-page), small folio (200 x 287 mm), gilt edges, finely gilt and black
illustrated red cloth. As often more or less foxed, but an attractive copy. € 320,Kelaart, Edward Frederick: Flora calpensis. Contributions to the botany and topography of Gibraltar and
its neighbourhood. London, John van Voorst, 1846, 1. edition, pp. xviii, [1], 219, (1, err.), frontispiece, map and
2 plates, 8vo, partly unopened, gilt-lettered embossed cloth. € 370,The frontispiece and plates are tinted lithographs and depict views of the rock. “Calpe”, one of the pillars of Hercules, now
the Rock of Gibraltar.
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• Atlasses & maps
Martin, David Historie des ouden en nieuwen Testaments (Mortier bible, partly coloured by Dirk van
Santen) Amsterdam, Mortier. 1700
(Brunet III, 200-1; Poortman, Bijbel & Prent nr 35 (pp 98-106)
In folio (44x28 cm), contemporary vellum, two volumes. Gilted edges.
Large supralibris on both volumes, blindtooled & gilt.
(Ark of Convenant…: Storm van Leeuwen, book III, catalogue nr 22)
Bookplate of Josephus Augustinus Brentano, Amsterdam. (signed. J A Brentano)
Vol 1: Old Testament (16) 282 (8) pp
2 Frontises (includes one proofprint); title page vignette
140 plates plus extra: 31 folding plates, pasted on larger paper & 7 full page plates
Frontispiece, first headpiece and first initial fully coloured & heighthened in gold
Vol 2: New Testament (24) 163 ; 13 pp
Frontis (includes one proofprint); titel page
5 folding maps in briljand, contemp. colour
73 plates plus extra: 30 vignettes in
proofprint, coloured & heightened in gold
Spine restored, else excellent and an
unmanipulated copy. Epilibris is by the
Doubledrawer Handle Bindery, Amsterdam
and must have been a presentation copy of
the Mortier bible, maybe the copy given to
Johan Willem Friso, father of Willam the
IV. (Storm van Leeuwen…its whereabouts
are unkown). Plates by Jan Luyken, Jan
Goeree and Bernard Picard, One (in each
volume) frontis; two intial headpieces; two
first initials; 5 folding maps; all 30 vignettes
in proofprint in beautifull, contemporary
colour, richly heightened in gold by Dirk
van Santen. The extra 31 folding plates
taken from Goeree: Mozaische historie
der Hebreeuwsche Kerke by Jan Luiken.
Worldmap by Luchtenburg (Shirley 622).
Added is the catalogue of the sale of the
famous art collection of Brentano after hist
death (Kabinet van Schilderijen van..J A
Brentano, Amsterdam, van Tetroode. 1822)
€ 82.000,50
Frederik Muller - Rare Books
Blackwell, Elizabeth A curious herbal…, …after drawings, taken from the life
London, John Nourse 1739 (Nissen, 168)
2 Vols in folio (36x24 cm). Contemporary full calf, one title shield on spine missing. 125 folios of text & 500
copperplate engravings, all contemporary coloured by the author. € 15.000,-
Romberg, Bernard & Rode P. Violoncelle Obligee: pot-pouri des Airs;…
Romberg: 4 manuscript & one printed piece
Rode: 1 manuscript & one printed piece
In folio; contemporary boards; 30 unnumbered leaves. C 1820.
(Manuscript by A P Lopez Suasso, from a well known family in Amsterdam of Spanish origin) € 1.500,-
Van der Aa Doorlugtige Scheeptogten der Portugezen Leiden 1706
(Muller, 1872, nr 1891; Catalogus Scheepvaart museum, part I, pag 107; Tiele, Ned bibliografie, 1884, nr 6)
Two volumes in folio. Contemporary full calf. Overall 57 voyages; 21 engraved title pages; 28 folding maps and
78 text engravings.
Spines restored. Overall some browning, less so in the second part of the second volume. Most maps in the
second volume cleaned. Possibly one leave missing in preliminaries of volume two. Else complete.
These are the two folio parts, dedicated to the voyages of the Portuguese. The text is essentially a translation
of Da Asia by de Barros, and is richly illustrated. These parts on the Portuguese voyages are often presented
separately (Catalogue Dutch maritime museum for example) Additional folio parts are dedicated to the voyages
of the Spaniards (2 Vols); the English (2 Vols) and others (2 Vols). € 7.200,Pontanus, Ambrosius (father) Alphabetum historiale. Manuscript dated 1625, no place
In octavo, contemporary full leather. 62 folios, last two blank. Bookplate: Jacob van der Gouw
Booklet contains historical data on regions (Henegouwen); cities (Delft; Haarlem; Antwerpen; Leiden;
Oostende); Order of the golden Fleece; and persons (Van Isselt; Beyerlinck; Sanderus; Justinus and Lipsius)
€ 1.200,Hulsius, L. Sechszehende Schiffahrt (Willem Schoutens circumnavigation of the world)
Franckfurt am Mayn 1619 (Church 308)
Small in quarto. Modern half calf. 90 pages., including engraved title page. 5 plates & 4 folding maps
First and only edition by Hulsius of this very important circumnavigation by Schouten and le Maire who
discovered Street le Maire and Cape Hoorn. Schoutens book was printed only one year before this Hulsius
translation in Amsterdam in 1618 by Blaeu. € 18.000,-
16 en 17 november 2010
met onder meer de bibliotheken van:
Michaël Zeeman
deel II:
Nederlandse, Franse, Duitse en Engelse Literatuur
Dr. F. de Tollenaere
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We proudly present the two winners of the prestigious
ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography 2010:
Jan Storm van Leeuwen
Dutch decorated bookbinding in the
eighteenth century. 3 parts in 4 vols.
28 x 21 cm · Cloth ·
12000 illustrations of bindings
and rubbings · 3200 pp ·
isbn 978 90 6194 369 3 · € 1590,-
Lotte Hellinga (ed.).
Catalogue of Books printed in the xvth
Century now in the British Library.
With contributions by Paul Needham, Margaret E. Nickson and
John Goldfinch.
38 x 28 cm. · Cloth · Numerous
illustrations of type and
watermarks · x, 507 pp ·
isbn 978 90 6194 379 2 · € 1325,-
A selection of other titles available from HES & DE GRAAF Publishers:
Marcel van den Broecke
Ortelius Atlas Maps. An illustrated
Guide. Second revised edition.
Frans Laurentius
Clement de Jonghe (ca. 1624-1677).
Kunstverkoper in de Gouden Eeuw.
24 x 14 cm. · 400 pp. with
supplements on cd-rom · isbn
978 90 6194 380 8 · approx. € 75,- ·
Expected early 2011
24 x 16 cm. · 196 pp. · isbn 978
90 6194 340 2. · In Dutch with
English summary · € 99,95
The history of the Atlas and the
making of the facsimile.
DVD Documentary on the Atlas
Blaeu-van der Hem
50 minutes · available in English
and Dutch, in PAL or NTCS ·
€ 49,95
Günter Schilder and Hans Kok
Sailing for the East. History &
Catalogue of Manuscript Charts
on vellum of the Dutch East India
company (VOC) 1602-1799
32 x 24 cm. · 708 pp. · isbn 978
90 6194 260 3 · € 175,-
Marco van Egmond
Covens & Mortier. A Map
Publishing House in Amsterdam
32 x 24 cm. · 600 pp. · isbn 978
90 6194 220 7 · € 185,50
Peter van der Krogt en Elger
Heere (editors)
Guides of Dutch atlas maps
1570-1662. A series of 16 pocket reference guides for the historic and
antique map collector, mapcurator
and enthusiast. Volume I: England.
24 x 14 cm. · 300 pp. · isbn 978
90 6194 390 7 · € 75,- · Volume I is
expected November 2010.
For more information or to order these and other books by
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers check our website:
PO Box 540 3990 GH Houten Netherlands
T 0031 (0)30 6380071 F 0031 (0)30-6380099
E [email protected]
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• Maps and views,
especially of
the Netherlands
Netherlands: Holland: HOLLANDIA COMITATVS. Map of the county of Holland. West at the top.
Richly decorated map, engraved by Jousua van den Ende. First and second state of this map published by
Willem Blaeu. The third state published by Rombout van den Hoeye and the fourth and last state by Justus
Danckerts. This copy without address, but with traces of the deleted address of Van den Hoeye, unrecorded
state. Anonymus, published 1650-1680, probably in an atlas factice. 39,2 x 47,8 cm. Very strong impression.
€ 4600,Copperengraving. D. and J. Blonk-van der Wijst Hollandia Comitatus p. 217-220, map 33, this state not
Map of the 17 provinces. West at the top. Title in large severe scrollwork cartouche. E. van Meteren Meteranus
Novus das ist wahrhafftige Beschreibung aller denkwürdigen Geschchten (…). Willem Blaeu. Amsterdam, 1633.
41,5 x 56,7 cm. Strong impression. € 4350,Copperengraving. H.A.M. van der Heijden Old maps of the Netherlands, 1584-1794 p. 286-289, map 59
Dat Narrenschip
PONTANUS, Joh. Is. Rerum et Urbis Amstelodamensium historia.
Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius, 1611. Folio. Contemporary plain vellum, spine lettered in ink. With
engraved title, 7 double-page engraved maps and plates and 50 maps and views in text. (8), 292, (6), 38,
(3) pp. First edition of the earliest description of Amsterdam, its history and institutions. Pontanus' description
far exceeds the limits of the usual town-descriptions, elaborately incorporating the history of the voyages of
exploration and commerce undertaken by the enterprising citizens of Amsterdam. Pontanus also describes in
detail the activities on the Amsterdam stock and commodity markets, which were among the earliest of the
world, and at the time the most important. Of special importance are the accounts of Dutch explorations in
the East-Indies, including the accounts of the two first voyages to the East Indies, and the text reports of the
attempts to find a North-East Passage. The map of the Polar regions illustrating the third voyage of Willem
Barentsz. to Nova Zembla (1596-97) is also important as an Americanum in giving the results of Hudson's
first two voyages (1607-1608) for the Muscovy Company of London. The appearence of the map by Hondius
was doubtless the result of Hudson's employment by the Dutch East India Company in 1609. So, the present
Amsterdam-description is of interest for the history of economy, as well as for the history of world travel. Isaac
Pontanus (1571-1639) studied in Franeker and Leiden where he became Doctor Philosophiae in 1593. During
one of his many journeys he also studied with Tycho Brahe in Denmark. In 1606 he was appointed professor in
Harderwijk. He has published many historical works, among others on Gelderland and Denmark. This history
of Amsterdam, dedicated to the magistrate of Amsterdam is the very first history of this city. It aroused also
attacks from various sides and the work was placed on the Index for several years. In 1614 a Dutch translation
€ 8750,was published by P. Montanus in Amsterdam. Fine copy. 55
Antiquariaat Papyrus
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N. Ten KAATE (Neeltje Dirksdochter Beths Ten Kate)
Ter erinnering van de verschrikkende aard-beeving; in de Nederlanden,
en elders, voorgevallen: Op den 18den van Herfstmaand, in ‘t Jaar 1692.
t' Amsterdam, By Albert Visscher, 1692. (Signed at the end N. Ten
4to. (4) ll. Disbound, wrapped in decorated paper. Fine copy.
Only edition of this poem about the earthquake that took place on
the 18th of September 1692. It was one of the worst earthquakes
ever experienced in Europe, up to the strenght of 7 (on the basis
of contemporary reports), spanning about 860 km (from the river
Elbe until Great Britain) and with its epicentre around Tienen,
in Belgium. A cold, extremely matter-of-fact report is given
by Huygens, who was at that time in Hofwijck (Voorburg, The
Netherlands), and published in his works, in the volume devoted
to metheors and earthquakes: “1692, the 18th of September, in
Hofwijck, near Voorburg, at 2,30 p. m., while I was reading a
book, suddenly and not without being scared, I experienced an
earthquake. The house was shaken, moving in such a way that the
painting in the eating-room bumped against the walls. The stone floor were I found myself came up and down,
and that happened several times in the span of 10 or 12 seconds. The channel around the house, 60 feet large,
moved with wide waves trough the sides. ... There was no wind. ... (the earthquake) scared everybody also in
Antwerpen and Amsterdam. Observers in Amsterdam noticed waves from Nord to South and everything was
shaking. Especially the belfries waved amazingly and in some of them the bells began to peal on their own
account. ... Everywhere in Zeeland, Flanders, Cologne, Paris, London and Scotland the same movement was
experienced. In Hamburg it was not observed. In Liège it was stronger, not without some damage ...”. (Freely
translated from the Latin original and the Dutch translation given in: Not as scientifically
oriented as Huygens, our poet vividly describes the facts in all their scaring suddenness and violence, and blames
the human sins to have deserved such a terrible divine punishment. Anyhow, the report is quite accurate, and
the earthquake occurred on the 7th of June of the same year in Port Royal (Jamaica), is also cited (“Jamaike zag
nog korts dit aakelijk verderven, / En droevig treur-toneel; dat duizenden dèe sterven.”). About the author,
exhaustive information can only be found in; the author of this, quite
interesting, site, was able to trace behind the name “N. Ten Kaate”, given at the end of the poem, a certain
Neeltje Dirksdochter Beths, second wife of a Hendrik Lambertsz. Ten Kate (or Ten Cate). The same source gives
also information about several other poems by N. D. Beths and her biography. We were able to trace only two
other copies of this poem: in the Dutch Royal Library (Catalogue Knuttel) and in Leiden University Library; a
further one seems to be present in the BN Paris. Apparently, no copies are present in the other main Libraries
Knuttel 13810; (;
htm (as no e-mail or other address is given in this site, we were not able to contact his author in order to ask the
necessary permission to report here the information about N. Ten Kaate. We apologise and, in the hope not to
have been of any offence, will be pleased if he (she?) will contact us).
€ 750,56
Petrus Plancius International
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Mercator, G. Atlas minor, I.Hondius for C. Nicolai and. J. Janssonius, Amsterdam, 1613. Qu.-4to
(17:22 cm). With 146 maps. Bound in a leather binding (with small damages).
Koeman me190 – Latin edition, with Worldmap, maps of the continents and the detailed maps of these
continents, at the end the 7 historical biblical maps. All maps are in good condition. € 8750,-
Facsimile of the original French edition of Joan Blaeu's Atlas Major, 1663.
Printed in Amsterdam, by N.V. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1967-68.
12 volumes with 609 double-page maps (partly coloured.). Large-folio. Dimensions of the total packet:
65 x 55 x 35 cm [ ca 26 x 22 x 14 ins ]. Original imitation vellum with richly gilt decorated spines & sides. On
the backs are blue labels with the title and the number of the volume in gold.
Printed in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.
A complete facsimile of the extremely rare original edition. Together with : C. KOEMAN, Joan Blaeu and his
Grand Atlas. Introduction to the facsimile edition of Le grand atlas, 1663. Amsterdam, (1970). With many
illustrations and very interesting stories about the Blaeu-family and their printing emporium of maps and
atlases. Original imitation vellum. € 2.650,-
Cluver atlas, This is one of the later issues of this much respected and highly popular early geography that
was first published in 1624. It contains 47 copper engraved folded or double page maps.
Some tables, a bold red and black title page with a small vignette and a beautifully engraved frontispice are also
included. This difficult to find example includes the embellished double-hemisphere world map and America,
which shows California as an island. Phillip Cluver founded the discipline of historical geography, and his
posthumously-published six volume work remained the standard for more than a century. large 8vo (25x20cm).
Original vellum hardbound with gilt decorative touches on front and back of the city Amsterdam. (school prize
binding) This atlas was given by a school to a student in 1773. In good condition, all maps with folds, and some
with stains, the ties of the binding are missing. € 2.250,57
Antiquariaat Plantijn
D. (Dieter) R. Duncker
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4835 JC Breda
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Plantijn1 [Emblemata] – Pers, Dirk Pieter
Vier delen in een band. 1. Tranen Iesu Christi. 2. Ionas,
De Starf-Prediker 3. Lucretia 4. Bacchus Wonder-wercken
Amsterdam, Dirck Pietersz, 1628, in 4°. Original leather
binding with gold embossed spine.
€ 2.250,-
Ercker, L. Uytvoerige Openinge der onderaardsche Wereld,
waarin allerley Ertzen of Mynstoffen, naar haar Natuur en
Eygenschappen werden verhandelt, en geproeft. Uyt het
Hoogduyts vertaalt.Den Haag, van Tol, 1745. 4to (27:22cm)
Titleblad met 43 gravures op 35 gevouwen bladen. 2, 389,
51. 19de eeuwse half ledenrenband, Hovver 285; Dibner,
Heralds 89, Ferguson I, 242. € 2300,-
[Embroidered Binding] The Holy Bible Containing the Old
and New Testaments. Oxford University Press. (c. 1870).
147mm x 98mm. Printed in Ruby 24mo. Coloured stitching
and metal threads onto silk. In absolute perfect condition.
€ 1000,-
Antiquariaat Plantijn
KIRCHER, Athanasius – D’Onder- aardse WEERELD in haar goddelijk maaksel en wonderbare uitwerkselen
aller dingen, oor …. Athanasius Kircherus …. Beschreven… Nu eerst uit het latijn vertalt. Amsterdam, By
d’erfgenamen van wylen J. Janssonius Van Waasberge, 1682. Two parts in one volume. Original full leather
binding, in folio.
€ 9.000,-
Plantijn5 (foto is fragment van de kaart)
[Wall map] Comitatus Hollandiae et Domini Ultraiectini Tabula, Covens & Mortier after 1720. Originally
published by Frederick de Wit in 1681, whereby the plates were purchased by Covens & Mortier in 1710. See
Hollandia Comitatus, D & J. Blonk-van der Wijst, 53.5, page 282. 40 pannels on linnen with original full
leather slipcase in the form of a book. In very good condition.
