All common cutting plotters Ø Zünd, Wild and Aristo flatbed Ø


All common cutting plotters Ø Zünd, Wild and Aristo flatbed Ø
Multiple-head machines such as Zünd, Wild and Aristo flatbed plotters or routing and engraving machines
can be run directly from AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Illustrator and Freehand using the CoCut MultiTool plugin. The
graphic tools included in the software allow you to carry out jobs with several tools in a single run. For example,
you can cut and mark or half cut and pounce in a single process. In conjuction with the color layer box, the
various cutting routines make it possible to rout and engrave full surfaces in different layers.
Graphic tools: CoCut MultiTool includes
all functions and cutting routines from CoCut Professional:
Ø Design in AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand
Ø Cut preview on material width
Ø Converts outlines in cuttable contours
Ø Material consumption display
Ø Cut by color with register marks
Ø Material opimization
Ø Automatic color & screen print welding
Ø POWERweed (Vinyl)
Ø Sophisticated segmenting of extra large plots
Ø Scale, duplicate, position, scale objects
In addition: Ø
color layerbox
Ø Cutting routines
island fill
hatch fill
Routing settings
Machines supported:
All common cutting plotters
Ø Zünd, Wild and Aristo flatbed
Ø Summa T1010 dual-head
Individual drivers can be generated with plot editor
for all machines capable of using HPGL.
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This example illustrates how packing can be produced on a flatbed plotter using CoCut MultiTool. Three different processes are necessary to produce the packing: cutting, drawing and perforating. Each of these
processes can be carried out and activated via the corresponding color layer. Each layer represents a tool and
the tool settings such as depth, the number of revolutions, tool number, etc. It is possible to operate the tools
individually in several runs or automatically in a single run. Our example demonstrates the individual operation
of the tools.
Tool 2
Tool 3
Tool 4
System reguirements:
AutoCAD LT98, R14,
CorelDRAW 6-12
Adobe Illustrator 8-10, CS
Macromedia Freehand 8-10, MX
Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
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