Mira Grant Slices Bread DIY Room Additions


Mira Grant Slices Bread DIY Room Additions
iS S UE #
mAY 32
Enriching BayCon 2015 in Twelve Ways!
In this issue: Food for thought!
Hyatt Staff Helium
Balloon Contest
If a Hyatt staff member is
extra rude to you or especially
annoying, or if you are feeling
extra snarky, give the staffer a
helium balloon!
This year the Hyatt Staff
is holding a helium balloon
collecting contest. These are the
rules the staff must follow:
• No Lead Balloons
• No Soliciting Balloons from
• No Tying Balloons on Other
• No Giving Helium to Other
Associates to Help Them Win
The Hyatt staff member who
collects the most balloons gets a
free trip to the ceiling.
Bakers of Wonder
Mary “Baker” Breaddy
(1821-1910). The only woman
to found a yeasty Americanbased religion, the Breads of
Crisp (Scientist). Her personal
struggles led her to believe in a
system of prayer-based baking.
Twitter Feed
Submission Deadline
for Issue 350°F:
55 Minutes
Mira Grant Slices Bread
Seen somewhere in the hotel: Mira Grant demonstrates the art of slicing bread
while simultaneously applying lipstick.
DIY Room Additions
The DIY Room, located in the Winchester Room, will be open all day for
crafting activities. The following activity has been added to the DIY room:
Bread Doll Making - Monday Night
(no cost) Need to do something with leftover bread and wrappers? We have the answer!
Supplies provided, or bring your own loaves to shape. Also feel free to bring a
libation to enjoy (we’ll have bread and water).
Visit the DIY room for more information and exact times.
Someday Whenever, May 32, 2015
Hall Costume
Two BayCon attendees who
refused to be named are proudly
wearing their Wonder-ful costumes.
Breads of Wonder
In Memoriam
We’d like to take the time to honor the breads that have departed:
Breadmobile Results
The Breadmobile was visited by 25
people today who were disappointed
when they found out “bread” was not
slang for “money.”
The two visitors who were not
disappointed ate all the inventory.
Breads of Wonder Staff
Wonder Bakers: Lynn Goldenbrown
Diana Leavening
Al Megaloaf
Chris Challah
Breads of Wonder was published
by a bunch of renegades at BayCon
2015 and is copyright © 2015 by
Artistic Solutions, Inc. “BayCon” is a
trademark and servicemark of Artistic
Solutions, Inc. No artwork or photos
may be reproduced without permission
from BayCon, Artistic Solutions, Inc.
and/or their respective owners.
Programming Changes
The following changes have been made to programming:
Friday, 1:30 PM - Breads of Wonder in the Golden Age of Baking - Add
Mary Robinette Roll.
Saturday, 10 AM - Breads Wrappers that Sell Inventory - Add C. Sanford
Saturday, 2:30 PM - Constructing Perfect Sandwiches: Going Beyond
Peanut Butter and Jelly - Add Seanan McCheese.
Saturday, 4 PM - When Cooking Becomes an Art Form - Add Stephanie
Pui-Bun Law
Monday, 10 AM - The Hugo Loaves Tug-of-War: Diversity of Opinion
Among Bread Eaters - Add James Stanley Dough-erty.
Monday, 2:30 PM - NEW PANEL - YA Special Guests “The Wonder
Twins” Discuss Whether White or Wheat is Better - The Wonder Twins,
Caradwen Breadbasket Arellanes.
Monday, 4 PM - WWPBDBD: What Would the Pillsbury Dough Boy Do? Add Amber Buns-on.