€ 9.000,-
Quist Antiquariaat
Ernie Quist
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3311 ER Dordrecht
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Naval History
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Jousse, Mathurin. Le Secret d’Architecture De Couvvrant Fidelement Les Traits Geometriques, Couppes,
Et De‘Robemens Neccessaires Dans Les Bastiments. Enrichi d’Un Grand Nombre De Figures, Adioustées Sur
Chaque Discours Pour l’Explication d’iceux. La Fleche, Par George Griveau 1642. Folio. 118 Lvs. [1]-8,
[1]-227 [228] p. Including 1-113 woodcut figures.[Figures 38,46,54,56,71,94,95,97,98,99,100 bound in as
folding plates] Original full vellum. Wanting plate 21 at p 44 (D4v) as in the Fowler copy. See: Goldsmith J-537
& Fowler 131. € 3200,-
Pharmacopoea Amstelodamensis Nova. Dronsberg, Amsterdam, 1792. XVI-210 PP. Uncut. With large
folding table in pocket at end. Engraved title by Reinier Vinkeles. Modern, rather clumsy binding. This
"modern" Pharmacopoea was published 66 years after its predecessor.... One of the leading editors of this
book was Frescarode. See also: Wittop Koning; PP 61-62 and for Frescarode: Bierman Biogr. Woordenboek of
Apothecaries p.43. Some library stamps / soiling. € 1950,-
Schranz, Joseph. "Vue General Du Bosphore” Album with two, folded, tinted, Lithographed Views [each
measuring 25 x 168 cm] Each made up of 4 joined prints;; Vue General Du Bosphore, de Constantinople a
Roumelli Hissari [prise de l' Asie] 4 lvs. mounted. With: Vue Generale du Bosphore, de Constantinople a
Roumeli Hassari [prise de l "Asie] 25 x 168 cm. With:a collection of prints, finely printed in colours: Scutari,
Cimetiere Turc. Coloured. Barque du Sultan, Coloured, Hissari de Europe y de Asie; Coloured Palais du
Sultan; Coloured, Le marchand de Bons Bons, Coloured, Prairie de Buyuk Dere; Coloured, Bachi Bouzouks,
Coloured. Constantinople; Coloured, Araba de Constantinople & Derwiches [2 smaller, coloured prints on 1
leaf ] Vue General de Smyrne, Tinted lithograph. Ecrivains & Bachi Bouzouks, 2 smaller, coloured prints on 1
leaf. A fine copy with minimal traces of use/age. Some mild creases to 2 panels of the panoramic view, vividly
coloured prints,] generous margins to all pages. An indentical copy as the Atabey sale, sold at Sothebys for
16730 GBP.See: Atabey Nr. 1080, and Blackmer 1505-1507. Weber; 1154, Not in Abbey, nor BLC. In the
original gilt stamped cloth binding. € 9000,-
Cruiquius, Nicolaas & Jacob. `t Hooge Heemraadschap Van Delfland. Wall map in 27 large sheets, bound
as an atlas. Each map 51,5 x 59 Cm. Scale 1: 10.000 With the title in a long panel to be intended to run across
the top, with the "Delfland" coat of arms, supported by two allegorical figures, 9 large coats of arms of the
officials, and a elaborately engaved, large, compass rose, and at the bottom a very nice, large etched, pastoral
scene, after Arnold Houbraken , engraved by P.Sluyter.. As well as a loosely inserted single sheet overview map,
dated 1712. Half calf. According to M.Donkersloot de Vrij: " The total price of this map, that took so many
€ 8200,years to conceive, was 20,000 guilders(!!) and was sold for 12 guilders… 60
Quist Antiquariaat
Geel, Joost van & Jacob Quack. Etched Prospect of Rotterdam: Hollandiae Urbs Celeberrima Et Situ
Portibusque Mercaturae Opportunissima. Anno 1665. 56,5 x 259 cm. Printed from 6 joined sheets, verso
blank. A magnificent town view seen from the Maas river with no less as 33 larger and smaller, very detailed
vessels and a wealth of architectural details. A rare print. € 18000,-
Bol-Es, Rutger van. "Kaarte Figuratif Van De Stad Schiedam” Het Oost En West Frankeland De Hooge
Heerlykheid Nieuw Mathenesse, De Heerlykheden Oud Mathenesse , Nieuw Land, Kort Land En s'Graveland
op Ordre van Haer Ed.Gr. Agtb. de Her.Burgem. der Gemelde Stad Gemeten. A fine and large map of Schiedam
and the surrounding polders. [Scale 1:3780] Published in an edition of 80 copies only. North-East oriented to
the top. Giving in great detail all buildings, gardens, plots, harbours, waterways and the many trees of the city
of Schiedam and surrounding fields. A very excact, accurate and decorative map. See:A.Gordijn; Schiedamse
miniaturen, pp.30-31. Modern half calf . € 6400,-
Douw, Johannes. 'T Hoogheemraadschap Van De Uytwaterende Sluysen In Kennemerlandt Ende WestVrieslandt. Ca. 1650. 16 maps [each appr. 45,5 x 58 cm.] In nice period colour.Fine, very detailed maps.
Bound as an atlas in modern half calf. € 4200,-
Der Golem
(Meyrink, Gustav) Hugo Steiner-Prag. Der Golem, Prager Phantasien.
Lithographien zu Gustav Meyrinks Roman. Kurt Wolff Verlag, Leipzig,
1916, Copy # 46 from an edition of 265 copies. (of the normal edition, and
a further 35 copies of the " Vorzugs Ausgabe") Title printed in red and black.
Loose as issued in the original finely decorated portfolio. All 25 prints in the
original mounts, with the Kurt Wolff dry-stamp. Colophon signed by SteinerPrag, the 25 plates all signed or monogrammed and dated [1916] some only
at the stone Some very light foxing to mounts, unobstrusive imperfections to
the portfolio, and at foot of the title page (triangular 3 cm. tear) € 3800,-
Joseph Budko;
Der Babylonische Talmud
Der Babylonische Talmud in Auswahl. Brandussche
Verlags Buchhandlung, Berlin, 1914. Folio. Ill. Joseph
Budko. 169 (3) pp.(Uncut) Printed in 2 columns.
Original full, decorated vellum with gilded, decorated
spine. Elaborately decorated double pp.title/frontispice
and 5 large coloured richly ornamented titles and large
initials printed in colours. Printed in 530 copies only,
this is number 66. Bookdecoration by the esteemed
artist Joseph Budko. (1888-1940) This "Condensed"
Talmud, translated by Jacob Fromer, gives texts on:
Berakot, Schabbat, Pesachim, Joma, Rosch Haschana,
Taanit, Jebamot, Ketubot, Gittin, Kidduschin, Baba
Kamma, Baba Mezia, Synhedrin, and Aboda Sara. A
sumptuous publication. Our copy in the sought after
large paper editon. € 1200,-
Antiquariaat Dik Ramkema
Dik Ramkema
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2051 GC Overveen
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• Children’s books
• Illustrated books
Bilhaud, Paul. Les Petits japonais. La Soirée de Fleur de Thé.
Dessins Japonais. [The Little Japanese. The evening party of
Fleur-de-Thé]. Paris, Jules Lévy, Éditeur, n.d. (ca.1875), (14)p., one side printed,
on thin Japanese paper, colour illustrations bordering on each page. Original
pictorial colour lithographed thin wrappers bound within gilt fleuron decorated red
boards, 26,5 x 20 cm. Condition: Near Fine; corners boards slightly rubbed else Fine.
Rare beautiful Japanese style illustrated with the text surrounded by Japanese illustrations
in black and blue. The original wrappers are bound in a fleuron gilded publishers binding
with the title and ‘Librairie A Hatier’ on front board. € 240,-
Het nieuwste Tooverboek. No place, publisher, date, (ca.1900), 6 leaves cut in three, decorated title on
thin board, verso front and inside back board illustrated, all in colour lithography, no text, 25,5 x 19,5 cm.
Condition: Good; front board closed cut with on the inside faint remains of glue. [12927]
Extremely rare changing picture book in three parts: top all kind of aeroplanes, zeppelins and air balloon, middle part
right, a pursuing car with people and animals, back left a kind of bicycle
€ 400,-
Hoytema, Th. van. Uilen geluk. Geteekend op steen door Th. Van Hoytema. Tekst
van Tine. Amsterdam, C.M. van Gogh, 1895, 20p. fully illustrated in colour lithography, pictorial clothbacked
boards, bound Japanese styl, 25 x 20 cm. Condition: Near Fine, very faint rubbing to the edges, staples slightly
rusted. [7858]
One of Hoytema’s finest picture books. € 500,-
Oom Ben (= B.W. Wierink, 1856-1939). Pim’s Poppetjes. Een Kijksprookje voor
zijn Vriendinnetjes & Vriendjes bedacht en geteekend door Oom Ben. Amsterdam, L.J.
Veen, (1913) 2nd edition, 26 colour lithographic pages (van Leer, Amsterdam), decorated title boards with
Antiquariaat Dik Ramkema
cloth spine bond Japanese style with tie ribbon, 17 x 24 cm. Condition: Good;
front board slightly discoloured small surfase dam., edges rubbed, page one rust on
removed staples. [12890]
Rare 2nd edition, (first 1898). Wierink combines anecdotic, humoristic
illustrations with decorative-ornamental design the pictures show Eastern
influence. Bodt/Kapelle 41, 99, 259, picture 22 and 118. Forum Children’s
world of learning VII, 3802 and KLKL 726 (first ed.) € 500,-
Kluchtige levensschets van Thijll Uilenspiegel tot vermaak
der Jeugd. Uilenspiegel was een guit, En speelde veele
grappen uit. Rotterdam, J.B. Ulrich, n.d., (1839), 8 leaves, illustrated
title page and 7 woodcut illustrations in the text all hand coloured, plain
wrappers, sewn, 16 x 9,5 cm.
Condition: Near Fine; name in old pen on title, owners entry on verso front
wrapper, dated 1846. [12092]
Very rare Till Owlenglas with fine primitive woodcuts in a catchpenny style.
Ulrich worked from 1816 till 1849. No copy in Dutch public collections. See De
Meyer p.488 about Ulrich. Date: announcement in ‘Nieuwsblad voor den
boekhandel, 12 December 1839’, publications from J.B. Ulrich: ‘Kleine
Prentboekjes met gekl. pl. à 10cts, negen titels: Genoveva, Kiekeboe, Duimpje,
Roodkapje, Asschenpoester 2e en 3de druk, Thijll Uilenspiegel, etc. € 1400,-
Nicholson, William. An Alphabet. W. Heinemann,
London, 1899, third impression, title with vignette and 26 full-page woodcut
illustrations in colour, and one publisher advertising page, original decorated
boards, folio, 31,3 x 25,6 cm.
Condition: Near Fine; board edges slightly rubbed/ chipped, endpapers foxing.
Good copy of a nice artistic AB Book. € 650,-
8. Perrault, Charles - Rackham, Arthur. La Belle au Bois dormant. Avec
illustrations par Arthur Rackham. Paris, Libr. Hachette, (1920), (1), 98p., 1 mounted colour plate
with silhouette black surrounding for frontispiece, 8 full-page silhouette plates with one or two colours, 16 fullpage black & white silhouette plates and 43 bl/w. text illustrations, decorated endpapers, gilt pictorial cover
vellum-like boards, gilt lettering to the spine, 29,5 x 23,5 cm.
Condition: Good; boards discoloured, corners and spine rubbed/ bumped, joints slightly damaged, bookplate on verso
first free endpaper, else Fine. [12365]
Fine deluxe limited and signed edition no.18 of 400 copies. See Riall, A new bibliography of Arthur Rackham, 1994;
p.141 for the first UK edition.
€ 800,-
Rijn, Gerrit van. Catalogus eener Belangrijke Verzameling Kinderboeken Kinderspelen
en Kinderprenten. Utrecht, G. Van Rijn, 1883, (4), 128, 16p., 1 plate, original printed wrappers, 19,5cm.
Condition: Good; spine strengthened with tape. [12639]
Contents: 1352 numbers and 16 pages with publications by the ‘Maatschappij tot het Nut van ‘t Algemeen’. The front wrapper
is dated 1884. Van Rijn issued the first sales catalogue special for Children’s books, children’s toys and pictures only. € 185,63
Antiquariaat Dik Ramkema
Schenkman, J. (1806-1863). Beweegbaar Honden en Apen boek met versjes van J.
Schenkman. Amsterdam, Hendrik Vleck, n.d. (ca.1850), 8 onside printed hand coloured lithographic plates
with pull-leaver and text under the pictures, original decorated title board with cloth spine, 27cm Condition:
Good; corners rubbed, all plates skilfully rebacked the pull-leavers come out in front of the text; plate 2; head and arm
of cook replaced, plate 5 left arm of Jokko replaced. Entry on first free endpaper; ‘Eere Prijs.(etc.). 1869’. [12926]
Animals, Dogs and monkeys, in Humanized actions, circus acts a.o. Rare early Movable, one copy in a Dutch
collection: Universiteit en Hogeschool van Amsterdam. € 1400,-
[Swift, J.] De Wondervolle Reizen &
Avonturen van Kaptn Gulliver. Amsterdam, G.
Theod, Bom, (1869), title page and 19 one side printed
hand coloured lithographed pages, cloth backed paper over
boards with illustrated repeated title on front and publisher
advertising on back board, 27,5 x 21,5 cm.
Condition: Near Fine; front hinge weak, one query nearly
loose, else Fine. [12949]
Beautiful colourful title page, each page with text and
illustrations. € 800,-
Rashi Antiquarian Booksellers
Ingrid M.C. Oey
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4200 AM Gorinchem
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• Judaica
• Hebraica
• Orientalia
• Holocaust
BOYER D’ARGENS, JEAN BAPTISTE (1704-1771). Lettres cabalistiques, ou correspondance
philosophique, historique et critique, Entre deux Cabalistes, divers Esprits élementaires, & le Seigneur Astaroth.
Nouvelle édition, augmentée de LXXX Nouvelles Lettres & de Quantité de Remarques, et de plusieurs Figures.
7 vols. La Haye, Chez Pierre Paupie, 1769-1770. (Cont.leather. 12mo.) € 750,Jean Baptiste Boyer d’Argens, French philosopher and freethinker, a great popularizer of the philosophical ideas of the
Enlightenment. His Lettres Cabalistiques, written in Maastricht in the Netherlands, first published in 1737-38 was
placed on the Index in 1742. In this work he attacks all forms of religions, especially the Jesuites.
BUXTORFF, JOHANNES. Schoole der Jooden, Begrijpende het
gehele Joodsche Geloof. Uit hun eige Boeken en Schriften, merendeels den
Christenen onbekend, grondig met aanwijsing van yder Boek, plaats en blad,
verklaard. Eertijds tot nut der Christenen beschreven door M. Joannem
Buxtorfium, Opper-meester in de Hebreewsche spraak, tot Bazel. Op Nieuws
oversien, en met Nieuwe kopere Platen door Jan Luyken vercierd. Hier agter
is bygevoegt een Rede-Strijd tusschen een Jood en een Christen, waar in het
Christen geloof werd verdedigt. Leyden, Daniel van den Dalen en Hendrik
van Damme, 1702. (Cont.vellum, (16), 522, 31 pp. engr. frontispiece and 4
fold. plates.)
€ 350,3rd edition, the first with the copper engravings of Jan Luyken, representing Reading the Law, The Feast of Sukkoth,
Passover Meal, and Wedding. See Rubens, Jewish Iconography nos. 1051-1054.
[PORTUGUESE JEWS]. Die Herkunft der sogenannten Portugiesischen Juden., (c. 1942). (Or.
wrps., discolored, 34 pp. Typewritten publication. Folio. German.)
€ 350,The aim of this publication (8 short chapters) was to prove, that the Portuguese Jews were racially and culturally different
from the Ashkenazic Jews and should therefore be excluded from deportation. On this action, see Presser, Ondergang vol.
2, pp. 72-84. Included in this publication are two Dutch reactions on this report: a letter by Prof. Dr. J.F. van Bemmelen
(dated 19 March 1942) and a “Anthropologischer Bericht” of Prof. Dr. C.U. Ariëns Kappers, (undated).The letter of
prof. van Bemmelen, was addressed to the apparent authors of this publication: Mr.Dr. J. v.d. Flier, Mr. IJ.H.M. Nijgh
and Frau Mr. L.M.I.L. Taalingen-Dols. Of this publication several different copies are known, each with other appendices.
WERKMAN, H.N. (1882-1945). Chassidische legenden. Verbeeld door
H.N. Werkman. H.N. Werkman en de Chassidische legenden, door J.Martinet. Suite
1 en 2 tekstboeken. Suite I: 10 platen. Suite 2: 10 platen. Groningen, Wolters
Noordhoff/Bouma’s Boekhuis, 1967. (Large folio brown slipcase, 36 pp. + 20 plates
full color in brown slipcase. 51 x 33 cm. Plates are in separate slipcases included.) € 375,Reprint of the original edition published in 1941/43. This edition is published in 600
numbered copies by J.H. Henkes Grafische Bedrijven in Haarlem on the occasion of the
opening of their new building on January 1967. This copy nr. 312. The plates are in 6 color
photo-lithos print.
the hollstein series
recently published:
The New Hollstein German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts 1400-1700
w e n c e s l au s h o l l a r
Hollstein’s German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts 1400-1700
hans springinklee
Hollstein’s Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts 1450-1700
volume lxxii (index to volumes i-lxxi)
publications in preparation:
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts 1450-1700
frans floris
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts 1450-1700
h e n d r i c k g o lt z i u s
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts 1450-1700
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Jan Huygen van Linschoten (1599),
estimation € 15.000 – 20.000
Price realised in March 2009:
€ 116.000
Antiquariaat De Rijzende Zon
Thomas Leeuwenberg
Poststraat 8
Tel. (013) 580 21 70
[email protected]
• Voyages and travel
• Orientalia
• Brabantica
• Non-Western books
• Scandinavica
• Atlases and maps
• Exotica
Thet Nya Testaments Efter Konung Carl Then Elloftes Förordning. Förra Deel / Andra Deel:
Åbo., Christoph. Merckell., 1711-13.. 40 x 26 cms. 2 title leaves w. emblematic engraving, (viii) , 1-300, (viii)
, 301-666, (i) S. Last leaf loose. Some waterspots / wormholes. Contemp. calf. Wear at corners. € 450,(The Old Testament part of this Bible was printed in Stockholm).
Die Catholische Straszburger Bibel oder Heilige Schrift, Alten und Neuen Testaments... Strasburg.,
Kürtzner und Silberling., 1734. 36 x 26 cms, Engr. frontispiece, (iv), (44), 1030 , (4), (iv), 266 p. 11 fullpage
engr. plates. Upper margin 1/2 cms, brittle, espec. at the beginning. Some marginal stains, foxed. Contemp.
blind tooled pigskin over wooden boards. Brass corners and centerpieces. Top of spine damaged. Clasps partly
gone. € 1.000,BIBLIA HEBRAICA eorundem latina interpretatio Xantis Ariae Montani...& Hebraicam
dictionem diligentissime expense. Accesserunt Libri Graece scripti, qui vocantur Apocryphi. + Novum
Testamentum Graecum, cum vulgata interpretatione Latina Graeci contextus lineis inserta. Geneva., de la
Rouiere., 1609. 37 x 25 cms, (xxvii), 184, 283, 84, 203 + (vii), 186, 203 p. Full calf, 17th cent., decorated
spine. Top of spine restaurated. Complete, Good condition. € 1.200,O.T. and N.T. with interlinear latin translations.
