Seedling Sale Order Blank - Wayne Conservation District


Seedling Sale Order Blank - Wayne Conservation District
Wayne Conservation District Seedling Sale
White Spruce Seedlings - Grows to 50 feet. Stiff needles are light bluish-green, usually less than 1 inch in length.
This spruce thrives in well drained or moist soil. This tree is unique because it can endure heat and drought better than
others. They are being sold as 8-14” seedlings in several package sizes
Norway Spruce Transplants - Grows to 75-80 feet. It thrives well in average soil. They are preferred as an
ornamental, windbreak or privacy species, due to their dense growth and drooped branching. These transplants are sold
3 to a package and are 14-20” tall.
Douglas Fir Transplants - Grows to 60 feet. Short, soft blue-green needles. Grows best in moist, well-drained soil. A
popular Christmas tree because of its color, symmetrical form and needle retention. They are being sold as 12-18”
transplants, 3 to a package.
Sugar Maple – Also known as Hard Maple it is native to the Northeast. Grows 60 to 75’ with a spread of 45 to 50’.
Mature trees provide the sap to make Maple Syrup. Its wood is also a favorite for furniture. It does not do well in wet
areas or confined spaces. They are being sold 2 seedlings per package and are 18-24” tall.
Serviceberry - Also known as Juneberry. Height 25 to 30 feet. One of the first native trees to bloom in early spring.
Serviceberries are covered with billowy masses of small white flowers in racemes. The fruits are quite attractive to birds.
Fall color is yellow to red. These seedlings are 30-36” tall, 2 per package.
Butterfly Bush – Fast growing shrub that can grow to a height of 10’ if not pruned back. It produces a fragrant lilac
type flower in the late summer. As its name implies it is attractive to butterflies. They are 12-18” seedlings and 2 per
Winterberry Holly - This is a native holly species that loses its leaves in the winter. The female plants produce bright
red berries that are eaten by songbirds. It will grow 6 to 12 feet high. They are being sold in packages of five since there
are male and female plants and are 18-24” seedlings
Thornless Blackberry – The species being offered is “Chester” it is adapted to USDA Hardiness Zones 5-9. It is being
successfully grown in Northern Wayne County. Select a site with some protection. The fruit is large, sweet and is
excellent fresh, as jams and jellies or in baked products. They prefer organic rich well drained soil in the full sun. These
should produce fruit in the second year. They are being offered as two in package, and have been pruned back as bare
Peach Trees – The species being provided this year is Contender. This is a high quality freestone variety. The fruit is
firm, large with excellent color. The trees are hardy and productive. They are highly resistant to Spot. They are being
sold as a single tree, they are self-pollinating. Select a site with full sun and good drainage. They are 4-5’ tall.
Apple Trees – We are offering two varieties in this year’s package, Liberty and Macoun. Both mature around the
same time, mid to late September. Liberty is a medium size, yellow fleshed dessert apple. It is resistant to scab, cedar
rust, fire blight and mildew making it a good choice for the home gardener. Macoun is a dessert-type apple exhibiting
similar characteristics to McIntosh. Macoun is recognized in the Northeast for its high quality. Flesh is white, firm and
juicy. A high demand item for the roadside market and pick-your-own trade. Tree is upright in habit requiring
aggressive thinning to maintain annual cropping. These trees are 4-5’ tall.
Tree Shelters – 5’ high tubes that offer newly planted seedlings protection from deer & rabbits. We have upgraded to
the taller tube for greater protection. They work well with most deciduous (leafed) trees. Shelters are not
recommended for fruit trees due to their branching habit. Includes: 5’ shelter, fiberglass stake and bird net.
Tree Mats – These 3’ by 3’ mats are for protecting new seedlings from weed competition and moisture loss. They
may be used with shelters and covered with mulch.
Bluebird Boxes –These nesting boxes are for rearing the young birds. The boxes are made of rough-cut Pine.
Order Deadline – March 13, 2015
Order Pick Up Schedule - Friday April 10th from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM
Saturday April 11th from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM
Please contact us at 570-253-0930 if you have any questions
45th Annual
Seedling Sale
Order Blank
Package Size
White Spruce
10 for $7.00
Seedlings 8-14”
50 for $30.00
100 for $45.00
Norway Spruce Transplants 14-20”
3 for $6.00
Douglas Fir Transplants, 12-18”
3 for $6.00
Sugar Maple, 18-24”
2 for $3.00
Serviceberry, 30-36”
2 for $4.00
Winterberry, 18-24”
5 for $8.00
Butterfly Bush, 12-18”
2 for $3.00
Thornless Blackberry, bare rooted
2 for $12.00
Peach Tree, 4 to 5’ 1- Contender
Apple Trees, 4 to 5’ tall
1 Liberty & 1 Macoun
Tree Shelters, 5’ tall with stake
1 for $6.00
Tree Mats, 3’ by 3’ w/ staples
1 for $2.00
Blue Bird House
$12.00 each
All prices include
sales tax
Less 10% on orders over $100.00
the Only):
Wayne Conservation District and mail to 648 Park Street,
Honesdale PA, 18431
The Wayne Conservation District is not responsible for orders not picked up. The District strives to provide a quality product to its
customers. The survival of these plants cannot be guaranteed due to the many factors that may lead to their mortality.