Tall Trees Ragged Edge Play Commotion09


Tall Trees Ragged Edge Play Commotion09
The Wychwood June/July 2009 Vol30No2
Tall Trees
Anyone walking
and quiet rooms into
along Dog Kennel
the thoughtfully
Lane in Shipton over
designed gardens,
recent months will
which look across the
have been peering
old orchard towards
through the gates,
the Wild Gardens and
trying to gauge
the Cricket Club.
progress on the Tall
Trees site. Finally,
Perfect Spot
the hoardings are
Chairs have been
down and the grand
placed in the perfect
Michelle Williams, Tall Trees Manager
opening of this brand
spot to allow
new purpose-built care centre has taken
residents to enjoy cricket games on the
existing pitch and, eventually, on the new
junior cricket field. The orchard has been
Thoughtful Care
cleared and tidied, preserving as many of
It is obvious that care and thought has
the old trees as possible, but donations of
been put into making every room as
new trees will be very welcome. They
comfortable and stylish as possible. The
even hope to keep chickens here.
home will have 60 beds, 30 for residents
If you missed the open day and would
with dementia problems and 30 for frail,
like more information see their advert on
elderly residents, including provision for
page 30.
six local people. It is divided into groups
Oh, and the home management don’t like
of 15 rooms, each with their own lounge
the windows either - blame the planning
and dining rooms and quiet areas.
department for that decision!
There is easy access from the lounges
Christine Halliday
Ragged Edge Play Commotion09
Shipton’s very own
Ragged Edge will be
playing the main
stage at this year’s
Festival in Kingham
on Saturday 6th June.
Ragged Edge is a
seven piece outfit with a repertoire that
spreads from the 1960s through to the
Commotion09 is a Kingham Primary
School event that raises money for
school music tuition and music activities
for its pupils. Raised funds are also
donated to the
children’s charity
Clic-Sargent. Ragged
Edge will be
supporting 1990s icon
Beverley Craven and
covers band ABBA
Gold amongst other
excellent acts. Hopefully many people
from the Wychwood’s will be able to
attend Commotion09 and support our
local rockers. For further information
regarding Commotion 09 please visit
Lee Wyatt-Buchan