ROTTERDAM. plattegrond; schaal 1: 25.000. Secreto. Moskou.,
Generalitsji Staf, 1979. KAART in kleur, 2 bladen, 110 x 86 cms, samen
vormend gedetailleerde plattegrond; 110 x 172 cms. Met omvangrijk
straatregister en lijst van belangrijke plaatsen (aeroport, havenwerken, enz. )
Alle teksten, ook die van de straten, in het russisch.
€ 450,-
A.S. ( Mother Marie Joseph Aubert ). New and Complete Manual of Maori Convesation. Wellington.,
Lyon and Blair, 1885. 16 x 11 cms, 197 p. Editor's cloth. Spine discoloured. € 80,-
Andersen, H. C. / Ten Kate, J. Sprookjes en Verhalen van H.C. Andersen. in dichtmaat naverteld door
J. Ten Kate..met het photographisch afbeeldsel van Andersen. Leiden., Sijthoff., 1868. 19 x 13 cms, (v), 181,
(ii) p., Mounted original photograph of A., sitting on a chair, holding a book. Contemp. decor. cloth. Minimal
wear. € 120,Bartholomew, J. The Survey Atlas of Scotland. A series of sixty-eight plates of maps and plans, with descriptive
text, illustrating the topography, physiography, geology, climate, and the historical, political and commercial
features of the country. Edinburgh., Royal Scottish Geographical Society., 1912. Portfolio, 31 x 46 cms, 68 loose
doublepage sheets, + text of 23 p. In sturdy linen box with title: Atlas of Scotland 1912. € 1.200,-
Bartjens / Dam, Mr. Jan van / Bosch, Klaas. De vernieuwde Cyffering van Mr. Willem Bartjens,
hersteld, Vermeerdert en verbetert, door Mr. Jan van Dam, . op nieuws...van Fouten gezuiverd, door Klaas
Bosch. Venlo., Weduw H. Bontamps., 1803. 17 x 11 cms, 2 titelbladen, 184 bladzijden. Compleet. Band uit
de tijd, met flinke sleet. In ms. Maria Gantesweiler, Rees,.. 1812. € 150,-
Antiquariaat De Rijzende Zon
Bell, C.A. Grammar of Colloquial Tibetan. third edition. Alipore, Bengal Government Press., 1939. 18 x 13 cms,
x, (ii), 184 p., 3 folding tables. In rear pocket: col. folding map, 70 x 100 cms. Minimal wormholes. Cloth. € 90,Brouërius van Nidek en Isaac le Long. Abraham Rademaker. Kabinet van Nederlandsche en
Kleefsche Outheden,.. Geopent, opgeheldert, en wydloopig beschreven, door Isaac le long; en in 300 verscheide
printtafereelen vertoont. door Abraham Rademaker. Eerste-Zesde Deel, Amsterdam., Antony Schoonenburg.,
1727-33.. 6 delen in 6 Banden, 20 x 17 cms, Titelbladen en teksten + 3 gegrav. titelbladen, + 300 afzonderlijke
bladen, met gegrav. zichten, onderstaande tekst in het nederlands, frans en engels. , Uniforme perkam. banden
uit de tijd. Complete set in fijne staat. € 2.250,-
Chaine, M., S.J. Grammaire Ethiopienne. Beyrouth., Imprimerie Catholique., 1907. 22 x 14 cms, ix, 308
p., qqs annotations en crayon. demi-toile de l’époque. € 90,-
Holwerda / Beekman / Blok / Byvanck e.a. Geschiedkundige Atlas van Nederland. 's-Gravenhage.,
M. Nijhoff., 1913-38. 16 portfolio's, ( genummerd 1-19), met 184 kaartbladen + 41 tekstdelen, ingenaaid.
Nette complete set. € 800,-
Hughes, William. Philips' Imperial Library Atlas a series of new and authentic maps.. London., G. Philip
& Son., 1879. 55 x 38 cms, 2 ff; title/content, 51 double-page sheets w. 51 maps. Index 86 p., Fly leaf w. holes
in lower part. Marbled endpapers. Contemp. cloth, spine and corners calf. Spine well repaired. € 750,Kazimierz Trafas / Eugenia Luzna ( editors ). Atlas Miasta Krakowa ( Atlas of the City of Cracow
). Warszawa-Wroclaw., Panstw. Przedsieb. Wydawnictw Kartograficznych .1988. In portfolio, 36 x 44 cms.
12 p.; introduction, contents, + 47 sheets, 40 x 65 cms., with col. maps, diagrams. ALL texts/captions in polish.
Good condition. € 125,thematic maps on soil, trafic, demography, industry, housing, urbanisation &c.
Krauss, Johann Ulrich. Heilige Augen- und Gemüths-Lust, .Erster-Zweiter Theil. Augsburg., Johann
Ulrich Krausen, 1706. 32 x 22 cms, engr. title, allegory, headpiece, preface, register (vi) ff , 1-70 plates, + engr.
Frontisp., title (ii) ff, 71-120 plates. Minimal spots/stains. 19th cent. Boards. € 1.200,Lozano, P. FR. Raymundo, cura párroco de S. Miguel. Cursos de Lengua Panayana Manila., Colegio
de Santo Tomas., 1876. 21 x 14 cms, 231 p., Gatherings loosening.. Contemp. boards, minor wear. € 180,P. Salviati / Sommer, and others. VENEZIA., 1880 ( approximative). COLLECTION of 26
different Original Photographs, Albumen Prints, Each 19 x 24 cms, Mounted on boards, 27 x 37 cms, ALL
contrastfull. Inter Alia; Panorama, Piazzetta, Loggetta e Libreria, Palazzo Ducale, S. Marco, Canal Grande,
Sa Maria, Calle Valaresso, Riva Schiavoni, Palazzo Sanudo, Ponte del Sospiri, Ponte di Rialto, Monumento
Colleoni, P.zo Ducale, S. Maria, Arsenale. € 1.250,The best views and the best qualities taken from different Ricordos di Venezia.
Sterling, rev. R. Arabic and English Idiom conversational and literary. Jerusalem., St. George's Collegiate
Church., 1912. 24 x 16 cms, xiii, 175 p. Contemp. cloth with minor wear. ( printed by; American Press Beirut).
€ 50,T'ang Leang-Li. Reconstruction in China. A record of progress and achievement in facts and figures.
Shanghai., China United Press., 1935. xiv, 401 p., num. ills outside text., 3 fold. maps. Cloth. Dedication in
ms.: To Dr. X .1937. € 90,Welvaarts, Th. Ign. Geschiedenis der Abdij van Postel .. eerste - tweede deel. Turnhout., Splichal-Roosen.,
1878. 23 x 15 cms, 434 p., + 10 platen. Uitvouwb. plaat met scheuren. Oorspr. linnen. Enkele vlekken. € 90,69
Dieter Schierenberg b.v.
Jeroen Schierenberg
Zamenhofstraat 150, Unit 320
1022 AG Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 636 22 02
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• Natural history
nthropology and
• Travel and exploration
• History of science
• Bibliography of natural history
• Periodicals
• Science
300 years of science in the Netherlands
Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen: Verhandelingen, volume I.
Batavia, ter Lands Drukkerij, 1820 (second edition). 8vo, 266 pp. followed by a "nabericht" of 21 pp. and 2 pp.
index. Contemporary paper boards with printed paper title label on spine. The rare first volume of this famous
series on Indonesia. The contents includes, among others: ‘De orde der Palmboomen’ and ‘Beschrijving van een witten
Neger’. Binding a little soiled, otherwise a good copy. € 475,-
Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde. Uitgegeven door het Koninklijk zoologisch genootschap
Natura Artis Magistra. Vols. 1-64 incl. the 50 jubilee volumes "Feestnummer" (1848-
1994). Partly bound. One of the oldest and important sets on Amsterdam’s zoo, containing, for instance, 12 beautiful
bird plates hand-coloured by Trap. € 2.650,-
Commelin, J. and C. Commelin Rariorum plantarum Horti Medici Amstelodamensis
descriptio & Icones. Beschryvinge en curieuse afbeeldingen van rare vreemde Africaansche, Oost-
West-Indische en andere gewassen vertoont in den Amsterdamsche Kruyd-Hof. Met groote moeyte en
arbeid op stads-kosten in vele jaren aangewend, en by een versameld door Casparus Commelin M. D. en
botanicus horti Medici. Amsterdam, P. and J. Blaeu and (weduwe van) Abraham van Someren (1697, 1701).
Two parts in two. Folio (near matching at about 40 x 26 cm). [8], 220; [4], 224, [4], with in total, 2 frontispieces
5 coats-of-arms and 225 numbered plates on 222 leaves. The plants described and figured were collected in Asia,
the Americas and Cape of Good Hope by crew members of the merchant ships of the Dutch East and West India
companies. They were donated to the Amsterdam Horticultural Garden, of which Jan Commelin was the director. The
work is of an outstanding quality with beautiful plates with deep shades of grey and black. A very good copy of this
rare and important work. € 31.800,-
De Vries, H. Die Mutationstheorie. Versuche und Beobachtungen über die Entstehung
von Arten im Pflanzenreich in 2 vols. Leipzig 1901-1903. 1426p., 12 chromolithographs. Half calf.
The rediscovery of Mendel’s laws. One repair on title page of vol.2 and erased stamp in vol.1. € 550,-
Van Leeuwenhoek, A. [P.] Send-brieven, zoo aan de hoog edele Heeren van de
Koninklyke Societeit te Londen (plus tweede up to zevende “vervolg”) - near complete
collection of Leeuwenhoeks letters. Delft and Leyden, H. van Krooneveld, A. Beman and C.
Boutesteyn, 1688-1718. 8 vols. in 4. With 2 engraved frontispieces and 93 folding plates, and several figures in
the text. 4to, one volume in contemporary leather with raised bands and gilt lettering, two volumes in
contemporary vellum and one volume in contemporary marbled wrappers. A very good set., Important collection
of Van Leeuwenhoek’s letters, in various editions (partly first), containing 140 (of 165) numbered letters which were,
for the most part, addressed to the members of the Royal Society in London. The letters give a detailed overview of Van
Leeuwenhoek’s microscopical observations and his commentaries on colleagues’ observations. Index in volume two
replaced by a manuscript register in a neat old hand. Overall a very attractive set, without foxing and in tight, neat
contemporary bindings. € 13.250,-
Dieter Schierenberg b.v.
Lorentz, H. A. La théorie électromagnétique de Maxwell et son application aux corps
mouvants. [In: Archives néerlandaises des sciences exactes et naturelles, XXV]. Leiden, E.
J. Brill, 1892. 8vo. 188 pp. Original printed wrappers. True first edition, not the newly paginated offprint of the
second of Lorentz’s two major expositions on his electron theory of matter. He was the winner of the 1902 Nobel Prize
in Physics (together with Pieter Zeeman) for this theory. This work has, in recent years, become a rare and sought after
publication. In very good condition. 3.000,-
Van Swinden, J. H. and others. Tafelen van de duiking der zigtbare kim, van de refractie
en van schijnbare zons 1/2 diameter dienende tot gebruik bij waarnemingen, met het
octant en sextant. And several other nautical and mathematical tables. Amsterdam, Hulst
van Keulen, 1809, 1815. 8vo. ca. 350 pp. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. Spine with gilt
ornamental lines and red morocco label with gilt title. Jan Hendrik van Swinden (1746-1823) was a Dutch
mathematician and astronomer. This is one of his practical works. A very good copy. € 530,-
Van 't Hoff, J. A. Sur les formules de structure dans l'espace [In: Archives néerlandaises
des sciences exactes et naturelles, IX]. La Haye ['s-Gravenhage], Martinus Nijhoff, 1874. 8vo. 10 pp.
Original printed wrappers. Breakthrough paper by the later Nobel-prize winner Johannes Hendricus van 't Hoff
(1852-1911). In this work the three-dimensional structure of a molecule is explained for the first time. Partly
unopened. Wrappers in very good condition. € 795,71
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AMADUZZI, Giovanni Christoforo. Epistola ad Anacreontis genere eiusque bibliotheca.
(Parma, Bodoni 1791). 89 (3) pp. boards w.handwritten title on spine.
€ 450,Brooks 423; de Lama 66; Weiss-Kat.127 (“Einer der seltensten Bodonidrucke”).Rare publication by the
wellknown Italian philologist with corrections and supplements for the commentary of the Anacreon-edition
published by Bodoni in 1784.Elegantly printed in capitals only on thick paper with broad margins, each
pagenumber within small cartouche.Fresh, partly unopened copy, presumably in the original binding (with
only small imperfections).
GIDE, André. La tentative amoureuse ou le traité du vain désir.Paris, Nouvelle Revue Française 1921. 30
nn.pp., 4 vignettes (une répétée sur titre et couverture) et 4 planches hors-textes tous coloriés en pochoir par
Marie Laurencin (gravés par J.Germain et L.Petitbarat). Demi-reliure à coins, dos orné, couverture conserveé
(sign.:KRA rel.).4°. € 675,Première edition illustrée et un de les premières livres illustrées par l’artiste.Un des 412 exemplaires numerotés
sur papier Lafuma-Navarre.Feuille de garde avec dessin original de Marie Laurencin aux crayons de couleurs,
signée par l’artiste.
GOETHE. Zwölf Gedichte.(Lpz., Leipziger Bibliophilen-Abend 1932). 26 nn.S. Orangefarb.Or.-Leder holzfournierüberzog.Schuber. 4°. € 650,(16.Veröffentl.d.Leipziger Bibliophilen-Abend).Sommer S.75.Druck a.Japan in blau in d.WeissAntiqua in 101 num.Expl.Der bemerkenswerte Handeinband wurde nach Entwurf u.unter Aufsicht von Ignaz
Wiemeler von seinen Lehrlingen d.Leipziger Akademie für graphische Künste u.Buchgewerbe angefertigt.
HEINE, Heinrich. Spanische Romanzen. Bln., Propyläen 1921.95 S., Bandentwurf, radierte Titelvignette
u.10 ganzs.Or.-Radierungen v.Hugo Steiner-Prag. handgeb.grüner Or.-Seidenband m.VDeckel-u.RVerg.u.rot.
Lederrückenschild in bedr.Schuber.4°. € 675,1.Ausg.dieser Illustr.Schauer II,94.Breitrandiger Druck in der Unger-Fraktur in 250 num.Expl.1 von 35 Expl.
der 2.Vorzugsausgabe a.Van Gelderbütten, alle ganzseitigen Graphiken vom Künstler signiert.
HÜLSENBECK, Richard. En avant Dada. Eine Geschichte des Dadaismus.Hannover, Steegemann
(1920).44 S.+ 4 S.Anz. Or.-Kt.Gr.8°. 1.Ausg.(Die Silbergäule 50/51).Raabe 132,8; Meyer 32.RDeckel m.schmalem Feuchtrand.
€ 745,-
NOVALIS. Die Gedichte. (Den Haag, Zilverdistel 1915).128 pp.Original
parchment with gilt tooled frontcover and spine.
€ 425,Handprinted in blue, red and black by Joh.Enschedé with the Schoeffer type on
dutch handmade paper.One of 200 copies.
REINHARDT, C [arl August]. Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche in
Wort und Bild. Eine komische Kinderschrift.Bln., A.Hofmann [1861]. Titel + 15
einseitig handkolorierten Holzstichen. handkol.Or.-Pp.4°. € 575,1.Ausg.dieser Bearbeitung.Schmidt 15; Rümann 1795; Wegehaupt 3412.
Band etw.fleckig (teils Spuren alter Reparaturen), Rücken fachgerecht erneuert,
Innengelenke überklebt.
Antiquariaat Schuhmacher
Wilma Schuhmacher
Max Schuhmacher†
Gelderschekade 107
1011 EM Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 622 16 04
Fax +31 (0)20 620 66 20
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• Dutch Literature &
• Dutch press books
• Philology and
• Avant-garde
Op 23 October a.s. verschijnt:
Willem Elsschot in Boek en Band, Een eerste Inventarisatie van Bandvarianten van al zijn Werk in alle
Drukken tot 1957 (verschijnen van het Verzameld Werk).
Het is een gezamenlijke uitgave van ons en het Willem Elsschot Genootschap, De leden daarvan
krijgen dit boekje gratis toegezonden.
Om een indruk te geven volgt hieronder een iets ingekorte en enigszins bewerkte versie van hoe Het Been
(1938) in de enige afzonderlijke uitgave daarin opgenomen is..
