Three Sifrei Torah This Shabbath!


Three Sifrei Torah This Shabbath!
Sharyn Blaustein
Volume 21
Issue 22
March 20, 2015
Adar 29, 5775
Rabbi Yamin Levy
LIHA Rabbi
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Three Sifrei Torah This Shabbath!
Message by Rabbi Yamin Levy, LIHA Rabbi
Shabbath is always special and every time we take a Sefer Torah out of the ark it is beautiful
experience. This coming Shabbath, my dear friends, is especially unique because we will be taking
three Sefarim out of the Aaron Kodesh. The first is for the weekly Torah reading, the second is for
Rosh Hodesh Nissan and the third is for Shabbath HaChodesh. These kinds of Shabbath experiences
occur only once every few years – enjoy it and may our prayers be set before Hashem like the
Korbanot, sacrifices, described in this week’s Perasha.
There is so much going on in our community at every level. I am continually inspired by the
commitment and generosity of so many in our midst. The Perasha this week is called Vayikra and
deals with the various prescriptions for the Sacrifices brought in the Bet HaMikdash. In the olden
days children began their Torah study with this Perasha for two reasons. The Midrash writes: “Little
children are pure and sacrifices are pure; so let those who are pure study that which is pure.” The
second reason is because our teachers of old wanted to impress upon our young minds that sacrifice
is at the center of our lives. Nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without sacrifice.
I know a shoemaker in the North of Israel who holds two PH.Ds from two distinct and prestigious
European Universities. I once asked him what is he doing in Israel and why the North of Israel? He
answered as follows: “one day I was telling somebody about the need to settle the land around the
Gallilee and make it fruitful. Suddenly I thought ‘why not me?’ So I went. And here I am – always
asking myself – why not me?”
True greatness lies in the faithful performance of whatever duties life places upon us. This past year
tribute was paid at the Oscars for an actor who spent 25 year playing minor roles. The said about
him: “He was indispensable in small parts.”
Each of us is indispensable in whatever part is assigned to us by the Master Playwright. If each of us
did the job or task assigned, no matter how minor, with passion and commitment the big picture
would truly be beautiful. Each of us has love that only we can give. Each of us has compassion that
will be denied to the world if we suppress it.
Parashat Hachodesh
Shabbat Candle Lighting time is at 6:47 p.m.
Havdalah time is at 7:58 p.m.
Upcoming Events
March 30th – 2nd Grade
Field Trip
NY Philharmonic
Young Peoples Concert
at the Tilles Center
March 31st – 4th & 5th Grade
Field Trip
The Lightning Thief Play
at Queens College
Tuesday, March 24th
4th Grade Presentation
at 3:00 p.m.
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This week the children continued to learn about
the story of Pesach. We started working on our
"Very Own Pesach Haggadah" We also learned
songs for Pesach.
Shabbat Shalom :)
Nursery I
Our class is very busy with the holiday of Pesach.
The children are working very hard on their
Haggadoth and learning the traditions and customs
of the Seder. In addition, the children enjoy acting
out the Pesach story and pretending to be Moshe,
King Paraoh, the Jewish slaves, Yocheved
(Moshe’s mother), Miriam (Moshe’s sister) and
Princess Batya (King Pharaoh’s daughter). Some
of our books of the week were “What is
Passover?”, “The Passover Seder”, “The Ten
Plagues of Egypt” and “Baby Moses”.
Our Shabbat Ima & Abba were Sara & Yoel.
Nursery II
We started off this week having so much fun at the
Matzah Factory. We rolled, flattened, made holes in
and baked our own matzoh. We learned how matzah
made. Later in our class we read the book. We
finished our Haggadot and sewed our Afikomen bags.
The children are loving every detail of Pesach.
Shabbat Ima & Abba wee Michal & Daniel.
Shabbot Shalom!
Pre K
This week we are learning the English letter “T” for tiger,
towel and teeth. We learned the letter Samech for
grandfather &
grandmother. We are so busy preparing for Passover and
Our Shabbat Abba was Moshe A. & our Ima was Sharon S.
Shabbat Shalom
Kindergarten English
Abuela means grandma in Spanish and is the name of the book we are reading three times in class. It's a fantasy about
a grandmother and her granddaughter enjoying adventures together in New York. Abuela, adventure, flock, city, airport
and harbor are our amazing words this week. We are continuing to work on capital letters to begin sentences and
periods to end telling sentences. We are writing a class story about things to do in Great Neck, such as swimming, iceskating, boating, eating out in wonderful kosher restaurants, being able to choose a shul, playing tennis, going to the
library and enjoying the great parks and playgrounds. We have two children outside our community and we talk about
their community as well. The following are the steps we take before writing stories. First we are making a list, then
writing a draft, then revising the draft and finally will rewrite the story. We are discussing some of our country's symbols
such as the Statue of Liberty and the bald eagle. We continue to discuss the weather and are learning about a
thermometer and a wind sock. In math we are working on numbers 10 t __ to make 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.
Happy Spring (finally) and Shabbat Shalom.
Kindergarten Hebrew
Our Matzah Factory visit was great fun, the children
enjoyed eating their own handmade matzah. They
learned about shimura matzah and how we need to
bake the matzah. We mix the flour and water,
shape it, then put it in the oven! Never the less, we
have been so busy getting ready for Pesach, as
you are at home. We are learning about Pesach,
making”Hagadas” and singing songs. We also
learned about the Parasha. We have started on
the 3rd book which is “Vayikra” and the Parasha is
also called “Vayikra” too. It talks about different
offerings that Bnei Yisrael took to the Mishkan.
Our Shabbat Ima & Abba were Shirah & Aaron
1st Grade Hebrew – ‘
learned how we prepare for
and how we celebrate the
holiday. The kids enjoyed making
their own
in the matzah factory.
we started the third
1st Grade English
This week the students took the chapter 7 math test. In social studies we
read about our Earth and learned many new vocabulary words. In reading
we continued the theme on animals. This weeks question was: How do
animals help people? The students really enjoyed the story the Big Blue Ox.
2nd Grade English
2nd grade will be having a math
test next Tuesday on adding and
subtracting 3-digit numbers. We
continue to work on strategies to
become better readers and writers.
Shabbat Shalom!
2nd Grade Hebrew
The 2nd grade moved on to study the Parashat Bereshit. We also continued to study
about Pessach and Practice the reading of the Haggoadah. We finished as usual with
Paroshat Vayikra.
3rd Grade English
completed chapter 6 in math.
We will have a test next week. In
science we read an article about
how Global Warming is affecting
the Emperor Penguin population
in Antarctica.
3rd Grade Hebrew
The 3rd grade continued to study about Penach, the Halachot and the Seder of this holiday. We
practiced the reading of each page and learned the commentaries of it. We begun to study the
3rd book of Vayikra with Parashat Vayikra
4th Grade English
The 4th grade had a wonderful
week, especially because they
went to the Matzah Factory. It
was a great start to their week.
4th Grade Hebrew
We learned so much about Passover. The history of the Halachot and the Dinim.
The class learned how to conduct the Seder from the Hagada.
5th Grade English
5th grade had a busy week. We began a new unit in math on fractions and continue to work
on reading comprehension strategies. Have a good weekend! Shabbat Shalom!
5th Grade Hebrew
We practiced so much this week. We
learned how to conduct the Seder of
Pesach. We also read the Hagada of
Pesach and learned the Halachot and
Minhagim of Pesach.