E1 Het Been [October 1938]
Brinkman: 1938: Nov. ing. f 1.75/ geb. f 2.50
Titelpagina: Willem Elsschot | Het Been | met een Inleiding van | Menno ter Braak | Amsterdam | P.N. van
Kampen & Zoon N.V.
a. gedecoreerd crème papieren (met watermerk) omslag met flappen, belettering in groen, decoratie (illustratie
naar houtsnede [: Henri van Straten uit Lijmen, 2de druk, daar tegenover p. 113, echter hier verkleind])
in zwart: Het Been | decoratie | Willem Elsschot. Flapteksten: voorflap: citaat uit bespreking van Het
Been in Het Vaderland, achterflap: opsomming (zoals bij Van Kampen gebruikelijk niet op volgorde van
verschijnen) van tot dan verschenen werk van Elsschot, achterop: over Lijmen door J. Greshoff [ook hier
ontleend aan zijn inleiding tot de 2de druk van Een Ontgoocheling p. 26, 27, dezelfde tekst ook achterop
het tweede (stof )omslag van de eerste druk van Pensioen echter daar opnieuw gezet], omslag met flappen,
zonder zg. stijfje, meteen om het genaaide boekblok heen.
b. okerkleurig linnen [als kleur komt dit in de buurt van de band van de titeluitgave van Lijmen 2de druk,
echter geler, terwijl de kwaliteit van het linnen het dichtst bij g. (zie bij deze titeluitgave van Lijmen)
komt], belettering in groen: Willem Elsschot | streepje | Het Been. Lengte woorden: schrijver 52 mm,
streepje 8 mm, titel 54 mm, afstand tussen schrijver (onderaan) en titel (bovenaan) 11 mm; schutbladen
van een dikke kwaliteit gevergeerd papier, enigszins geribbeld. Eerste band! Stofomslag: crème papier met
watermerk, belettering en decoratie, flapteksten en tekst achterop geheel identiek aan a. (omslag).
c. okerkleurig linnen [kleur is iets donkerder misschien maar komt zeer nabij al of niet verkleurde exemplaren
van b.], echter titel en schrijver op de band opnieuw gezet, lengte schrijver 51 mm, streepje 7 mm, titel 52
mm, afstand 10 mm, het streepje tussen schrijver en titel is opvallend kort, waaraan deze band onmiddellijk
herkenbaar is. Ook het groen van de belettering is wat donkerder en komt daardoor wat massaler over;
gladde, licht getint papieren schutbladen.
d. een donker[der] tint okerkleurig linnen [dat ook in verhouding to b. en c. compacter qua structuur is],
belettering als b. & c. in groen, doch bandstempels voorplat: Willem Elsschot en de titel Het Been beide
weer duidelijk opnieuw gezet! Bedrukking rug is evenals bij c. ook anders gespatieerd. Lengte woorden:
schrijver 49 mm, streepje 8 mm, titel 51 mm, afstand 10 mm Het linnen doet qua structuur het meeste
denken aan dat van Lijmen 2de druk titeluitgave i. Schutbladen van iets ruwer papier dan c., stofomslag
identiek aan a.
e. halflinnen: zeer grof ongebleekt linnen rug, met crème papier, waarop vage linnen persing, overtrokken
platten, belettering qua tekst gelijk aan b., lengte schrijver 51 mm., streepje 9 mm., titel 54 mm., afstand
10 mm., schutbladen (vrijwel?) gelijk aan die van b. M.i. is deze band wat vroeger te dateren dan de
datum vermeld in ons gedateerde exemplaar (10 Augustus 1942), stofomslag: crème papier, belettering en
Antiquariaat Schuhmacher
decoratie, flapteksten en tekst achterop alles identiek aan stofomslag b. (= omslag a.). Bindpartij ook wat
eerder te dateren dan die in gelig wit karton – zie f.
f. gelig wit karton met linnen persing, belettering qua tekst gelijk aan b., lengte schrijver 52 mm., streepje
7 mm., titel 54 mm., afstand 9 mm. = [nog] latere bindpartij, schutbladen van verschillende exemplaren
zijn van uiteenlopende kwaliteit, verschillen in bedrukking banden heb ik echter niet kunnen ontdekken.
Mogelijk op grond van gedateerde exemplaren 26/ 11/ ’42, Kerstmis 1942, 4-2-’43 te dateren 2de helft
Volgens de editie in het Volledig Werk, 2002, lag de oplage tussen de 1000 en 1500 Exx., doch op grond van
mijn onderzoekingen lijkt het me waarschijnlijker dat deze zich rond de 2000 exx. bewoog.
Waar dus bij Couperus de uitgever bij een nieuwe (dus latere) bindpartij een ander bandontwerp prefereerde,
liet Van Kampen bij de nieuwe latere bindpartij de eerdere zoveel mogelijk benaderen.
Dit is slechts een voorbeeld hoe alle 12 titels in al hun drukken tot 1957 uitgewerkt zijn – de totale collectie,
dus inclusief alle variante bindpartijen zal ca. 150 boeken bevatten – en wij zouden deze collectie graag vanwege
de unieke documentaire waarde alleen in zijn geheel willen verkopen.
Hiernaast zijn vele exx. beschikbaar die door ons zijn aangeschaft om ons onderzoek mogelijk te maken.
Zowel de collectie als vele los verkrijgbare exemplaren worden meegenomen naar de a.s. beurs in de Passenger
Terminal Amsterdam op 29 en 30 October, daar getoond en te koop aangeboden.
Willem Elsschot: enkele voorbeelden van ‘los’ verkrijgbaar:
De Verlossing. Bussum, C.A.J. van Dishoeck MCMXXI (1921); Eerste druk; gelig beige [eerste] omslag;
voorblad wat los, aan de randen gerafeld. C1a
€ 175,Idem. Titeluitgave uit 1938: De Verlossing. Amsterdam, P.N. van Kampen N.V; gelig beige [eerste] omslag
(waarop Van Dishoeck als uitgever wordt vermeld [gelijk aan a.]); achterblad omslag los, wat verfomfaaid ex.
€ 195,De Verlossing. Amsterdam, P.N. van Kampen N.V. [1953]; Derde druk; okerkleurig linnen, platten zonder
belettering; platte rug met belettering in bruin. C3c
€ 25,Het Been. Amsterdam, P.N. van Kampen & Zoon N.V. [1938]; Eerste druk; okerkleurig linnen. E1b € 95,Idem. Amsterdam etc. halflinnen met stofomslag (wat verfomfaaid en besch.). E1e
€ 195,-
Pensioen. Amsterdam, P.N. van Kampen & Zoon N.V. [1937]; Eerste druk; fijn beige linnen met belettering
in rood en zwart; eerste band. K1b
€ 45,Idem. Amsterdam etc. Eerste druk etc. eerste band; met opdracht aan zijn grote vriend J. Greshoff, die de
aanzet gaf tot Kaas!
€ 1.450,Idem. Amsterdam etc. Eerste druk etc. halflinnen: wit linnen rug, platten met wit papier overtrokken; wat
groezelig (als vrijwel altijd). K1h
€ 125,-
Opvolger gezocht, die bij voorkeur al vanaf begin volgend jaar mee zou kunnen werken in ons
antiquariaat. Wij hebben, gelijk bekend een zeer grote voorraad Nederlandse literatuur na 1880, ook van
op dit moment niet in de mode zijnde, vergeten en bijna vergeten auteurs en zouden deze op den duur
graag aan de opvolger willen overdragen.
Antiquariaat Schuhmacher
Nederlandse literatuur 16de – 20ste Eeuw: Een kleine keuze
Zeven Spelen van die Wercken der Bermherticheyd. Amstelredam, Herman Jansz. Muller 1591. 8°;
ongepagineerd; op titelpagina en in de tekst 1 + 7 eenderde pag. grote houtsneden; gemarmerd leder, rug en
kanten goud bestempeld; STCN 87: A – T8 (T8 blank).
€ 8.500,(Cats, Jacob) – Silenvs Alcibiadis sive Protevs (Pars I – III). Middelbvrgi, Ex Officina Iohannis Hellenij
MDCXVIII (1618) (3x); 4°; (XL), 120, 111, (111) pp; met 3 (versch.) gegrav. titelplaten en 3 maal 51 (dezelfde)
tweederde pag. grote ronde embl. gravures naar A[driaen van der] Venne; karton, rug ontbreekt, feitelijk:
perkament van de band verwijderd; voorwerk compleet incl. 5 en 6*², prent Kinderspel niet aanwezig; titelplaat
I gedoubleerd en bijgewerkt, enkele bladen met marginale versteviging; vochtkringen. (zie ills.).
€ 3.850,Eerste en luxe uitgave (nl. met 3x dezelfde gravures, waarbij Cats verschillende teksten schreef ); STCN 7;
Landwehr 104
Zeevsche Nachtegael (...) Tafereel van Sinne-Mal. (beide) verciert met Copere Plaeten. Amstelredam,
Gedruckt by Antoni Jacobsz. [Lootsman] 1633. 8°; (X), 294 pp; met Wapen-Schild (hele pag.) en 7 + 8 halfpag.
grote gravures [: verkleinde copieën, licht tot iets sterker gewijzigd naar A. van der Venne in de druk uit 1623];
perkament met omgezette randen en doorgehaalde rug; tekst met een enkel scheurtje, maar verder goed ex.
Op Wapen-Schild en 6 gravures na, zijn de copieën spiegelbeeldig t.o.v. 1623.
€ 1.250,STCN 3; Landwehr 590
Venne, Adr: van de- Tafereel van de Belacchende Werelt, en des selfs geluckige Eeuwe (...). In ’s Gravenhage, Gedruckt voor den Autheur 1635. 4°; (XII), 280 pp. + Titelplaat; deze en 11 halfpag. grote gravures naar
A. v. [d.] Venne [waarvan 4 identiek aan 4 van de 8 uit afd. Sinne-Mal van Zeevsche Nachtigael 1623, en 3
geplakt op onbedrukt stuk van de pag.]; perkament met doorgehaalde rug; titelprent gedoubleerd, marges
€ 975,afgesneden; eerste pagina’s marges wat besch; papier als vrijwel altijd sterk verbruind.
STCN Venne 5: vele exx., waarvan ook zonder titelplaat. (zie ill.).
Luiken, Jan – Het leerzaam Huisraad, Vertoond in Vijftig konstige Figuuren (...). Amsteldam, Bij de Wed:
P: Arentz en K. vander Sys 1711; 8°; (VIII), 182 pp. + (2 pp.): Bladwyzer; blindbestempeld perkament,
doorgehaalde rug.
€ 975,Eerste druk. Fraai Ex. op ‘groot’ (i.e. zwaarder) papier.
STCN 31, Landwehr 512
Antiquariaat Schuhmacher
Poot, H[ubert] K[ornelisz.]- Mengeldichten. Rotterdam, Arnold Willis 1716; 4°; 110 pp. + (2) pp.:
Bladtwyzer. samen met (zijn)
Akkerleven, aen den Heere Cornelis ’s Gravesande, Rechtsgeleerde. Leyden, Joh. Arnold Langerak MDCCXX
(1720); (8) pp. en met
L. Rotgans- Boerekermis. Amsterdam, Samuel Halma 1708; 67 pp. + 2 gravures en met
Claes Bruin- De Lustplaats Soelen (...)., Printverbeeldingen. Amsteldam, Marten Schagen 1723; (XVI), 160
pp.+ (7) pp.: Bladwyzer. en met
Op den Geboortedag van den Heere Izaak de Weer (...). Haarlem, Wilhelmus van Kessel 1715. 8 pp. en met
Gd. Elink- (2x) Gedagten op de Geboorte Christi. 1 + 1 pp.
tezamen geb. in perkament, doorgehaalde rug.
€ 2.250,Alle publicaties - behalve 2x Elink die geen titelpag. hebben – met titelillustraties.
STCN Poot 2 (4 Exx.) – herdrukt als deel I in Mengeldichten 3 delen 1718-1722, 8 enige vermelding;
(3 Exx.), Rotgans 21 (4 Exx.), Bruin 33. Feith, Rhijnvis- Julia. Leyden, C. van Hoogeveen, jun. MDCCLXXXII (1783). kl. 8°; 231 pp.+ gegrav.
titelpag. met ill.: P. de Mare. geb. in half (roodgeverfd) schapenleder met hoeken en belettering in goud (zeer
vervaagd); band geschaafd.
€ 550,p. (3) –6: (opdracht) met ornament (houtgravure) aan begin en eind, p. (7) –136: Julia, met op p. 136: ca.
halfpag. grote ill. (ets): I.L. Lentrier, p. (137) – 231 : Mengelwerk.
Eerste uitgave April 1783. Deze uitgave niet in STCN, daar alleen de 2de druk, zelfde jaar & zelfde uitgever
najaar 1783 (STCN 13).
Multatuli- Bloemlezing [door Multatuli]. Amsterdam, Firma: R.C. Meyer 1865; geb. in halflinnen met
hoeken, rug met versiering en belettering in goud; rug en aan de randen besch., wat ‘shabby’; met opdracht:
‘De noodzakelijkheid is | God. Meer weet ik van | God niet te zeggen. | Den Here H. Mulder | van den Schryver |
Amst. | Novr. 1865’. Eerste druk. (zie ill.)
€ 2.250,Alberdingk Thijm, K.J.L.- Villiers de l’Isle Adam- Akedysseril in het Nederlandsch bewerkt door. Met 8
Etsen van M.A.J. Bauer. Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema’s Boekhandel MDCCCXCIV (1894); groot folio;
losbladig met etsen onder passe-partout in portefeuille; lichtgroen linnen met decoratie en belettering in goud
(vooral flappen wat besch.).
€ 1.750,Eerste druk van deze vertaling door Lodewijk van Deyssel.
Naeff, Top- Aan Flarden, Tooneelstuk in vier Bedrijven. Amsterdam, H.J.W. Becht 1901; geb. in donkerrood,
bewerkt linnen, rug met decoratie en belettering in goud; met opdracht: ‘Aan Willem Royaards | van Top Naeff |
Dordt. | Nov. 1901’.
€ 250,Eerste druk. Naeff koesterde een diepe liefde voor Royaards.
Couperus, Louis- Van en Over Mijzelf en Anderen: Derde Bundel. Amsterdam, L.J. Veen [1916]; blauw
linnen met decoratie en belettering in donkergeel en donkerblauw. Band [&=omslag] ontwerp: W.J.T[aanman,
gelijk aan andere delen uit deze serie]; met fraaie opdracht van Louis [Couperus en diens vrouw] aan Miés. (zie
ill.).€ 3.250,Eerste druk; Van Vliet 10: Oplage: 600 Exx., waarvan 250 gebonden.
Ostayen, Paul van- Music-Hall. Antwerpen, Gust Janssens 1916; Oplage: 225 Exx., Ex. op gewoon papier
(200 Exx.); gebonden met
Het Sienjaal. Antwerpen, Het Sienjaal [Oct.] 1918; Oplage: 225 Exx., Ex. op gewoon papier (200 Exx.);
tezamengebonden – waarbij Het Sienjaal ietsje afgesneden: 200 x 150 mm (normaal 210 x 173 mm) in zwart
half geitenleder met hoeken, rug met ribben en decoratie en belettering in goud, platten overtrokken met
€ 3.500,Beide eerste drukken werden in eigen Beheer uitgegeven; Voorblad omslag Het Sienjaal: zwart-wit lino: Floris
Jespers erbij ingebonden.
Antiquariaat Schuhmacher
Schendel, Arthur van – Angiolino en de Lente. ‘Traiectum ad Mosam’ (4,) Maastricht 1923; Oplage: 188
Exx., Ex. op Hollandsch papier (176 Exx.); Letter: Erasmus-Mediaeval; Typografie: A.A.M. Stols; grijs papieren
kaft om stijfje, met decoratie in rood en belettering in zwart; met opdracht aan zijn goede vriend: ‘Jan van
Nijlen | van | A.v.S.’
Eerste druk.
€ 375,Nijhoff, M. – De Vliegende Hollander, Een Waterfeestspel. Leiden, S.C. van Doesburgh 1930; 4°; gelig grijs
dun kartonnen omslag met decoratie en belettering in bruin (randen verkleurd); met opdracht: ‘Voor Jacques
[Bloem] | van | Pom [Nijhoff] | 18.6.30’.
Eerste druk.
€ 275,Roland Holst, A.- In Ballingschap. ([Amsterdam,] De Groene Amsterdammer [1948]); Typografie: Jan van
Keulen; Druk: Duwaer; geel papieren omslag met belettering in zwart. Met opdracht ‘Voor Pom [Nijhoff] |
‘de Onvindbare’ [publicatie] | met mijn hartelijkste wenschen | voor den 20ste April - | van | Jany | Bergen N.H. |
19.IV.’48’. (zie ill.).
€ 375,Eerste druk; Colophon: Deze uitgave is speciaal vervaardigd voor abonné’s van het weekblad “De Groene
Amsterdammer” en is verder niet in de handel.
Kemp, Pierre- Schets voor een Roodkapje. (Uit de Paleiscahiers I). ‘Renildis Handpers’ (6) [Utrecht, Maurice
Laudy] 1961; Oplage: 19 + 5 gesign. exx; op Toledo; Letter: Vendome; Druk: Laudy; rood papieren kaft om
stijfje met wit titeletiket.
€ 975,Eerste druk.
Van ons zijn binnen niet al te lange tijd te verwachten catalogi/ vlugschriften – s.v.p. aanvragen bij belangstelling
Paul van Ostaijen (binnenkort)
Van Schendel in luxe en opdracht exemplaren
Uitgaven der Halcyon Pers
P.C. Boutens: 100 bijzondere boeken.
Nederlandse literatuur 1770 – 1813 in merendeels oorspronkelijke uitgaven
Nog steeds wordt verzameld aan onze collecties: Emblemata en 16de en 17de Eeuwse Nederlandse literatuur,
met nadruk op de Rederijkers; ook uit deze collecties worden exx. op de beurs ter verkoop aangeboden.
Boeken verzorgd door J. van Krimpen waarvan ik D.V. tzt. een lijst hoop te publiceren.
23-26 November 2010
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35 international
Willem Janz. BLAEU - Wand kaart van Europa gedrukt op perkament. Amsterdam 1621. 687x868mm.
Eerste staat van twee. Slechts 9 exemplaren bekend, alle in institutionele collecties.
Koop en Verkoop uw kaarten bij
internet veilingen - gallerie - prijslijst
oude land kaarten, atlassen & globes
J. JANSSONIUS - Novus Atlas,
Amsterdam 1664.
G.VALK - Celestial globe, Amsterdam
na 1750.
A.ORTELIUS - Theatrum Orbis
Terrarum, Antwerp, 1598.
Paulus Swaen is sinds 1978 gespecialiseerd in landkaarten , atlassen en globes uit de 16 - 18de eeuw. Onze collectie
bevat landkaarten uit alle delen van de wereld, gepubliceerd door Ortelius, Mercator,
Blaeu, Janssonius, Hondius, Speed, Visscher, de Wit, etc.
Bestel nu een gratis exemplaar van onze recente catalogus "East bound, V.O.C. and Trading companies" :
Paulus Swaen | Tel.: USA +1 727 687 3298 | NL +31 6 3426 8714 | [email protected]
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• Old and rare books
• T opography and history of
Flanders and Zeeland
• Books on art
• F lemish literature in first and
special editions
• Illustrated books
• Picturebooks before 1940
(Calligraphy - Typographical copybook) A.A. Postura del Corpo, e Regolamento della Penna per scriver à
bell’aggio. N.p., n.p. (Genova?), ca. 1725. Contemporary
decorated paper wrapper, (18)pp. Oblong 4to.: ca. 25 x 40,5 cm.
With 18 engraved Italian and French texts, sometimes within borders.
Illustrated first page; second page with five alphabets; some other pages
are typographically decorated. Some names of co-operators: De Berey,
F. Baillieus, Peretti, Chambon. Small imperfections and restorations
along sides; a little discolouring in places; good copy. € 850,-
(Cervantes - Jozef Cantré) Cervantes - De Historie van
Grisóstomo en Marcella. Uit het Spaans van Cervantes door Eug. de Bock. Antwerpen, De Sikkel - Arnhem,
N.V. Uitgevers-Maatschappij Van Loghum Slaterus & Visser, z.j. Original halfparchment with corners, 52pp.
Ca. 33 x 24 cm. “Met oorspronkelijke houtsneden van Jozef Cantré”. Numbered edition of 200 copies according to
the design by Jozef Cantré: 50 “bound in halfparchment” copies on “Covenant papier” (thit is nr. 20/50) and 150 on
“zwaar Engels papier”. Lebeer 35. With a signed dedication by Cantré of 4 Jan. 1922 in Blaricum; in this period he
lived in the Netherlands because of his “activisme”, like many other Flemish artists... Nice copy! € 850,-
(Crusades) Maimburg, Louis - Historie Der Kruisvaarders, Tot de Verlossing van ‘t Heilig Land;
Behelzende een zeer nette beschrijving van de Zeven Kruisvaarten, welke door de Pausen, Keizers, en Koningen,
sedert het jaar 1095. tot het jaar 1336. tot de verovering van Palestina zijn aangesteld; mitsgaders een kort
verhaal van d’acht-en-tachtigjaarige Regering der Negen Kristene Koningen van Jeruzalem. In het Fransch
beschreeven door den Vader Louis Maimburg, Jesuit, en Historieschrijver des Konings van Vrankrijk, en uit die
Taal in ‘t Nederduitsch gebracht door G. v. Broekhuizen. Amsterdam, Timotheus ten Hoorn, Boekverkooper,
in de Nes, by de Brakke Grond, 1684. Contemporary vellum, engraved frontispiece and 25 full-page engravings
(of which 7 large folding) by Jan Luyken en T. Doesburg, (VI), 827+35pp. 4to. Second edition; the first from
1683. Vellum a little damaged along frontcover; somewhat discoloured in places inside; ample margins; good copy. Van
Eeghen & Van der Kellen, 75.
€ 1.500,-
Antiquariaat Secundus
(Dance of death) Saaz, Johannes von - Der Ackermann aus Böhmen. Ein Streit- und Trostgespräch
aus dem Jahr 1400. Reichenberg, Verlag Stiepel, (1925). Or. gilt halfparchment, gilt vignet on frontcover,
91+1pp. Ca. 28 x 20,5 cm. “Dies ist die Nummer 170 der Ausgabe B”. (nr. 170 of 100/300 of 600 numbered
copies). Text by Alois Bernt; book get-up by Otto Kletzl; the 2 original full-page woodcuts by Prof. Walter Klemm
(between pages 16/17 & 40/41) on different paper are signed. Nice copy!
€ 375,
(Delft - Beguinage) Bleiswyk, Johan C. v. - Een
Buurlyk Bagyne-Boek, Dienstig voor alle Katholijcken; Omme
voorsigtiglijk ende regtvaardiglijk te oordeelen aangaande de H.
Katkolijcke Kerk. Getrouwelijk ende vervolgens getrocken uut
alle de (sestien) Capittelen van den goddelijcken Zend-brief die
den H. Apostel Paulus eertijds geschreven heeft etc.... Mitsgaders
Uut de Ordonnancien / Decreten ofte Canones van het groot
Cocilium gehoduen tot Trenten / begonnen Anno 1545, ende
ge-eyndigt Anno 1563 etc..... Met vier notable Aanhangselen
ofte Toe-giften. Ingestelt omme ook in Kloosters ende Scholen
gebruykt te konnen worden. Ontworpen ende uutgegeven door
Johan C. v. Bleiswyk. Oud-Burgemeester der Stad Delft. Delft,
Andries Voorstad, Boek-verkooper, woonende op de hoek van
de Koore-markt, by ‘t Markt-veld, 1682. Or. blue boards,
engraved frontispice (“Komt ende siet”. Two talking beguines
next to the gate of a beguinage), 1 blank, titlepage, 1 blank, (II),
8 ff, (2), 53+3; 24; (2), 22; 18; 23+1, (4)pp. Ca. 19 x 15 cm.
Woodengraved ornaments at the end of every part. Discolouring in
places; engraving-page a bit loosening; wrapper a little used; good
copy. In this (rare) work Johan C. van Bleiswijk (Delft 16181696) adresses to “de Bescheydene en bekeerlijcke Bagijn-Susteren, Wonende in het groote Bagijn-hof binnen de Stadt
Delft” about the errors in the Roman-Catholic Church. € 425,82
Antiquariaat Secundus
(Till Owlglass - Chapbook) A.A. - Het aardig leven
van Thijl Uilenspiegel, waarin verhaald worden: Niet alleen
vele aardige en kluchtige poetsen en boeverijen, maar ook
bijzonder zijne wonderlijke avonturen, die hem gedurende
zijn leven gebeurd zijn, zoo hier als in andere landen.
Amsterdam, G. van der Linden, Egelantierstraat, bij de eerste
Dwarsstraat, n.d. (ca. 1850). Or. blue wrapper, 59+1p. Ca. 16
x 10 cm. With woodcut on title and 18 in the text. The Children’s
World of Learning, 1914; not in Hintz, nor in “Tijl Uilenspiegel
Wereldburger”. A little loosening; good copy. € 225,-
(V.O.C.) Quellenburgh, Henrick van - Vindiciae Batavica ofte Refutatie Van het Tractaat van J.B.
Tavernier. Amsterdam, Jan Bouman, Boeckverkooper, in de Kalverstraet, over de Kapel, 1684. Contemporary
vellum, (VIII), 318+2pp. With woodcut vignet on titlepage, engraved frontispiece (anonymus) and folding map:
“Landt Caerte van Batavia met haer onder hoorende Forten” by J.N. (with very nice and large cartouche downer side;
tear repaired) between pages 150 & 151. In this book Quellenburg answers elaborately the attack by Tavernier on the
agents of the Dutch East India Company. Very small owner’s stamp and signature on the first free endpaper; good copy.
€ 1.150,-
Antiquariaat Max Silverenberg
Max Silverenberg
Kleine Berg 79
5611 JT Eindhoven
Tel. +31 (0)40 2432 064
Fax + 31 (0)40 2462 879
[email protected]
• Illustrated books
• Judaica
• Maps & Prints
• Art
• Local history
OLDENBURG, CLAES. N.Y.C. PRETZEL. Hamburg 1994. Multiple. First edition. Screenprint in
two colors on brown, smooth, laser-cut three-ply corrugated cardboard. 1,6 x 17,5 x 16,2 cm. Rubber stamp on
verso, lower center: CO; rubber stamp on verso, center left: N.Y.C. PRETZEL/CLAES OLDENBURG/
UNLIMITED c 1994. Unlimited edition, all copies unsigned and unnumbered (first edition: 200 copies). First
edition published by the artist for the exhibition Das Jahrhundert des Multiple at the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
€ 250,OVIDIUS. Metamorphosis, dat is verandering, of herschepping. Op nieuws vertaelt. Met Paris Oordeel,
noch Menelaus brief aen Helena. Door P.C. Hooft gerijmt. Abraham de Wees, Amsterdam 1662. 12mo.
Contemp. contemp. vellum. With engraved frontispiece and 16 full-page engraved plates, versos blank. 484,
(20); 79, (17) pp. Dutch edition of Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”, proceeded by a short biography of the author, and
beautifully illustrated with 15 full-page plates, one at the beginning of each book, and one illustrating “Paris
Judgment”. Under the frontispiece is engraved on the plate: “By Willem de Hondt”. Nice copy. € 450,-
RADEMAKER. BROUËRIUS V. NIDEK, M. / I. LELONG. Kabinet van Nederlandsche en
Kleefsche Outheden, bestaande in Steden, Dorpen, Sloten, Adelijke Huysen, Kloosters, Kerken, Godshuysen
Poorten en ........ Geopent, opgeheldert en wydloopig beschreven. Antony Schoonenburg, Amsterdam 1727. 6
parts, with 300 textcopp. engr. by A. Rademaker. 4to. Cont. vellum. with engraved title, each engraving has an
additional handwritten explanation. Text in French, Dutch and English. Vellum bent.
€ 2.750,first edition with clear impressions
WILLINK, DANIEL. Amstellandsche Arkadia, of beschryving van de gelegenheit, toestant en
gebeurtenissen van Amstellandt, met deszelfs onderhoorige dorpen, heerlykheden, ambachten, lusthoven,
wateren, enz. In orde geschikt, en nader overzien, door Gerrit Schoemaker. Arent van Huyssteen, Amsterdam
1737. 2 volumes in one.(16),400; 327,(8) pp. Sm.8vo. Contemporary vellum. With 2 engraved title-vignettes,
engraved frontispiece, folding table, and 12 folding engraved views of the Amstel, Oudekerk, Amstelmond,
Amstelveen, Waverveen, Slooten, Sloterdijk, Haarlemmerpoort etc. by J.C. Philips, C. Pronk a.o. € 525,first edition. - A good copy.
NETTO, C./ WAGENER, G. Japanischer Humor. Brockhaus, Leipzig 1901. X, 283 S. Mit 257
Abbildungen, darunter 5 chromolith. Tafeln. 4to. Illustr. Orig.-Pappband. Quarto color illustrated boards x,
283 pp. and 257 illustrations (5 color lithographs). € 195,-
Antiquariaat Max Silverenberg
FULTON, ROBERT. The illustrated book of
pigeons, with standards for judging. Cassell, Petter,
Galpin & Co., London, Paris & New York. 1880. viii,
392 pp. quarto, half leather, 50 chromo litho. col. plates
from paintings by J.W. Ludlow. and 71 figures. Half calf
binding with gilt decorated spine. Most color plates are
clean, some slightly foxing. leather corners a bit scuffed.
Generally sound. a superb plate book. € 650,-
COHEN, FRÉ. Het vertreksein. Schiphol. Een beeld van onzen tijd. Gemeenteluchthaven van Amsterdam.
Uitgave van den Dienst der Gemeente Handelsinrichtingen. Amsterdam 1932. 66 pp. Org. stapled wrappers,
pictorial front- and back cover, small 8vo. Geïllustreerde gids/Illustrated guide of Schiphol. Municipal airport
of Amsterdam. very richly illustrated. Beautiful booklet. Some minor staining. € 350,-
COHEN, FRÉ. Rosh Hashana. Uitgave Noodfonds 1933, Amsterdam 1937. Rosh Hashana leaflet met op
de voorkant een houtsnede van Fré Cohen. Een shofar met daar bij de tekst: De koning redt van het onheil hen
die den innerlijken zin van den bazuinklank verstaan. 5697. € 135,Dam/Praag 427
Seder parasiyot we-haftarot kol ha-sanah ... = Quinque libri Mosis. Magno
Labore, & Induftria accuratiffimé correcti præ omnibus qui hucufque thypis fuere mandati. Amstelodami,
1726. Seder parasiyot we-haftarot kol ha-sanah ... = Quinque libri Mosis 5486 [1726] Text in hebrew. with
engraved titlepage.: Hamisah humse Torah Tiqun sofrim ... en Tiqun sofrim ... nice leather binding with gilt
stamped motiv. 8vo. Banner on title page without hebrew text in banner. € 350,-
Antiquariaat Max Silverenberg
STURLER, W.L. DE. Figuratieve kaart van het Zuid-Oostelijk deel van Sumatra bevattende Palembang
en de Benkoelen Lampongs. 1839. 165 x 140 cm. Nice early wall Map of the South -East Part of Sumatra
original outline color, segmented and mounted on linen. € 550,ULLOA, ANTONIO DE & DON GEORGE JUAN. Historische Reisbeschryving
van geheel Zuid-America; gedaan op bevel des Konings van Spanje.. J. Huysman, Goes 1771.
(printed in The Hague by Jacobus van Karnebeek, 1771 for ---). 2 vols. 4to. Contemporary
three quarter calf and brown morocco title labels lettered in gold. Both titles printed in red and
black with engraved vignettes by H. Vinkeles, engraved allegorical frontispiece by H. Vinkeles,
one head-piece above the dedication by J. Huysman after S. Fokke, 15 folding maps and plans
(one of which is a large map of the Pacific by J. van Jagen, (torn) dated 1771, and 2 by J. v.
Schley), 2 folding engraved plates, 8 full page engraved plates and many head- and tail pieces.
(8), XXIV, 428; VIII, IV, 406, (2) pp. First and only edition of the Dutch translation of this
description of South America by the Spanish naval officer and mathematician Antonio de Ulloa
(1716-1795), dedicated to the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, Petrus Albertus de
la Parra.The translation is after the French edition, published at Amsterdam in 1751, which was
translated from the original Spanish edition of 1748. top spin part 1. Owners name. € 3.650,Tiele 1120
HERGÉ. Mannen op de maan. Casterman, 1954. Eerste druk, Gekartonneerd. Zeldzame 1e uitgave. Wat
geschaafd maar in goede staat. Klein stukje van rand voorkaft. Matla 1.16V14. € 300,-
HERGÉ. De geheimzinnige ster. Casterman, 1947. Eerste druk nieuwe spelling, Gekartonneerd. Zeldzame
uitgave .Wat geschaafd maar in goede staat. Matla 1.9 VII € 250,-
HERGÉ. De Krab met de Gulden Scharen. Casterman, 1947. tweede druk, titel witte letters. oude spelling.
4 kleurenplaten in witte lijst. Gekartonneerd. Zeldzame 2e uitgave. Wat geschaafd maar in goede staat. Matla
1.8 V10 ab € 450,-
in Vlaanderen
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Minderbroedersgang 5
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J. De Slegte B.V.
J. De Slegte B.V.
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FRANK, Anne. Het Achterhuis. Dagboekbrieven van 12 Juni – 1 Augustus 1944. Met een voorwoord door
Annie Romein-Verschoor. Amsterdam, Uitgeverij het Contact, 1947. 18,6 x 11 cm. (IX), 253pp. (1). In original
boards, no dustjacket. First edition of probably the best known Dutch book. The famous photograph of Anne,
writing her diary, is reproduced as the frontispiece. Two facsimile pages of her handwriting, and two photos of
the entrance to the hideaway (one with it open and one with it closed), are also reproduced. Also with a plan of
“Het achterhuis”. With inscription of previous owner on the first blank, This copy is in a good condition in
spite the fragile binding and paper-quality, original endpapers. € 1.500,-
GULIK, Robert van. New Year’s eve in Lan-Fang. A Judge Dee Story. Beirut, Privately Printed [“Imprimerie
Catholique”], 1958. In stiff wrappers. 32 pp. 17,7 x 11,2 cm. Illustrated with a black and white frontispiece.
First Edition. One of a limited edition of only 200 copies given by the author to his friends. Ivory-colored
wrappers and lettered on the front in brown. The scarcest Judge Dee title. With an inscription by the author,
“Met de beste wensen voor 1959! R.H en F. van Gulik, Beyrouth, 1958.” With a former owner’s signature on
the first blank. Small stain on the front.
€ 1.250,-
KUYPER’S, J. Wereld-Atlas voor kantoor en huiskamer 2 volumes in 1 (Volume 1 Europa, Volume 2 : Azië,
Afrika, Amerika en Australia). Amsterdam, G.L. Funke, 1880-1882. In red cloth with gilt and red decoration
on the front and spine. 15x22 cm. 100 lithographed maps, in colour. The maps were lithographed by A.
Braakensiek, Wed. E. Spanier & Zn., and Emrik & Binger. A good copy of one of the most popular geographical
world atlases of the late 19th century. [=Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Kuy 11.].
€ 395,-
J. De Slegte B.V.
---. Officieele gids voor de Olympische spelen ter viering van de Olympiade Amsterdam
1928. Uitgegeven met medewerking van het Comite 1928 (Ned. Olympisch Comite). Holert & Co , A. de la
Mar, 1928. In original illustrated cloth. 306 pp. 16 x 11,5 cm. A fine copy.
€ 200,-
DICKENS, Charles. The poor traveler: Boots at the Holly-tree inn: and Mrs. Gamp. London, Bradbury
& Evans, 1858. In a red, gilt decorated morocco with gilt paneled spine, with the binders name in gilt, gilt
inside dentelles. T.E.G. With marbled endpapers. First edition. 114 pp. 16,5 x 10,5 cm. The original wrappers
are bound in. With a bookplate in the front. A beautiful bound edition of this first edition.
€ 450,KIRCHNER, Dr. Joachim. Wasmuths kunsthefte, heft 6 : Junge Berliner kunst. Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth
A.G. [1919].In original stiff wrappers. 4pp. And 13 original lithographs by v.Heckendorf, Jaeckel, Krauskopf,
Meidner, Pechstein a.o. [=Perkins 47; Söhn, HdO. III,360-1-13; Spalek (Expressionism) 437;]
€ 400,-
FUKASE, Masahisa. Homo Ludence. Tokyo, Chuo Kuronsha, 1971. Hardcover in a dustjacket. Missing is
the Obi. Top of the spine of the dust-jacket is discolored. Fukase’s first book, with pictures of his wife, the model
Yoko (from whom he would later separate), his family (including nudes), a slaughterhouse, etc. Masahisa Fukase,
(born 1934) is a renowned Japanese photographer. The freshness of Fukase’s photographs of his family and his
bride, shown in numerous exhibitions and magazines brought considerable attention; these were collected in his
second book, published in 1978. Fukase was able to enjoy little of the success from this book as in 1991 he fell
down a flight of stairs while intoxicated and into a coma in which he remains today (2009)
€ 1.000,KOOLHAAS, Rem and DAALDER, René. De blanke Slavin. Original stencilled filmscript. In half
cloth with stiff carton wrappers. 97 pp. [All stencilled, backside blank. De Blanke Slavin [ The white slave] is a
Dutch film made in 1969. Though at the time it was the most expensive Dutch production of the 60’s, Still
people and critics didn’t like the movie and it flopped. Koolhaas studied at the Netherlands Film and Television
Academy in Amsterdam. After this script he made a career move and became the principal of the OMA, and of
its research-oriented counterpart AMO (Architectuur Metropolitaanse Officie), currently based in Rotterdam,
Netherlands. In 2000 Rem Koolhaas won the Pritzker Prize. In 2008 Time put him in their top 100 of The
World’s most influential People. € 750,-
Antiquariaat Spinoza
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• Judaica
• Christian Hebraists
• Spinozana
Tractatus TheologicoPoliticus. Continens Dissertationes aliquot,
Quibus ostenditur Libertatem Philosophandi
non tantum salva Pietate, & Reipublica Pace
posse concedi: sed eandem nisi cum Pace
Reipublicae, ipsaque Pietate tolli non posse.
Hamburgi [= Amsterdam], apud Henricum
Künrath [= Jan Rieuwertsz], 1670. Small 4to.
Contemp. spickled calf, gold-tooled edges and
spine, raised bands and red mor. lettering-piece;
slight wear to corners and front-joint; top of
spine chipped, expertly reinforced. [12], 233,
[1] pp. 19th cent. annotations and underlinings
in pencil; a few neat (contemporary?)
annotations in ink in margins; two tiny
marginal wormholes in inner margin. Very
€ 5.000.good copy. “The purpose of the State is freedom”. This is a
central theme of the Tractatus TheologicoPoliticus. Spinoza’s second publication is a
passionate appeal for freedom of thought and
self-expression. The conditions for a secular,
democratic state are formulated in a superior
way. With the publication, Spinoza clearly
takes position in the ongoing power-struggle in
the republic, risking his scientific career and his
life. The book appeared anonymously, under fictitious imprint, but to many it was no secret that the author was
`the atheist Jew from Voorburg’. From the beginning the book was under constant attack of the clergy. Spinoza’s
allies in high places could not prevent the book from being banned, but until 1678 they managed to avoid
effective measures against it.
Fifth issue of the first edition, printed probably after 1677. Kingma/Offenberg, in their introduction to the
complicated printing history of the book, argue that in spite of all the research the problem of the sequence of the
1670-dated issues is not yet definitively solved. Kingma-Offenberg 7. Bamberger 684
AMSTERDAM HAGGADAH, FACSIMILE. Seder Hagadah shel Pesach. Amsterdam 1712.
Adorned with unique copper engravings. A limited facsimile edition. With introduction by Prof. B. Narkiss.
Jerusalem, 1972. Original gilt decorated hardcover in box. Very good condition. € 160.“Of all the printed illustrated Passover Haggadot, the Amsterdam Haggadah stands out as having the greatest
impact on all subsequent editions. To this day (...) the Amsterdam Haggadah continues to influence the topics of
illustrations, the composition and the lay-out of many printed Haggadot” (Prof. B. Narkiss). Contains a fold-out
map of Eretz Israel, “ the first Hebrew map of its kind”.
Antiquariaat Spinoza
zeer Korte Afbeelding van het Ware Natuurlijke Hebreuwse A.B.C.
(...) met koperen platen verciert. Als mede Een Verhandeling om de
Doof-geboorene te leeren spreke door Joh. Conrad Amman, Med.
Amsterdam, Pieter Rotterdam, 1697. 12mo. Recent leather binding
with marbled endpapers. [48] pp. incl. engraved frontispiece, 36 plates;
200, [4] pp. Frontispiece and title slightly soiled. Some waterstaining.
Traces of waterdamage towards the end causing some wholes from
pp. 191 onwards, slightly affecting the text. The 36 most unusual fullpage engravings of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are in good
condition € 1.100.Translated into Dutch from the Latin. (First Latin edition 1667). F. M.
van Helmont (1614-1699) was a Flemish physician and kabbalistic
philosopher. He theorized that the Hebrew language would be helpful
in teaching speech to the deaf and dumb. The extraordinary plates are
designed to show the parts of the throat from which a specific Hebrew
sound is produced. The book contains an interesting preface by
Christian kabbalist Chr. Knorr von Rosenroth.
MOSES MENDELSSOHN an die Freunde Lessings. Ein Anhang zu Herrn Jacobi Briefwechsel über die
Lehre Spinoza.
Berlin, bey C.F. Voss und Sohn, 1786. Small 8vo. Recent blindstamped leather binding with raised bands. XXIV,
87 pp. Red edges. Fine copy in beautiful binding. € 450.First edition. Mendelssohn’s last work, published shortly after his death, edited by J.J. Engel. The work is written
in defense of his lifelong friend Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Jacobi had accused Lessing for being a Spinozist,
which was in his view equal to pantheism or even atheism. Mendelssohn had already defended Lessing in
Morgenstunden, but wanted to be more precise after Jacobi’s publication. It has been argued that this debate
caused him so much sorrow, that it lead to his sudden death. Both his physician Marcus Herz and J.J. Engel
describe in the introduction the last days of the noble Mendelssohn. Meyer, nr. 334. This first edition not in Van
der Linde, see nr. 335.
Friedrich Freiherr von Holzschuher).
Gedichten, Parabelen en Sjnoekes, of Poëtisch
Paarlensnoer voor de Kalle. Eene Rariteit. Het
Joodsch-Duitsch vrij gevolgd, door W.S. Naar
den derden druk met Aanteekeningen verrijkt,
en een Aanhangsel of Verklaring der
voorkomende. Met Platen.
Amsterdam, bij H. Moolenijzer, 1834. 8vo.
Contemp. plain stiff wraps.153 pp. and 4
leaves of plates. Very good copy. € 250.Antisemitic book, first published 1831 in
Germany. In a fake German-Yiddish language,
traditional Ashkenazic Jewry is being mocked.
`Original’ texts with Dutch translation.
With a German and Dutch glossary of
‘Loosjenkoudische’ words.
Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur
A.G. van der Steur & Th. Hopman
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2011 PV Haarlem
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• Local history
D’Alence, Joachim, Verhandelingen over de barometers, thermometers en notiometers
of hygrometers. ’s-Gravenhage, J. de Jongh, 1730. 12°, geheel leren band, (12)+138+(5) pag. Geïllustreerd
met frontispice en 35 etsen van A. Schoonebeek. Bijgebonden in dit exemplaar een prospectus ‘Explication’ van
“Sieur Primavesi, Italien de Nazion, demeurant a Vienne, arrive a Paris” voor een instrument, genaamd ‘la petite
maisonnette ou Igrometre’ waarmee men dagelijks de veranderingen van de tijd kan meten. € 800,-
Alutarius, Hieronymus, Gorinchems ys-lijke water-nood en heug-lijke verlossing en
daar in de bysondere verderf-sonde onses Vaderlands. 2 delen in 1 band, Gorinchem, P. Vink
[colophon: N. de Vries], 1656-1657. 12°, gebonden in geheel perkamenten band uit de tijd, (14)+412+(4)+(20)+477+(3)
pag. Geïllustreerd met 2 gegraveerde titels met afbeelding van dijkdoorbraak. € 1150,-
[Ancillon, Charles], Traite des eunuques, dans lequel on explique toutes les différentes
fortes d’eunuques, quel rang ils ont tenu & quel cas on en a fait etc. On examine
principalement s’ils sont propres au mariage & s’il leur doit etre permis de se marier. [Nederland], 1707.
12°, half leer, (20)+187 pag. € 495,-
Bibliotheek in miniatuur, 10 deeltjes (8x6 cm), Amsterdam, M. Westerman, 1823. Originele omslagen
in bijbehorend doosje met glazen deksel. Per deeltje ca. 90 pag. Geïllustreerd met 36 gravures en kaartjes.
Complete set. € 795,Blankaart, Steven, De borgerlyke tafel, om lang gesond sonder ziekten te leven, waar
in van yder spijse in ’t besonder gehandelt werd, (…) mitsgaders een beknopte manier
van de spijsen voor te snijden en een onderrechting der schikkelijke wijsen die men
aan de tafel moet houden. Nevens de Schola Salernitana. Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn, 1683. 12°, geheel
perkament uit de tijd, (8)+192+(16) pag. Met fraaie titelgravure door Jan Luyken met afbeelding van eettafel
met personen in een keuken. € 1.600,-
Blankaart, Steph., Venus belegert en ontset, oft verhandelinge van de pokken en
deszelfs toevallen. Amsterdam, Tim. ten Hoorn, 1684 (op frontispice 1685). (8)+522+(14) pag., geheel
perkament uit de tijd. Geïllustreerd met fraai frontispice vertonende allerlei behandelingen tegen pokken en 8
gravures door J. Harrewijn. Met teksten over pokken van Sylvius, Sydenham en Wier. € 1.900,-
Bohme, Jacob, Het myserium magnum, ofte een verklaaring over het eerste boek Mosis
(…) tot meerder verstand van het Oud en Nieuwe Testament (…) om voor de liefhebbers
in de Godlyke gaaven verder na te denken. Beschreeven in 1623 door Jacob Bohme, anders genaamt
Teutonicus Philosophus. Amsterdam, J. Claus en W. Lamsvelt, 1700. 4°, geheel perkamenten band uit de tijd,
(8)+368+356+(24) pag. Met gegraveerde allegorische titel. Eerste editie van de Nederlandse vertaling van
Bohmes Mysterium Magnum. € 2.400,-
Bonnaud, Jacques, Bederving van het menschelijcke geslacht door het gebruik der
baleinen keurslijven. Een werk, waerin betoogd wordt dat men tegen de wetten der nature handelt (…)
wanneer men hem van het tijdstip zijner geboorte af op de pijnbank stelt. Vertaald uit het Frans, Dordrecht
1777. (16)+171+(3) pag., geheel leer uit de tijd. € 975,-
Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur
Bontekoe, W.Y., Journaal ofte gedenkwaardige beschrijvinge van de Oost-Indische
reyse van Willem Ysbrants Bontekoe van Hoorn (…) waar by gevoegt is ’t journaal van
Dirk Alberts Raven. Amsterdam, erfg. Wed. Gysbert de Groot, 1725. 4°, met sierpapier beplakt kartonnen
omslag, (4)+76 pag. Geïllustreerd met 8 houtsneden waaronder het portret van Bontekoe op de titelpagina.
Uiterst zeldzame editie, die niet in de NCC en STCN voorkomt en ook niet beschreven is in de Bontekoebibliografie van Verhoeven en Verkruysse. € 3.000,-
Bossuit, F. van; B. Graet; M. Pool, Cabinet de l’art de sculpture par (…) Francis van
Bossuit, execute en yvoire ou ebauche en terre, gravees d’apres les desseins de Barent Graat, par Mattys Pool.
Amsterdam, M. Pool, 1727. 4°, 103 gravures en een gegraveerde opdracht, op 70 bladen. Half leer. € 1800,-
Buren, Hendrick van, Drilkonst of hedendaaghsche wapen-oeffening. 3e druk, Amsterdam,
M. Doornick, 1672. Gebonden in 19e-eeuwse half perkamenten band. (12)+98 pag. Geïllustreerd met frontispice
en 17 platen buiten de tekst met elk 4 afbeeldingen van wapengebruik (in de trant van J. de Gheyn). € 2.500,Chomel, N./ J.A. de Chalmot, Algemeen huishoudelyk-, natuur-, zedekundig- en
konst-woordenboek, vervattende veele middelen om zijn goed te vermeerderen en zijne gezondheid te
behouden, 2e druk, vermeerdert door J.A. de Chalmot, 7 delen, Leiden/Leeuwarden, 1778. [Met:] Vervolg , 9
delen. Kampen/Amsterdam, 1783-1793. Groot 4°, gebonden in 16 half leren banden. Geïllustreerd met
frontispice en 153 gegraveerde uitslaande platen. De beste en meest complete editie van deze in 1743 voor het
eerst in het Nederlands verschenen encyclopedie. € 4.800,-
Deuchar, David, A collection of etchings after the most eminent masters of the Dutch
and Flemish schools, particularly Rembrandt, Ostade, Cornelius Bega and Van Vliet, accompanied with
sundry miscellaneous pieces and a few original designs by David Deuchar, seal engraver, Edinburgh, Dec. 22,
1803. Folio. Bound in two navy full morocco bindings. With two engraved titles and 366 etchings on proof
india paper trimmed and mounted on 188 leaves. € 2.750,-
Duguay-Trouin, Rene, Memoires de monsieur Du Guay-Trouin, lieutenant general
des armees navales. Amsterdam, Mortier, 1740. 8°, gebonden in 19e-eeuwse (?) perkamenten band met
titelschildje, 36+279 pag. Geïllustreerd met een portret van de auteur en 5 uitvouwbare prenten van schepen
door J.P. le Bas. € 1.250,-
Eenige spot-printen der Francen tegen de Hollanders. By haar uytgegeven in ’t jaar 1673, doch
nu verrijkt met de antwoorden der Nederlanders op dezelve / Diverses figures satyriques (…)., [1673]. 4°
oblong, 12 eenzijdig bedrukte bladen, genummerd I-VI en A-F. Gebonden in half perkamenten band uit de
tijd. Van Stolk 2557 (zeer uitvoerig). Op ieder blad een [door Harrewijn?] geëtste historische voorstelling met
daaronder toelichtende gedrukte tekst in het Nederlands en Frans. € 1.500,-
Erasmus, D., Adagiorum D. Erasmi Roterodami epitome, ex nouissima Chiliadum
recognitione experta. Lyon, Seb. Gryphius, 1553. Geheel leren band uit de tijd met goudstempeling,
536+(68) pag. € 795,-
Feuille, Daniel de la (ed.)/Henry Offelen, Devises et emblemes anciennes et modernes
tirees des plus celebres auteurs. Amsterdam, D. de la Feuille, 1691. 4°, gebonden in modern leren
band (van Emile Rousselle), 102 pag. (genummerd 1-51). Geïllustreerd met 51 platen met 754 kleine
emblemen. € 995,-
Fokke Simonsz., Arend, De graveur, behelzende eene beknopte handleiding tot de
daktylioglyphia of graveerkunst (…) etsen (…) mezzotinto (…) aquatinta. Dordrecht,
Blusse, 1796. [13e stuk van de Volledige Beschrijving van alle konsten, ambachten …]. Gebonden in half leer
uit de tijd. (8)+359+(9) pag. Geïllustreerd met frontispice in houtsnede (door Oortman) en 10 uitslaande
gravures. Watervlekkig. € 1.250,-
Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur
Francq van Berkhey, J. le, Zinspelende gedigjes op de geestige printjes, ge-etst door
Pieter de Mare na de teekeningen van mejuffrouw Christina Chalon. Amsterdam, W. de
Vliet, 1793. Origineel karton, 32 pag. Geïllustreerd met 32 etsen op 28 bladen. Goed exemplaar. € 795,-
Hattinga, D.W.C., Evering-boek van Heijnsdijk (later Hengstdijk in ZeeuwsVlaanderen) en Ser Pauwelspolder (Stoppelsdijk). Manuscript, 2 delen groot folio, 1766 en
1779, 480 pag. Kopie naar H. Pierssens, 1671, bijgewerkt tot 1766. Met 20 door Hattinga in kleur getekende
kaarten naar kaarten uit 1668 door H. Pierssens en G. Speelman. € 8.500,-
Historie der zwartekunstprinten van de uitvinding dezer kunst af tot den
tegenwoordigen tyd toe, met een bericht van de werken der vroegste kunstenaaren in
dit vak. Uit het Engelsch. Haarlem, C.B. v. Brussel, 1791, 12°, sierpapieren omslag, (6)+239 pag.
€ 495,-
Hoet, Gerard en Pieter Bodart, De voornaamste gronden der tekenkonst, ten nutte der
leergierigen voorgestelt door den konstryken schilder Gerard Hoet (…) in ’t koper
gebragt door Pieter Bodart. Leiden, J.A. Langerak, 1723. Folio, half leer. (10) pag. tekst, Geïllustreerd
met titelprent, 36 etsen op 18 bladen, 61 etsen op 61 bladen en 5 ongenummerde etsen. Band wat gesleten.
Zeer zeldzame en complete Nederlandse editie. € 2.500,-
H[oogstraten], F[rans] v[an] / R. de Hooghe, Het voorhof der ziele, behangen met
leerzame prenten en zinnebeelden. Rotterdam, F. v. Hoogstraeten [colophon: H. v. Puer], 1668. 4°,
20-eeuws met sierpapier beplakt karton omslag. (16)+199+(9) pag. Geïllustreerd met frontispice en 60 grote
etsen, alle door Romeyn de Hooghe. € 2.800,-
Hoynck van Papendrecht, P.C. (1793-1877), Vinkenboek van de vinkenbaan bij
Weilust (omstreken Rotterdam) over de jaren 1840-1858. Manuscript in perkamenten band,
ca. 200 beschreven pagina’s. Hierbij een 19e-eeuwse kopie van een deel van het handschrift van C. van Lennep
‘Fasti Fringillares’, aangevuld tot 1850 met vangstcijfers, 56 beschreven pagina’s, in band. € 2.000,-
Kruikius (Cruquius), Nic. en Jacob, ’T Hooge Heemraedschap van Delflant. Delft, 1712.
Groot folio, gebonden in geheel leren band uit de tijd met gestempelde versieringen. Rug aan boven- en
onderzijde iets gesleten, maar zeer goed exemplaar. Inhoud: twee titelbladen met wapen van Delfland,
éénbladskaart (55x65 cm) en 25 detailkaarten (ook elk 55x65 cm), schaal 1:10000. € 7.500,-
Lairesse, Gerard de, Les principes du dessein ou methode courte et facile pour aprendre
cet art en peu de tems. Amsterdam, M.C.H. le Cene, 1729. Folio, gebonden in geheel leren 19e-eeuwse
band. 24 pag. tekst en 120 gegraveerde bladen met 1 of meer afbeeldingen. Schitterend ex. € 7.500,-
Octroye, beroerende de bedijckinghe vande Wieringer-waert gelegen in Noort-Hollant (…) op den 6-9-1597
uytgegeven (…) met twee ampliatien (…) ende noch drie prolongatien (…) als oock de conditiën vande
cavelinghe. Alkmaar, P. Th. Baart, 1638. 4°, (45) pag., origineel blauw papieren omslag. Geïllustreerd met
uitslaande kaart van de Wieringerwaard, gegraveerd door G. Coeck. € 695,-
[Oelen, A.Jsz. van] / P.P. v. S., De seldsaame en noit gehoorde wal-vis-vangst,
voorgevallen by St. Anna-land in ’t jaar 1682 (…) mitsgaders een pertinente beschrijvinge van de
geheele Groen-landse-vaart. 2e druk, Leiden, 1684. 4°, (4)+70+(8) pag. Gebonden in twee 19e-eeuwse bandjes.
Geïllustreerd met 7 (meest uitslaande) gravures, waarvan w.s. twee door Jan Luyken. Compleet. € 1.950,-
Paets van Troostwyk, A. / C.R.T. Krayenhoff, De l’application de l’electricite a la
physique et a la medecine. Amsterdam, Changuion, 1788. 4°, gebonden in rood marokijnen band met
goudstempeling. 12+319 pag. Geïllustreerd met titelvignet en 4 uitslaande gravures door B. de Bakker naar
C.R.T. Krayenhoff, Mooi exemplaar. Goud op snee. € 750,-
Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur
Passse, Chrispijn de, Les abus du mariage (…) / Misbruick des houwlycx, waer in klaerlijck word
uitgebeeldt de boosheden en loosheden zo wel tusschen mannen als vrouwen gepleeght om malkander behendigh
te bedriegen / The mistake off matrimonij (…),, 1641. Oblong, (90) pag. Gebonden in 19e-eeuws rood
marokijn, goud op snee. Geïllustreerd met frontispice, 50 ovale portretten van mannen en vrouwen (steeds twee
naast elkaar) en een fraaie, paginagrote, gravure. De tekstpagina’s licht beschadigd. Complete, zeer zeldzame
uitgave met goede afdrukken van de prenten. € 7.500,Roques, Joseph, Histoire des champignons comestibles et vénéneux, Paris 1832 4°, 192
pag. Half leer. Geïllustreerd met 24 handgekleurde platen. € 2.650,-
Reaumur, R.A.F. de, Konst om tamme-vogelen van aller hande soort in alle jaartyden
uittebroeijen en optebrengen. 2 delen. ’s-Gravenhage, P. de Hondt, 1751. 16+384+(4)+408 pag.
Geheel leer met rugstempeling. Goed exemplaar. Geïllustreerd met 15 uitslaande gravures. € 2.200,-
Slabber, Martinus, Natuurkundige verlustigingen behelzende microscopise
waarneemingen van in- en uitlandse water- en land-dieren. Haarlem, J. Bosch, 1778.
4°, (12)+166 pag. Geïllustreerd met tientallen handgekleurde afbeeldingen op 18 platen. € 1.475,-
Smit, Pieter, Cosmographia of verdeelinge van de geheele wereld, als mede het maken
van de hemelsche en aardsche globe en alderhande kaarten, zo platte als ronde. 2e druk,
Amsterdam, D. Weege, 1754. Half leren band uit de tijd. (8)+160 pag. Geïllustreerd met 30, deels uitvouwbare,
gravures buiten de tekst. € 795,-
Stoopendaal, Daniel / L. Scherm, Verscheyde schoone en vermaakelyke gezigten in de
hofstede van Clingendaal gelegen by ’s-Gravenhage, naa ’t leven getekent en in ’t kooper
gebragt door Daniel Stoopendaal en uitgegeven door Nicolaas Visser. Set van 33 gravures,
bijeengebonden door een touwtje, met gezichten en plattegronden. Goed exemplaar, brede marges. Hollstein
(Stoopendaal) 18-41. 2e staat van 2.
€ 995,-
Storm de Grave, A.J.P., Mijn herinneringen uit den Spaanschen veldtocht gedurende
de jaren 1808 en 1809. Amsterdam, J. v.d. Hey, 1820. 24+360 pag., half linnen. Geïllustreerd met 2
kaarten en 5 platen, deels handgekleurd. € 795,-
[Thysius, J.], Catalogus bibliothecae nobilissimi P.M. viri-juvenis de Johannis Thysii
institutae in perpetuam sui memoriam etc Usum posterorum. Leiden, J.W. de Groot, 1739.
4°, half linnen band, 110 pag. Goed exemplaar. Catalogus van de beroemde collectie van de Leidse Bibliotheca
Thysiana, gesticht door Johannes Thysius (1622-1653). € 1.600,-
Titsingh, Abraham (ed.), Geneeskonst der heelmeesters, tot dienst der zeevaart.
Amsterdam, A. Wor, 1752. 8+662 pag. Origineel sierpapier omslag (rug deels verdwenen en katernen
zichtbaar). € 2.200,-
Velde, Jan van de / S. Ampzing, Spigel ofte toneel der ijdelheyd ende ongebondenheyd
onser eeuwe, voorgestelt in rijmen van S[amuel] A[mpzing] tot lere ende beterschap.
Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. [Amsterdam], C.J. Visscher,1633. Set van 18 gravures door en naar Jan van
de Velde, gebonden in 19e-eeuwse band (Riviere & Son). Hollstein 108-125, 1e staat van 2.
€ 6000,-
Wegh-wyser vertoonende de besonderste vremde vermaecklyckheden die in ’t reysen
door Vranckryck en eenige aengrensende landen te sien zijn. Tot nut van al die gheneghen zijn
om die landtschappen te besichtighen. Amsterdam, N. v. Ravesteyn, 1647. 12°, (48)+619+(5) pag. Geheel
perkamenten band uit de tijd. Geïllustreerd met gegraveerde titel. € 995,-
Het verzekeren van
uw kostbare
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BLAD VOOR KUNST. Maandblad onder
a.o. Nos. 1-6. Gron., H.N. Werkman, Oct. 1921
- March 1922. 4to. Orig. wrappers. Illustr. b/w and c.
* ALL PUBLISHED. - Very good set of this periodical
hard to be found. - With the first issue also available
in a printer’s proof and the Prospectus. - So this set is
VERY COMPLETE. No. 1, October 1921. Orig.
wrappers with a b/w woodcut (both sides) by Jan
Wiegers. Woodcuts (b/w) by Jan Wiegers (4 - one in
red and blue, one is an advertisement), J.G. Jordens
(3, of which 2 vignettes, and also a full page
reproduction) and Gerard Jordens; Texts by A.
Defresne, Daniel Ruyneman, Géza Berger, Hendrik
de Vries; advertisements. - With the enclosure
(woodcut “Esztergom in Hongarije” by J.G. Jordens).
16 pp.
No. 2, November 1921. Orig. wrappers with
woodcut b/w on front and vignette “HNWG” on
back side by J.G. Jordens. Woodcuts b/w by Jan
Wiegers (2: vignet and advertisement), Gerard
Jordens, and Louis Saalborn (2); 2 reproductions
tipped in after V.E. van Uytvanck and a printed
• Private press books
• Modern illustrated books
• Fine arts
• Posters
• Typography
• Dutch literature
Antiquariaat André Swertz B.V.
reproduction after Jan Jordens [also published in Printer’s proof of no. 1 - see below]; Texts by A. Defresne,
Louis Saalborn and Daniel Ruyneman; advertisements. 16 pp.
No. 3, December 1921. Orig. wrappers with woodcut b/w by Jozef Cantré. Woodcuts (b/w) by Jozef Cantré,
Jan G. Jordens and Jan Wiegers (2); 2 reproductions tipped in after Le Fauconnier (colour) and Jan G. Jordens;
Texts van by A. Defresne, Louis Saalborn and F.M. Huebner; advertisements. 16 pp.
No. 4, January 1922. Orig. wrappers with woodcut b/w by V.E. van Uytvanck. Woodcuts (b/w) by J.G. Jordens
(2 vignettes), Gerard Jordens, Louis Saalborn (2) and Jan Wiegers (2 - incl advertisement); 1 reproduction
tipped in after after V.E. van Uytvanck; Texts by A. Defresne, Louis Saalborn and D. Ruyneman; advertisements.
18 pp.
No. 5, February 1922. Orig. wrappers with woodcut b/w by Jan G. Jordens. Woodcuts (b/w) by Jan G. Jordens
(2 of which one vignette), Jan Wiegers (3 - incl. advertisement), orig. b/w lithographs by Jan Wiegers and Jan
Jordens; tipped in reproductions after H.N. Werkman and Piet van Wijngaerdt (2); Texts by A. Defresne, Kurt
Heynicke and Louis Saalborn; advertisements. 16 pp.
No. 6, March 1922. Orig. wrappers printed in red, blue and black on both sides by H.N. WERKMAN.
Woodcuts (b/w) by H.N. Werkman (vignette) and Jan Wiegers (2 - incl. advertisement); reproductions after Jan
Wiegers (2) and H.N. Werkman (2); Texts by V. Huszar, Kurt Heynicke, A. Defresne, Jan Stappert, D.
Ruyneman and Jan Wiegers; advertisements. 16 pp. - WITH THE ENVELOPE “Blad voor Kunst [no. 6.
1922]”, designed by H.N. WERKMAN and printed in red and blue (sl. damaged and sl. browned, due to the
cardboard back).
Added: Prospectus “Blad voor Kunst”, Oct. 1921. 4to. One sheet with woodengraving.
No. 1, October 1921. [PRINTER’S PROOF!] Orig. dustwrappers with a b/w woodcut (both sides) by Jan
Wiegers. CONTENTS ALMOST COMPLETELY DIFFERS: Woodcuts by Jan Wiegers (only the woodcut in
red and blue), J.G. Jordens (vignette and also an OTHER reproduction) and Gerard Jordens (same as in the
final issue); ALL DIFFERENT TEXTS: another Introduction, texts by Willem de Merode, J.G. Jordens and H.
Poort. - Mentioned in the “Contents” but not here available: the enclosure (woodcut by J.G. Jordens), present
in the final issue 1 (see above); and the 3 reprodctions to tipped in (J.G. Jordens [published in no. 3], W.F.
Reinders, J. Dijkstra), but probably never printed! 16 pp. - Also added: THE ONLY EDITION PUBLISHED
BY BLAD VOOR KUNST: A. Defresne, “De Bezoeker”, [as published in the issues 2, 3 4], 4to. Orig. wrappers
with wood engraving (by Jan Wiegers?). 8 pp.
Overall in very good condition.- Cat. hot printing 21-g1; 22 g1; Werkman Oeuvre Cat. G33, (34?), 35, 37-39,
41-44. € 7.800,-
Erik Tonen Books
Antiquariaat & Boekhandel
Kloosterstraat 48
B-2000 Antwerpen
Tel. +32 (0)3 237 94 66
[email protected]
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• Fine arts and applied arts
PICASSO Lithographe I - IV. Mourlot, Fernand: Sabartes, Jaime; - Pablo PICASSO Lithographe
I - IV. Catalogues raisonnés of Picasso’s lithographs 1919-63. Monte Carlo, André Sauret, Éditions du
Livre, 1949 - 1964 , . in-4 broché. complete en 4 volumes, 32 x 24,7 cm. tres bon etat !
Catalogues et notices établis par Fernand Mourlot qui passent en revue toutes les lithographies originales de
l’artiste. Ces volumes sont en édition limitée et contiennent des lithographies Vol 1 : 1919-1947. La couverture
et le frontispice sont deux lithographies originales, Ce premier volume recence les lithographies de l’artiste
depuis 1919 jusqu’à 1947. 158 pages. imprimé à 2.500 exemplaires. Vol. II : 1947-1949. La couverture et le
frontispice sont deux lithographies originales, Ce premier volume recence les lithographies de l’artiste depuis
1919 jusqu’à 1947. 210 pages. imprimé à 2.000 exemplaires. Vol. III : 1949-1956. couverture et le frontispice
sont deux lithographies originales, Ce volume recence les lithographies de l’artiste entre 1949 et 1956. 162
pages. imprimé à 3.000 exemplaires. Vol. IV : 1956-1963. La couverture et le frontispice sont deux lithographies
originales, Ce quatrième et dernier volume recence les lithographies de 1956 à 1963. 154 pages. *Pablo Picasso,
les livres illustrés, Cramer n°55 + 60 + 77 + 125.
€ 3.500,-
DICHTERS, de luxe. ‘s-Gravenhage, Kunera Pers, 1922 , . Kalfsperkament, 170 x 240mm., titel en initialen
werden door Van Royen zelf verzorgd, terwijl de tekst werd gezet uit de Disteltype van Pisarro, die ook het
vignet van de Pers ontwierp. Druk in zwart, rood en blauw. In cassette.
Nadat Van Royen de samenwerking met Van Eyck ( De Zilverdistel ) had verbroken, ging hij met zijn pers
onder een nieuwe naam verder: de Kunera Pers, genoemd naar de beschermheilige van de stad Rhenen. Was De
Zilverdistel aanvankelijk meer een bibliofiele uitgeverij dan een private press, de Kunera Pers was dat wel. Het
eerste boek dat van de drukpers kwam was ‘Oostersch’ van J.H. Leopold, met daarin de reeks ‘Soefisch’ met een
Omar kwatrijn. Het was het vierde boek voor de Vereeniging der Vyftig, in een oplage van zeventig exemplaren,
genummerd 1-50 en I - XX ( de laatsten bleven eigendom van de drukker ). Eerste druk. Het boek is in zeer
goede staat. dit exemplaar is één van de XX genummerde; nr II.
€ 2.700,-
AVANT-GARDE; o.l.v. F.Berckelaers (= Michel Seuphor) and Jozef Peeters. Felix De Boeck, - HET
OVERZICHT, no. 13, 1922. Antwerpen, Berckelaers, 1922. Original wrappers in fine condition,(design
Jozef Peeters), 25 x 32.50 cm.ill. b/w. 24pp., issue of the series.- With other texts by J. Peeters , M. Seuphor,
Lode Vets, Mesens, Belling, Huszat, Karel Maes, Jan Eekhout, Marinetti, Verrijken and others (texts in Dutch);
Original Linocuts by Jozef Peeters and Karel Maes.
€ 1.600,-
AVANT-GARDE; o.l.v. F.Berckelaers {= Michel Seuphor } and Jozef Peeters.- HET OVERZICHT,
no. 18 -19, 1923. Antwerpen, Berckelaers, 1923 , . Original wrappers in fine condition,(design Jos Leonard),
25 x 32.50 cm.ill. b/w. 24pp. issue of the series.- With other texts by R. Vasari, Paul van Ostaijen, M. Seuphor,
Verrijken, Karel Albert, Ad Behne, Robert Delaunay and others (texts in Dutch); Original Linocuts by Jozef
Peeters and Sonia Delaunay - Terk ( kostuum ontwerp voor “Prêlude” van Georges Aurie)
€ 1.600,-
Erik Tonen Books
WAR - NEIGRE (Gabriel).- Journal des opérations de l’artillerie au siège de la citadelle
d’Anvers, rendue, le 23 décembre 1832, à l’armée française sous les ordres de M. Le
Maréchal Cte. Gérard.
Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1833. In-4°, 2, 125 pp., 2 plans dépliants, demi-veau brun, titre doré,
tranches marbrées (Reliure de l’époque). Gabriel Neigre, général et baron de l’Empire, s’illustra pendant la
campagne de Russie, et assista en 1815 à la bataille de Waterloo. En 1831 il fut nommé commandant en chef
de l’artillerie de l’armée du Nord, et en 1832 il fit restituer par la Belgique la citadelle d’Anvers. Bon exemplaire,
bien complet des deux grands plans plusieurs fois dépliants.
€ 400,-
SCULPTURE - Robiano, Eugéne Jean Baptiste,
Comte de. - Collection des desseins des figures
colossales & des groupes qui ont été faits de neige,
dans plusieurs ruës, & dans plusieurs cours de maisons de la ville
d’Anvers, le mois de janvier 1772, par différens artistes & élèves de
l’Académie royale de dessein établie en la meme ville.... Par le comte
de Robiano. (16)pp., 24 engraved plates on heavy paper, by Antoine
Cardon. Tissue guards. Sm. 4to Bound by Charles De Samblanx in
fine full morocco, decorated with gold frames..
A description of the neoclassical ice sculptures erected in Antwerp in
January of 1772 by members of the Royal Academy.
The subjects, which include a combat of centaurs, a Stubbs-esque horse
attacked by a lion, a triton, Hercules, Neptune, Andromeda, Flora,
Venus and Cupid, and a number of river gods, were all monumental
in scale, ranging from ten to twenty feet in height; a Bacchus by the
goldsmith J.B. Verbecke was indeed colossal, at forty feet tall. Judging
from the fastidious engravings, they were all finished to a remarkable
degree. Ex libris Bibliotheca Slootmans Antwerp.
€ 1.850,-
CERVANTES - Vert. L.V.B. (Lambert Van den Bosch). - De oude en rechte Don Quichot de la
Mancha, of de verstandige en vrome ridder van de leeuwen. Amsterdam, Pieter Visser, 1732 ,
Gebonden in twee perkamenten banden eigentijdse banden, Sm. 8vo, 412pp. 425pp. 17pp. register.
De zevende druk. Op nieuws overzien, en van veele misstellingen en aanstootelyke Spreekwyzen gezuiverd.
Versierd met 25.fraaie volbladige kopergravuren door L. Scherm. # Arents 9. staat; lichtjes gebruind. € 650,-
BOTANIQUE Fac-similé - REDOUTÉ, Pierre-Joseph; THORY, Claude-Antoine.- LES ROSES, par P.J. Redouté, peintre de fleurs, dessinateur en titre de la Classe de
Physique de l’Institut et du Muséum d’Histoire naturelle. Avec le texte, par Cl. Ant. Thory.
Paris, (Antwerp), Firmin Didot (De Schutter.), 1817-1824 (1974[-1978).
FAC-SIMILÉ de l’édition originale illustrée du portrait de Redouté, d’une couronne florale en guise de frontispice
et de 169 gravures en couleurs finement gravées d’après Redouté, le “Raphaël des fleurs”. Monument de la
littérature botanique, tant sur le plan artistique que scientifique et documentaire, donnant des spécimens anciens
dont plusieurs ont disparu entre-temps. Texte et classification dans leur ordre naturel par Thory (1757-1827),
amateur botaniste et polygraphe. Pour le fac-similé, il a été ajouté 1 volume de “Commentaires” en français et
anglais par Gisèle de La Roche et Gordon D. Rowley. Tirage à 510 ex. num. - 4 vol. très gr. in-f°. Rel. moderne
, - Bound, Large folio (55 x 36 cm). 4 volumes.156,122,125,386 pp. With 179 fine colour plates . € 2.950.-
Erik Tonen Books
ART - P.A. Lemoisne, - Degas et son Oeuvre, Vols. I-IV. Etudes et documents par P. Brame et C.M.
de Hauke. , Paris: Brame & de Hauke, 1946-1949, Bound original Blue linen boards, protective tissue, 320 x
245 mm, Exemplaire numerote sur arches.(1030 ex.) 1466 items catalogued and illustrated in b/w. – Vol. 1;
Jeunesse de Degas, ses premières oeuvres, voyages en Italie 1853-1858. 282 pp., - Volumes 2 et 3; Peintures et
pastels. Notices et reproductions 1853-1908. XIV-840 pp., Vol. 4; Table des illustrations du tome 1. 150 pp.
Catalogue raisonné -in fine condition ! € 2.200,-
HEELKUNDE - Heister, Lorenz / Ulhoorn, Hendrik (medew.);- Heelkundige
onderwyzingen, waar in alles wat ter heling en genezing der uiterlyke gebreken behoort,
benevens de maniere van verbinden, gevonden word, zynde te gelyk met een goed getal
werktuigen, tot de heelkonst dienende, voorzien ... twee delen. , Amsterdam : By de Janssoons
van Waesberge, 1741,Gebonden in recente lederen banden, illustraties, 4°,1278pp. + register 58pp. Twee delen,
met 26 uitslaande gegraveerde platen,+ 2 volbladgravures en 9 vignetten. Deel I : titelgravure/ titelpagina met
vignet/ vignetten : 1(opdrachtpagina), 2(42), 3(443), 4(596)/ uitslaande gegraveerde platen : I(12-13), II(3637), III(116-117), IV(138-139), V(170-171), VI(254-255), VII(516-517), VIII(564-565), IX(596-597)/
volbladgravure : I( 575). Deel II : titelpagina met vignet/ uitslaande gegraveerde platen : X(662-663, maar plaat
zelf vermeldt pp.643), XI(672-673, vermeldt 675), XII(714-715), XIII(730-731), XIV(786-787, vermeldt 789),
XV( 842-843, vermeldt 845), XVI( 854-855, vermeldt 856), XVII(884-885), XVIII(900-901), XVIIII(978-979,
vermeldt 981), XX(1002-1003), XXI(1010-1011), XXII(1020-1021, vermeldt 1023), XXIII(1050-1051),
XXIX(1094-1095, vermeldt 1097), XXV(1128-1129, vermeldt 1131), XXVI(1176-1177)/ vignetten : 5(821),
6(875), 7(1096), 8(1120), 9(einde Bladwyzer= eind deel II)/ volbladgravure : 2(543 ).
€ 2.250,-
SURREALISM - TANGUY, Yves (illustrates). Peret, Benjamin. - Dormir, Dormir dans
les Pierres Paris, Editions Surréalistes, 1927, Original wrappers, 22.5x17.5cm.
Fifteen pen-drawings by Yves Tanguy, his first work as a book illustrator. five poems by Benjamin Péret,
illustrations in gouache. One of 175 copies on vergé, out of a total edition of 210, signed by the author and the
artist, this are number 46. € 2.250,-
LITERATUUR - Van Maele, Marcel en Van Akelijen, Roger; Het blaffen van de angst of
het huiverend erkennen, Antwerpen, Contramine, 1982, Zeven gehoogde etsen van Roger Van Akelijen bij
gedichten van Marcel Van Maele, losbladig ( als uitgegeven ) in omslag, 410 x 305mm, 12pp. in totaal. Met de
hand ingekleurd. Eén van de 38 genummerde en gesigneerde exemplaren. € 350,102
Antiquariaat Vloemans
Cora H. van de Beek
Anna Paulownastraat 10
2518 BE Den Haag
Tel. +31 (0)70 360 78 86
Fax +31 (0)70 345 03 65
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• 20th century architecture
• Avant-Garde
• Photographic literature
Filmliga. (Orgaan der Nederlandsche Filmliga; from
1931 onward subtitled ‘Onafhankelijk maandblad
voor filmkunst’). Editors include Menno ter Braak
(till 1931), Joris Ivens (till 1930), L.J.Jordaan, H.
Scholte, C.van Wessem, G.H. Knap, J.F.Otten.
Years 1-8. Amsterdam/Claussen, and, from year 4/5 onward
Rotterdam, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1927 - December 1935. As
follows: Year I, nos. 1-12 (1927- August 1928). Complete with the
loosely inserted photomontage by S.van Ravesteyn (in no. 11). All
issues with typographical covers. - Year II, nos. 1-8, 9/10 (Oct.
1928 - Oct.1929). Original photo illustrated covers. - Year III, nos.
1-2, 3/4, 5-8 (lacks 9/10) (Nov. 1929 - May 1930). Original photo
illustrated covers. - Year IV-V, nos. 1-12 (Nov. 1931 - Oct.1932).
With photomontage covers by Paul Schuitema. - Year VI, nos.
1-12 (Nov. 1932 - Dec. 1933) - Original photo illustrated covers.
Year VII, nos. 1-10, 11/12 (Jan. 1934 - Dec. 1934) With
photomontage covers by Cas Oorthuys. Year VIII, nos. 1-6, 7/8,
9-10, 11/12 (Jan. 1935 - Dec.1935). With photomontage covers
by Cas Oorthuys. No. 7/8 entirely devoted to Hans Richer’s ‘Film.
Gisteren, heden en morgen. Bijdrage tot de Aesthetiek van de film’. - ADDED: 4 page publicty brochure,
published at the end of the first year, printed in red and black on cream stock, and with fine photomontage
€ 15.000,cover by Paul Schuitema. With the exception of Year III. no. 9/10 a complete run of this important, Dutch avant-garde magazine devoted
to film and photo, in a very fine typography, including photomontage covers by Schuitema and Oorthuys and
profusely illustrated with photos and photomontages.
Antiquariaat De Vries & De Vries
Pieter J. de Vries
Damstraat 19
2011 HA Haarlem
Tel. +31 (0)6 15821092
[email protected]
• History
• Prints and drawings
• Topography
• Travel
Berryais, R de le Traite des jardins, ou le nouveau de la quintinye. Contenant description & la culture des
arbres fruitiers; 2.des plantes potageres; 3.des fleurs;4.des arbres & arbisseaux d’omement. Paris Didot jeune,
1775. 4 vols,With 11 fld.engr plts in the first voll.and 15 fld.engr plts in the 4 voll. € 850,-
KERDYK, René. Les Femmes de ce Temps, Paris: chez Devambez, [1920], 4°, limited to 500 copies, this
number 56 on “Verge” half title with original pen and ink sketch by Arnoux of a woman’s head and inscription
reading: “a l’ acheteur inconnu mais de goût. Guy Arnoux,” 10 plates by the artist coloured from woodblocks,
original pictorial boards.
€ 1.340,-
Robberts, David. La Terre Sainte. Vues & Monuments. Avec une description historique de chaque
planche - Bruxelles, Société des Beaux-Arts, A. De Wasme, (impr. lith. de J. Lots), 1843.
Un volume grand in-folio illustré de 61 lithographies teintées : Une page de titre-frontispice, 30 pages h.t. et 30
grands bandeaux sous serpentes représentant Jérusalem, Béthanie, Bethléem, Jéricho, Gaza, Sidon, Nazareth,
Naplouse, la Mer Morte, etc. Reliure de l’époque en demi chagrin à coins, dos à nerfs décoré, tranches dorées.
Mors supérieurs légèrement fendus.-Première et unique édition française des dessins de voyage de David Roberts
en Palestine en 1838. Après un voyage écourté par la maladie, il retourne à Londres où la publication de ses
dessins connut un grand succès. La qualité des lithographies de J. Stroobant et L. Haghe ont fait la renommée
de cette édition.
In 1838 Roberts made a long tour in the East, and accumulated a vast collection of sketches of Middle Eastern
scenery which had been hardly touched by British artists before, and which appealed to the public with all the
charm of novelty. The next ten years of his life were mainly spent in elaborating these materials. In February of
1839 he travelled to the Holy Land via Suez, Mount Sinai and Petra arriving in Gaza, and then on to Jerusalem.
He ended his tour by spending several months visiting the biblical sites of the Holy Land, and finally returning
to England at the end of 1839. Shortly after the first printing in London by David Roberts and Louis Haghe, a
French version of the book was published in Brussels with the plates lithographed by F. Stroobant. folio Vues &
monuments, title and 60 tinted lithographed plates (30 full page and 30 half page
€ 3.575,-
Antiquariaat De Vries & De Vries
Kruyf,C de. Vues choisis d’Amsterdam et ses environs dessinées d’apres nature.1824/1825
Amsterdam in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Amsterdam, François Buffa & sons,1824/ 1825. 45
aquatint plates each with the address of ‘Buffa et Fils Kalverstraat no. 221 and the first forty with the caption
‘Vue d’Amsterdam’, the last five depicting estates and palaces in Haarlem Pavillon), Soestdijk, The Hague (Huis
ten Bosch), Apeldoorn (Het Loo), and Leersum (Broekhuisen) by A Lutz (29) and W.H. Hoogkamer (16), after
the drawings by Cornelis de Kruyf (36), A. Toselli (1), J. Jelgershuis (2) De Fonteneau (1), H.C. ten Cate (3)
and H. Greeven (2). One leaf with the list of plates in Dutch and French. A rare series of beautiful and attractive
views of Amsterdam and surroundings. a magnificent image of Amsterdam as it was at the beginning of the
nineteenth century. Included rare views of the Royal palace , Kalverstraat, Heerengracht, Amstel, the city-gates,
Felix Meritis, the Old and New Churches, the Royal Museum (Trippenhuis), markets, Post office, theatres,
exchange, parks, etc. Outside Amsterdam there are views of the House Zwanenburg at Half-weg, the ‘Pavillon’
at Haarlem, the Royal palaces at Soestdijk, The Hague and Apeldoorn (Het Loo), Broekhuisen at Leersum in
the province of Utrecht. Bound in 20th € 3.435,-
Baldaeus, Philippus. Naauwkeurige beschrijvinge van Malabar en Choromandel, Der zelver aangrenzende
Ryken, En het machtige Eyland Ceylon. Nevens de Afgoderije der Oost-Indische Heijdenen. Waar inne der
zelver grootste Geheymenissen, zoo uyt de eygene Geschriften, als t’ zamenspraak, en Bywooninge der
voornaamste Bramines, en andere Indiaansche Wet-Geleerden,getrouwelijk werden aan ’t licht gebracht. Zijnde
hier by gevoeght een Malabaarsche Spraak-Konst.
Amsterdam by Johannes Jansonius van Waasberge & Johannes van Someren. 1672. 3 parts in 1 vol.Engr.
frontisp. 4 double-p maps, 27 double-p.and 1 full-p.plates/views, 2 portaits, 3 double-p.fold.lingustic plates to
the Malabar grammar. € 3.600,Kort en Bondigh Verhael van ‘t geene in den Oorlogh, tusschen den Koningh van Engelant
& de H:M: Heeren Staten der vrye Vereenigde Nederlanden, en den Bisschop van Munster
is voorgevallen. Amst., M.W. Doornick, 1667, 255,(1)p., title-engr., fold. map, 3 fold. plates, and 9 half-p.
engrs. in text, contemp. overlapping vellum, sm. 4to.
= Rare complete copy with attractive fold. plates showing the signing of the peace treaty and the celebratory
fireworks on occasion of the peace, as well as the largest plate showing the seabattle between the Dutch and the
Bound with: Articulen van Vrede Ende Verbondt tusschen den (...) Prins (...) Heere Karel, de
tweede (...) ende de Hoogh Mogende Heeren Staten Generael der Verenighde Nederlandtsche
Provintien (...) geslooten. The Hague, Hillbrant van Wouw, 1667, (24)p., woodcut heraldic vignette on
title-p. € 1.950,-
We also show at the fair a fine selection from our stock of prints: Dutch Topography, Foreign Topography, Natural
History and decorative prints. Amongst others this large engraving of The Haringpakkerstoren in Amsterdam by
Leonards Schenk (ca. 1725).
Rare Books, Maps & Manuscripts
Schedel, The Nuremberg chronicle, 1493 - sold for Euro 50.000 December 2009
Our next Auction will be held in Stockholm December 16.
Illustrated catalogue available on request or online
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[email protected],
Venator & Hanstein
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Rare Books · Manuscripts · Drawings · Autographs
Old and Modern Prints · Contemporary Prints
Auctions in spring and autumn. Consignments are welcome
Catalogues upon request and online
J. B. Homann. Großer Atlas über die ganze Welt. 2 Volumes. 1737
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Rare Books Ltd.
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BLUME, Carl Ludwig: Collection des Orchidees les plus remarquables de l’Archipel
Indien et du Japon. Ouvrage faisant suite à la Flora Javae du même auteur. Amsterdam,
Sulpke, 1858, lg. in-4to, 70 plates (57 in colour), fine contemporary half morocco binding.
HRB 88327
€ 12500.Fine complete copy of this instructive and beautiful lithographed work by a German botanist who was in
charge by the Dutch in Indonesia. Nissen BBI 174.
Onderwijs in de Schrijfkunst, voor Klaas Klaazes
De Jong door J.G. Krol, Schoolmeester, enz. - Handbemalter Holzschnittdruck mit handgeschriebenem
Gedicht in kalligraphischer Schrift. Amsterdam, by
de Erwen de Wed J. Ratelband en J. Bouwer, 1803,
31x41 cm ( Bild) / 36.5x47 cm (Rahmen), handbemalter Holzschnitt auf Papier, in der Mitte mit kalligraph.
handgeschriebenem Text in schwarzer Tinte, gerahmt
im O-Holzrahmen. HRB 88321
€ 1800.Originalblatt einer holländischen Schülerauszeichnung des
frühen 19. Jh., erstellt durch den Lehrmeister und mit einem
zehnzeiligen persönlichen Gedicht für den guten Schüler im
Fach „Unterweisung in der Schreibkunst“. Mit Unterschrift
des Lehrers und Autors Josken Krol, datiert auf den 4. Juli
Two Halls – 70 Participants
This year’s Amsterdam Antiquarian Book, Map & Print Fair will be held on Friday,
October 29 and Saturday, October 30 in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. For the
first time both Dutch antiquarian booksellers associations, the NVvA and the BOB,
are taking part in the fair, which will have up to 70 Dutch and foreign participants. The
two-day fair will also feature displays by publishers and bibliophilic societies.
Programme: Darwin, the UvA and Redmond O’Hanlon
The Dutch antiquarian booksellers association NVvA celebrates its 75th anniversary
in 2010 with many events, which will bring this year’s fair to the attention of a larger
Redmond O’Hanlon will open the 31st Amsterdam Antiquarian Book, Map & Print
Fair on Friday, October 29 at 14.00 hrs. Mr O’Hanlon has written several best-selling
accounts of his journeys to exotic and dangerous places, and is well-known for his
prominent contributions to the Dutch VPRO television series The Beagle: in the wake
of Darwin.
In his opening speech, he will talk about his love of rare books, especially those
related to Charles Darwin, and his voyage on The Beagle. Mr O’Hanlon has been
appointed ‘Book Ambassador’ and will attend the fair all day. Book collectors and
other fans will be able to informally discuss Darwin and rare books with him.
The University of Amsterdam (UVA) will exhibit a remarkable collection of Darwiniana
at the fair: photographs, manuscripts, a first edition of On the Origin of Species (1859)
and the rare, first Dutch translation (1860) of this fundamental book. Books that
inspired Darwin on The Beagle will also be exhibited, as will be Redmond O’Hanlon’s
own copies of first editions by Charles Darwin, intensively used in the television
series, not all of which quite survived the long sea journey…
For more information please visit:
* Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Piet Heinkade 27, 1019 BR AMSTERDAM
* NVvA (Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren)
* BOB (Bond van Handelaren in Oude Boeken)
Twee zalen – Bijna 70 deelnemers
Op vrijdag 29 en zaterdag 30 oktober wordt in de Passenger Terminal te
Amsterdam, aan de oevers van het IJ, Piet Heinkade 27, de 31e Amsterdam
Antiquarian Book, Map & Print Fair gehouden. Bijzonder is een nieuw
samenwerkingsverband tussen de NVvA en de BOB, waardoor aan de beurs bijna
70 antiquariaten uit binnen- en buitenland meedoen. Ook uitgevers en bibliofiele
genootschappen zullen zich presenteren. Programma: Darwin, de UBA en Redmond O’Hanlon
Omdat de NVvA dit jaar 75 jaar bestaat is een extra feestelijk programma
Redmond O’Hanlon opent de beurs vrijdag 29 oktober om 14.00 uur. O’Hanlon
heeft bestsellers en reisverslagen op zijn naam, maar geniet de laatste tijd vooral
bekendheid vanwege zijn prominente rol in de VPRO-serie De Beagle: in het
kielzog van Darwin.
O’Hanlon zal het in zijn openingswoord vooral hebben over zijn voorliefde voor
oude boeken in relatie tot Charles Darwin en de reis met de Beagle. In de functie
van “Ambassadeur van het oude boek” is O’Hanlon de hele eerste beursdag
aanwezig. Verzamelaars en belangstellenden kunnen hun wederzijdse fascinaties
met betrekking tot Darwin en/of oude boeken bespreken.
De afdeling Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam (UBA)
richt een tentoonstelling in met bijzondere Darwiniana, zoals foto’s, handschriften,
de kostbare eerste druk van On the Origin of Species (1859) en de zeldzame
Nederlandse vertaling (1860). Tevens te zien zijn de exemplaren van Redmond
O’Hanlon, voor de gelegenheid omgedoopt tot de Redmond Copies, o.a.
O’Hanlon’s eigen bijzondere eerste drukken van Charles Darwin. Boeken die de
reis met de Beagle overigens niet allemaal even goed doorstonden...
Tenslotte het onderdeel Bronnen van Darwin: de gereconstrueerde bibliotheek van
Darwin, met de boeken die hij zelf als gezaghebbend en onmisbaar beschouwde.
Bezoek voor updates geregeld onze websites: www.amsterdambookfair.blogspot.
com of
* Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Piet Heinkade 27, 1019 BR AMSTERDAM
(bereikbaar met tram 26 v.a. Centraal Station; parking aanwezig)
* NVvA (Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren)
* BOB (Bond van Handelaren in Oude Boeken)
Alfa Haganum (1)
Apollo Art Books ((13)
Bagage (29)
van den Bemt (32)
Berger & de Vries (7)
De Boekvinder (17)
van der Burg (9)
Carpinus / Schoemaker (31)
Demian (5)
The English Bookshop (26)
Fokas (33)
Hagen (14)
De Hanze (8)
Indruk (30)
De Kleine Boekenwereld ( 2)
Leest (15)
Librairie Stille (3)
Lilien (10)
Linde Boekrestauratie (12)
Lont (23)
Luïscius (11)
Moby Dick (21)
Novemberland (27)
Ovidius (6)
Pallas Books (16)
Parnassos ( 22)
Postma / All Books (20)
Schoemaker / Carpinus (31)
Serendipity (25)
Smit & Bos (19)
van Til (18)
Wechgelaer Kunstaffiches (28)
Wijnhoven (24)
Zaal Books (4)

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